My night at The Boxing!

All photos taken by me Andrew Shepherdson using a Smart phone camera, hence the picture quality is more atmospheric than picture postcard?

A packed arena before a boxing bout begins, btw the guy centre picture with a dreadlocked pony tail is the MC, a very entertaining guy

Yay another picture post!

This evening’s post is Sports related, I should be less obtuse and share my love of boxing, yes I kinda enjoy the spectacle of boxing athletes stepping into a Ring and beating the living ‘blank’ out of each other…… the prize is monetary wealth, the downside almost certainly brain damage because EVERY boxer alive has a damaged brain.

Sad but true.

I enjoy watching live boxing, a thrilling spectacle sure to spark alight feverish emotion, yet a part of me understands inflicting physical pain is morally indefensible, remembers several boxers a year will be stretchered out of the ring dead. Prize fighting is a brutal sport yet these young men fight of their own free will, a working class sport boxers live on mean streets, come from deprived backgrounds, they’ll have little education, zero prospects it’s either join an inner city gang with the possibility of being knifed to death, or take up Sport because boxing for the chosen few is a brutal step away from poverty. The skilled fighters can earn vast wealth, own fast cars, have sexy beautiful wives and own helicopters even. Life’s choices couldn’t be more polarised, thousands of fighters can either box their way out of hell, or may well end their days on drugs or in prison.

Think long and hard before ‘shouting’ boxing should banned!…. Err where was I before my intro morphed into a morality rant? Oh yes I went to watch live boxing!

Several months ago I purchased a ticket online, travelled to London and as always I love a day out in London, a city alive with sights attractions heaven for people watchers like me with only one real thought on my mind, always expect the unexpected.

Unfortunately I’ve mislaid photos taken outside the O2 sports arena then again when you’ve seen one sporting venue you’ve seen them all, no matter all this evening’s photos were taken from the comfort of my own seat oh and this boxing entertainment cost me £40, which these days is pretty reasonable.

Last word on the justification of combat sports that hark back to the Roman Colosseum, open air amphitheatres where two men could well fight to death, mind you the Roman centurion had a 3 foot sword and the poor Christian the odd rock or two, a betting firm would say odds were a little stacked! You won’t truly know whether you enjoy boxing or not until you watch two men fight live before your eyes, until then you’ll have opinions but only after watching live combat will you feel revulsion? Or perhaps be standing on your feet whipped into a frenzy of excitement? Yes a violent spectacle that’s both thrilling and I’d suggest stirs primeval emotion, you’ll either hate the sight or be ‘turned on’ similar to those crowds baying for blood in a Roman Colosseum, Italy 2000BC.

Now for those photos and I urge you to go watch at least once in your lifetime.

British heavyweight David Allen moments before entering the ring, he lives for boxing and admits boxing is his life and yet there’s every chance boxing could take it
British heavyweight Dereck Chisora emanating from the slums of North Londo, he’s wealthy man worth millions…. I wonder what anth goes through Dereck’s mind as he prepares for battle
Again taken from my seat in the stands, yes a little distance away but the live sport emotional experience is world’s apart from watching on TV
Alas the young man’s name eludes me, all I do know is he’s tipped for greatness and look at his steely eyed concentration………. like I said prize fighters can die in the Ring
Scandoulasly that large cup of ‘Coca Cola’ cost me nearly £5……. but you gotta buy one when a venue doesn’t allow food to be brought in……. ‘it is what it is’

Fans can watch each fight via big screens dangling above the Ring, but I doubt many do.

And finally you cannot share photos of a night out at the boxing without including the legendary and charismatic Eddie Hearn (beard & white shirt)…….. the guy’s a Promotor and nearly as popular with the audience as any of the fighters!

Yep that’s Eddie Hearn above shaking hands and taking selfies with his customers, a great guy who truly appreciates the paying audience his sole aim putting on sporting spectacle. Top man and you may have guessed I’m a big fan of ‘fast car Eddie’ and pleased I saw him!

A. Shepherdson 2020

6 thoughts on “My night at The Boxing!

  1. Oooh, never can make up my mind about boxing. Too violent for me, yet it’s known to have had a positive effect in helping young people stay off the streets and out of gangs and give them a place to direct any aggression.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m emotionally torn, on the one hand inflicting physical pain on another human being cannot be right, however I’ve watched a great many boxers interviewed on YouTube, and they’ll go as far as to say boxing saved their lives……. Either way watching boxing live is a thrilling experience.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Anthony Joshua has made boxing popular again, and a great many other fighters are earning good money because of him, I’d suggest everyone should go watch at least once in their life if only for the live experience.


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