Swallowing, all you ever wished to know AND so much more!


‘Now before you get all hot under the collar branding my post ‘icky’ and distasteful, just keep in mind EACH AND EVERYONE OF US was born of our father’s semen!………… Oh and I’ll be away for the foreseeable 🙂 ‘ 

(Talking of good taste, here are two cute puppies before I begin.) 

A (hopefully) amusing post discussing the medical implications of swallowing human semen, the choice is yours to make but after reading this you may decide not to, or then again maybe you’ll swallow lick those rosy pink lips and smile 🙂 . 

So ask yourselves ladies and gents, apart from swallowing your partner’s semen or gifting your own into the partner’s mouth, how many facts do you know? (Err how many facts do-ya wanna know?)

Writing a blog has to be fun and enjoyable or I just would not bother and if you’ve read my naughty posts you’ll understand my imagination ‘can be at times a little out there, thank God!‘, The happy consequence I’ll leave discussing Trump’s visit and religion to truly knowledgeable writers and keep myself energised day dreaming about sex. Now reader’s should be aware I’ve posted How long is a human male Penis and ‘Fun facts’ about the Human female Vagina, so what an earth can I write about next?

Well I’ve chosen male semen, because truthfully before this evening’s research I could tell you very little about this magical liquid containing my sperm (tell me the last person you heard chat about their semen?) Not forgetting my penis has ejaculated a considerable amount of semen over its lifetime, approximately 20ml per load!

You mean you didn’t know that fact? You’ll have learned a lot more by the finish!

As an aside, I can actually remember waking up the morning after my first wet dream aged about thirteen (this varies btw). Now consciously awake and bleary eyed, after outstretching one leg I sensed a cold wet patch of bed linen brush against my skin, a truly life changing moment much the same as a girl’s first period. The previous evening I was a child and today a youthful adult male, incidentally I’ve always wondered as to my mother’s reaction when she came to washing last night’s bed linen? 

An interesting conversation we never had.

So how to begin this semen themed post?  How’s about my first experience of consummated oral sex with a lovely lady named Vicki.  

‘……..… yesterday I had the intimate pleasure of watching a lady’s expression at the moment of deciding whether to swallow or not. I say watch, she had her mouth full of my semen at the time and yes she had a slightly panicked worried expression written across her face. Before all is revealed let me say the dilemma was her’s alone, and the choice her’s to make……………..so here’s a thing, did she like the taste? Did she spit or swallow?

Hasn’t every oral virgin wondered how he’d feel ejaculating inside a lady’s mouth? Would cumming over her moistened taste buds be an emotional experience or an anti-climax? At ‘that’ point of release would I be excited and joyful as I hoped I’d be? Well many years ago I finally did, she tasted, and if you’re at all curious that moment before ‘err’ release was as thrilling and pleasurable as I dreamt it to be, I came hard at her throat and that’s more than a reader needs to know.

Well seconds after my doe-eyed young lady allowed ‘it’ to err to ‘explode’ in her mouth 😮 my female friend decided to visit the bathroom and spit down the sink! Hmm so she wasn’t too impressed, I could tell reading the slightly shocked panicked expression in her eyes, windows to the soul and all that 😀 . 

I remember gazing at Vicki’s pretty face, her eye’s a picture of concentration, her open glossy red lips sliding back and forth along my shaft, a woman who enjoyed giving head of that I have no doubt! My breath quickening, watching her expression change as I came was a wonderful emotional experience I will never ever forget. 

And yes if you’re at all curious, as I said, Vicki ran to the bathroom and spat rather than swallowed 😦 which seemed an awful waste of top quality semen!

Now I’ve been sitting here laptop propped upon one knee musing considering pondering the best way to approach sharing fun semen facts, yes fun, so here’s a start 49% of the population ejaculate this creamy paste like liquid containing millions of tadpoles. And so as to get my facts correct I Googled semen to be presented by thousands of suggestions, with many a website you just don’t want to go anywhere near, let alone Google image! 😮

  1. Semen can contain several viruses that may be transmitted via bodily fluids from an infected man.
  2. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), Hepatitis B and C, herpes, and Chlamydia. Take note chlamydia is linked to infertility amongst women, yet if treated early is curable. Ask your doctor or mum for more info.
  3. The risk of transmitting an STI through oral sex is higher if there is an open sore in the mouth or if a person has gingivitis and bleeding gums.
  4. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hepatitis B can also be transmitted through contact with infected semen if an open sore is present in the mouth.
  5. Human papilloma virus is now a serious concern in relation to oral sex, a virus associated with cervical cancer, anal cancer and the development of other growths such as genital warts.
  6. The transmission of Chlamydia and gonorrhoea through oral sex is also of medical concerns, with a study of female sex workers showing that one in 25 had Chlamydia in their throats, one in 50 of the sex workers had gonorrhoea in their throats.

Composition of semen

  1. Semen passes through the ejaculatory ducts and mixes with fluids from the seminal vesicles, the prostrate, and the bulbourethral glands.
  2. The seminal vesicles produce a viscous, fructose-rich fluid making up 65-70% of the semen base.
  3. The white color of the semen is due to secretion from the prostate glands containing enzymes, citric acid, lipids, and acid phosphatase. This forms around 25-30% of the semen base.
  4. At each ejaculation around 200-500 million spermatozoa (omg 😮 ) are released by the testes, forming about 2-5% of the semen composition.
  5. The bulbourethral glands produce a clear secretion. This helps in mobility of the sperm cells in the vagina and cervix. In addition, this clear secretion reduces the thickness of the channel that the sperm cells swim through and adds a cohesive, jelly-like consistency to the semen.
  6. Semen also contains more than 50 different compounds including hormones, endorphins, neurotransmitters and immunosuppressants. Other substances present in the semen include the following:
    ascorbic acid
    blood group antigens
    citric acid
    vitamin B12
    uric acid
    lactic acid
    vitamin C

A little light reading for you now, here’s a link to ‘Swallowing Cum — 37 Women Explain What Drinking Semen Feels Like , incidentally if you are nervous of visiting this ‘Thought Catalogue’, don’t be concerned it’s legal factual and measured information, but the choice is yours 🙂 .

If you’d rather not here’s a taster lol.

“I gulp all the goo that I can. Then I suck every drop out of my mate until he is dry.”

I prefer to gargle and snowball it back at him.”

“I just hate the taste of cum and the thought of it being alive with a million little things swimming makes me want to puke even when I think about it! I can only do a Bj if I am drunk which is never!”

“I do it because he likes it and no I don’t like the taste—sometimes I gag but I swallow with a smile.”

“The one and only time I tried—I threw up in the sink.”

“Oral is mostly foreplay, but every so often I’ll blow him just because I like blowing him, and yes I swallow. It’s not like cinnamon-buns tasty, but it’s not bad, and I don’t mind it.”

and finally…………

“I swallow. Less mess!”

You get the idea and I’ll remind you Vicki spat…………… I guess that implies my semen tastes a little icky! (Love you Vicki ❤ )

Possible beneficial effects of consumption of semen, click the link or don’t bother and read the facts I considered rather interesting reading.

  1. Present in the semen are mood-enhancing compounds such as cortisol, estrone, oxytocin, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, prolactin, melatonin and serotonin. For this reason, scientists have begun studying the health benefits of semen intake, both orally and vaginally. Some of the studies into the effects of swallowing semen are described here.
  2. Pregnancy: In a Dutch study of women who engaged in oral sex and swallowed the semen, the researchers found that swallowing semen was associated with a lower risk of preeclampsia. One hypothesis for this is that substances in the semen adapt the mother’s immune system so that it accepts foreign proteins present in sperm, as well as in the placenta and fetus. This maintains the blood pressure at a low level and thereby reduces the preeclampsia risk.
  3. Research has also shown that some women are infertile or miscarry due to the presence of antibodies that destroy the proteins or antigens present in their partner’s semen. Having oral sex and swallowing the semen of the partner may help make the pregnancy safer and more successful as the woman is swallowing her partner’s antigens.
  4. Work carried out by reproductive expert and psychologist Gordon Gallup from SUNY-Albany suggests that swallowing semen could provide a cure for morning sickness.
  5. Now this following fact is both disputable and controversial to say the least, many experts suggest that regular ejaculation and flushing ‘old semen’ from the male reproductive system can reduce the chances of developing prostate cancer. Contested!

And finally Semen is a natural anti-depressant, according to a study conducted on 293 female college students at the State University of New York in Albany, exposure to semen can lower symptoms of depression. The study compared female students who were having sex with condoms versus those who were having sex without, and found that the latter group overall showed fewer signs of depression.

It helps you sleep better.

Yes apparently so, I know you’re usually worn out after sex, but that may not be why you sleep so well that night. Semen actually contains melatonin, which is a chemical that induces sleep and relaxation. Whether you ingest it, or receive it through intercourse, it will enter your bloodstream and help you doze off better than most over-the-counter sleep aids.

So there you all you ever wished to know about semen and so much more, and if you require more skilled advice then I’d suggest you seek out a medical expert, and finally if you prefer not to swallow settle for a facial instead 😉 .

🙄😂okay I realise no one is gonna reply but you just know I have to ask, so dear readers if we’re talking semen do you prefer to spit swallow or NO I don’t?  

A. Shepherdson 2019




12 thoughts on “Swallowing, all you ever wished to know AND so much more!

  1. I now stand almost fully educated on the subject. Thank you. There are some other aspects about semen you should explore: Blood in the semen, after a male has not ejaculated for awhile. And, although you touched upon it briefly, the relationship between infrequent ejaculation and prostrate cancer….which is one reason why men die earlier than women. Their partners stop having sex as they age, and men literally wither away and die. Now, after reading all this information…I must tally forth and find a sex worker…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have to admit George F. until the evening I researched this post I tooo understood very little about my semen?..…………err in truth very little at all!! From what I believe the cancer link is disputed by certain clinicians however flushing out one’s prostate of aged sperm, dead cells, dried blood etc makes perfect sense. AND whether casual sex or not, you can never have tooo much sex, good for the prostate heart and a great cure for depression so I hear 😀 .

      Thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If any thinks the topic of semen is disgusting, it reflects the deep religious brainwashing such reader has been subjected to. I found this topic to be disgusting, interesting and quite liberating. Semen is like the body fluid that dare not speak its name. Yes, there are other areas of my physical body that are equally disgusting that I never mention. I’ll leave it up to you to discuss these most intimate, embarrassing topics. Thank you for setting me free. Now I can look forward to burning in hell.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Genuinely good to have the male perspective, thanks. I think many women (most) have had the swallow / not moment – funny observation (and we think they don’t notice these things!) As to good / bad taste, I’ve wondered why it can vary. Evidently, eating certain foods (the man) can affect the taste.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Observing women’s sexuality both captivates and fascinates me, all I can add is her facial expression on release 😀 is priceless. (Incidentally I’ve read taste is food related notably pineapples, but I’ll take the internet’s word on that one!!)

      TY 🙂


    • I agree only within a committed loving relationship and goes without saying both partners are happy with 🙂 , and I’d suggest his gratitude would garner the lady a fair few extra ‘brownie points’ 😉 )

      Liked by 1 person

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