Thai ‘happy endings’

Today I’m sharing possibly my favourite ‘red chair story’ from The Graham Norton Show……

Why so Andrew? Fun to write that’s why, and blurs my mind away from this awful virus story, well just for an hour or so, take care ❤ .


But first for those of you who don’t understand the phrase ‘happy ending’, lol I find that very hard to believe but I’ll share the definition anyhow.

Happy Ending, def: When a girl (usually Asian) gives you a full body massage, she’ll ‘more often than not’ finish your session with hand relief ‘blowjob’ or full on sex.

Urban Dictionary

Btw you just have to visit the Urban Dictionary website for hilarious alternative definitions to words and phrases used by your teenagers.

Click here and I’ll link you to my own massage tale with a Happy Ending, no photos which goes without saying oh and Dana was her name!

Where to begin? Are you familiar with the BBC’s Graham Norton show? I’d guess the answer’s a resounding yes seeing as this fun comedy show is The ‘Beebs’ most lucrative export, I’d heartily recommend watching Graham’s ‘A list’ celebrities share their funny stories and humorous anecdotes, a perfect Friday night antidote to all that is wrong in our world well that’s before………!

Hmm I just had a thought, corona may have changed scheduling for a while but I’m not giving up all hope.

Blah blah blah lol, of course you’ve all watched Graham and fully aware he finishes every episode with ‘Stories from his Red Chair’, a finale where member’s of the public are given the opportunity to share their own funny story, the only rule being the often hilarious true tale must involve themselves, and be jaw dropping near unbelievable with a sexual twist! Just like the woman who after running for a train sat herself down breathless in a carriage seat, glanced down to see a breast had flopped up and outside her tee shirt, ending with the guy sitting opposite saying……… “please don’t apologise Miss!” I did enjoy that one.

Go to YouTube for more Red Chair Stories!


Oh yes Graham’s Thai Happy Ending story! Jeeze I do have a terrible habit of getting sidetracked, ask me to name my favourite red chair story, and you’ll find it somewhere on YouTube for sure, if not I’ll try and retelling in my own blogging style………… for some reason it’s my favourite?

An English guest, a guy in his 30’s, ‘plonked’ himself down in the chair and proceeded to tell the story of the day his mother took him to a Thai massage parlor, I know! What was this mad lady thinking? What mother would take her 16 year old son to a frigging massage parlor!

Well turn’s out, and Graham’s guests have to keep their anecdotes clipped brief, many years ago he and his family lived in Thailand and one day his mother took him for a body massage as some sort of treat, enough to say she can’t have been ‘a woman of the world’ and I’d say incredibly naïve. Anyways, this guy and his mother lay on separate massage tables separated by only a curtain, both enjoying a massage when at some point his mother realised the quiet moans and groans coming from behind the curtain, were actually her ‘baby boy’ being climaxed to a hand relief orgasm, jeeze that’s a story to tell all your friends back at school, or for the mom to share with her FB group…….. hopefully happy fun-filled days will return again.

I guess any mother reading could imagine the dawning horror at realising the apple of her eye, her teenage ‘baby’ is being jerked off by a Thai lady masseuse, and right alongside her behind a curtain! Imagine the embarrassment, the blind panic listening to her virgin offspring performing a sex act, the spine chilling dawning she’s giving him hand relief? What an earth was this lol crazy woman thinking? Guys visit Thai massage parlors specifically for the happy ending hand relief, I do, and if you’re interested and thanks for asking, my masseuse is a 25year old (very pretty) lady from Romania!

So there you are, my favourite Red Chair story and heaven knows why I can remember it so vividly, and if you’re at all wondering this guest of Graham’s was a really pleasant young man…………. wow I bet he couldn’t have believed his luck that day!

Fun story though.

Try and stay positive, I’m struggling but you gotta have hope because there is no other alternative 🙂 .


A. Shepherdson 2020

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