When in Rome (do as the Roman’s do!)

All 3 of my previous three posts bombed at the box office, come on lol give me some credit for trying to lighten a sombre mood, yes they were out of cinque with the horror that’s enveloping all of our lives, and perhaps now is not the time for tales of hand jobs and young women’s sweet peachy ass? Yep lol, very little feedback from my readers and to be quite honest I don’t blame you …………. but ty if you did ❤ . 

When In Rome: proverb: when vacationing abroad (or in unfamiliar surroundings) you should adopt the customs or behaviour of those around you.

Are you familiar with curry flavoured ‘Pot Noodles?’ Boiled Curry flavoured brown water with strands of lol rubbery pasta noodles…….. convenient, tasty and not so bad 😀

Earlier this week I went food shopping, late evening so virtually every grocery shelf in my local supermarket was half empty, “the British public should be ashamed of themselves” so said an NHS executive on witnessing displays of panic buying, and sadly I have to agree 😦 .

I purchased a loaf of bread, several jars of preserve etc however what really captured my attention was the sight of customers wandering away from a caged pallet carrying 4 pack ‘Pot Noodles’, well like I said ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’ so I place one in my basket and realised there and then I haven’t tasted one of these in 30 years, no word of a lie not since my mother stopped buying them… that is until today!

And my culinary verdict is? Lol unchanged, both the freeze dried powdered sauce and slightly rubbery pasta hasn’t improved this past quarter of a century, but ‘it is what it is’, convenient tasty and filled a hole…… sad times 😦 .

A. Shepherdson 2020


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