My brand new wristwatch

Don’t you agree my new wristwatch is an exquisitely beautiful timepiece? (Btw it’s not as big as the camera close up suggests.)

In 1961 Chairman Mao (no less) assigned the Tianjin Watch factory to make the first Chinese aviation watch (chronograph) for the Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army………… and I now own a 2021 reissue which cost rather a lot of money 😦 .

Here’s a thought, when was the last time you saw a teenage girl without a Smartphone physically attached to her hand, never?

Call this a birthday present to myself, an indulgence I feel slightly guilty about purchasing in an economic pandemic, but at my old age of 55 I’ve bought myself what I’d describe my first expensive watch, and if you didn’t know lol, adorned around my wrist is the iconic 1963 Chinese Pilots chronograph. Now gaze at the obverse watch-back draped across my wrist and you’ll see this is no battery powered quartz adornment, no not even a self winding automatic movement, this mechanical instrument is a wound spring, gear driven timepiece with many working parts and a delicate balance wheel that beats as the watches heart.

It quite literally does and quite hypnotic to err watch lol.

Hold the sea-gull movement to my ear and and the metallic beat reminds me of a ticking time bomb in a James Bond movie, that’s before 007 cuts the wires so saving mankind yet again!

My watch story begins months ago after tiring of gazing at my £7 Casio wristwatch day after day after……… One of several exact copies I’ve owned this past 25 years, black plastic cased quartz timepieces that keep impeccable time yet feel soulless cheap and manufactured (because they are), oh and seldom removed from my wrist even when I’m in bed with a woman jeeze they could tell some stories if they could. But I’ve grown bored of my Casio and ‘kind of on a whim‘ treated myself to an aviation chronograph, with its dazzling sapphire crystal the hardest glass known to man….. I love it.

Yes accurate and reliable at the moment, but we’ll see if the power spring and many moving parts keeps it that way in years to come.

Hmm, I’m not so sure.

A. Shepherdson 2021

14 thoughts on “My brand new wristwatch

  1. I know you don’t have children, but I raised 3 and when they became self sufficient adults, I started traveling and doing other things for myself. I had people questioning my choices. With my own money! I wasn’t taking food from my children and it’s my money. I don’t feel guilty at all.

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    • Hmm I agree people have no right to judge others choices in how they live their lives, I’ve worked for the University of Oxford unbroken throughout this pandemic, and yes there have been dangers, so lol buying a watch I’ve always coveted seems ok, far from frivolous I do love it. But I’ll keep looking after my mum, I bought her a pair of binoculars the other week so she can watch the blue tits nesting in a box I put up in the garden. I’m a positive guy so fingers crossed vaccination will finally see us out of this awfulness.

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  2. What I know about watches can be engraved onto one of its tiny cogs – but it is a stunning and impressive piece. Like the idea of the self-gifting for birthdays, too – one of the few ways to get exactly what you want.

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    • 😀 Gifting oneself a birthday present is a great way to justify spending money that perhaps we shouldn’t…….but oh well I’ve worked and commuted every day through a pandemic and spend very little on myself, lol I wear the iconic ‘1963’ at weekends and it makes me smile. So will Fitbits and smart watches consign the wristwatch to the history books? I’d guess the smart watch is just another passing fad, I hope so 🙂 .

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