Is Lust really a deadly sin? (pt2)

I guess she’s flirty with me 😀 for the simple reason I pose no threat plus I’m a nice friendly guy 🙂 .

Before I begin my tale I should point out my neighbour wasn’t walking her dog dressed in her underwear 😦 , I’d like to make that one quite clear!

Invariably on workday early mornings I’ll bump into a lady dog walker soon after leaving my home, I’m making for a bus stop with the intention of going to work, the lady is returning home after having taken her dog for a walk in the local Park and as neighbours do, we have a short chat because I’m a personable friendly sort of guy, oh and she’s married and age 45+.

I know the lady’s name but here’s a thing she’s lovely witty with a bubbly friendly personality, not necessarily flirty but jeeze she’s quite the giggly playful girl……….. and while we’re chatting about dogs the weather etc while she’s being very friendly smiling and good neighbourly, I can’t help thinking to myself ‘I wouldn’t mind getting inside your knickers miss!’

Don’t we all from time to time? Aren’t thoughts like these the reason love affairs first begin? And note I’m not only talking of men!

Ok OK remember I’m only thinking out loud here, I have no doubt she’s a happily married mother and I’m a decent genuinely friendly honest guy who’s certainly NOT a home wrecker! In fact I wouldn’t have an affair with a married woman who has youngish children, no definitely not, I wouldn’t because well I’d be guilty of child abuse. Jeeze I understand the immense lasting emotional harm I’d be inflicting on a woman’s children the damage would be incalculable, and yes if I had an affair with a married mother I understand I’d be committing a despicable crime, as sinful as any level of child abuse!

HOWEVER as I chat to this lovely lady with dusty blonde hair and face becoming spectacles invariably at some point a wicked thought will cross mind, perhaps a glance at her ample bosom is the trigger (on reflection YES for I am a breast man.) Other days perhaps her feminine charms and girly giggles (oh yes she’s a talented lady) have me thinking for a second ‘she’d be the vision of gorgeous loveliness naked in bed’………. then quick as a flash the evil thought has disappeared from whence it came!

I wonder do women’s thought processes act in such a childish way? As we’re chatting is she idly imagining the length my penis? Hmm perhaps six o clock early mornings is the reason for our animated humour and friendliness toward each other, we’re possibly each other’s first human contact after a night’s sleep and genital touching, and here’s a thing I don’t experience these wicked thoughts with any other women during my working day, or perhaps she’s a sexually frustrated emotionally neglected bored housewife?

Hmm I guess I’ll never know.

BTW I’m not naïve or stupid enough to imagine she thinks of me in any other way than genuinely friendly…………………. but I still wonder how I’d react if temptation was put in my path and the lady was interested in a little extra marital fun and games, would I be morally strong enough to resist or would my dick take control of my brain and I’d jump into bed with her? (I think I know the answer.)

So many questions and returning to my opening movie quote, can men and women be friends without each others sexuality getting in the way?..………. Like I said I’ve known men who’ve put their hand inside the sweetie jar, but perhaps that says more about them as a person rather than the family man illusion they try to portray.

Hmm I guess adultery isn’t named original sin for nothing and she does has a very furry dog! And no that’s not a sexual euphemism.

A. Shepherdson 2019

15 thoughts on “Is Lust really a deadly sin? (pt2)

  1. I think women and men flirt differently. I have a guy friend who can spark innuendo out of anything that’s said, no matter who says it. I think women are just more discerning

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  2. If this is an actual photo of your dog walking friend, I think she’s looking for ‘trouble.’ I know you put a disclaimer by the picture, but I couldn’t resist commenting on it. I think being flirty is what keeps us young and interesting. Where it leads …. not my business.

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    • I agree Laura flirting keeps us feeling young, interesting and alive. Wouldn’t life be boring if we didn’t appreciate each other’s sexuality, though at the same time keeping rules and boundaries firmly in our thoughts…………… and yes ‘she’s trouble!

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  3. Everywhere I turn lately there’s a sexual innuendo somewhere… 😉

    For example, mention having protein for breakfast online somewhere and someone is having ‘thoughts’ about his ‘mind wandering again’. lol (That was on instragram this morning…sheesh).

    It’s a good thing I have a sense of humour. 🙂

    Andrew, you are something else.

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    • 😀 See what I mean Claudette we’re all at it! But as you’ll no doubt be aware the only rule to sexual flirting is understanding how far to go before people take offense, not that hard to work out if you’re a nice person, respectfully speaking you’re blessed with a cracking good figure perhaps that’s why we men try it on? (Btw I’ve always sensed you have a great sense of humour………….. it shines through your writing.

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