Can you become immune to COVID-19?

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If you’d prefer to skip my text, I’ve a News Link also a Face mask video below. Take care 🙂

So can you become immune? That’s THE question we’ve all been wondering about these past several weeks, but who do you believe when there are so many untrustworthy websites out there, also an information overload courtesy of the News sites you do.

Well quite by chance I discovered this The New York Times article below, turns out the answer is a qualified yes, however with some significant unknowns and one extremely important caveat, you may be fortunate to have recovered from Corona, and yes you’ll be immune to further infection however you could still pass on the virus to others.

The New York Times: Can you become immune to the Corona virus?

I’ve visited The New York Times website, and the above article was uploaded several hours ago (but there’s a pay wall)…….. in other words it’s NOT fake news. Do as I do, find yourself a News outlet you trust, limit yourself to a few short periods reading each day then go try find something more enjoyable to occupy your time with, and my trusted media conduit is? The British Broadcasting Company BBC of course, funded by the Tax payer and free from Commercial bias. 

And finally, in my humble medically unqualified opinion, the best advice I can take from the viral  experts is wash your hands, wash your hands, keep washing your hands and don’t touch your eyes nose or mouth.

A Corona Virus mask protection video uploaded onto my YouTube Channel….. illegally I might add but I doubt anyone cares 🙂 !

A. Shepherdson 2020

2 thoughts on “Can you become immune to COVID-19?

  1. I am cautious, obedient to the rules – but confused. How can you really know if you have it, short of testing, when the symptoms vary so much in severity? Can you get it twice? Do some people already have a natural immunity? Then, do not take Ibuprofen, but later, “WHO does not recommend against the use of ibuprofen.” (that sentence seems carefully worded). Seems too early to say in answer to these. Fine, but it seems hard to do the right thing in response. In the meantime, yes, soap and more soap.

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    • This ‘mutant’ man made virus is a brute isn’t it Librepaley, easy to blame our Brexit obsessed Government for not taking covid-19 more seriously sooner, but finger pointing blame doesn’t help anyone, and the simple truth is this highly contagious virus would have still come to these shores anyway… though being better prepared would have helped!

      From what I can gather catching twice is possible, my mum said this happened to someone in Japan so who knows? The biggest worry for my relatives working in the NHS seems to be, you may be infected for several days before showing symptoms? But all the experts agree, washing your hands is your best method of protection and lol I’m getting pretty good at it, the moment I walk through my front door I do wash my hands but without singing two verses of Happy Birthday!


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