My new Workshop……. in the (spare) bedroom!


As of now I’m making (constructing) a model fire engine from wood……. it’s a hobby of mine and my new Blog theme!

Btw I’m happy 🙂 with WordPress once again, after spending time playing with their new ‘flashy’ Block Editor……. I’ve cracked it!

(We humans hate change don’t we, and I’m here to tell you ‘adapting to change’ gets harder the older you become 😦 . (Sigh… a not tooo dissimilar scenario when I notice young ladies are getting younger by the year…… the only trouble is they don’t date middle aged guys.)

Anyways returning to the English built 1950’s DENNIS fire engine, as you may or may be aware (see previous posting) I’m constructing a scaled down model from wood, after weeks of idly surfing the www also twiddling my thumbs doing ‘sweet fanny Adams’ I desperately needed a project however first things first build myself a ‘small’ workshop!

So I cleared and tidied the spare bedroom (a task in itself I can tell you), constructed a work surface which in effect is a sturdy wooden shelf, purchased myself a Pillar drill (£100 delivered to the door by Amazon) then mounted to the bench so as to compliment my electric powered Scroll-saw…….. and did you know ladies own these amazing machines? Yep they purchase 3mm plywood and profile cut intricate wooden jigsaws… que YouTube! Go look and see for yourselves and never again label me as being sexist……. unless I’m writing about large ‘milky’ breasts lol.

Btw if you wish to view this model DENNIS fire engine I keep writing about? Pictures will follow in a posting scheduled for tomorrow’ish’.

A. Shepherdson 2020

6 thoughts on “My new Workshop……. in the (spare) bedroom!

        • No I’m not familiar with Graham’s picture books but I’ll certainly Google straight after replying to your comment……… You’ll know as parent also author we all had our favourite books as a child, MANY years ago my Grandfather gave me ‘Pedro The Little Donkey’ (still available only on secondhand book websites) and as the story goes ‘Pedro…’ was my bedtime story every night. Interestingly I came across this picture book 40 years later, still knew it by heart and all happy memories came flooding back, incidentally at the heart of the book is a very very good story and fabulous paintings you’d enjoy it!

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