Daytrip to London (photos)

Several weekends ago, eagle eyed readers to this WordPress may have seen my architectural series of posts titled Trellick Tower! Well seeing as I was in London I took many photos throughout the day and thought I’d share within a post, and why not because I really enjoy looking at personal photos from bloggers I follow.

A London themed ‘photo dump’……………. as the cool internet bloggers say!

The impressive building to the left, overlooking an ice rink! Is the world famous Natural History Museum

Is it me feeling jaded and forgetful, or do Christmas celebrations seem to arrive earlier and earlier each year? Hmm I’d guess a mixture of both or in other words I’m getting old!

Stepping out into the sunshine from London’s Underground Railway Station, and btw it takes a great deal to surprise me these days, the sight of a ‘full blown’ ice rink was the last thing I’d expected to see, oh and accompanied by gleeful shrieks of joy from skaters young and old.

……………….incidentally adorned with the most impressive Christmas Tree I’ve seen this year. (You should see the pathetic example my home Town erected last week!)

….……..and before you ask NO I don’t ice skate.

Below a typical London Tube Station, and I do love riding the Underground system of subterranean tunnels crisscrossing the city, with its interconnecting stations whisking commuters out into the suburbs, and if you’ve ever visited my Capital city then you’ll know this is the quickest and most efficient way of getting around. Just a matter of metres above lie Streets choked with traffic now travelling slower than the horses and carts of 200 hundred years ago.

Best place to lose your wallet is on the Underground, I physically switched my wallet from back pocket to front after reading signs of ‘beware of pickpockets’.

I secretly took these photos below of unsuspecting fellow passengers with heads bowed gazing into their media devices, it’s always interesting to reading the posters and gigantic screens advertising theatre shows whilst riding the escalators.

Below modern day versions of London’s iconic ‘Black Cab’ and scarlet ‘Red Bus’, images you’ll have seen working these same streets 100 hundred years ago and even earlier by horse and carriage. And here’s a topical fact you won’t have heard of, before becoming Prime Minister Boris Johnson lying asshole and then London Mayor reintroduced an updated Routemaster bus, and I’d suggest there’s more than passing resemblance to the old one pictured beneath, they even have conductors walking the isles selling tickets to tourists also commuters.

Having time to spare also a one day all access travelcard to hand, I briefly visited St. Pancreas railway Station notable for it’s incredible gothic architecture, you’ll not see the like of this grandeur built in London ever again. (Below)

Metres away from St. Pancreas Station home of the Eurostar, you’ll walk through the entrance of King’s Cross Railway Station surrounded by cheap Hotels and rented apartments and YES prostitutes servicing horny male commuters…………. and YOU think I’m joking for comic effect!! (Below)

The gigantic red poppy inside King’s Cross Station marked the Remembrance Sunday celebrations that same weekend, the fact many hundreds of soldiers departed this Station for the trenches in World War One wasn’t lost on me………… and sadly many didn’t return home.

London 054

Hmm….. I’m wondering how many people when they gaze to the roof will notice King’s Cross new Station ceiling? Nearly as impressive as the train hall itself.

And because I love trains, I just had to take some pictures of locomotives below!

Walking on through King’s Cross station and quite by chance a famous nameplate caught my eye, eblazoned across the front cab of one locomotive read ‘Flying Scotsman’, though I have to admit looking considerably less spectacular than its steam predecessor bearing the same iconic name. (Notice the very same roof canopy, lol interests me anyway 😀 )

With ‘gruff’ diesel engine rumbling, ‘Flying Scotsman’ ready to depart for the City of Liverpool on Britain’s West coast mainline.
Several years ago the orginal ‘Flying Scotsman’ revisited King’s Cross station, and isn’t she a wonderful sight on route to Liverpool and beyond, that same journey only 80 years earlier! (Google)

So there you are, photos taken by myself from a daytrip to London earlier this November.

A. Shepherdson 2019

10 thoughts on “Daytrip to London (photos)

    • Years ago when my brother was a Uni student and living in London, I’d visit it him on weekends and we used to travel around a much quieter London on those 1950’s Routemaster buses……………… happy days 🙂 (I will check ty.)


  1. I much enjoyed my visit to London also and riding the tube underground, different than I imagined. I also did some walking and being determined found the Sherlock Holmes pub which was fun to have a meal at. I enjoy trains also and have travelled across more than half of Canada, which took days. We don’t have super fast trains and it more than a week from Toronto to Vancouver. Great photos, thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂 , it’s lovely to hear bloggers have enjoyed looking at my photos. Hopefully lol if and when I retire I’d like to visit America or Canada and travel the world……. especially by train!!


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