Algorithms & Wonderbra’s

#Tongue ‘firmly’ in cheek.

WordPress Statistics baffle me! How can a post written Sep 2018 be so popular today? 

After 2+ years, 2 blogs and writing 375+ posts A Woman’s Cleavage (a cautionary tale) is my most viewed ever! Bar none! And the past 4 months alone have been 33, 43, 43 and 39 (and still with 4 days to go!)

It’s baffling…. a mystery and I just don’t understand why? Why aren’t ALL my posts THIS popular, what happened to my favourite My neighbour IS a Stripper!

But lol dooo you care?

demean or empower
Omg! ❤

Screenshot from my blog

I am an occasional reader of Blog statistics, carefully peruse and scrutinize my popularity, it’s a boy thing, numbers matter, size matters I guess God hard wired us that way!🙄

We all wish to be popular on WordPress, now don’t shake your heads 😀 , we ALL write hoping for hundreds of views, 20 30 40 likes, comment threads 50 replies long! Ok I agree that’s an exaggeration but we all wish for a positive interactive experience.

One truth I have learnt these past few years, is however successful (in views) a post transpires to be, the reason’s not wholly by chance and not necessarily the topic’s content, yes sex will hotwire a post but WordPress algorithms play a large part…… some cyber operative minion has conjured a wheeze and decided they will promote one post like no other.

Perhaps I should get out more!

Eva Herzigova
Eva Herzigova’s tits cleavage sold ‘Wonderbra’s’ by the bucket load!

Written way back in 2018, I published this entertaining tale themed a woman’s boob cleavage and YES I’m satisfied with it, not my favourite but even if I say it myself this original tale flows in style and readability, an engaging interesting anecdote, true as really happened, interspersed with irreverent humour and a turn of phrase females have congratulated me on.

Yes many ladies have🙄 so there….. and apart from Jim I only really follow ladies…. one day I’ll learn to understand them.

Lol early evening thoughts, and don’t you agree Eva has the most perfectly shaped boobs you ever did see? 

(Btw I am exaggerating, I blog to enjoy and only view my statistics once in a while… honest.)

Now for Wonderbra 2020, a less in your face, less salacious, less demeaning advertising campaign….. 

These 3 ads are brilliant! They’re ‘not so in your face’, and you can tell by facial reactions alone they are gazing at something truly wonderous!


“Only trouble, with no boob pictures what’s a guy gonna masturbate to?”


A. Shepherdson 2020

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