Bra sizing thoughts

I have a talent for guessing a woman’s correct bra size also theme today’s musings as a tenuous response Posting. Humour me, I haven’t posted in a while and I love writing about women’s breasts, though note, always respectfully which goes without saying.

🙂 Just for fun!

And no I don’t consider this GIF obscene or inappropriate, what better way to demonstrate bra versus no bra than share an image both instructive and constructive, perhaps call this posting a female public service and yes with knowledge ‘lifted’ straight from the internet!

I’ve alluded to the fact my WordPress has a boob obsession theme, oh but you didn’t know I have a talent for sizing a woman’s bare breasts and correctly I might add. Straight up, I am rather good at guessing the size of bra cup she requires to support her two bundles of squeezable fun, though with one glaringly no legally important caveat! No I’m not in the habit of walking up to women I’ve never met before and telling them their correct bra size, 😀 no certainly not, a guy could get himself into serious trouble pursuing a vacuous (if not illegal) hobby like that one!

But enough to say when I’m bored or at a loose end I’ll loiter around a legally regulated adult chatroom, populated by hard working camgirls (my favourite the 18+ lady above) hustling for a living like the rest of us, and yes I’ll tip them money from my PayPal if I’m enchanted by their personality and turned on by their bodies, lovely ladies of any age and size and who knows perhaps single moms as well, yes they remove their clothes for money and the extrovert they are the more they earn. We all have to pay the electricity bills and buy food to eat so live and let live I say, I have total respect for strippers and err where was I? Oh yes I’ll both chat within their log and tip if I enjoy their company and yes I’ll guess their bra size for fun and I’m not lying when I say I’m invariably correct. In fact they’ll reply “you are correct!” whilst sporting an impressed yet slightly amused smile.

And unfortunately I do not work as a bra fitting consultant in a Victoria Secret lingerie Store but wow what an incredible job that must be! 😀 I guess I’m just a guy blessed with an unusual talent!

Okay I’m only joking.

Here’s a fascinating fact I’d never happened across before, Rigby and Perry lingerie styling specialist Josie Fellows (no idea who she is) shares her thoughts in a captivating Elle article ‘Everything you ever need to know when thinking of going braless’, and why buying new bras should be seen as essential as visiting the dentist. Apparently 80% of bra support comes from the back-band which must be firm not tight, yes the cups need to encompass the whole bust ensuring there is neither overspill or gaping which goes without saying, but here’s a thing, only 10% of the support comes from the straps, and there’s more, the straps are not there to hold the bust up, that’s the job of the back-band.

Who’d have known? Like the saying goes, you can learn something new everyday such as 80% of bra support comes from the back-band and NOT the bra straps! Who knew?

Now for interesting facts blatantly ‘lifted’ from the internet 🙂 .

And finally from causing sagging breasts, skin irritation, and pressure lines around the body to costing a lot of money, bras might not be as harmless as they seem. Whether they’re push-ups, lace, sports or strapless bras they all come with varying levels of discomfort. Social norms also habits might make women wear bras on a daily basis, but it seems like rules can be broken for their own comfort……………………… personally as I’ve written before I think bust lingerie should be banned by law.

No sweat under the breasts anymore!

Hot days are nice until ladies start feeling that uncomfortable under-breast sweat. In this case, wearing a bra can make a situation worse — it will just rub the unpleasant moisture into her skin. Whereas going braless and letting the chest skin breathe will help moisture to simply evaporate so giving her a fresh and enjoyable feeling.

Can also help to clear up your skin

Additionally, by letting the dirt and sweat build up underneath the bra, women can run the risk of developing an infection or acne. This is extra important during hot seasons when they sweat more than usual, apparently tight bra straps drenched in sweat can also cause breakouts so isn’t it better to just remove the thing that causes them!

Going natural improves Boob shape.

Even though bras are worn to support breasts, they don’t play such a useful role in the long run. In reality, bras make the chest sag according to a study (so the web article says), and there’s more, breasts shouldn’t be denied gravity medically, psychologically, or anatomically. So, removing your bra will be beneficial for both health and beauty.

Binning the bra makes your breasts stronger

Being free from artificial support, breasts are free to develop their own muscle tissue! This means that they won’t need any other support than their own. They use the pectoral muscles to recreate this tissue and are then able to resist gravity, this way, while they work ladies can enjoy their beautiful perky shape!

Saves her a considerable amount of money

Most bras out there are expensive. Super-fashionable bras from popular brands are even more pricey apparently. So finding one that will fit her, provides nice support, and doesn’t cause any discomfort is a long and complicated task. However, going braless is absolutely free!

She’ll be freed from those pressure lines around her body

No matter how good or expensive her bra is there’s always a chance it will leave some pressure lines around the chest. Well, in this case, no bra means no suffering.

She will be comfortable all day long

Most women know the great pleasure of removing a bra after a long day, I have been told first hand btw……just sayin, so shouldn’t a lady enjoy this feeling of freedom every single day?

Removing can help to improve circulation

Bras can also limit the lymphatic circulation around her chest area. Lymph is an important fluid in the human body helping to remove bacteria, abnormal cells and other matters. Removing a bra will stimulate its flow so providing muscle tissue and helping to keep her skin firm. So wearing a bra isn’t harmful and by not wearing one might definitely be worth it.

Going braless can ‘apparently’ feel invigorating and adventurous

Going without a bra might seem err inappropriate but from another side, ‘going natural’ might be taken as an exciting beginning to new experiences (so says every guy). Removing such an important yet invisible wardrobe item could help to spice up her day (or maybe even a whole life).

When is it necessary to wear a bra?

There might be situations when wearing a bra is necessary like while doing sports, for example not wearing bust support during intense physical activity can be harmful to a woman’s breasts as it can cause tissue damage, pain, and discomfort. So a good sports bra with decent support is a must-have.

Do you wear bras often? Would you ever give up wearing them? Yeh lol like someone will answer anyways a lighted fun posting with no offense intended.

A. Shepherdson 2021

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