About Me also June 2018 changes in Data Law

I’m single, male and English (more to follow sooon 🙂 )

A quick word about my WordPress, I don’t adhere to one single theme, I publish whatever captures my imagination at the time hence the description ‘Blogging, Thoughts Photos & Life.’

I guess my one rule is there’ll be no talk of Religion here. 🙂


Regarding the June 2018 changes to Data Collection in the Law bit! I’ve noticed many people have added a Privacy disclaimer to their blogs/websites (also we’re being instructed in this at work) and complex things they are to! I guess all I can add to this WordPress is well I don’t make money from this blog, I don’t do Facebook, I don’t have a Twitter Feed, I don’t have an Instagram etc, so basically this WordPress is ME, I’m here to write create, have fun and read other’s blog Posts!

Any questions please feel free to ask me and I’ll reply to your comment, and thank you for calling by 🙂 .