Once in a lifetime opportunities!

(Note I’ve been both careful and double checked the information I’m revealing, anyone let’s say overtly interested lol will glean nothing from here…………..I have experience! A woman once tracked me down her source my WP, yeh, I know 😮 that created a ****storm I can tell you).

Hi….. I know it’s been a while! 😦

Yes I’m now an infrequent WP Blogger but I do like to share something interesting once in a while, oh and read blogs written by ‘middle aged women’ (only follow the ladies 😀 ) every single day!………. Anyways I have another ‘and prequel’ photo dump for you today 🙂 .

Sharing my photos is fun.

“Blah blah blah“………………………….lol.

Several of my regular readers to this WP will be aware I work for a world renowned, no iconic English University, more specifically employed as a mechanical engineer. Well cutting a long story short, Oxford’s ancient thirteen or so colleges have connections with British industry dating back centuries, with a personal connection the Engineering Department has links with Rolls Royce aero engines dating back before the second world war and more recently instrumental in the development of the Turbo Fan jet engine……….when you fly by plane to holiday destinations in Hawaii or interstate destinations for work, then you’ll be powered by a jet engine whose birthplace can be traced back to Oxford University!

I could bore you with tales of Sir Frank Whittle and Barnes Wallace, ‘Trent’ and ‘Merlin’ engines…… but you’ll be relieved I won’t.

Back in the 21st Century, Oxford’s historic ties and links with brilliant men and women in hi-tech industry comes with perks, namely day trips such as yesterday’s unavailable to the general public, a fabulous day being flown the length and breadth of the UK in a Royal Air Force military refuelling Tanker, it’s role in life to fly the world’s skies transferring tonnes of aviation fuel to Typhoon air strike fighters fast running out of Gas!

Million pound hardware protecting British interests and keeping the British public safe………you have a rogue jet piloted by Muslim extremist heading for London’s seat of Government? Well the Typhoons role in life it to ‘scramble‘ intercept and kill the terrorists missile before it reaches our skies (sadly innocents of people die and that’s a tragedy), perhaps even Russian long range bombers prepared to unleash their load similar to the1940’s Blitz…………..well I’m sorry there’s no sugar coating those inflammatory statements, but back in the real world there are those prepared to die in the name of deranged twisted Religious causes and those bombs suspended below the Typhoon’s wing are there for a reason 😦 .

……..btw I’m a passivist but you’ll guess I have no problem with this, well I haven’t.

Within following posting’s I’ll be sharing many more photos taken on the day and consuming the final amounts of media memory remaining………..hmm I’m going to have to pay and Upgrade this Blog. Until next time.

Our ‘host’ for the day, the Airbus Voyager ‘air to air’ refuelling Tanker.

A. Shepherdson 2021

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