Dana and……….

Just look and appreciate Dana’s magnificent breasts, and take it from me, they’re even more impressive when I’m gazing at them while she’s kneeling between my two open naked thighs, me reclined into a soft clean towel outstretch on a comfy bed, her warm fingers curled around my erection as she masturbates me with (amazing) skills honed from servicing hundreds of male clients… lovely lady as well, amusing to chat with, beautiful and blessed with a beaming smile that would melt the icy coldest of hearts, yes she’s gone from my life but at least I have happy memories to cheer me up when I’m feeling sad and anxious 😦 .

I’m upset I mean REALLY upset! My gorgeous masseuse has returned back home to Romania.

To begin with, a week or so ago Dana’s website disappeared (not her real name btw) and now I know for certain she’s no longer massaging clients for a living because her mobile number neither accepts texts or calls………….yep I’d guess this lovely lady, a migrant worker earning money to buy her own home in Romania, aware Oxford’s R rate is rising has now left our shores for home and (big sigh) who can blame her.

Jeeze massaging male customers not forgetting the gorgeous happy ending is a high risk occupation, no an illegal occupation during a pandemic, and goes without saying touching a male client with coroner virus she’ll catch this awful disease and infect every client thereafter. But hold on! Covid-19 is asymptotically spread so surely if Dana and I wore face masks, the only proven way to break the transmission cycle, our intimate afternoons together would be safe?

I think so, and here’s a sobering statistic for you, yesterday afternoon at work we had the radio on listening to yet another doom and gloom covid story, apparently the Oxford drug trials have been suspended because one patient displayed unexpected symptoms, sad news but this expert went on to say 88% of those dying from covid-19 are seniors! Perhaps the time has come to accept mother nature has decided human beings are living to long, all four of my Grandparents lived well into their 80s to end their days living in depressing care-homes, breaking our hearts as their mental faculties waned to the point they hardly recognised sons daughters and Grandchildren. Give me the choice between dying a swift covid death or ending my days confined to a small room with only a bed and comfy chair for personal possessions, only meal times to look forward to and awful television to keep me company………… I’m actually truly hoping I’ll end my days as yet another daily coroner virus statistic.

Hmm I wonder where life’s journey will take lovely Dana? I guess I’ll never know.

Dana the Romanian masseuse

A. Shepherdson 2020

2 thoughts on “Dana and……….

  1. Aw man. You seemed really smitten with her, um skills.

    My husband (and 93-year-old grandmother) agrees about older people living too long. My grandmother says that’s part of the reason we have the problems we have today. An entire generation is still here trying to enforce outdated rules.

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    • You guessed correctly, I’ll miss her charm wit beauty (and wrist skills 😀 ), one of those friendly people who’ll make you happy just being around……… hmm a clever lady in more ways than one! I take from your comment your 93 old Grandmother still has her wits about her, the truly sad part of old age is losing those faculty’s and I truly believe we’d all prefer to go before that happens………….. a tricky conundrum indeed 🙂 .

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