Been a while

Back in the day I blogged on average every 3 days, and as of this year I very seldom do?

As for the reasons why I’m absent from ‘blogging thoughts photos and life’ all I’ll add is I’m fit and healthy, received 2 AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccinations and surviving this pandemic chaos the best I can……….. absent yes, but in my defense consume blogs penned by middle aged women every single day, 🙂 oooh they can be such enlightening stimulating hilarious reading and am TRULY addicted!

So Andrew why today’s posting?

Thanks for asking 🙂 , well I won’t be sharing my many opinions (I’ll spare you those) and swiftly getting to the point, I’ve just returned from a week’s vacation with a Smart Phone memory overflowing with photographs, and you know how it is, you either share them with somebody because they’re gonna get deleted in 3 months time anyway.

All I have to do now is upload them into a Blog fast running out of media memory! See you either tonight or tomorrow and all this week.

A. Shepherdson 2021

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