Chicken, rice & peas – ‘idiot proof cooking!’

Meal for one When our family’s pet, a gorgeous Border Collie, is ever off her food a veterinary surgeon once suggested giving her ‘chicken & rice’ as a first meal after she was feeling much better. Well after having three collies over the space of twenty years not one ever turned their nose up at the sight of chicken and rice or refused to eat. Quite the contrary they’d play up after going back on to the dried stuff. I have absolutely no idea why I told you that anecdote except to say if you ever needed a light easy … Continue reading Chicken, rice & peas – ‘idiot proof cooking!’

‘Do you Spit or Swallow?’ (Joys of cream in cake?)

Now there’s a dilemma if ever I wrote one, perhaps my phrase is a riddle, or a ‘loaded’ question but I bet you’ve often wondered which way you’d answer. Perhaps a puzzle that crosses your mind when say sitting on a bus admiring a rather good looking male co commuter? ( 😉 Btw you might read my tale as a ‘baking a cake’ analogy, and if you don’t then naughty you, either way my post is written just for fun.) Where was I? Oh yes admiring cute male co commuters, asking yourself that rather loaded question, yet I’d guess ‘come … Continue reading ‘Do you Spit or Swallow?’ (Joys of cream in cake?)

‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ (the ending)

Chapter 3 continued Original fiction ………. Emily reached down grasping the hem of her tee shirt at the waist, pulling it toward the ceiling the stretchy cotton fabric no longer covering two large round breasts, revealing hard pointy nipples as big as I’d imagined, chocolate brown against pale pink skin. With one final tug at her hair she pulled the garment over her head, brunette bangs kissing Emily’s cheeks as the hair dropped to her shoulders, tossing the garment I’d wanted off all journey in the sink. “Jesus what vision of womanhood” I murmured as my eyes devoured her bouncing breasts … Continue reading ‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ (the ending)

‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ (part 5 of 6)

(Original fiction by me)  Chapter 3 What with the dry heat rising from the heater below my carriage seat and the excitement of meeting Emily being too much for me, I’d succumbed to a deep dreamy sleep hadn’t I, and for fear of confusing we return to that scene in the carriage. Hedgerows streaked past my carriage window now replacing the flat green moorland with its purple tipped heather. Feeling a tap on my shoulder, a shock near stopping my heart from beating, I opened my eyes and there looking down at me stood a man dressed in blue tunic … Continue reading ‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ (part 5 of 6)

‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ (part 4/6)

(Original fiction by me) Chapter 2 One agonising minute passed!………………..Then one more………..then another and what with the soft cushioned headrest, warmth rising from the heater beneath, rhythmic rocking of the carriage not forgetting meeting an Emily, the delicious combination too much for me I drifted into a deep sleep. Another five minutes passed when a gentle tap on my shoulder woke me from my dreaming. Coming to my senses I looked up at a man standing wearing a blue hat with ticket puncher in his hand, a nice face if a little bemused. “My apologies sir” came a male voice, … Continue reading ‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ (part 4/6)

‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ (part 3/6)

Continued…………………. Fifteen or so minutes passed into our journey together and our conversations became happier and fun, giggles from her at my small talk, it takes me a while to relax but once warmed I like to think myself as an amusing guy, a turn of phrase here and there, an anecdote or two amusing her and now a quarter into our journey we are good friends. Then Emily did something quite unexpected she ceased talking. Looked down at her map unfurling the sheets with renewed concentration to I guess see how far we’d travelled? ‘Oh shit’ I thought to … Continue reading ‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ (part 3/6)

‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ (part 2)

(Original fiction written by me) ………. I hadn’t noticed the lady’s face or her bosom until a little way into our journey. The train had stopped at Gothland Railway Station, hurriedly I’d clambered aboard crossing a grubby green carpeted aisle, my legs touching brushing past her jeans on the way, making a mental note she’s wearing walking boots. ‘Hmm she’s a tourist just like me’ I’d thought to myself before taking a seat by the window. And do you know what, in the rush I really hadn’t given the lady a second glance. Well that’s untrue, when seated I looked … Continue reading ‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ (part 2)