Covid-19 update

I’ve weighed 10 stone my entire adult life, then along comes a health Pandemic and I’m 11 stone 1 and 3/4 lb, and at my age this ‘belly fat’ has to come off soon or it’ll never be shed……. repeated lockdowns aren’t good for the waistline.

And so I sit typing and grazing on a punnet of Peruvian Blueberries!

Here I am pictured above working diligently for my employer, captured by my Smart phone for a reason that eludes me and interesting because minutes after taking these photos, I looked behind to see a colleague of mine rushing out the door having just received a call via the Government informing he’d been in contact with a positive case. Such are the serious times we live in, the unnerving consequence was we all had to return home and self isolate until he’d been tested himself, and that my friends is the closest I’ve come to wondering if I’d caught the disease……………. an anxious two days but he got the all clear and we all returned to machining within our designated bubbles, wearing mandatory PPE and keeping two metres distance which is nigh on impossible, who’d have thought several months earlier that I’d be wearing a face mask the entire day? Not me.

Well so far so good, I’ve been working and commuting by public transport since June 11th 2020 and I haven’t fallen ill to this awful virus, so I’ve either been very lucky or the PPE precautions have worked a treat? Who knows who cares though here’s a few salutary thoughts, the UK is in an awful place with the virus raging out of control with every citizen apart from essential workers being confined to their own home, we’ve 30,000 covid patients in Hospitals from John O Groats to Lands End and I’m confident every Brit knows of someone who’s had or recovering from covid or heartbreakingly has passed away 😦 .

Hope I’m not writing tooo soon! But perhaps the reason I’m still working in a City with high Covid positives is I religiously take sanitizing and hand cleanliness very seriously, and never fail to wear 4 ply mask coverings with pure silk sewn in filters inside shops and riding buses………. in fact after this awful pandemic is behind us I may continue wearing the masks because Coroner will be with us for many months yet and I’ve yet to catch a cold.

A work Colleague of mine survived coroner virus, as did a friend of the family her husband and two daughters who are recovering in baby steps, but looking on the bright side my Great Aunt has had the vaccine, my mother is injected Friday and I’ve several close relatives who’ve received theirs seeing as they are Hospital clinicians. And seeing as I’m a positive soul I’m predicting by April/May the UK will be returning to some sort of normality, with the British Government throwing all resources at getting the Nation vaccinated so living will improve……. finger’s crossed.

On the positive side, I’m rather pleased with myself because I’ve been filling my newly acquired spare time rather productively, yep unusually for me I’ve been reading novels I’d always been curious about namely Joseph Heller’s ‘Catch-22′ and Vladimir Nabokov’ ‘Lolita’ and almost certainly the most disturbing tale I’ve read. I’m going to refrain from writing a review though I’d advise caution if you’re a mother with young daughters, Lolita’s beautifully written and described as a ‘Classic’, but be aware Humbert Humbert’s abuse of a twelve year old girl is a disgusting tale though never sexually graphic, thank God. Yes controversial and banned in the UK under obscenity laws several decades ago, I would advise rather than enjoying reading Lolita, being shown a window into the mind of an abusing pedophile is a disturbing and necessary education…………………..oh go on then here’s my review! The first third is a captivating read, skip the following two thirds because listening to Humbert Humbert’s whining is interminably boring, then finish by reading the final ten pages.

A. Shepherdson 2021

18 thoughts on “Covid-19 update

  1. great review of Lolita, well, can I read just the last 10 pages? πŸ™‚ I never read it, because before it was forbidden in Russia, and then… for obvious reason – too disturbing topic. But I know Nabokov has an unique style and one of the greatest writers, so I’m sure its an interesting book (I read his other books, of course)

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    • Thank you πŸ™‚ . I would suggest unless you are really really curious then don’t bother reading Lolita, yes the novel begins with beautifully descriptive scene setting but a little way in Humbert’s grooming is difficult and distasteful (horrific) reading………… Nabokov is highly readable so perhaps I may attempt another novel but Lolita did put me off a little.

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    • I should qualify my previous comment to say Lolita is BEAUTIFULLY written and yes I’m pleased I read his novel even though child abuse makes uncomfortable reading, however sadly it’s as relevant today as it was 70 years ago………… you’d be appalled but I wouldn’t like to put you off.

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      • I have Lolita with annotations (at home), and I always want to read it – for literary purposes… but I don’t know if this is something for me, even if I really admire Nabokov writing style… but I read his other books & so maybe πŸ€” it is enough πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‚

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    • …….. and Sweden was doing so well but it only takes several people to mingle and meet and the transmission rates spiral out of control, HOWEVER we now have 10+ vaccines so life will improve after April……….I’m feeling really confident Victoria πŸ™‚ .

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      • It’s same with vaccines here, too. To the day, only 147.000 got vaccine -> from 10 millions population.

        Well, right now (so far) it is ok, and in general we don’t have any hard restrictions… everything is working as usually (until 10 pm tho, I think: bars & restaurants). I was at the city center today – hell lots of ppl, note: without 😷 masks/
        We also have 50 cases from UK & South Africa – so can expect anything… but I hope 🀞 for the best

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  2. Good to see you’re posting, and trucking along. It is such a relief to have the parents getting the vaccinations. When I looked at the waiting list just a couple of weeks apart, I noticed going from a timescale of January 2022 (!) to this June – fingers crossed for us all that they don’t mess this roll-out up. Be interested to see your thoughts on Catch-22 – found it difficult to get through.

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    • Was fun to sit down and write a posting πŸ™‚ . Brother and myself will be so relieved to get mother vaccinated because statistics don’t fair well for 76 year old’s enough said, the UK’s response has been a mess-up (or worse) since this pandemic began so they owe the public a smooth vaccination. Reviews aren’t my strong point but I hope to share my Catch-22 opinions, yes a little hard going but the black comedy film is a favourite and seeing Alan Arkin’s face helps the tale along, and Regulation 22 is a delicious conundrum to get ones head around!

      As for anyone reading Lolita……….. don’t bother!

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  3. I saw the film of Catch-22 some years ago but didn’t watch the more recent TV series. By chance at Amsterdam EYE Film Museum 2019, we caught an exhibition on the making of the film and bizarre stories on the aircraft.

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