Is objectifying the naked human body (either sex) acceptable?

A post not to ‘overthink’ about for tooo long. And used in the correct circumstances ‘that phrase’ is justifiable! 🙂 .

I see absolutely nothing wrong with the image above, PeTA took a lot of abuse for this one but really? Perhaps if this beautiful black lady was a white blue eyed blonde……… then again she’d be politically incorrect!!

My two blogging rules of thumb are, to enjoy the writing creativity process and would I enjoy reading? If yes then I publish, if I regale the beauties of a woman’s wonderous body then all’s the sweeter 😀 .

Sexism (noun): prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women on the basis of sex.

Am I confused? Well ever-so slightly because, yes ‘on occasion’, I have been known to objectify the female figure (amongst friends), all the usual bs though I don’t regard that as being sexist!

………… and who could discuss sexism and not make reference to one Donald Trump?

Friday last I shared the story of Tayla Harris an Australian sports victim of online misogyny and disgusting sexual abuse. Yes I’m the first to admit I’m occasionally prone to sharing sexual anecdotes or writing at great length of my love of the female human animal………… but really! How many times do I have to write human’s are all sexual mammals?

Jeeze I’m a needle stuck in the groove of a broken record, gotta stop saying that!

13 (1)My WordPress, as librepaley so eloquently mused ‘is most certainly themeless and pot-luck’, and when appropriate I can be playful online which is fun, and do you know what a pouting vision came to me last night! A ‘willowy’ brunette and a touch mature in years which is fine, better still she’s only wearing virgin new panties and high heeled boots! 😛 , But I don’t remember what happened next because I woke up?

😉 This sensuous vision was all to much for a playful writer of (very) average erotica 😀 .

I’ll be having to write lines and apologise for this Post.

Keep on track Andrew, this past year I have written a great MANY sexually themed posts, not always light hearted but more importantly I’ve penned many a perhaps sexist thoughts observation and opinions.

So does this candour trouble me? No because it’s fun and Yes occasionally if I’m being very honest, however I have a copy of WordPress’s blogging rules and err remain firmly within them……….. that means zero nudity!

Well tell me if I’m wrong? But I read not a word about ‘objectification’ up there!

Misogynist? No NO most definitely not, I feel nothing but adoration for these fascinating beautiful creatures which interestingly, invariably, distracts me to revisit another intriguing blog theme #MeToo.

So in 2019 is writing about women’s physical appearance still (if ever) appropriate? I do it all the time on my WordPress que a reminder,

  1. Missionary sex as of today my favourite position.
  2. Gemma’s wet kitty.
  3. That sacred spot of bliss filled heaven.
  4. Dana the Romanian masseuse, (hand relief!)
  5. The female orgasm.
  6. Body image, boob chat and breast lumps.
  7. Sexy happy endings (hand relief again).
  8. A woman’s cleavage (a cautionary tale).
  9. So MOMS do you consider yourself MILF.
  10. WOW! What a cute ass you have.
  11. For centuries women have found pleasure upon the faces of men, Gemma
  12. Doggy (mild adult themes).
  13. Penis dimensions 😀 .
  14. Kissing girls, department store female underwear, arousing shop store ‘mannequins’, oral sex, self penned erotic ‘literature’ jeeze the list goes on!

AND incidentally they can be very popular!!

I’m ❤ loving the Eleanor Roosevelt quotation and for all the right reasons.

I Googled imaged ‘sexism’ this evening!!


No seriously with the advent of Twitter I’m far from sure guys can any longer share sexual observations between friends, however fantasies are fun a distraction from Brexit and all that’s awful with the world.

So where do I draw a line in the sand? That’s easy, always approach a Topic with the word ‘bullying’ firmly in mind, never be nasty at a woman’s expense or write sexually disgusting remarks on her Twitter, belittle patronise and embarrass a lady then you my friend are sexist. 

But I will always be of the opinion appreciating a woman’s sexual beauty with fondness is ‘within context’ acceptable, though of course age appropriate……….. well that goes without saying!

Now tell me where I go wrong? What point am I missing here?

So with new found sensibilities clearly in mind, I’ve ‘pulled’ the post sharing a tale of the afternoon I lost my virginity, perhaps the notable afternoon of my life so far and tooo personal. However I’ll publish the facesitting post, also thoughts of a childhood crush on my 1980’s school teacher prompted by a recent event, this appears err sooon 🙄 .

None of these can be labelled at me, so yes 🙂 I’m pretty much passing the sexism test!

And finally the fabulous Dame Helen Mirren has possibly the handiest piece of advice you will ever hear, 


(Regular readers will be hugely relieved this is my final sex themed post for a while, you can have tooo much of a good thing! 🙂 )


A. Shepherdson 2019


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