Prince Andrew’s ‘car crash’ interview with Emily Maitlis

November 2019 (3 months after Epstein’s ‘suicide’) our BBC Newsnight was granted a rare audience with the royal Prince Andrew in the interview of the century, and all the more relevant today with arrested Ghislaine Maxwell’s appearance in a New York Court ……………. Hmm, so will she live to see trial? Or will she be murdered by a male wealthy elite just like Epstein (Trump has questions to answer), will the rich and powerful make sure this female pedophile is silenced?……….. I’m erring on the side of a gun was ‘accidentally’ fired and she was ‘accidentally’ killed, time will tell! (Surely the Bureau wouldn’t fake two suicides?)

……………. and yes you did read that correctly, THE INTERVIEW OF THE CENTURY!

We saw Prince Andrew discuss his relationship with Epstein, fending off allegations he never had sex with Virginia Roberts, the then seventeen year old who claimed she had been trafficked to him for sex three times………. for what it’s worth I don’t think Andrew is a manipulative evil man, he’s just (very) dim witted, an average unintelligent guy who got lucky virtue of birth.

I’d propose an opportunity to have sex with a pretty young woman presented itself (I guess she looks 19) after meeting her clubbing at ‘Tramp nightclub’ (possibly victim to a sting) but guilty as charged I do consider him pedophile. I cannot underplay the British public’s fascination with the ‘did he didn’t he’ question, we are still inexplicably deferential to our Monarchy, fascinated by this dysfunctional family to the point of an unhealthy psychosis and you can include me!

Now I realise you neither have the spare time, inclination or possibly already seen Emily Maitlis’s forensic interrogation of Prince Andrew and his links to the Jeffery Epstein scandal, (also we’re in the midst of a public health epidemic!) But I would suggest if you haven’t already watched this BAFTA Award winning interview, you could do worse than while away 45 minutes of your lives watching this car crash unfold before your disbelieving eyes, ask yourselves is he telling the truth?

Ask yourself why he didn’t just say, “VIRGINIA ROBERTS IS LIEING!”, If she’s making it up call her a liar, no instead he doesn’t “ever recollect” meeting her (the pic was a photoshop), sweet Jesus I’d remember if I’d had sex with her, wouldn’t you?

(Seriously, there’s questions to answer, Virginia was someone’s child abused daughter.)

I’m not overplaying this statement for effect, but the whole World both public and media (especially the British) are fascinated asking themselves is the Queen of England’s third child, a self confessed friend of serial pedophile Jeffery Epstein, a sex offender? Common be honest, we are all intrigued to know if a member of British Royal aristocracy f***** children, and I’m not going to apologise for using such disgusting language. Pedophilia is a heinous disgusting crime and if Prince Andrew is guilty (disclaimer, not saying he definitely is!) Then if yes he should go to Prison.


In order to stop this media circus dragging on for yet another decade, he just has to be interviewed by American Federal Investigators, ‘spilling the beans’ is essential for his (long gone) reputation, the reputation of our Monarchy needs closure (I don’t care but my mother does), then again look back through centuries of Royal history and you’ll find murder’s, abortionists by proxy, rapists, extra marital philanderers, bigamists, thieves, narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, ego maniacs, pedophiles……. the worst kinds of humanity are all there, go read the history books 馃榾 …… and why Britain isn’t today a Republic I’ll never know! (A whole different posting!)

Below the 49minute ‘disastrous’ interview to be yes found on good old YouTube, you just have to look at the guilt ridden expression on his face to know he’s…………………….

I can still remember way back in November 2019 switching on my TV set marveling at Emily Maitlis hauling Andrew’s ‘ass over the coals’, this skilled and Brilliant woman didn’t disappoint as she basically gave him enough rope to hang himself with (way tooo many metaphors A. Shepherdson… I know but wth just know she’s our number one TV broadcaster, way tooo sexy as well!)

We saw Prince Andrew discussing his relationship with Epstein and deflecting allegations he has ever had sex with Virginia Roberts, and what’s truly fascinating about the interview, after hearing all Andrew’s obfuscation and denials is that afterward the British public were in no doubt of his guilt, the very next day he resigned from royal life, handed in his P45! Ditched ALL his patronage to charities because they all were going to sack him anyways! Guilty or not he has been retired from public life forever, with his irretrievable reputation in tatters.

I’ve watched and re-watched this interview many times, a fascinating expose of how to lie (or not to), I’m ultimately captivated by the many body signals that for all the denials, betray his lies and reveal (that in my opinion) Andrew is guilty as charged.

A. Shepherdson 2020

My employer’s position on racism

馃檪 Topical or erotic stories, my WordPress is a place to express my thoughts and fantasies, I had deleted this posting, but ‘what the heck’ I’ve sexually objectified White women’s bodies here, so theme this posting as diversity (redressing balance) anyways the last part amused ME because it’s true, lol that’s called a disclaimer and feel free to express furious anger!

Now as a rule I don’t discuss my workplace on this WordPress, I’d almost certainly be breaking department rules also my contract of employment and I’ve always the suspicion someone I know in real life just might be lurking in the shadows, walls have ears so to speak.

But I’ll relent just this once to share an email that dropped into my Inbox last week and no doubt prompted by racial tensions whether in America or the United Kingdom, an interesting thought provoking bulletin which will have far reaching implications for the department, working life post covid-19 will be different in SO many different ways………….. As an aside, pull down the 62 contentious bronze statues from their granite plinths, I don’t actually care for them and quite honestly up until three weeks ago, I didn’t realise so many eighteenth century transatlantic slave and plantation owners populated British cities, plus I suspect neither did 95% of the population………… the only real surprise is how they remained erect for so many years!

Returning to my employer’s stance on racism 馃檪 .

‘The Department of ‘name removed’ is fully supportive of the University’s position and committed to advancing equality and diversity.  As a community of scholars, we stand in support of those BAME communities who confront the day-to-day realities of inequality, discrimination and racism. We believe that a diverse community in which all feel comfortable and empowered to engage, results in better dialogue, better scholarship, and better outcomes for all. We stand for equity and inclusion across the spectrum.

Having said this, I acknowledge there are certainly areas in which we as a department should improve, most notably the balance among the ranks of academics and improved access for prospective students with BME backgrounds.  We also need to assess and improve how we support BME staff and students once they are in post. To help guide us, the Department recently established an Equality & Diversity Committee (E&D), chaired by ‘name removed’, to take stock of our position and help formulate actions for taking us forward.  These will include:

路       Engaging in outreach to members of the BAME students and staff to develop a more complete and nuanced understanding of the issues that impact work and quality of life of affected individuals and groups.

路       Developing an E&D section of the website, which will include better coverage of accomplishments and better links to information and resources.

路       Reassessment of professional and social events we offer to find the most successful formulas for events that are truly inclusive.

路       A pulse survey of to find out how recent events have affected all the different groups of people in the department. This will help us decide on the best actions for the rest of the summer.

路       Strengthening the well-being support for BAME students and staff, who typically face substantial of stress, and especially right now.

路       Maintaining our commitment to recruiting BAME students, for which I am pleased to say we are on an upward trajectory.

It is my hope as Head of Department that we can catalyze a process leading to a more balanced and equable space in which we can all work and learn.

This is clearly an aspiration whose fulfillment is long overdue.’


Now you’ll hopefully be anticipating the (controversial) opinion from a privileged white middle-aged male blogger’s perspective, to what I guess will be called my employer’s updated ethnic diversity mission statement, phew that’s a mouthful!

Well to be completely honest I’m going to disappoint because I obviously have no issues with this timely released bulletin, concise and to the point yet I suspect this final draught will have passed through many people’s finger tips, also critical gazes before this carefully written document was published. How will these objectives personally affect me? I guess the most obvious will be recruitment, if post covid-19 working life returns to a new normality, I’d guess (again) I’ll be working alongside more Black and Asian colleagues, fabulous I’m a friendly easy going guy and hopefully our personalities will gel, after all I’m NOT racist.

I’ve delved into a dictionary curious as to true meaning and well I’m not, if anything many commentators are clouding many complex issues all under the one word! And this needs reminding to myself, because my conduct and example to all the people I ever come into contact with I have to be comfortable with. In fact I’m looking forward to working with more colleagues recruited from the BAME community, and being completely honest also unsurprisingly to regular readers of this Blog, hopefully they’ll ALL be female, whether young or mature I’m easy.

I’d hope our personalities, sense of humour and outlook on life would click so to speak, oh and would be fabulous if any ethnic slip of a girl secretaries wore short skirts, or if mature ladies, their summer blouses appeared opaque when sunlight shined through. Yes I’m rather shallow like that, hopefully there’ll be large shapely bosoms, ‘peachy’ buttocks not forgetting I’m an easy guy to get along with and a colleague once remarked “Andrew likes everyone”, I’ve always loved that compliment.

Btw I’m in no way being patronizing.

And now for my Jerry Springer end of show wise words, for the past thirty years, I’ve worked alongside students colleagues from every corner of the globe anyhow, smiling faces that rotate every three or four years and hand on heart I can honestly say I’ve met some truly lovely men and women, we’ve laughed and chatted about every subject imaginable with two notable exceptions, an unspoken rule where neither politics or religion have been discussed because well, we haven’t! They’re tedious boring and a sure fire way of falling out with someone, nope we’ve chatted about the countries they call home, our families, sports and life etc……… you’ll not go far wrong if politics and religion are kept off limits, arguments ensue people get upset and ultimately any conversations are just darn tedious boring and divisive.

Btw I’ve added a new wish to my bucket list, you know the things to do before you die. I’m veering off message now, and just be aware my bucket list is neither adventurous particularly long or actually lol exists! But if you’re at all curious, my latest wish is to sleep with a Black lady before I ‘kick the bucket’ and better get a move on Andrew because you’re now closer to the end than the beginning.

I’m being neither nasty or unpleasant and I’ll admit to fantasies featuring casual sex with a West Indian or African lady, you know ‘ebony and creamy white’ body’s intimately entwinned my 6 inch dick deep inside her, and I have to say this day-dream fantasy of mine TRULY turns me on, forget any notions of long term relationships, now we’re talking carnal animal lust……. you know riding ‘cowgirl’ blowjobs swallowing and tasty cunnilingus!

Recalling off the top of my head I’ve slept with many women……. sure you wanted to know that fact, the point being to a woman they’ve all been White ladies, English Argentinian Spanish East European all aged from 20-55, we’ve enjoyed lol bedroom gymnastics and lovely ladies they were to, however I’ve never slept with a Black woman!

Does this really matter? No of course NOT because a woman’s skin tone is only skin deep, seconds after removing her bra, a mature Black woman’s boobs will drop to inches above her belly button similar to any mature White woman’s. A 20 year old Black woman’s pussy will be as tight as any young White woman’s, part her thighs and her intimacy will be pink and glistening wet no different whether White or Black, Indian or Chinese, French or Brazilian……… after all we all descend from Apes having walked out of the African Rift Valley hundreds of thousands of years ago………. only trouble is now I have to find this ethnic goddess of mine!

A. Shepherdson 2020

Is Lust really a deadly sin?

If you are happily married, or happily co-habiting, you may find this post morally challenging though hopefully not, as always it’s just Andrew thinking out aloud 馃檪 .

(Part2 follows, I have a lady neighbour who owns a dog!)

Can two people be ‘only ever’ just good friends?

During those idle moments when one’s mind tends to wander there’s a question I often ask myself, would I sleep with a unhappily happily married woman?

The movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is a real favourite of mine and not because of Meg Ryan’s awesomely faked orgasm, a performance that’s more than a little disturbing to us men! No I’m fascinated by the premise at the story’s heart, the question Billy actually asks Meg namely can two people be ‘just good friends’ without the relationship becoming sexual OR heading that way until intelligence and good sense makes people stop and think! Can you be friends with that ‘special’ person at work without becoming romantically involved?

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Is objectifying the naked human body (either sex) acceptable?

A post not to ‘overthink’ about for tooo long. And used in the correct circumstances ‘that phrase’ is justifiable! 馃檪 .

I see absolutely nothing wrong with the image above, PeTA took a lot of abuse for this one but really? Perhaps if this beautiful black lady was a white blue eyed blonde…鈥… then again she’d be politically incorrect!!

My two blogging rules of thumb are, to enjoy the writing creativity process and would I enjoy reading? If yes then I publish, if I regale the beauties of a woman’s wonderous body then all’s the sweeter 馃榾 .

Sexism (noun): prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women on the basis of sex.

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Another day. Another Twitter sh#tstorm!

“Here’s a pic of me at work… think about this before your derogatory comments, animals,” Harris posted under this picture on Twitter

I do love the internet because amongst all the horror stories from across the globe, on any single day you can always be guaranteed Twitter will become engulfed by a social media shitstorm, a polarised debate between two opposing groups of mortally offended keyboard warriors working themselves up into a frenzy.

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Has #MeToo spoilt our Christmas Party?

Now please do not read tooo much into this post, I’m a little annoyed disappointed that’s all, and it’s not a rant because my WordPress is a drama free zone where I’ll hopefully share something anything entertaining, enjoy myself and share thoughts that are on my mind…鈥︹︹ as with this post!! For obvious reasons I rarely speak about my place of work for one because they’ll bore you to tears and two because it’s well unsafe and possibly illegal to share detail, but hey I’m going to break my self imposed rule and share an email we’ve all received below…鈥︹︹ just keep in mind ‘#MeToo fallout’ and read on.

A screenshot of an email sent to all Staff

Let me expand my tale with some sketchy detail, my place of work every Christmas organises an ‘office Party’ to which only support staff are invited, if last year is any indication half of guests will be women of all ages, office workers who work in HR administration PA secretaries and a (lovely brunette) receptionist.

The other half consist of males of all ages who are employed as mechanical maintenance support staff, and generally throughout the 2018 working year both sexes got on just fine, with the odd minor incident as always happens when human beings rub along together.

Last year’s Christmas meal was incident free, groups of 8 sat around tables, conversation was slightly forced but ‘it was what it was’, a sociable meal…鈥︹.. then after the free glass of bubbly had been consumed and the meal finished, the male support staff tended to congregate in groups close to the bar…鈥︹.. and as I’d expect females sat in groups around tables I’d guess chatting about what women like to chat about, not forgetting a handful of younger women danced whilst a young DJ played music.

Now you’re probably thinking some calamity befell the occasion, someone drank too much and there was an incident laced with sexual impropriety, an event so grave the fallout has been discussed infinitum for the rest of 2018. But I’m sorry to disappoint, nothing happened except as the evening wore on conversation noise levels increased as the chatting groups became more animated as the alcoholic beverages took affect.

However alas there wasn’t to be any kissing under the mistletoe, no male drunken fumbling within a receptionist’s blouse (incidentally my wet dream) behind a Christmas Tree, nope as I said nothing untoward happened whatsoever, as I’d guess everyone had expected when they bought the ticket, a drama free evening perhaps because the type of institution I work in everyone is responsible and extremely intelligent, and probably exactly the same as thousands of office Parties up and down the UK, Events you have to be seen attending if a little boring but with an absence of loutish inappropriate embarrassing behaviour!

So as of today Christmas Party 2018 is all booked and paid for then on Monday we receive the email above, and if you’ve read the text you’ll have guessed we basically received behavioural instructions, rules and guidelines, with threats, also informed that any inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with through HR and the usual disciplinary procedures, as it says our Party is an extension of the workplace

…鈥.. as for the ‘drinking should’s?’ Those points are enshrined in UK Law ANYWAY!!!!

WTF!!! As you’d expect this email has not gone down tooo well, that’s an understatement! It’s of course driven by #MeToo fallout, my employer is covering itself against possible legal action, but come on, do responsible adults really need to be reminded how to behave, do they really need to be reminded of disciplinary protocol, guidelines on how to enjoy yourselves responsibly? 

Ok after the dust has settled we’re all intelligent adults, lovely people, we understand this is just another consequence of the #MeToo fallout but it hasn’t half put a damper on this supposedly fun annual event, I’d go far as to say if this email had been forwarded before booking and payment was made, going by general consensus several people say they wouldn’t have gone…鈥︹︹︹. then again that’s possibly the worst thing you could do, it surely infers to the Department’s Head that you drink tooo much and as a consequence start laying your grubby little paws on secretaries plump shapely asses…鈥︹︹︹. however on reflection, back in the real world, predatory behaviour probably blights one or two office Parties.

That’s got me thinking, what if there’s a Secretary who secretly doesn’t like me, a closet nutcase, perhaps she had plans to accuse innocent old me of groping her then get me arrested by the police, what a fabulous opportunity to take me and the Employer for millions!…鈥︹︹︹  Or am I dreaming up a world of fantasy?

Like I said at the beginning. this isn’t a rant, I understand the need for such an email but come on do we really need reminding how to conduct ourselves in a civilised society? The Head graduated from University, a very intelligent individual, yes on the whole is liked but perhaps ‘he or she’ just got over officious with language or perhaps this is a sign of legislation to come? The possibility of being sued in a Court of Law could mean ‘rest and relaxation’ events will become a thing of the past, however lol boring they may be.

And my final word to this little rant, here’s the email I would have sent? 

Dear all, I hope you enjoy the Department's various Christmas 
Events, please remember they are an extension of our/your 
Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2019 to you all.

漏A. Shepherdson 2018

A woman’s Cleavage (a cautionary tale)

If a sober guy looks at your bosom, tell him to “please stop” and 98% will.

Moments such as these are milestones a young boy will remember for the rest of his life

I have a brief tale to tell though before you ask, because I know you are curious! NO I didn’t take these lady’s photos, most definitely not but if you’re a prolific Google imager like myself then you never know what you will discover if you search hard enough.

馃構 She fit’s my post!

馃 Perhaps a cautionary tale though, goes to show ladies have to be very aware of men and their digital cameras, lean forward ‘snap’ and the boobs are on the internet!…鈥︹︹︹.. But not to worry, I’m using this lady both for a genuine reason and I’m assured she’s an anonymous D list celebrity? Hmm lol “I’m sayin nothin!”

Within my more thoughtful posts I have touched on the serious subject of sexual harassment, with the after #MeToo fallout very much in focus, well I have a true tale which I think throws up some interesting talking points.

Several weeks ago I was chatting to a young lad at work who said he’d been out drinking with three friends the evening before, turns out the sun was shining so all four were sat outside around a wooden table in the Pub’s garden…鈥︹︹. a very British pastime, every Public House will have it’s own small garden or terrace for patrons to enjoy.

So these four lads were quietly drinking beer at their table, all very civilised none were drunk or being rowdy or loud, they were I’m told chatting being sociable and having a laugh. All good fun and every so often a barmaid would visit their table for I guess empty glasses, take a bar food order or bring more drinks, then my friend tells me as the barmaid was leaning over their wooden table handing out pints of beer she said,

“Will you four stop trying to look down my blouse!”,

I’m age 52, and this scenario still happens to this day, andnote聽the bottom left corner states this photo’s from the internet!!

He went on to give more clarity to his tale, she wasn’t p#ssed the lads and barmaid were on very friendly terms, their interactions were all proper and above board and I’d guess being as she was a barmaid and they were lads I’d guess there was plenty of flirting and light hearted banter, after she’d err told them to stop I’d guess knowing my work colleague there’d have been amused protestations such as,

馃槈 “WHAT聽me?” (His words).聽

With ladles of wounded pride thrown in to good measure, and the way he shared his tale nothing more was said end of, certainly no Police were summoned or the Head Publican called to eject the lads from the premises, no the lady was quite aware they were peeking and for sure the lads were trying to glance down her open blouse…鈥︹︹︹.. I know for certain most men would!…鈥︹. Now I realise ‘man hating lesbian feminists’ will disagree with what I am about to say,

“But don’t you think the barmaid handled the situation in exactly the right way?”

Btw I am also a feminist!

If she’d been getting increasingly tired of the lad’s furtive attention wasn’t warning the four 18yr teens enough? Yes the Pub garden is her very own workplace but there wasn’t any need to create a scene, the group and herself were all getting on fine, friendly and no doubt sexuality and the (adult) drinking atmosphere affected everyone’s behaviour, my friend saw the humour and the barmaid let it be known who was in charge鈥︹︹.. everyone had a giggle, the Pub didn’t lose four future paying customers and no scene or drama was created.

Ok I’d agree if you said my example of inappropriate behaviour is unique as every scenario will be, for one a drinking establishment barmaid won’t be any shrinking violet, she’d know exactly the right way to handle groups of leery lads who were overstepping the mark anyways you decide, I’ve met tiny barmaids who could eject fighting men just by a strength of personality.

Never argue with a p#ssed and angry woman, you’ll lose!!!

There of course could be an argument put forward by a certain British Police Commissioner that ladies should dress appropriately because short dresses can lead to unwanted attention, hmm who’s he blaming?

But I have a feeling the majority of right minded thinking adults agreed he was talking out of his arse and I’d hope his wife and daughters, if he had any, would have put him straight namely the fact a woman is assaulted isn’t her own fault, wear an open collared blouse if you wish AND I would add if a guy try’s to look down at your goodies, tell him to “get lost” or “please stop”.

And he will. Also.

If you’re in an underground train carriage and a guy attaches his grubby fingers to your ‘sweet lil ass’, tell him to “keep your hands to yourself!” And shout as loudly as you can so everyone else can hear you!

Confidence is key?

Okay I understand聽every case of sexual impropriety is different to another and further this blog isn’t a political platform only my own thoughts and observations, so what are mine?

For what it’s worth my own thoughts after hearing my colleagues Pub garden tale, was the barmaid handled herself correctly, the four decent hard working lads were warned and next time would hopefully be less obvious and take greater care when trying to look down a female’s open blouse!

No harm was done discuss!

Finally I’m here to say human beings are sexual animals, a woman will look at a man’s bulge in his trousers, a guy will look at a woman’s cleavage…鈥︹︹︹ you have to accept because that’s called ‘the way of the world’.

Early evening thoughts and now in comments tell me what you think please. 馃

A. Shepherdson 2018

Have I ever touched a woman inappropriately? (Re. #MeToo)

(#MeToo themes, consequently age appropriate BUT my WordPress ISN’T an adult blog)

:/ So have I? In my long years stalking (no walking) this planet, have I ever touched a woman inappropriately (sexually) to the point she’s had to say “No”?

And the answer is yes once.

But it’s never ever happened before or since, end of!

……………………..oh you mean you’d like to hear more? All the seedy details? Was I reported to the Police? Was I charged with sexual assault? Did she add my name to the #MeToo Twitter feed?


Ok before you or WordPress get their frigging knickers in a twist over my very frank and honest admission, the answer is I’ve never broken the law in my life hence I’ve never been arrested by the Police. Further, no one has ever reported me to the Police and my name isn’t linked to #MeToo, so the answer is a BIG NO to every question that’s hopefully surging your brain’s electrical circuitry right now.

Ok are we quite clear, and please don’t think I’m belittling #MeToo, as no guy ever should.

Having said all of that……..


December last year I was chastised for touching a woman’s V, but in my defence she was naked riding me reverse cowgirl at the time, consensually! However I’m fully aware a guy cannot assume he can do whatever he wishes to a woman’s body even though she’d previously agreed to have sex with him.

06Similar to the majority of men across the globe I’ve followed the #MeToo debate with varying degrees of interest, not religiously but a newspaper article here, a TV news story there, HOWEVER my ears will always prick up when I hear a guy moan he no longer understands what the dating rules are anymore?

Are you aware last month Amazon announced, ’employees are allowed to ask a colleague for a date one time only’, which seems harsh when my Grandma said my Grandpa never stopped asking her out, she answered yes just to keep him quiet!

The rest is history, they reached their golden wedding together, had 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren so draw your own conclusions as to the new corporate dating policies!

Incidentally Amazon don’t care either way lol, they’re legally covering themselves and :/ more businesses will follow.

As for guys no longer understanding dating rules, each time I hear this nonsensical argument, I shake my head because asking if #MeToo is being fair to men is a total no brainer. It’s not right to touch a woman inappropriately in 2018, as guys are fully aware, it wasn’t right to touch a woman’s body 30 years ago before asking, because well you just don’t!

It’s a no brainer argument, so why the confusion, I keep reading and hearing a small minority of men are confused? I guess the only confusion could be if a married man was wrongly accused, but that’s a whole other issue.

A woman I dated on several occasions, we didn’t have sx we were just good friends. well somehow our conversation stumbled onto tales of sx as you do, all very amusing until she said her first time wasn’t a happy experience, afterwards actually saying to herself,

“Well is that it? Is that what all the fuss was about?” in other words a considered anti-climax.

Hmm as often happens with a post I’ve gotten side tracked haven’t I, :/ the perils of writing as you think. I began by saying I have been guilty of touching a woman inappropriately, Sarah was her name (not really), I made the mistake of touching her V without asking whilst she rode me reverse cowgirl. I touched her intimacy, she stopped bouncing up and down on my waist taking my long hardness deep inside her and having paused Sarah turned her head saying rather curtly,

“Don’t touch my foo (insert my name)”

I apologised and yes even though sex was consensual I SHOULD have asked shouldn’t I, Sarah helped me to climax and if you’re interested all was fine afterwards. We chatted laughed, drank alcohol and the incident was never spoken of again, perhaps for literary effect I’ve overplayed the episode but she chastised me with聽“don’t” and yes I should have asked first.

Sarah and I were cool afterward, I’d better make that very clear! And I have no idea why she didn’t wish me to touch her V? I’ve no problem with Sarah, she had the right to say no as all women do, a woman has the human right to say聽“STOP” at any time as do I!

Similar to most of us I’ve read true tales of sexual abuse in magazines and on the internet and I’ve even read that it’s not uncommon for a woman to say she’s been raped by her husband. The name of a specific article avoids me but I remember it took me a few seconds to process, hold on now? They are married couple ‘man and wife’, doesn’t the husband have conjugal rights? They’ve signed a betroth ‘in the eyes of God to be faithful to one another, he has the legal right to ##ck her doesn’t he?

But of course when I reflected on these marital bedroom arguments it’s absolutely clear rape can and does exist within a marriage, heavens above husbands do not have any Rights over their wives bodies. I would never assume I had a legal right to sexual intercourse, but I think if the guy’s been denied then the marriage had already passed the point of NO return.


I began this post discussing pointing out my puzzlement at a minority of men NOT understanding ‘these new dating rules of engagement’, I’ve heard them said on the TV, which leads me in very seamlessly to my own rules of dating engagement……. you get the idea.

I’m not a very tactile touchy feely sort of person, so perhaps I’m different from most men? Stretching a hand out to pat a woman’s butt cheek wouldn’t cross my mind, jeeze I’d never slap her ass and I would never place an affectionate arm round a female’s shoulder or lean in a little to close to her face, but some men still do.

I would never place my hand on her thigh, put my arm round her waist and certainly never ever grope a breast. I’d never try to steal a kiss from a lady, stroke her hair but I guess the consequences of mixed messages could perhaps come into play, you know, a date has gone particularly well so a guy might grope because he assumed sex was on the menu, but this would be a MINORITY of men.. Hmm perhaps I’m different to some men? I’d day dream of touching her breasts and pussy but I wouldn’t until :/ asked to!!!!

However I’m most definitely far from being an angel, I’ll be the first to admit to admiring a fine looking woman from afar, appreciate her lovely hair, furtively gaze at her pert round bottom (I do this a lot :/ ), my eyes drawn to a gorgeous pair of breasts, treasure her child bearing hips, appraise her ‘pins’ AND glance down her cleavage if the opportunity arises……….. which I most definitely do when she’s not watching! (Lol they know though 馃榾 )

But surely that’s ok isn’t it? Yes?

I mean as long as one doesn’t leer, side glancing at an open blouse is ok, enjoying a females sexuality solely by eyesight remains ok in 2018 doesn’t it? Like I said I’ll mull over the so called new rules and my responsibilities as regards #MeToo fallout, quite often actually, but I really am unsure if looking and appreciating beauty in a woman, is no longer socially acceptable?

Perhaps ladies HATE men looking at their bodies?

So ladies lol answer me, if you’re aware (feminine intuition and all that jazz) a guy is looking at you, enjoying your sensuality no sexuality, is that ok?

So what final conclusion could I share with you before wrapping up this post.

I would say, human male consciousness and #MeToo arguments are inextricably entwined, if any guy including myself doesn’t reflect on this statement from time to time then perhaps I and he should! However my mother brought me up to be a good boy, treat people how you wish to be treated, taught me by example how to care and empathise with my fellow man, I’m not perfect but I understand right from wrong. So Sarah I apologise (we kissed and made up), thank you for the lovely afternoon and banging alcohol induced overhang the following morning!

(And if you are curious as to why reporter Ben Brown was groping a woman’s boob live on BBC News? Neither am I? And it’s late and I cannot be frigging bothered to Google!)

漏 A. Shepherdson 2018.