For Laura

Thanks for the laugh Laura, here’s my mother’s Eurasian Blue Tit nesting box and a firm favourite for UK homeowners rear gardens, you’ll find them erected in every Town and City across the land and she has a nesting pair, notice the row of upturned woodscrews I inserted to keep Pigeons Crows and Sparrowhawk’s from landing! A success and she enjoys watching them (en) during this pandemic.

A stock image of the rather cute Eurasian Blue Tit, I was going to cut and paste something from Wiki but you get the idea.

A. Shepherdson 2021

8 thoughts on “For Laura

    • I often dip into your Blog btw, I’m a bit of a lurker and your tales remind me of my brother’s pandemic problems, he and his wife have been on and off home schooling teenage girls for nearly one year! No swimming galas and the like, so sad but finger’s crossed vaccination will return us to some sort of normality. Take care and I will read your email, for some reason I have a feeling horrible WordPress has removed quite a few Followers? Either that or readers have lol tired of my adoration for the more mature woman 😀 .

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