My weekend in London! (1)

We just have to start leaving our houses, hopefully enjoy living a normal again? Spend a little money or we’re all f*****!

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Maybe a little foolhardy of me to visit London last weekend seeing as we’re in the middle of a pandemic, perhaps sleeping in a Hotel for 3 nights could be seen as reckless with an R rate rising, but lol I appear to have survived ‘for now!’ (btw I’m going to isolate myself from people until Monday).

I guess the key to sharing photos on WP is NOT repeating myself over and over again, so if you’re (hopefully interested in my tale please read earlier postings)……….. I’l try my utmost to keep the text ‘light and fluffy’, don’t you just hate travel blogs where the writer keeps telling REMINDING you what a fantastic time they’ve had in Bali.

Last Sunday until today was little more than an urban city break we ALL can enjoy.

Hmm I’ll try to explain why we should try to live some sort of ‘normality’ again, yes take safety precautions, but I’d suggest visit places of interest because the attractions I visited really have taken covid precautions seriously! (Very seriously).

Blah blah blah 😀 .

So let’s begin with a photo teaser showing 3 places visited, St. Paul’s cathedral, an exquisite church I hadn’t seen in side for 30 years, the world famous Botanical Gardens at Kew, and London’s newest attraction Sky Gardens a tropical plant oasis situated on the top floor of a skyscraper, incidentally I was a virgin visitor to the last 2…… so go visit, they were truly spectacular.

I ONLY wish I’d photographed used my trusty Fuji camera instead of the phone, but hey things don’t always work to plan………. 😀 anyways you get an idea.

Doesn’t the saying go ‘pictures paint a 1000 words?’ 🙂

And of course they’ll be anecdotes a little sexy or it just wouldn’t be me lol.

Below you see 2 young lady’s both happy and cheerful (supposed to be a pandemic according to the press?) striding across Victoria railway station, note I’m only using the photo to demonstrate we have to wear masks by law now.

Finally I’ll try my best to avoid my usual 1000 word postings, more photos to follow.

A. Shepherdson 2020

12 thoughts on “My weekend in London! (1)

    • 🙂 Thank you. In my opinion London felt very safe, but then again due to the pandemic there weren’t many people around, still I took the safety precautions we will all have to 🙂 and lol perhaps I was just lucky?

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      • I am glad you’re safe and you took the necessary precautions 😂 you might have been lucky too 😂 too bad us from the USA are banned from traveling internationally 😂. If I am going to travel I would want to go abroad 😂 but I guess I have to wait ❤️

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        • Hmm seriously, the more I look back over the weekend the more I’ve been wondering if I’ve been extremely lucky! Or perhaps ONE simple answer to this nasty covid is to wash and sanitize your hands, wear a mask ALL day and try not to touch your eyes or mouth…….. who knows but yes I think luck was on my side. 🙂 Thank you Magnetic Mommy x


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in London and thanks for sharing. Is it mandatory to wear a mask when walking outside if you can keep social distance?
    I am diligent about wearing a mask when I’m in a place I can’t keep 6 feet away, but when I’m on a trail (almost every day) I don’t wear one. I try to go to less crowded trails and less crowded times.

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    • Wearing masks on public transport or inside railways stations/airports has been law for quite a while, and now whenever we enter shops we have to wear masks. The first day in London I’d keep removing and putting my mask on, but after a while I kept it on all day, I really don’t mind! Interestingly I’d guess 99% of people were wearing them in the station and I get a sense that it really isn’t a big deal with the public anymore……….. I’d go as far as to say many women are combining mask design with their dress fashions…… great idea btw 🙂

      In my humble opinion after using buses for six weeks is simple, wear a face covering try not to touch your face and sanitize your hands…………… do you wear gloves? Us Brits never do.

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