Staying home PROTECTS lives

Oh dearie me, Scotland’s chief medical officer Dr Catherine Calderwood has been a very naughty girl. Usually a person’s fall from grace swiftly followed by an unreserved apology makes for wonderfully entertaining TV viewing, we do so enjoy watching the rich and powerful, pompous and hypercritical being snared by the very advice they’re lecturing other’s to follow, especially if the delinquents sour faced apology, sorry sermon! Is delivered standing before a lectern it’s like watching a crash unfolding before your very eyes!

Only problem is Catherine’s hubris is a whole lot more serious, for the past few weeks she’s been quite rightly pleading with the public to stay at home and so protect the NHS, then yesterday a Scottish newspaper published photos of her visiting her second home (40miles away), I’ll spare you the pictures but she’s been spotted outside walking with her husband and children!

Sadly the saying ‘Do as I say and Not as I do’ comes to mind, however I’m not gloating, Dr. Calderwood is good person, a health professional sharing ‘life or death’ advice we all must follow to stop this awful virus from spreading. Catherine doesn’t deserve the hate emails and radio phone in abuse she’s receiving, she’s apologised unreservedly, admitted irresponsible behaviour and given a touching honest response, so let’s all give her a break shall we. 🙂 

‘Stay at home and Protect lives’

England's chief nursing officer Ruth May
England’s cheif nursing officer Ruth May, “stay home, protect the NHS and save lives 🙂 “


A. Shepherdson 2020

14 thoughts on “Staying home PROTECTS lives

  1. America and Canada are full of these entitled, self-absorbed rich folk with secondary homes. Some of the smaller communities can’t cope with the sudden influx of multi-generational families treating this pandemic as an extended vacation at these so-called off-season cottages. The locals are out of food and supplies, the sanitation system collapsed, but hey, the entitled are entitled so all is well.

    I’m not giving anyone a break who shows such blatant disregard toward the rest of us.


  2. Much in agreement with your view. First I have admired Calderwoods calm and firm take on the crisis when I have heard her on the radio – and it’s always good to see women in such positions. Her actions, then were disappointing – I try o to judge too harshly, but see now alternative to her resignation. Having said that, yes, she has paid the price, and we can leave it there. Never a good reason for some of the stuff those trolls come up with.

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    • Dr. Calderwood’s resignation was sadly inevitable, and a shame because she’s such a capable skilled professional trying to guide us through a health crisis, unlike politicians no crime had been committed apart from apart from her thoughtlessness. As for the Trolls and social media nastiness, yet another example of why Twitter should be closed down for good it has not a single redeemable quality. TY 🙂


  3. At the risk of being criticized, I have some thoughts on this subject. Traveling back forth for a weekend is not what I’m talking about.
    Suppose you own a second home and are therefore paying taxes in the small community but likely not using your share of services such as schools, library, roads, etc on a regular basis. Why wouldn’t you go to this location where presumably you can be outside and still socially distance from others while schools are closed and you’re working from home?

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    • 😀 Hmm, I’d guess if we all were fortunate enough to own a second home, a Scottish cottage or a holiday home in ‘The Lakes’, if we were completely honest we’d all relocate and self isolate there. Second home ownership is a hot political story (even before) over here and perhaps there are feelings of jealously at play? I see no harm, as long as people take care not to bring this awful virus into small communities…… having said all that, we’re all worried and would love to safely relocated, yes the real reason is jealousy ( 🙂 in my opinion). TY

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      • Thanks. I don’t have a second home, but I have friends who do and I don’t begrudge them being able to relocate. Especially ones that have young children who if they’re “in the country” are able to enjoy being outside. I agree jealousy is coming in to play.
        I also think mental health needs to be considered.

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