Czesława Kwoka, died in Auschwitz

I’d suggest the very favourite posting written on your Blog changes by the day/week (or perhaps you ‘publish’ and hardly ever give them a second thought). I’ve recently discovered the Widget ‘Popular Posts’ and added to my homepage (it’s only taken me 2 years to find and I love it) Lovely WordPress appears to update by the hour and it’s a snapshot of the content people are reading on your Blog…. hmm very interesting. My own appears to be 70% vanilla sexy related, that’s fabulous and fine (anyone who reads my Posts thank you) but I’d hope to think I’m more than just frivolity…… 🙂 not to worry we’re all having fun here. I’m going to re-blog my very favourite posting the heart-breaking true story of Czeslawa Kwoka who died age 14 in Auschwitz concentration camp, and only weeks after the SS  murdered her mother there. One of my favourites from 289 and I’m not ashamed to say her story made me cry the evening I wrote it…….. a reminder of the hateful times we live in.

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Czeslawa-2A reflective Post this evening, makes a welcome change and good or bad I can guarantee my blog will never be one theme, I’ve enjoyed writing this 🙂 .

I look at Czesława Kwoka’s Auschwitz registration photograph time and time again, her haunting expression isn’t unique, the many other prisoner photos being colourised so magnificently are equally as haunting and devoid of ALL human emotion.

I look at her, and I wish I could do this post justice, convey how I’ve been feeling whilst reading her true horror story. However I fear I don’t have the breadth of descriptive language and yes I think I lack an ability to convey the upsetting emotions I’m feeling…………. I’ll write you humorous posts all day long of tales sleeping with women BUT serious issues I struggle with and that makes me very angry. And for once I break copyrighted photographs legally, Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum…

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