Lions Tigers in a farmer’s field?……… IN England?


To avoid confusion the cages below are not in a zoo, these big cats in my photos were all rescued from zoos then released into the wild. 🙂

I had intended to call this post Animal Zoos are cruel! But that’s a negative title and I’m a positive guy please read on……………. 


I hope you’ll enjoy Matt Monro (yes we had our own Frank Sinatra) singing ‘Born Free’ perhaps you’ve never heard this tune before?

Born free, as free as the wind blows
As free as the grass grows
Born free to follow your heartRead More »


tying a loose end & 1 favourite tuuune

Btw this ISN’T a blog discussing and sharing blog tips, I once read what is I think very good advice ‘that there is little more boring than reading a blog about blogging’ and as Julia once replied to me………… ‘we all wing it here’ and so true.

Having said all of that, if you read my previous post (blatant unashamed advertising lol) you may be curious how the said lady blogger reacted? Did she perhaps consider herself a little offended? Perhaps you’re not curious at all but I’m going to tell you the answer anyway.

Seriously though, being over familiar with my writing or annoying someone here would have been awful. 😦

tumblr_nil4rnaRvI1u7gbido1_500My previous post was/is a response to a lady I follow, you can read Relationship Advice linked ‘here’ and yes a little cringeworthy rereading however it was written with the best of intentions because her post touched my heart. Well to say next day after publishing I was a little worried, jeeze I thought to myself ‘you’ve gone tooo far this time!’ However not to worry she wasn’t offended adding reading had made her laugh and as you may well imagine making someone smile, being a fun read is lovely to know.

Now to my favourite tune, we all turn to YouTube to listen to music videos performed by the artists we love and luckily for us WordPress ‘writers’ we have a resource. Btw take note if you didn’t already know YouTube allow sharing as I didn’t for quite a while. Fortunately if a favourite tune exits on YouTube you can copy and paste a link to one of your draft posts and as if by magic 😮 said video appears just as below……………….. truly amazing.

I’m very much a 1980’s music lover, a little untrue because I’ll listen to any tune originating from any era whatever the genre as long as I like it, however every so often I’ll hear a song that blows me away or for whatever strange reason touches something in my soul? Each and everyone of us has favourite songs, not necessarily because they speak to us emotionally or are special for a poignant reason, no we all have favourite songs because well, they just are!

I hadn’t heard of Gwen Stefani or No Doubt that’s until one Thursday Evening many years ago on BBC’s weekly music show ‘Top of the Pops’. I’d guess the opening seconds of chomping maggots buzzing flies Adam picking that apple in the Garden of Eden captured my imagination, btw an introduction often cut from radio show broadcasts which is quite wrong!

Where was I? Oh yes I clearly remember the beginning with wasps and insects followed by the most incredible tune and performance sung by a very beautiful blonde young woman and yes it very nearly blew me away. Is there any point to me trying to put into words how and why I love the song? Most definitely NO, watch the video and you either understand what I’m saying or lol either you don’t.

A. Shepherdson 2018.

Tom Odell Magnetised – LIVE Graham Norton 2016

Some of you will know who Graham Norton is, and many of you will watch his chat shows in your own Country seeing as it’s the BBC’s highest earning export, well back in 2016 I remember sitting down 10.30pm Friday Night having never heard of this appearing singer Tom Odell…………….. or Magnetised!

Towards the end of a highly entertaining show packed with Hollywood A list actors,  incredibly he gets every big name you can think of, Tom Odell is introduced and blows me away with an energy packed rendition of his mega hit ‘Magnetised’. I’ve never ever forgotten that performance from back in 2016 and that’s the truth, anyways I’m at a loose end tonight so thought I’d both watch that performance again AND share it on my WordPress. 🙂 


megisacat’s challenge

I’m not an Award tag type of Blogger but I like reading any sort of list/questions post that catches my eye, megisacat’s Challenge passed a fun hour and here’s my response to her questions.

I’ve a trivia fact for you, did you know lists (could be of anything) are perhaps unsurprisingly the most popular blogs on WordPress? I read it somewhere, I think? I say unsurprisingly because human beings love lists don’t we, whether the shopping list of foods we either essentially need or fancy eating, or perhaps those bucket lists of things to try before we get tooo old to do, I haven’t officially been tagged this evening (later on) but megisacat’s questions captured my imagination and looked rather fun, one in particular would be nice to answer, I miss our family’s Border Collies SO much which is a good excuse for posting 2 photos on my WordPress.. 

What is your favourite drink? A good old pint of English Bitter, a rather boring answer I know but I adore the taste of fermented hops on my tongue and I’d have to drink quite a few before getting drunk, I also love Southern Comfort and lemonade trouble is I’ve lost whole parts of my life drinking tooo many S. Comforts! Like ONE HOUR several Christmases ago, I started the evening in one Department, regained consciousness in a totally separate Building and different Party? (Having thrown up in the toilets and a colleague using fingers to help the ‘stuff’ go down the sink!!) 

What advice would your future self give your current self that you are unlikely to follow but you know it’s good advice? Go chat with any woman who catches your eye, you never know where it’ll end up!

What would you change about the world? Easy question, yet rather depressing to both write about and no doubt read. The simple straightforward answer is I’d ban Religion and I’m convinced the world would be a happier peaceful and more tolerant place. Only the other day a guy at work refused to shake a female Secretary’s hand, he said,

“I’m Muslim and don’t shake women’s hands”………………… WTF??? Something to do with avoiding temptation, whatever, it’s just ##king rude, she was upset and offended and now everyone’s angry! Lol enough Politics and Religion.

Favourite Song? (post a link/embed a video if you’d like)

Abba’s ‘Thank you for the music is a favourite song, Benny and Bjorn are quite rightly now considered genius composers, and those teenage dreams I had with blonde Agnetha are unprintable! 

Favourite animal and why? Easy question and a little (very) sad to answer but here goes. Ever since my sibling and I were young children our family has owned Border Collies, well there’s 2 in particular I think about most days you know a memory prompted from happy times with Belle and Lucy for those were their names. Border Collies are most definitely the MOST intelligent breed of dog, without question, and our two would watch mum dad me and my sibling go about our day with such concentration that I sensed they understood what we were going to do next without us knowing. Lucy would sit by her lead dependant on what shoes I was putting on, if my mother got a tub of cream from the fridge we’d time how long until Belle was by the kitchen without calling, waiting for the empty carton and the list goes on. They were super obedient, fetch a ball all day long, affectionate, loyal, fun, friends and I’d better stop lol before I start crying!!!! 😀 Lucy (left) was the puppy from hell but grew into the perfect companion.

What is your Favourite memory? Without question time spent with my two Grandfathers, throughout my childhood and when a teenager I enjoyed their companionship and the values they taught me. I learnt the game of cricket from my mum’s father, and some of the happiest days of my life were just the two of us going to watch Yorkshire play at Scarborough Festivals then later in his life when age 85, our roles were reversed and I was the one to look after him all day and bring him home safe, funny how that happens in life :/ ……………. I know he really enjoyed those times and jeeze I’d better stop before I start lol getting all tearful!!

If you had a day off like Ferris Bueller (a day without consequences) what would you do? I’m afraid I have absolutely no idea who Ferris Bueller is? (Untrue I have an inkling but can’t be assed to Google!) but this is an easy question. Hmm a day without consequences? There’s a thought! Well ALL I’m going to give away is making love to a certain beautiful mature lady I know, married hence the consequences enough said! She’s intelligent amusing, prim and proper and drop dead sexy from her chestnut brown ‘bottled’ hair colour, to having the figure of a twentysomething, a classy slim woman with absolutely massive boobs, her summer print dresses with plunging necklines almost make me pass out!! ……………….. Just imagine if she read this WordPress now there’s a thought. :/

What is your favourite quality about yourself? Jeeze this IS a difficult question, I’ve thought about this for quite a while and I would say I have a great capacity for empathy, I feel other people’s pain to the point where it really isn’t emotionally good for me, however empathising with other’s problems isn’t for show, no it’s very genuine and heartfelt. 

What is your dream job? Again I’ve given this one a lot of thought, I’ve noticed that as I get older that dream job doesn’t seem to exist to the same degree as it did when I was age 18. Nah scrub that lol, a dream job for me would be working in a Nature Reserve as a Park Warden…………… yes truly a privileged dream job, just imagine out in the countryside all day looking after wildlife!

Like I said fun questions!

A. Shepherdson 2018.