The song I’d choose as my favourite theme music

I think I’ll even have this played at my funeral!

My favourite blogger LA likes to play a game on Friday’s, today she proposed an intriguing brain teaser, a brain twister have you will, which song would I choose for my personal theme tune? Interestingly (for me) the first thought flooding my mind (less than 5 seconds) was Monty Python’s ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’, yes played before the final credits to ‘Life Of Brian’, a thought provoking magnificent film ridiculing organised religions for being, well, ridiculous! Oh and quite probably one of the finest must watch films ever made………………………… only wish they’d had the nerve to make ‘Life Of Mohammed’ and lampoon Islam, lol bloggers have been beheaded for making statements like that 😀 and I’m not joking.

Anyways not to worry….. why not just listen and contemplate the brilliant lyrics.

Do you want a dictionary definition? Well if you look on the bright side you’re trying to remain cheerful when faced with a bad situation, offset life’s awfulness by convincing yourself things cannot get much worse so making you feel just that little bit better, or thinking life isn’t as bad as it could have been. Hmm.

As in the past Friday games nights, I’m ignoring some of the rules for this tune isn’t a B side, no it’s probably one of the most recognisable movie songs ever penned, people who don’t take life tooo seriously even play Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life at their funerals and I think I just might!

You have to agree with me life cannot get much worse than if you’re nailed to a Cross but like these troubled times we live in, you just have to try for what’s the alternative? You give up that’s what, but however down and depressed you feel, what an earth is the point to giving up? None at all because remember we all have friends and loved ones who rely on us, to be there when they need us, yes I could quit on life but who would look after my mother if I was gone? No one! And that’s a completely honest answer because looking after my mum in her old age will define my life for however long she is with me………………………. oh and I don’t live with her because she’d drive me around the frigging bend!

A. Shepherdson 2020

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