Donald Trump’s America

Genuine colour photographs taken of Britain in the 1950s, the member’s of the public pictured aren’t actors and the film hasn’t been colourised! (Alas I’ve misplaced the link to the website.)

🙂 I’d loved to have lived in 1950’s England, but I’m wondering was life back then as idyllic as the photos suggest? Or am I suffering from a condition that afflicts many people my age, wishing for ‘the good old days’ that never were! 

Because I’m a Brit I don’t follow closely all the political goings on within America unlike in my own Great Britain, a broken Country that once had ‘it all’ then either gave ‘it all’ away or had it taken, a once great nation, the trouble is now I cannot avoid watching awful Brexit news and Brexit madness across the internet.

Anyways returning to my theme today, America! 

I’ve never visited the US and would love to one day before I ‘pop my clogs’ so to speak, I’m really am a big fan, whether following politics or life in general America is captivating and enthralling. Yes I’m a political animal who’s chosen not to discuss politics and religion on the internet, forthright opinions only upset and annoy readers so what’s the point, and I’m convinced people are more interested in writing as an antidote to real life as opposed to………….. jeeze where do I honestly begin?

Viewing America from over here on the opposite side of the pond I’m a fascinated observer, I’m a space nerd and truly grateful America landed a man on the moon later returning him home safely. A brief anecdote for you, one afternoon several years ago, laying beneath a warm duvet spread out on the living room sofa, I watched live footage from the final space shuttle flight to service Hubble, in total I think I watched NASA’s live stream a solid 18 hours a day, as astronauts meticulously replaced Hubble’s Giros and electronics using simple tools worth millions of dollars. Then only several days ago another American first as Dragon Module successfully docked with the space station.

A new space era begins.

With engineering skill, luck and a fair wind the prospect of man yet again walking upon the moon’s surface is a distinct possibility and I truly hope I live that long because yes as you know I love viewing the moon through my telescope, I’d be beside myself with joy and excitement if man returned.

So I’m asking myself how bad (media opinion) can life truly be living in Trump’s America? No one can doubt he loves his Country and puts America first, severs trading with countries who employ cheap labour and import good which close American factories down and put people out of jobs, he’s building a wall to halt the influx of South American migrants from illegal entry, not forgetting the walking caravan of drug dealers and Muslim extremists….. he’s putting America first, standing up for the ‘common man’, upholding a treasured Constitution and preserving a national identity thus ensuring it’s people a good quality of life……… you cannot knock him for being a patriot.

Btw I’m not being sarcastic!

After Brexit and I win the lottery I may even emigrate there………… or Australia………… or Ireland, trouble is I don’t play the lottery! 

( 🙂 please feel free to comment.)


©A. Shepherdson 2019




10 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s America

  1. Bryan here. From the state of Oregon. Love this post. One thing to remember: Trump is NOT a politician. He is a businessman. He does not have political skills. He has business skills. He does not listen and learn. This is not opinion. This is fact.

    As a businessman he has filed for bankruptcy several times.

    Is he a good President? Not really. Will he make American better? We don’t know. Can that wall actually be built, legally that is? No.

    Will the wall accomplish anything? No.

    Does he have mountains of skeletons in his closet? Yes. Have past American Presidents had skeletons in their closets? Yes. Than what’s the difference? They hid them better.

    Does he love his country? I don’t know. Does he love money? Yes. Who doesn’t.

    American has always been divided to some degree. Has he made it worse? Yes. Is this dangerous? Yes.

    Do I think he will be re-elected? Yes. Why? Because the opposing party is poor when it comes to winning Presidential elections.

    The opposing party owns half of congress. Keep in mind that is the real power. Do I think the opposing party will own all of congress after next years election? Yes. What will happen? Trump will have a leash around his neck. His Presidency will end. No more power.

    Is this a great country to visit. Absolutely. Not matter who is President this will always be a fun place to be.

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  2. Thank you Bryan for such a fabulous comment, highly readable will lovely balance and rhythm, I’ll begin by saying I’m always watchful of criticising another country’s politics hence my very measured tone, lol throwing stones glass houses come to mind! I’m aware of Trump’s controversial Tweeting and political manoeuvring simply because the UK follows American politics so closely. All I will add is I’m impressed by the way he tries to play tough with illegal migration, Britain got it wrong, and that’s how Brexit came about. TY 🙂

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  3. If you watch closely while he’s playing tough his own party is not backing him as much as you would think. There’s a reason for that. Think cheap labor. But you didn’t hear it from me. 🙂

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  4. Extraordinary photograph s, that intense colour. But lovely though they are, I think they do I support idealising the 1950s, hand picked settings, like film sets, even the poor people are delighted with their one-room hovel.
    I love that you speak so positively of the U.S., I loved visiting and have worked with so many fantastic American colleagues – but I cannot get on side about Trump. Patriot or not, that isn’t enough.

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    • Yes they are truly extraordinary photographs and there’s no question they’re painting a chocolate box view of Britain, lol I’d still love to live there though 😀

      Perhaps me referring to Trump as a Patriot wasn’t such a good idea but it certainly prompted interesting debate.


  5. [Takes a deep breath]
    Let me start with the 1950s photos – they’re wonderful. Life back then wasn’t without problems. That’s for sure. However, life was slower. Maybe it’s because the industries change. Maybe it’s because of something else. But people used to have more time for everything than today. We work longer, and it’s a big problem, I believe.

    As for the 2nd part of your post:
    I normally steer clear from discussing politics on my blog, too. Even though I promote debate and people with all sorts of views, 9/10 times, it causes more damage. It’s unbelievable how sensitive people can be. How they refuse to see ANY logic in what you’re saying. I might not agree with you, but if you explain your thought process, chances are that I will agree with at least SOME of it. Most people whom I encounter refuse to do that. It seems to them like defeat. So they stomp their feet and call you names. It gets real ugly.

    Contrary to the comments above, I actually agree with what you wrote about the President. It’s encouraging to read that an outsider can see things clearly. I do live in the US. Have lived in a couple of different states. There are places that are terrible to live in (see Sanctuary Cities), and places that are not so bad.

    There will always be people who like the President, and those who don’t. At this point in time it’s become EXTREME. People are so against him that no matter what he does, they will reject it. I don’t think he’s perfect at all. Not everything he says, or does is great, but I respect him for exactly those things you mention.

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    • I guess living in Brexit Britain will have many an unhappy soul wishing for the 1950s again. Thank you for your thoughts regarding Trump, tackling immigration will always be both emotive and controversial, however tooo many numbers has to be controlled to preserve the quality of life you have! Unpalatable but 🙂 true.

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