YES that’s me wearing a face mask on the Bus

Oh and 3 guesses as to what the ‘green tick’ on the window means?

Way back in January 2020 if a colleague had said to me “come summertime you’ll be wearing a face mask on the Bus everyday to work”, my disbelieving reply would probably have been “are you smoking those ‘funny’ cigarettes again?”

Nope I never ever thought this day would happen!

I’m employed by a historic and world renowned educational institution, students from S. Korea China Taiwan Hong Kong….. ‘fly here’ to study for a Degree, and even before March 2020 one similarity set them apart from every other nationality yes the majority wore face masks.

Fast forward to July 2020 and ‘wander walk’ the city streets of Oxford whilst NOT wearing a face mask, and you’ll stand out like a proverbial ‘sore thumb’ to such a point people will stare, others may throw a disapproving glare or incredulous unbelieving double-take, accompanied with thoughts of ‘look at that idiot NOT wearing a face covering!’ This evil covid-19 has changed the world in so many ways to such a point you’ll now be considered weird and foolhardy for not wearing a mask in public.

(Btw travel on public transport in the UK not wearing a mask and you’ll get two years in prison! Only joking, but you will have to pay a £25 fine.)

Nope to be perfectly honest I never thought I’d wear a mask in my lifetime, what’s more I now definitely feel naked when not wearing one but something else has changed, face masks are now a fashion statement, girls are wearing brightly coloured wacky patterned ones, cool classy business ladies wearing stylish Chanel or Gucci ones, hell I even saw at the weekend a young guy masked with a blush pink one! Fair play he was either gay or someone with an irreverent sense of humour. So yes we’re all well aware this virus is asymptomatic airborne spread, but it’s celebrities and influencers who’ve made face mask fashion cool and trendy, a cool extension of your personality, a statement of individuality.

As you can see I’ve opted for boring natural unassuming white cotton, but I have seen a pussycat face covering adorned with whiskers and the girl looked pretty sensational in Tesco’s. Long may this fabulous trend continue I say, and what a brilliant way to help combat a disease that indiscriminately kills young or old alike 😦 !

What’s more experts tell us face masks will help stop the spread of other airborne diseases like pneumonia, common coroner colds, SARS, influenza…… and when used with carbon filters they’ll improve lung health from the disastrous effects of car exhaust pollutants………………… Yep the global trend for wearing face masks is probably the silver lining to this airborne coroner dark cloud, stylish colourful and trendy long may this wonderful face mask phenomenon continue 🙂 .

(One important caveat, I read this lunchtime face masks are a disaster for those who lip read, (deep sigh)………. Oh dear 😦 )

A. Shepherdson 2020

17 thoughts on “YES that’s me wearing a face mask on the Bus

  1. I’ve seen mixed results on the mandated face masks here. Not everyone is complying and some are wearing them incorrectly. Now I’m reading that outside is necessary too, but I’m not sure I can do it. When I’m outdoors exercising, it’s hard enough to catch my breath. Add a mask to the mix and I won’t be able to go as far or get as much cardio. Not to mention sweating through my mask.

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  2. I was at the airport last week and even though it is mandated, so many people weren’t wearing them! Or were wearing them improperly (over their chins, on their mouth but not their nose.) I was getting angry but decided not to say anything.

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    • 😦 Yes makes me very angry as well, ignoring rules and not bothering is just SO selfish. I wrote an email to the bus company two weeks ago asking (very politely) why the drivers allow passengers to get on a bus without wearing a mask? (It’s the law)………. I’m still waiting for their reply. Personally I’d suggest not saying anything because it’ll only create an angry scene……. some people! 🙂 Lovely to hear from you, I do lol love a chat.

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      • Yes, it’s the law but some people don’t think the rules apply to them.
        I think the people I saw all had masks but weren’t wearing them. I mean, do you really need to be told that the mask is supposed to cover your nose and mouth?
        Not on your chin, not on top of your head, not hanging off one ear?
        On trails, which is my normal mode of exercise, I think the person with the mask should have the right of way. If I’m wearing my mask, I get to stay on the trail. If not, I should step off to the side and turn away, allowing the other person to pass.

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        • After 3 months tortuous lockdown Britain is beginning to reopen, pubs hairdressers and Hotels last ‘super Saturday’, now the question is will there be a surge? Looking at all the pub patrons congregating in the streets without masks I fear the worst 😦 but finger’s crossed, incidentally gazing at your photos I’d love to be trail walking, but look on the bright side Andrew perhaps national Parks and county forests will be the next to re open.

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            • Thinking time for me is the commuter bus rides to and from Oxford, bored and gazing out the widow as the scenery pass by is lol where my ‘unusual’ post ideas begin, anyways I’ve been wondering how this covid will all end (as is the whole world), I’m an optimist by nature (well used to be)……. there are many drug companies working on vaccines, so I’d hope one of them gets lucky (the carrot is the fortune they’ll make) and it appears my home city university by all accounts is on to something……….. but in the meantime thoughtless people are going have to play their part. Stay safe Laura 🙂

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