Two women sitting on a bus…………..

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Two young women sitting upon our shared bus chatting, cocooned within a private and personal conversation when one suddenly says to the other,

“Boys want to touch your Tits the trouble is after you’ve said yes they don’t know what to do with them?”

(Yes I couldn’t help myself overhearing (several years ago), well you women should be careful about what you talk about, men could be listening?)

Queue fits of adorable uncontrollable laughter, in fact I’d worried they were going to near wet themselves because whatever else their secret conversation was about it most definitely amused them!

I know I’ve touched on this topic before, my fascination with why some memories both anecdotal and crystal clear photography, become emblazoned engrained into my imagination, files attached to my brain’s hard drive and never to be deleted.

I guess the reasons are women of any age capture my attention, though I’d suggest if these two had been aged 65 this story of mine would be even funnier! Yes sex makes me smile in fact sex for some reason is darn right hilarious, and if you’ve read this WordPress you’ll surmise these two girl’s sexy conversation had me smiling as well. Hmm, perhaps I observe and watch these unfathomable beguiling adorable mammals because I’m a frustrated nymphomaniac? Then again aren’t we all frustrated nymphomaniacs?

Now I’d suggest I’ll remember this true as happened conversation exchanged between two friends for no other reason than enlightenment, oh and my juvenile schoolboy sense of wonderment. It goes without saying women possess a sharp wit and keen sense of humour as funny as any guys, share observations rarely overheard in public unless between the closest of friends, and on this occasion unaware I could overhear (long story) this lady revealed a gospel truth that yes we men are utterly and totally obsessed with their breasts. And yes when we’re finally allowed to touch feel and caress them, after that initial heart stopping, dick engorging, neck of the Glans tingling, pulse pumping first glimpse of their two bundles of squidgy wonderment ‘possessed’ by ‘jelly wobbling’ hypnotic minds of their own, that yes we haven’t an earthly clue what to do with them NEXT!! 

It’s like you finally get your hands on something you’ve dreamed of all your teenage years, yet when you do, well they don’t actually do anything apart from point back like a car’s headlights switched to full beam?

Forget bungy jumping, driving fast cars, jumping out of aircraft with only acrylic fabric attached to your spine, I’m wondering this morning does a guy ever feel more alive than when first watching a woman take off her bra.

(Writing this amusing nonsense makes me smile……….. 🙂 sorry, but I AM deliriously happy and my tongue’s a little sore this morning!)

A. Shepherdson 2019

4 thoughts on “Two women sitting on a bus…………..

  1. Slightly related – A few years back I saw a senior woman standing in front of an adult ‘peep show’ window in NYC. Her female friend was trying to get her to move on, but she continued to..well peep. I observed this and thought ‘What can she possibly be trying to see that she has not already seen in her lifetime?’ If she went inside…then what? I still wonder to this day what she was looking at.
    -my two women

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    • I enjoyed your story Darnell thank you for sharing 🙂 . I think we (all of us) tend to forget senior citizens enjoy sex like the rest of us and why not! And if there’s only one thing I’ve learned from reading married moms blogs, it’s that they are frustrated sex maniacs!!! So I’d guess that senior woman was hoping to see a little sexy action. TY 🙂


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