Intolerant Veganism!


Just last week five British Supreme court judges ruled veganism can now be classified as a religion, yep no different to Islam Christianity and any other faith humans wish to follow. You’ll have to Google (if you really can be bothered) to read the case details and ramifications, because mark my words vegans can be an intolerant bunch, many with a political sinister agenda for sweeping change, if you eat meat then be prepared for persecution because they’re after us carnivores, and if you don’t agree with these fanatical uncompromising zealots then be prepared to change your eating habits……….. Oxford’s already experienced demonstrations demanding supermarkets stop selling dairy cows milk and more will follow.

That’s enough talk of religion.

This evening’s news was dominated by the horrific fires sweeping across Australia, heart wrenching scenes and a manmade global warming disaster that’s killed human life, consumed millions of acres of forest, reduced thousands of homes to ash and most upsetting of all animals, birds, reptiles and insects have perished, one billion to be exact including 30% of all koala bear population. I had to shut down my computer because the devastation, photos and wildlife deaths reduced me to tears, first the Amazon rainforest burned now all Australia and the magnitude was emotionally all too much.

One billion lost for Christ’s sake.

(I like vegans… really I do!)

So where does veganism fit into this tragic tale? Each and every morning on the way to work I call in at my local supermarket and buy a sealed plastic tray of blueberries, and everyday I feel awful because reading their country of origin near stings my eyes.

That country changes sometimes several times a week, they can be sourced from Chile, Peru, South Africa, Morocco and so many more, I glance up and down the fruit isle and there are punnets of strawberries from Holland, grapes from Algeria, there’s African dates, Turkish soft apricots and almonds from California………. ALL plant based produce requiring vast acres of forest land and gallons of fresh drinking water by the millions.

So I ask you at what point does farming plant based food (a fact forgotten by those ‘holier than thou’ self satisfied vegans) be classed as the devastation and destruction of wild natural habitats?

You want aovocado on toast for breakfast? Then understand they’re flown in by jet aircraft and farmed by Panamanian mafia gangs.

And don’t get me started on the tonnes of aviation fuel required to transport this tasty fresh produce across the globe? Airplane jet engines belching out tonnes of CO2 gases into the atmosphere, not forgetting the litres of water required to grow let’s say, a single raspberry bush………. and please don’t question my fruit growing horticultural knowledge because I grow my own raspberries!

Rasp 2018 005
One of my raspberry bushes

So my message to vegans and their new religion is before you lambast us meat eating Nazis, remember veganism has a far greater environmental cost to this once beautiful natural world!

Rant over and I’m as guilty as the next man.

Pray for Australian wildlife if you believe in God, and let’s ALL change our buying habits shall we? I guess that means no more blueberries for breakfast 😞 .

A. Shepherdson 2020

6 thoughts on “Intolerant Veganism!

  1. Hello Mr. Shepherdson, I enjoyed reading your post, I appreciate your concern about the wildlife and the animals that inhabit those areas that are affected by these fires. As well written as your post is, I disagree when you write about the impacts that growing fresh fruits and vegetables has on the environment. You say that the transportation of these fruits from all over the world is terrible, I couldn’t agree more that the emissions of jet, or any other vehicle is detrimental to the air and eventually the earth. I think it’s important to know that animal agriculture is far worse in almost every category when it comes to water consumption, land use, and destruction of the natural world. Here is a link to Peta’s website that will give you insight on just how bad animal agriculture is for the environment, An important fact on that website tells us that the emissions created though animal agriculture is far far worse than all of the emission from all types of vehicle emissions combined, that’s including airplanes, cars, train, boats, etc. I would appreciate it if you visited my blog site to read my posts. I hope you gain a greater understanding through my thoughts. If my post titled ‘A Cure for the Virus” isn’t enough to show proof, I suggest you wait until Thursday (04/02/2020) for my post about veganism that references factual data.

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    • 🙂 Thank you for reading I’m so pleased you enjoyed, I think it’s fabulous blogging opens all manner of debate and conversation. You are of course correct, animal agriculture consumes vast amounts of water and land use, I’m afraid human beings in their drive to feed themselves, have destroyed forests for both animal consumption and the growing of fruit and veg. Not ideal in any shape or form, the real problem is no harder to explain than our earth cannot sustain feeding 7,900,000,000 human beings, there just isn’t land, protein food or fossil fuel to go around. Sad times, and thank you for replying.

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