Alicia’s (emailed) orgasm!

***Please note, contains NO reference to COVID-19 or corona virus***

(True story and if you feel inclined to email me a recording of your own clitoral orgasm, a listening recording only please feel free to do so…….. “Ha” 😀 are you intrigued? You’ll have to read on won’t you.)

I’m going to intersperse my postings between the whatever take’s my fancy? And Covid-19 themed content, then again from the moment I started this WordPress March 2018, you Readers haven’t a clue as to what’ll appear in your Reader simply because neither have I!

Blah blah blah, enough talk of WordPress!


Long ago I used to comment regularly a blogger named Alicia living in Peru, an attractive Spanish speaking age 40+ lady and going by her pics with the blackest darkest coloured hair you ever did see, why am I so attracted to middle age female bloggers? Hmm is there a known term for this unusual fetish of mine?

Alicia and I lost touch a good while back, she married a blogger she’d met on-line and well discussing tales of love and sex no longer seemed appropriate, jeeze just image her new husband mistakenly stumbling across that 2 minute mp3 file she emailed me! Long story short, for a long forgotten reason that’s thankfully but a distant memory, and heaven knows how or why, Alicia personally emailed me attaching an mp3 file with the ‘message ‘Andrew never play this to another living soul’, and I haven’t nor ever will.

Just be aware our blog friendship extending over a year or so amounted to little more than commenting and replying also innocent good fun between two blog friends (much the same now cause I’m a friendly guy), you know sharing thought’s of life love and whatever………. Alicia was a lovely lady which now has me hoping her marriage turned out well?

Not Alicia and I haven’t a clue what she’s doing, fun image though!

Oh yes returning to Alicia’s mp3, well before I digress once more, a week or so ago I’d decided to lol spring clean my Computer’s media folder, folders within folders of (legal which goes without frigging saying!) downloaded images and personally taken photographs shared on this WordPress. Noticing a folder titled ‘Apollo 11 recordings’, because I’m a space ‘anorak’ I’d saved astronaut conservations recorded from their spacecraft travelling to the moon, and in amongst these technical yet captivating dialogues brightly shone lol a file called Alicia’s orgasm!

Bare in mind I’ve blogged before, that’s until an angry woman I actually new in real life caught up with me, she was NOT happy and instructed me at pain of ‘losing my testicles’ to delete the blog, I resisted, we argued, I love my balls, she’s a woman therefore having the final say, and with one tap of a laptop button many ‘works of literary art’ disappeared to who knows where? The point being I haven’t the foggiest clue why Alicia emailed this file, and what really bugs me is that answer lies deep within that old blog.

Well because I’m pretty bored at present, I rather nervously hovered the keyboard driven curser over said file, pressed PLAY and listened to Alicia in her bedroom throes of clitoral stimulated orgasmic pleasure, the most compelling recording taken from her bed the like of which I’ll never ever hear again as long as live, and incidentally her name isn’t Alicia and neither does she live in Peru and no I’ve never replayed to another soul…….

In fact having listened to this historic artifact again, remembered all the happy blog conversations and good clean innocent fun we enjoyed together, I might just delete this file from my computer for good, and when the computer’s hard drive spins it’s final revolution, one day breaks as sure it one day will, Alicia’s wild sexual orgasm will be gone for evermore.

Yes I’m going to send to my Trash Bin, safe in the knowledge this file will never be heard by another soul, Alicia was so very trusting emailing the recording and you never know she may yet be reading this post? Stalking me from within the cyber shadows always wondering if I’d kept my word.

Yes Alicia I kept my word. 🙂 ❤

A. Shepherdson 2020

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