Susan Sarandon, still sexy at age 73

So what shall I write about this evening? Why not the voluptuous fulsome breasted screen actress Susan Sarandon…… and why not, regular readers to this my WordPress will realise by now this is a blog devoid of one single theme…………. and remember this is a JFF post not to be taken tooo seriously 🙂 .

Susan Sarandon oozing sex appeal in her new film ‘Jesus Rolls’….. wow!

Age shouldn’t matter when discussing whether a woman is sexy or not, but the shallow society we live in I’m afraid a woman’s age will still hug the headlines, as for me the best sex I’ve ever enjoyed has been with women over 50, Karina and Kamilla were their names and no we weren’t down and dirty in some sordid threesome, I met them both separately and the ladies were fun amusing confident and drop dead sexy, they gave great head and were fabulous lovers between the sheets

Anyways that’s enough about me.

Released March 20 here in the UK, Susan Sarandon 73 has a steamy threesome in the new movie ‘Jesus Rolls’, I obviously haven’t seen the film yet, but depending on the critics reviews I will go watch because I’ve always had a soft spot for Susan, and not only because of her large fulsome breasts and Red Carpet cleavage revealing dresses.

Susan’s new movie is both a remake of French film ‘Going Places’ and a spin off to the cult film the ‘Big Lebowski’ by the Coen’s brothers, I’m intrigued already and let’s hope the reviews are complementary. At one point in the movie, Jesus (not Christ) jumps into bed with Susan after her character ‘Jean’ is released from prison and celebrates by having a threesome……. whether she gets her boobs out remains to be seen?

No stranger to these roles, Susan starred in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ playing ‘Janet Weiss’, a sexy lady wearing virgin white bra and panties, the songs are awesome and Rocky Horror remains one of my all time favourite movies….. incidentally ‘Janet’ spends half the movie in her underwear!

Shallow of me to admit Susan has fabulous breasts…… least I’m honest 😀

Away from films, Susan’s no stranger to looking drop dead gorgeous on award ceremony red carpets, and often strealing the headlines from younger ‘prettier’ actresses. In my humble opinion Susan exudes feminine sexuality so why not reveal your assets even at age 70? I say if you have them, flaunt them and f#ck all those mortally offended trolls on Twitter.

The World’s press went wild over this photo, probably because one nearly popped out!

Never shy of controversy Susan played the character ‘Hattie’, a prostitute in the 1979 film ‘Pretty Baby’, I’ve never watched the movie, but apparently the child prostitution storyline makes it diffucult viewing that’s still dividing critics…….and apart from going to see Susan’s fabulous plump high round boobs, this storyline doesn’t really appeal.


To sum up lol, if a beautiful actress remains drop dead sexy into her seventies, then I say keep on playing sexy roles for age is but a number, I’m hoping ‘Jesus Trolls’ is well worth a visit to the cinema so let’s wait and see.

Finally I make no apologies for sharings photos of Susan’s boobs and plunging cleavage, lol my WordPress so there! 😛

A. Shepherdson 2020

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