Prince Andrew’s ‘car crash’ interview with Emily Maitlis

November 2019 (3 months after Epstein’s ‘suicide’) our BBC Newsnight was granted a rare audience with the royal Prince Andrew in the interview of the century, and all the more relevant today with arrested Ghislaine Maxwell’s appearance in a New York Court ……………. Hmm, so will she live to see trial? Or will she be murdered by a male wealthy elite just like Epstein (Trump has questions to answer), will the rich and powerful make sure this female pedophile is silenced?……….. I’m erring on the side of a gun was ‘accidentally’ fired and she was ‘accidentally’ killed, time will tell! (Surely the Bureau wouldn’t fake two suicides?)

……………. and yes you did read that correctly, THE INTERVIEW OF THE CENTURY!

We saw Prince Andrew discuss his relationship with Epstein, fending off allegations he never had sex with Virginia Roberts, the then seventeen year old who claimed she had been trafficked to him for sex three times………. for what it’s worth I don’t think Andrew is a manipulative evil man, he’s just (very) dim witted, an average unintelligent guy who got lucky virtue of birth.

I’d propose an opportunity to have sex with a pretty young woman presented itself (I guess she looks 19) after meeting her clubbing at ‘Tramp nightclub’ (possibly victim to a sting) but guilty as charged I do consider him pedophile. I cannot underplay the British public’s fascination with the ‘did he didn’t he’ question, we are still inexplicably deferential to our Monarchy, fascinated by this dysfunctional family to the point of an unhealthy psychosis and you can include me!

Now I realise you neither have the spare time, inclination or possibly already seen Emily Maitlis’s forensic interrogation of Prince Andrew and his links to the Jeffery Epstein scandal, (also we’re in the midst of a public health epidemic!) But I would suggest if you haven’t already watched this BAFTA Award winning interview, you could do worse than while away 45 minutes of your lives watching this car crash unfold before your disbelieving eyes, ask yourselves is he telling the truth?

Ask yourself why he didn’t just say, “VIRGINIA ROBERTS IS LIEING!”, If she’s making it up call her a liar, no instead he doesn’t “ever recollect” meeting her (the pic was a photoshop), sweet Jesus I’d remember if I’d had sex with her, wouldn’t you?

(Seriously, there’s questions to answer, Virginia was someone’s child abused daughter.)

I’m not overplaying this statement for effect, but the whole World both public and media (especially the British) are fascinated asking themselves is the Queen of England’s third child, a self confessed friend of serial pedophile Jeffery Epstein, a sex offender? Common be honest, we are all intrigued to know if a member of British Royal aristocracy f***** children, and I’m not going to apologise for using such disgusting language. Pedophilia is a heinous disgusting crime and if Prince Andrew is guilty (disclaimer, not saying he definitely is!) Then if yes he should go to Prison.


In order to stop this media circus dragging on for yet another decade, he just has to be interviewed by American Federal Investigators, ‘spilling the beans’ is essential for his (long gone) reputation, the reputation of our Monarchy needs closure (I don’t care but my mother does), then again look back through centuries of Royal history and you’ll find murder’s, abortionists by proxy, rapists, extra marital philanderers, bigamists, thieves, narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, ego maniacs, pedophiles……. the worst kinds of humanity are all there, go read the history books 😀 …… and why Britain isn’t today a Republic I’ll never know! (A whole different posting!)

Below the 49minute ‘disastrous’ interview to be yes found on good old YouTube, you just have to look at the guilt ridden expression on his face to know he’s…………………….

I can still remember way back in November 2019 switching on my TV set marveling at Emily Maitlis hauling Andrew’s ‘ass over the coals’, this skilled and Brilliant woman didn’t disappoint as she basically gave him enough rope to hang himself with (way tooo many metaphors A. Shepherdson… I know but wth just know she’s our number one TV broadcaster, way tooo sexy as well!)

We saw Prince Andrew discussing his relationship with Epstein and deflecting allegations he has ever had sex with Virginia Roberts, and what’s truly fascinating about the interview, after hearing all Andrew’s obfuscation and denials is that afterward the British public were in no doubt of his guilt, the very next day he resigned from royal life, handed in his P45! Ditched ALL his patronage to charities because they all were going to sack him anyways! Guilty or not he has been retired from public life forever, with his irretrievable reputation in tatters.

I’ve watched and re-watched this interview many times, a fascinating expose of how to lie (or not to), I’m ultimately captivated by the many body signals that for all the denials, betray his lies and reveal (that in my opinion) Andrew is guilty as charged.

A. Shepherdson 2020