I visited London yesterday……. museums and art galleries

(All photographs taken by myself A. Shepherdson 4th August 2018)

I visited London yesterday…………… here’s my photographic journey!

London day trip 014
The Houses of Parliament, by me

A (very) short introduction

Anyone who Follows me on WordPress knows for sure I enjoy interacting with other bloggers whether that be tags or writing challenges, well this fine Sunday morning I have a response post for blogger Juliette Turrell, oh and of course anyone who’d like to see photographs taken on yesterday’s daytrip to London.

Juliette Turrell pretty much 1 week ago (read her blog here) visited both the National Gallery and Victoria & Albert Museum for her own personal daytrip, and note both are FREE ENTRY though she’s themed her post Architecture, which I’d forgotten about………… Well seeing as Saturday was such a beautiful sunny day I thought why not visit the V&A Museum and here is a photographic journey taken that day.

🙂 Thanks Juliette for inspiring me to visit London and NOT spend the morning in bed!

But first before I begin 2 pictures of the coach and underground tickets! 04/08/2018 🙂

The V&A museum Google for more detail

The 2 hour Oxford to London journey shuttled me deep into the heart of London, then from Victoria Coach Station I took the Underground directly to The V&A Museum, I’ve never visited before and being quite excited thought it would make a good start to the day!

London day trip 024
Entrance to the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum)
London day trip 026
Western Cast Wall remind me of a Victorian backstreet, must be spooky at night with just moonlight streaming in

(Above) just look at the effect bright shafts of sunlight has on the structure!

Below The Hereford Screen, I actually stood gazing at this magnificent choir screen for what must have been 10 minutes…….. loved it! (Text courtesy of that fountain of knowledge Wikipedia.)

‘The Hereford Screen is a great choir screen designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811–1878) and made for Hereford Cathedral, England in 1862. It was one of the Gothic Revival works in iron of the nineteenth century and when it was unveiled at the 1862 International Exhibition it was hailed as the “grandest and most triumphant achievement of modern architectural art”

London day trip 028London day trip 027

London day trip 025
V&A Museum entrance Hall, more spectacular sculptures!

Juliette you visited the National Portrait, well I’ve been inside before though admittedly not for a few years! But decided on Tate Britain (picture and sculpture gallery) instead and I loved it! The paintings are truly spectacular by artists such as Turner and Constable, incidentally ‘The Hay Wain’ is displayed here……………… ok but I’m not a landscape man :/ .

Tate Britain fabulous! I loved it! Perhaps Wiki for more detail!

The Tate (note not Tate Modern at Battersea) is a picture gallery home to so many great artists through centuries past and or course many painted scenes from the Bible (loved these fables have inspired great works of art)……………. I’ll visit again simply because you could spend a whole afternoon looking at just 3 paintings……………… couldn’t you!

London 2018 August 4th 126
Entrance, many Victorian museums had these magnificent stone structures built ESPECIALLY for them! Hmm Britain had a rich Empire back then.

The ‘Lady of Shalott’ (below & 1 of 3 versions) can be seen here, a truly beautiful image and I can assure you my camera hasn’t done the painting any justice…………. the light inside the gallery was poor and the public cannot take flash photography!

London 2018 August 4th 135
The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse

And below my favourite sculpture of the day, in fact my favourite art piece housed in Tate Britain, can you guess why? And very pert smooth and shapely she was tooo! Her name?………. I’m afraid I forgot my pen and paper sorry.

(Looking at the sculpture once again I’ve just this second noticed something I hadn’t seen at the gallery! Look closely below her feet and I see a snake coiling itself around the plinth…….…… which says to me the lady in the sculpture is in fact ‘Eve’ from the book of Genesis, she gave Adam the fruit so lol all blame should lie at her feet?)

London 2018 August 4th 140
My favourite…… omg she’d look spectacular in my rear garden!

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Why do I Follow and READ :) mommy blogs?


Before I begin this post, I should like to say it’s written with the fair sex in mind (or anyone), and as always I’ve the utmost respect for all women, yet I don’t always understand them :/ .

Lol I’m hoping any mommy’s I follow will be interested in this evening’s post, not so much a philosophical expose of the working’s of my inner mind AND please note I don’t feel I have to admit and share any perverted big dark secret from deep within my consciousness, yes I occasionally write my more adult posts but they’re just for fun.

Love! Yes when I’m discussing my own past partners and the choice is between some slim lithe 18 year old beauty OR a lady with a few miles on the clock I’ll choose the lady 48 years young EVERY single time. Older women have experience and I’m not talking bedroom gymnastics, nope you’ll never pull the wool over a mature lady’s eyes so to speak I think having children puts paid to that, not forgetting moms bs spotting radar is phenomenally fine tuned, accurate. I’ll have to mention at least something of sex, at a push I’d say best of all their tits are less firm and a little droopy the glorious consequence pendulous and squishy to play with in the hand, enough lol.

There’s a phrase in the English language which seemed very apt today, from experience I have to be careful the info I share here, just be aware today and yesterday I met many middle aged women chaperoning their 16 year old children around the ‘organisation’, and yes that apt well known British phrase called yummy mummy’s were everywhere………… I enjoyed today 😀 .

That’s enough silly sex talk Andrew!!! LOL 😀 .

And now to all the 50 year ladies I work with, they’re fascinating creatures who have a smouldering sexuality beneath their calm cool exterior a much used phrase but oh how true, and I can’t help imagining they’re perhaps horny and a little dirty in bed. Hmm I could be wrong but our secretary at work is lusted after by many a young and old man, she’s so efficient she keeps the older guys on their toes just like their wives do at home?………. And if she ever read this post I’d like to say Miss your cleavage and shoulder length bottled chestnut brown hair suits you down too a tee.

However before the middle aged mommy’s of which I speak go and unfollow and block my honest genuine and fun replies to their posts, fabulous tales of their daily lives I enjoy reading I’ll TRY and be a little more constructive from here on in!

So why do I Follow five or so Mommy blogs and note of teenagers NOT toddlers? The reason isn’t creepy and perhaps the mommy’s are curious when every other  blog commenter has family’s in like minded situations. The reason is nothing more sinister than I enjoy reading stories of ‘juggling many metaphorical balls in the air’, keeping a balanced sense of humour, tales of stress and hassles of tumble driers that keep breaking down, or trying to bribe the children to dispose of empty bottles of wine in the drive. Then there was Joanna’s tale of a snake that slithered unnoticed in her kitchen, I actually laughed out loud at that one as she described the panic and her near incontinence.

jjjjjjjmmSo ladies there’s nothing more to be curious about or understand than I’m a single guy aged 50 without children, perhaps you didn’t wonder lol. I enjoy reading the way you juggle all the many demands on your life and time, and most of all how Claudette demonstrates a parenting skill my mother used to intrigue me with, namely her ability to mind read and foresee the answer to a life problem I hadn’t yet figured out I had!……………… I think that is universally referred to as a mother’s intuition.

That’s my reason for reading oh and not forgetting you are fabulously entertaining writers! Sex bloggers bore me but mommy’s never do 🙂 .

A. Shepherdson 2018


Terms and Conditions, do you ever read them?


My fictional tale ‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ was written six months ago and the only post I saved from my previous blog which got deleted! I hope you enjoyed reading it even though I’d agree if you said the sex was a little excruciating. Am I upset 130 posts got deleted along with my old Blog? No not really, well perhaps I wish I’d saved a story or two if I’m honest, but importantly I have all the photos safe in an album.

Now for an admission.


Two weeks ago I happened across a BBC advertisement, asking their Radio 4 listeners to send in a short story of no more than 8000 words, original fiction have you will. A winner would be chosen, awarded £15,000 and best of all have their story narrated on the BBC!

WOW an incredible prize!

So remembering I’d saved this fictional tale I thought why not enter (but won’t win 🙂 ), so two weekends ago I completely rewrote from beginning to end and took much more care with phrasing and plot this time. Go read lol! Then came the time to enter the competition, I filled in my personal details online, uploaded the docx file containing my story and just as I was about to excitedly press send, I noticed a tiny square box instructing me to tick when I’d read the Terms and Conditions…….THEN send.


You’ve seen those Terms and Conditions boxes before, every time you open an account on the interweb, amazon eBay Financial Banking whatever, the Company in question tells you to read their Conditions, you tick and you agree to their rules. Even WordPress, jeeze their list goes on for pages, but at least they allow adult material……….. within reason!

Do you read website Conditions? I do sometimes but I’m both lazy and trusting, so if say Barclays Bank has stated after 2 years a Bond will mature and they’ll pay me the balance and 3% interest I trust them. (Stupid really, cause knowing what crooks and charlatans banks are, they could just as easily say after 2 years we’ll keep the balance and give the interest to charity!

Perhaps I should read a Bank’s Terms and Conditions, or any Organisations hmm trusting people online is for mugs!

Well returning to my genius masterpiece of original fiction, which wasn’t going to win, but anyhow I thought it would be a wheeze to enter, and better still I’d enjoyed writing once again spurred on by the fast approaching closing deadline.

Before pressing send, and remember I’d spent hours re writing my tale which you can read here. After all my careful story telling I thought to myself ‘suppose I ought to read BBC’s Conditions, and to my shock and horror they said the competition is only open to established authors with a record of publishing.

Well that counts me out, I’m not a published author and to say I felt both very foolish and totally deflated is a given. But I did learn a valuable lesson, always read Terms and Conditions first! Mind you if I had read them the other day, I wouldn’t have written my tale and I wouldn’t be here tapping away on my laptop this evening.

Btw if you’re curious I scan :/ read WordPress’s Terms and Conditions before starting this new blog, I genuinely trust 🙂 WordPress!

A. Shepherdson.