Penis Size matters!

Just for fun and 😉 NSFW.

New readers should be aware mine is a themeless WP, 😂 hence naughty posts such as this one, but note contains NO nudity which goes without saying 🙂 .

Did you know, well no you did’t but I’m going to tell you anyway, my top ten visited posts are all sex related, perhaps the top twenty? Who knows who cares! Well I haven’t written a silly post appealing to my naughty sense of humour in months so about time to put that straight, but note all internet borrowed photos are pretty tame viewing!

But first a link to my favourite penis themed post, fun penis facts, a light hearted read and I’d guess you could name today’s as ‘Part Two’? 

A favourite blogger of mine once replied in her comments, and heaven knows what silliness the two female blog friends were chatting about, but I do remember this one comment clear as day… oh and closely followed by a winking emoji. 😉

“You know men… size matters”

Yep a very shrewd writer is this lady from New York, because I’m here to tell you size most definitely matters, we men are both insecure about the size of our swollen appendage, yet ‘imensly’ proud if blessed with a shaft that’s sizeably hard when aroused.

Even at the age of 53, when a sexy lady passes me in the street, you know wearing a short dress exposing long slender legs, her ample bosom jiggling up and down in time to stilleto wearing strides, still to this day I’m amazed how quite involuntary my jeans crotch will tighten as engorging blood surges through the veins in my penis, and sometimes the old man is so excited that I can hardly walk in a straight line, seeing as I’m above average at 160mm when hard.

And just so as you know, women I’ve slept with haven’t been backward in sharing their ‘cock knowlege’ thoughts, I asked one lady, no doubt sporting a nervous pensive expression at the same time,

“Give me your honest opinion Chloe, do you think mine is long or short?”

Chloe looking quizically down there, replied “about average Andrew”, well on reflection I’ll take average… no ego pricked there then! 

And moments before consumating sexual relations with a different partner, she said “can I go on top because you are rather long and it can hurt”, fine I thought, I prefer cowgirl position anyhow, as I’ve said before her on top is heavenly sex for lazy men, just lay back relax and watch her breathlessly ride my cock, lucky hands squeezing her pendulous drooping middle aged tits.

Then again many years ago I remember another sleeping partner answering, “can we do it missionary Andrew because I prefer it long and deep”, or something like that!

I guess the old fairground saying “you pays your money and makes your choice” applies? And I do so love going down on a woman (when in missionary), the sensory pleasure feeling my bucking hardness dividing her vulva, then slipping and sliding deep into a velvety soft vagina now moistened lubricated and receptive to go!

Yep from that first coital thrust through to a climactic explosive happy ending, a two second joyous nirvana surely a gift from God, even average sex makes life worth living. And if truth be told all pleasures of the flesh are already waning at the moment of ejaculation, you pump your final drop and already any feelings of joy and happiness dissipate into who knows where? 🙁

…….. and while I’m here, what’s with sending ‘dick pics’ via social media? Disgusting and I’ve never texted one in my life, like I said we men are proud of our penis’s, but keep it tucked inside the boxers and not on social media please. 

Yes I agree today’s is a frivolous folly of a post but fun to write all the same, and hopefully WordPress won’t get tooo upset with the series of pictures below, made me smile anyhow and I’m not gay… and finally I guess there’s only one question that comes to mind,

“When out and about, do women find their gaze magnetically drawn to a guy’s bulging crotch?”tumblr_nn6hwrfStg1tkp6t9o1_540tumblr_mpbgunJRXB1s91gfjo1_12802012111814.32.54_3thS0OG73VK522_450Men In Boxers, Men In Boxerbriefs, Bulge, Underwear, Underpants, (8)Erection Hard Cock Under Briefs (7)

Oh my sweet Jesus aren’t they incredible human penises? (Sigh)… I wish.

A. Shepherdson 2020


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