Yuval Saloman playing Comptine d’un autre été, because I asked her to

I’ve heard said July 1st is the start of a New Year for many people (great idea btw), one of my resolutions would be to source a new homepage from my internet provider, one that doesn’t stream a personalized News feed that hits me ‘bang’ in the face every time I switch my PC on! One that doesn’t upset me and put me in a filthy mood for the rest of the day lol. Any ideas? (Re. Previous posting now removed)


So Andrew why share a video of Yuval Saloman playing ‘Comptine d’un autre été – l’après’? Well believe me or not (and I always tell the truth) when I tell you Yuval uploaded this piano video just for me way back on October 29th 2016.

🙂 Yep!

I’m not fibbing, I enjoy watching her videos and wrote a comment asking if she could play Comptine d’un autre été, she gleefully replied yes…….. then filmed this video and released it onto her YouTube Channel!

OMG seems like only yesterday I requested she played this piece you’ll hear on Yann Tiersen’s soundtrack to the French movie Amelie, which reminds me I just have to watch this delightful tale once again sooon, goes without saying Audrey Tautou stole my heart ❤ .

Yuval Salomon is an Israeli pianist, she was born in 1997 has been playing the piano for 16 years and is a more popular YouTuber than myself which goes without saying! She opened her YouTube channel in 2016, has more than 180,000 subscribers with her videos running into millions of views…….. a very pretty and talented young lady indeed ❤ .

I had thought of ending my posting there but that would be unfair, yes a true story, well her Channel is now hugely popular and I avidly watch every new piano video miss Yuval Saloman releases for her many fans……. mind you I doubt many can say a performance was filmed just for them 😀 .

So there you are.

Like you all I’m addicted to watching YouTube videos but there’s a genre I truly adore, member’s of the public playing the piano in public spaces. Let me explain, pre lockdown you may have walked through city airports or train stations and noticed a solitary piano, perhaps you gave it a second glance thinking to yourself ‘what a strange place to leave an orchestral instrument all on it’s own?’ Or then again perhaps you already understand the purpose and the phrase ‘Come Play Me’ is familiar to you?

If not let me enlighten you lol, from New Orleans to London, Paris to Barcelona, pianos were placed in public spaces there for anyone to ‘seat’ themselves down and play a piece in front of a watching crowd of complete strangers……… and with the advent of mobile phone cameras, people recorded these bewitching performances and uploaded them onto YouTube…….. here’s 3 of my favorites.

A. Shepherdson 2020

(Sigh) I’m done!

Do you ever wake in the morning and just lay in bed staring at the ceiling and think to yourself ‘what’s the ******* point in getting up?’ Yes No? You’re only gonna log on to your laptop to be instantly faced with your browser’s personalised? newsfeed. Selected news stories that are truly upsetting, heart wrenching sad tales of personal tragedy, the ones where you think to yourself ‘there but for the grace of god go I’….. what’s more how did I upset my internet provider to deserve this unending stream of heart breaking near unimageable stories of human suffering, we know life’s unfair but people just don’t deserve to have their families ripped apart………. and what’s more tomorrow it could be you!

These are the reasons I don’t believe in Gods especially Muhammed and hate-filled Islam if I’m completely honest (write that in a blog and one demented extremist might find you), the reasons why I’m atheist and at peace with my choice. Lol please don’t ever stop me in the street and say “Jesus loves you”, don’t because I just might tell you to shove your nonsense or totally lose my ****! (That’s unless you’re a beautiful lady, then I’ll meekly reply “thankyou” whilst gazing longingly at your tits and thinking to myself ‘so what percentage of women don’t bother wearing panties?’) Cause I’m shallow like that. What’s more when I walk past that guy selling selling Christian pamphlets in Oxford’s city Centre, I honestly stare at him thinking to myself ‘you deluded man, shouldn’t you be handing out that nonsensical rubbish out for free, isn’t that what Jesus would have done?

Then again perhaps I should buy a few copies and then when I run out of toilet paper again, I can remove the sharp staples and use them to wipe my ass.

Living is pain depression suffering and ultimately pointless, you reach the end of your own personal journey then die hopefully knowing you’ve contributed to this beautiful planet’s ultimate destruction. Life is a simple matter of climbing out of bed, dragging your broken spirit through the day and if you’re completely truthful with yourself, hoping today will be your final day on earth……… lol now that’s cheered you up 😀 !

I really am a nice guy (hopefully seen as likeable) and yes capable of love also an empathy which makes living so emotionally draining, witnessing other people’s pain affects me deeply making me feel so unhappy…… jeeze the question of ‘does happiness really exist’ is a whole other posting and thankfully you’ll never read my opinions.

And what of this silly little blog I’ve enjoyed creating content for? (Not the reason for writing this posting btw, the prompt was six innocent human beings going about their daily business, only to die stabbed to death my two separate asylum seekers……….. and these people don’t understand why British people dislike them, and is our police force racist? Honestly? I would say they’re good men and women doing a thankless job, much the same as Doctors and Nurses.)

Enough politics, it is what it is 😦 , anyways I’m gonna have a shower then walk up to my mother’s for a natter, lol she’s the most positive person I know so she’ll soon (verbally) shake me out of my bad mood.

A. Shepherdson 2020

PMR Cotton Face Masks, from Amazon

I’ve returned to work and using Cotton face Masks (cotton face coverings) whilst ‘riding’ on public Transport, apparently by Law we the travelling public are mandated to wear one, but irritatingly some member’s of the British Public aren’t wearing face coverings because Public Health rules don’t apply to them?

Wtf, medical experts from every Country across the Globe are advising we wear one, because although coverings DON’T stop you catching covid-19, they do stop the wearer spreading coroner virus if they display asymptomatic symptoms, but of course we British are libertarians (selfish assholes) and we pick and choose the laws that suit our style of living or alternatively to stick two fingers in the direction of Boris Johnson…….. Oh well that’s human nature for you, no point upsetting myself, I’m just hoping face Masks stop me catching THE virus whilst travelling to and from work on the bus, oh and forgot to say I use 72% alcohol hand sanitizer every time I alight, what more can we do?

Seller: Amazon on-line.

Price: £14.99 (+£1.95 postage and packaging)

I don’t usually write product reviews however seeing as I’ve been reading other’s reviews whilst shopping on-line, I thought I’d add my own this virus is scary s***. Consequently thanks to Amazon (not my favourite company but hey-ho), so I’ve purchased a variety of face Masks and in my opinion PMR are the most comfortable best fitting.

Disclaimer: They are sold as face masks and don’t claim to stop viruses, but then again we all know that 🙂 .

Experts are divided on whether we should wear masks however the opinion appears to be pro, and mandatory when travelling public transport, my personal opinion for what it’s worth is wearing in confined spaces cannot hurt. Five masks arrived and they really are very well made with an internal pocket to insert a filter, they’re well sewn from cotton which apparently is the best material to use and the elastic fits tightly around my ears, they fit really snuggly around the rest of my face as well.

I’ve dropped one (virtual) star because there is a slight gap between the mask either side of my nose, a problem on all masks and I guess an aluminum nose strip would have helped. Not to worry I’m happy with them and seeing as they are made of cotton they will be easy to wash, however ‘experts’ say hand wash only and don’t launder inside a washing machine!

And finally I’m sharing a ‘how to sew’ the Olson face Mask from YouTube, if I could use a sewing machine I’d definitely have an attempt at making one, however ‘me being me’ don’t be surprised if one day I do.

🙂 Stay safe peeps.

A. Shepherdson 2020

My employer’s position on racism

🙂 Topical or erotic stories, my WordPress is a place to express my thoughts and fantasies, I had deleted this posting, but ‘what the heck’ I’ve sexually objectified White women’s bodies here, so theme this posting as diversity (redressing balance) anyways the last part amused ME because it’s true, lol that’s called a disclaimer and feel free to express furious anger!

Now as a rule I don’t discuss my workplace on this WordPress, I’d almost certainly be breaking department rules also my contract of employment and I’ve always the suspicion someone I know in real life just might be lurking in the shadows, walls have ears so to speak.

But I’ll relent just this once to share an email that dropped into my Inbox last week and no doubt prompted by racial tensions whether in America or the United Kingdom, an interesting thought provoking bulletin which will have far reaching implications for the department, working life post covid-19 will be different in SO many different ways………….. As an aside, pull down the 62 contentious bronze statues from their granite plinths, I don’t actually care for them and quite honestly up until three weeks ago, I didn’t realise so many eighteenth century transatlantic slave and plantation owners populated British cities, plus I suspect neither did 95% of the population………… the only real surprise is how they remained erect for so many years!

Returning to my employer’s stance on racism 🙂 .

‘The Department of ‘name removed’ is fully supportive of the University’s position and committed to advancing equality and diversity.  As a community of scholars, we stand in support of those BAME communities who confront the day-to-day realities of inequality, discrimination and racism. We believe that a diverse community in which all feel comfortable and empowered to engage, results in better dialogue, better scholarship, and better outcomes for all. We stand for equity and inclusion across the spectrum.

Having said this, I acknowledge there are certainly areas in which we as a department should improve, most notably the balance among the ranks of academics and improved access for prospective students with BME backgrounds.  We also need to assess and improve how we support BME staff and students once they are in post. To help guide us, the Department recently established an Equality & Diversity Committee (E&D), chaired by ‘name removed’, to take stock of our position and help formulate actions for taking us forward.  These will include:

·       Engaging in outreach to members of the BAME students and staff to develop a more complete and nuanced understanding of the issues that impact work and quality of life of affected individuals and groups.

·       Developing an E&D section of the website, which will include better coverage of accomplishments and better links to information and resources.

·       Reassessment of professional and social events we offer to find the most successful formulas for events that are truly inclusive.

·       A pulse survey of to find out how recent events have affected all the different groups of people in the department. This will help us decide on the best actions for the rest of the summer.

·       Strengthening the well-being support for BAME students and staff, who typically face substantial of stress, and especially right now.

·       Maintaining our commitment to recruiting BAME students, for which I am pleased to say we are on an upward trajectory.

It is my hope as Head of Department that we can catalyze a process leading to a more balanced and equable space in which we can all work and learn.

This is clearly an aspiration whose fulfillment is long overdue.’


Now you’ll hopefully be anticipating the (controversial) opinion from a privileged white middle-aged male blogger’s perspective, to what I guess will be called my employer’s updated ethnic diversity mission statement, phew that’s a mouthful!

Well to be completely honest I’m going to disappoint because I obviously have no issues with this timely released bulletin, concise and to the point yet I suspect this final draught will have passed through many people’s finger tips, also critical gazes before this carefully written document was published. How will these objectives personally affect me? I guess the most obvious will be recruitment, if post covid-19 working life returns to a new normality, I’d guess (again) I’ll be working alongside more Black and Asian colleagues, fabulous I’m a friendly easy going guy and hopefully our personalities will gel, after all I’m NOT racist.

I’ve delved into a dictionary curious as to true meaning and well I’m not, if anything many commentators are clouding many complex issues all under the one word! And this needs reminding to myself, because my conduct and example to all the people I ever come into contact with I have to be comfortable with. In fact I’m looking forward to working with more colleagues recruited from the BAME community, and being completely honest also unsurprisingly to regular readers of this Blog, hopefully they’ll ALL be female, whether young or mature I’m easy.

I’d hope our personalities, sense of humour and outlook on life would click so to speak, oh and would be fabulous if any ethnic slip of a girl secretaries wore short skirts, or if mature ladies, their summer blouses appeared opaque when sunlight shined through. Yes I’m rather shallow like that, hopefully there’ll be large shapely bosoms, ‘peachy’ buttocks not forgetting I’m an easy guy to get along with and a colleague once remarked “Andrew likes everyone”, I’ve always loved that compliment.

Btw I’m in no way being patronizing.

And now for my Jerry Springer end of show wise words, for the past thirty years, I’ve worked alongside students colleagues from every corner of the globe anyhow, smiling faces that rotate every three or four years and hand on heart I can honestly say I’ve met some truly lovely men and women, we’ve laughed and chatted about every subject imaginable with two notable exceptions, an unspoken rule where neither politics or religion have been discussed because well, we haven’t! They’re tedious boring and a sure fire way of falling out with someone, nope we’ve chatted about the countries they call home, our families, sports and life etc……… you’ll not go far wrong if politics and religion are kept off limits, arguments ensue people get upset and ultimately any conversations are just darn tedious boring and divisive.

Btw I’ve added a new wish to my bucket list, you know the things to do before you die. I’m veering off message now, and just be aware my bucket list is neither adventurous particularly long or actually lol exists! But if you’re at all curious, my latest wish is to sleep with a Black lady before I ‘kick the bucket’ and better get a move on Andrew because you’re now closer to the end than the beginning.

I’m being neither nasty or unpleasant and I’ll admit to fantasies featuring casual sex with a West Indian or African lady, you know ‘ebony and creamy white’ body’s intimately entwinned my 6 inch dick deep inside her, and I have to say this day-dream fantasy of mine TRULY turns me on, forget any notions of long term relationships, now we’re talking carnal animal lust……. you know riding ‘cowgirl’ blowjobs swallowing and tasty cunnilingus!

Recalling off the top of my head I’ve slept with many women……. sure you wanted to know that fact, the point being to a woman they’ve all been White ladies, English Argentinian Spanish East European all aged from 20-55, we’ve enjoyed lol bedroom gymnastics and lovely ladies they were to, however I’ve never slept with a Black woman!

Does this really matter? No of course NOT because a woman’s skin tone is only skin deep, seconds after removing her bra, a mature Black woman’s boobs will drop to inches above her belly button similar to any mature White woman’s. A 20 year old Black woman’s pussy will be as tight as any young White woman’s, part her thighs and her intimacy will be pink and glistening wet no different whether White or Black, Indian or Chinese, French or Brazilian……… after all we all descend from Apes having walked out of the African Rift Valley hundreds of thousands of years ago………. only trouble is now I have to find this ethnic goddess of mine!

A. Shepherdson 2020

Plump round asses, bouncing boobs and long naked legs

You’ll have to have read my sexy postings to appreciate I adore all women whether age 20 or 60 (I’ve slept with a 50 year Polish lady with a dodgy knee btw) oh and keep in mind any reckless honesty is all good natured and certainly not intended to offend……. jeeze people are either appalled disgusted by whatever, or apologising….. so whatever happened to disagreeing with a point of view then moving on?

I place the blame fairly and squarely with Twitter.

Hate Twitter sooo much!

Anyways moving on.

Sun’s shining today and temperatures are approaching 30 degrees Celsius ‘sticky’, humid even, and when there’s a heatwave in the UK we all know what happens, early morning before leaving the house you’ll find excited women rummaging through their summer wardrobe draw looking for sweet nothings! The consequence whether young or the more mature, they’ll shed their winter clothes no different to a caterpillar over-night being transformed into a beautiful butterfly and displaying ‘her’ delicate brightly decorated wings…. I sooo look forward to hot days like these.

Both morning break and lunchtime I’ve wandered around Oxford city streets (remember I’m lol not a pervert) both captivated by their glorious femininity and feeling hard and aroused women watching! Whether wearing tight body hugging tee shirts with plunging neckline revealing an ample cleavage, or high waisted hot pants displaying long slender milk white thighs in need of a suntan, maybe bouncing jiggly breasts strapped into tight fitting bras I’ve had a fabulous day’s viewing…….. omg I’ve enjoyed myself.

In fact there’s been so much tits leg and ass today, I’m feeling quite invigorated and rejuvenated, forget Brexit the Covid-19 pandemic and BLM demonstrations they’ve been far from my mind, oh AND as luck would have it (although she was walking holding hands with her boyfriend) a young woman even passed me on the pavement absent of bra beneath her tee, close my eyes and I can still see her quivering boobs and pointy protruding nipples……. 🙂 lucky boyfriend!

However today didn’t begin so jolly.

Early this morning on my bus journey to work, I had intended to share my angry opinion of last night’s controversial events, you see an airplane flew over a televised soccer match towing a banner with the words ‘White Lives Matter’ emblazoned in large black lettering, (Google image if you can be bothered…. I wouldn’t).

Forward to this morning’s news headlines and the ‘s*** has well and truly hit the fan’, everyman and his dog is feeling mortally offended, Club Captains are ‘deeply ashamed’ by this racist heinous stunt, football Chairmen are both ‘disgusted’ and disowning this wicked statement of fact, worse still politicians have climbed their soap boxes spouting words of condemnation the upshot being there’s now to be a Police enquiry. You’ll have guessed myself and work colleagues are unimpressed, it now appears using the phrase BLM is to be applauded and acceptable, however in I guess response to 3 innocent white men being slaughtered by a knife wielding Islamic extremist at the weekend, a tragedy ripping apart three white families, it now appears we indigenous white Englishman can no longer say White Lives Matter!

Then again perhaps us ‘Whites’ don’t like admitting we’re all racists? I used to think I wasn’t but now I’m not so sure?

The phrase (lot of phrases in tonight’s posting) the saying “it is what it is” comes to mind, rightly or wrongly when discussing race relations in 2020 Britain different rules appear to apply, maybe. Anyways this evening I’ve a smile upon my face, a happy heart and the nerves in the tip of my penis are still tingling, better still tomorrow’s gonna be even hotter! Ladies today still wearing their cold weather coats or perhaps even carrying an umbellar, will be raiding their own summer wardrobe as I speak, what’s more I know from experience there’ll be even more tits ass and long legs to appreciate tomorrow, yep I’ll be taking even longer (less than acceptable) gazes in their glorious direction!

So now I’m going to day dream thoughts of pretty age appropriate young ladies I’ve witnessed today and stroke my arousal to orgasm, then cool myself off finishing with a cold invigorating shower. My final word is? Ladies when you’re going about your day wearing ‘plunging’ tops or revealing a little leg below summer dress hems, just be aware we men notice the ladies who turn us on and masturbate dreaming about them later!

A. Shepherdson 2020

Hand sewn Face masks made by my mother

I don’t mean to scare any readers, but yes that is a photo of me and very rare it is to on this Blog! Modelling my mother’s hand sewn face mask she made me also other u family relations, btw extremely impressive they are to.

After 13 weeks agonisingly tedious legally enforced lockdown I’ve now returned to work, fantastic news. My Boss phoned to ask if I was interested in coming back, no pressure was made and the decision was completely voluntary, consequently without any hesitation I answered yes before really asking all the detail. Soon after I was forwarded risk assessments, method statement, photos of how the inside of the building looks with direction arrows on the walls, and yes I’m aware there are risks of possibly catching this blessed Covid-19 (possibly dying even), but jeeze we cannot all remain locked in our homes forever!

So as of last Thursday I returned, THEN Boris Johnson passed a law saying that from this past Monday, wearing face protection is to be mandatory on all public transport (or pay a £25 fine!) I commute by bus so now along with 20 other passengers we all have to wear a face mask, however it’s not tooo uncomfortable, and public transport will only be the beginning because I believe anyone visiting Hospital or the Dentist has to wear a mask……. as did my plumber when he came to service my central heating boiler!

Face masks, directional arrows on the floor, and sanitizer dispensers fixed to the wall are the new normality, get used to these restrictions or remain locked inside your home for evermore……. lol the choice is yours. Incidentally face mask prices are beginning to drop on Amazon which is fantastic, hundreds of manufacturers jumped into the market consequently there’s tooo many masks and prices are being cut, yay that’s called the ‘Law of Supply and Demand’ in a Free Market.

Face masks contain filters and below are links to two US army websites who’ve tested every filter material imaginable…… Jeye cloths hand-towels and coffee filters included.

Chemical Biological Centre tests homemade face coverings

Army Researchers say this is the best material for a homemade face mask filter they’ve found so far

A. Shepherdson 2020

And so the racial bloodletting begins :(

Just so as you know I’ve learnt a great deal about Britain’s involvement in the slave trade, or should I re-phrase that, British businessmen financed by British banks, sailing their transatlantic ships to West Africa where they captured and enslaved Black African unfortunate souls. Now fully laden with a desperate human cargo they returned to selected American States, to live and die in forced labour camps (cotton plantations), with the grand finale of transporting bales of hand picked cotton to Lancashire cotton mills, and in the process making a great many White men vast amounts of money….. and there lies Britain’s twenty first century guilty problem, now it’s people are expected to accept a seventeenth century Trader’s guilt as their own.

F*** that……… I’m not playing that game!

I get it! But I’ll be damned if I’m going to feel guilty for crimes I neither committed or were party to……. George Floyd didn’t deserve to die chocked to death under the foot of a racist policeman, Black lives matter I get it, now this atrocious crime has triggered British blood letting the like of I’ve never seen before. Statues celebrating slave Traders ‘good work’s’ paid for by blood money are toppling (the beginning), but perhaps leave them standing, attach a bronze plague with the words:

‘Here stands Slave Trader Edward Colston a racist’,

then allow intelligent passers-by a moment of thought and contemplation as they remember just for a second, this figure cast in bronze before them enslaved and sold human beings.

After much thought also searching of the soul I’ve come to a momentous decision I AM NOT going to be party to this circus I’m going to phrase ‘hunt down everyone with a tenuous historical connection to slavery’, nope I’m not going to use what little time I have left on this planet apologising for my country’s Colonial past, nope I’m taking no part in this hate filled campaign to search every cultural nook and cranny in the hope of finding places, songs, people that may or may not have an association with Britain’s shameful slave capturing past. Yes truly awful, but to be quite honest I’m not gonna expend emotional energy saying sorry to every do gooder liberal who’s deeply offended by ‘my’ chequered past, I didn’t do the crime!….. I’ve enough to worry about with Brexit, Covid-19 and my employment.

Who knows perhaps my Grandfather’s business published sheet music with the words and melody to a happy negro singing a plantation tune, could have happened, and this one example of a ridiculous charade will play out in White families up and down the land, all wondering if they to have a connection to Britain’s slavery.

Just leave it be.

One other thing, I’m not partaking in this orgy of mudslinging where everyone is accusing everyone else of being racist……. a ridiculous spectacle to the point where the word’s true meaning is lost!

Boxer Anthony Joshua says Blacks should only donate to Black charities…… what a lovely thing to say 😦 and heal a nation.

America’s race riots are little over a week old, life will return to a normality and hopefully change will blossom into a country where Blacks and Whites can co exist (more) peacefully, I’m saying no more, not my business. However they’ve triggered British racial tensions that are only just beginning, 80 Policeman have been assaulted, police cars pelted with stones as they pass city streets, riots in major cities and lol hundreds of road signs to be renamed……… it’s only the beginning oh and btw we’re living through a health pandemic killing 42,000 people…….. just saying!

You’d like an example? Ok then, Liverpool’s Penny Lane, made famous by The Beatles is “in danger of being renamed” if links to slavery are found. Researching will take time but people won’t wait for democracy to run it’s course, nope in the in-between time, iconic Penny Lane was last week defaced following claims it’s associated with 18th century slave merchant James Penny. You see the city of Liverpool has a dark and shameful past their politicians and citizens would rather wished never happened, hundreds of years ago the port of Liverpool carried around 1.5 million enslaved Africans on approximately 5,000 voyages, with the vast majority going to the Caribbean. Vast wealth was accumulated, schools and hospitals constructed in Colston/Penny’s names but these good works now count for nothing…….. and perhaps they shouldn’t? Discuss.

So Penny Lane one of the most beautiful soulful ballads ever written, is to be no more, mark my words if a connection is discovered the Beatles song will be removed from Radio playlists, dropped by Spotify. I kid you not, remember the most financially successful film ever made ‘Gone With The Wind, has been dropped by HBO (ok lol, I agree the content is err a little questionable 😉 ). My take on the hysterics surrounding Penny Lane’s ‘should it stay or should it go?’ My opinion for what it’s worth is leave the Street be and keep the name Penny Lane, yes this song’s inspiration just may have been James Penny, but so what, what better way to remember this evil slave trader’s shameful past than have a Street named after him for everyone to read and see….. and as for all this money time and effort trying to research if there is a connection……. why doesn’t someone pick up the phone and ask Paul McCartney! (I’m 🙂 rather pleased with that observation all my own.)

A. Shepherdson 2020

Police lives matter

June 10th a Police officer is wrestled to the floor and punched by several youths as if he were a punchbag, this horrifying assault took place near the Frampton Road in the London Borough of Hackney, and I’d suggest these recent nationwide attacks are the consequence of when a just and honourable campaign to clean up the world’s Police forces, spirals downward into hysteria, the consequence of a loss of respect for thousands upon thousands of good men and women emergency workers, and incidentally I’m NOT attempting to diminish and trivialise the ‘Black lives matters’ campaign sweeping the globe. But if you’d like my personal opinion (and you’re gonna get it anyway lol), woke celebrities using their public platforms demanding defunding of the Police, also media outlets broadcasting hours of Police brutality coverage has instructed the public to mistrust all Police officers, remind them that if they’re unfortunate enough to be stopped and questioned by a thug in uniform, just keep in mind, ‘push the correct buttons’ and he/she has the potential to murder you.

Defund the Police? Are these celebs ‘batshit’ crazy, who they gonna phone terrified from their ‘panic rooms?

Lashings of overstated hyperbole for you there.

I’m not overplaying the shock these horrific images in today’s newspapers have created, the public are genuinely upset, and I know I’ve written of my distain for Twitter, but apparently the social media platform is in meltdown with people expressing support for our Police, when your Grandmother is attacked and robbed in the High Street, or your girlfriend sexually assaulted whilst walking through a Park late evening, or a friend killed by a drunken hit and run driver, or your business broken into and burgled who are you going call?……… Not ghostbusters you’re gonna call your local Police force!

I’m really am unsure as of today, are we supposed to respect or mistrust our emergency worker’s in uniform? I’m not joking btw.

In my humble opinion there’s only ONE way to redress the balance because all respect has evaporated then again we live in chaotic times end of! Oh yes my opinion or let’s say an idea, I’d suggest all Policemen and Policewomen should go on strike for one weekend, a social experiment have you will and I’d suggest after 48 hours of countrywide lawlessness, looting, rape, theft, violence with not a Police officer on call for help, we may have a new found respect for those who uphold our Laws. Would be an interesting experiment.

Lol Rant over and let’s all calm down shall we.


A. Shepherdson 2020


I’ll begin by saying I’m constructing a wooden model fire engine, a scaled down version of the ‘DENNIS F9‘ fire tender, and please refer to my previous three postings because they explain all……. that’s if you’re curious of course 🙂 .

(I’m not vain posting my model pics here, I’ve just enjoyed documenting the progress.)

I’ve been furloughed by my employer this past 14 weeks hence my need of a hobby project (in other words improve my waning mental health) , and the photos above represent my progress so far however HOWEVER! This maybe the furthest I get for a while, I’ve been recalled back to work as of ‘sooon’, therefore I’ve purchased bottles of alcohol base hand-gel also 30 disposable face masks all in readiness, all because I’ll be using public transport and to say I’m apprehensive is an understatement.

I’m very happy to be returning though 🙂 even though the PPE is going to be expensive, but welcome to the new ways of working Andrew……. post COVID-19 working is going to be a very different way of living.

A. Shepherdson 2020

Step one: Tracing the outline (of my fire engine)

This June 2020 onwards, I’m constructing a model DENNIS fire engine from plywood, it’s my little project to keep lockdown boredom at bay, now in order to follow the construction I’m afraid the reader really will have to read (if you’re interested 🙂 ) my previous 2 posting because it’ll save me repeating the content once again, for the first real occasion in over 2 year my WordPress has a theme.

So hopefully you’ve returned interested as to what happened next, btw I’m not showing off, I’m enjoying seeing my mini project on the internet.

1. I’d previously googled DENNIS F8 fire engine then copied 120 found photographs, then saved onto my PC (inside a folder).

2. Pictured below you’ll see a side-on outline of one fire engine side panel, on tracing paper again purchased from good old Amazon.

3. Taking a sheet of tracing paper, I attached said paper to the PC screen and traced the outline, then using scissors cut out the fire engine profile a technique well known to all you dress makers…….. exactly the same except I cannot sew lol!

Below you see a model DENNIS purchased from Amazon for £10, this toy’s only purpose to give me an reminder/prompt as to what the engine actually looks like as I construct the model……… it’s all a question of scale.

😀 I hope you’re keeping up!

4. Taking the fire engine profile paper tracing, I then attached to a piece of birch tree sourced plywood and proceeded to cut out one side panel using my scroll-saw, follow the pencil line with the saw blade carefully and scroll-sawing really is very easy.

Repeated the tracing/sawing procedure on a new sheet of plywood so as to manufacture a second side to my DENNIS F8 fire engine………. for those unaware of this beautiful magnificent vehicle, the fire tender was built in the 1950’s and below shows the actual image I used to trace around.

…….…. and here’s my model (below) partly constructed by gluing the plywood profiles to one another, using wood glue!

To be continued………….. (any questions in comments please)

A. Shepherdson 2020

My new Workshop……. in the (spare) bedroom!


As of now I’m making (constructing) a model fire engine from wood……. it’s a hobby of mine and my new Blog theme!

Btw I’m happy 🙂 with WordPress once again, after spending time playing with their new ‘flashy’ Block Editor……. I’ve cracked it!

(We humans hate change don’t we, and I’m here to tell you ‘adapting to change’ gets harder the older you become 😦 . (Sigh… a not tooo dissimilar scenario when I notice young ladies are getting younger by the year…… the only trouble is they don’t date middle aged guys.)

Anyways returning to the English built 1950’s DENNIS fire engine, as you may or may be aware (see previous posting) I’m constructing a scaled down model from wood, after weeks of idly surfing the www also twiddling my thumbs doing ‘sweet fanny Adams’ I desperately needed a project however first things first build myself a ‘small’ workshop!

So I cleared and tidied the spare bedroom (a task in itself I can tell you), constructed a work surface which in effect is a sturdy wooden shelf, purchased myself a Pillar drill (£100 delivered to the door by Amazon) then mounted to the bench so as to compliment my electric powered Scroll-saw…….. and did you know ladies own these amazing machines? Yep they purchase 3mm plywood and profile cut intricate wooden jigsaws… que YouTube! Go look and see for yourselves and never again label me as being sexist……. unless I’m writing about large ‘milky’ breasts lol.

Btw if you wish to view this model DENNIS fire engine I keep writing about? Pictures will follow in a posting scheduled for tomorrow’ish’.

A. Shepherdson 2020

The DENNIS fire engine and……..

Today’s my very first attempt at writing a Posting with the new Block Editor……… infuriating, my take is WordPress can shove it where ‘the Sun doesn’t shine!’ (I’m joking) 😀

So what’s the reason for today’s blog Andrew after being away such a long time? (Perhaps not one for my female readers then again that is sexist of me.)

Truth be told after ten weeks living in covid-19 lock down isolation I was very close to suffering a mental breakdown, I could feel all will to live draining out of me, I’m not joking for effect because depression isn’t funny and what’s more I’ve been missing work badly having been furloughed because I’m unable to work from home, bored and inactive occaisionally masturbating in place of sex with women, it slowly dawned on me I was spending tooo much time surfing the internet suffice to say I needed a PROJECT!

So I built myself a compact workshop in my spare bedroom, purchased a new pillar drill to compliment my aged scroll-saw and set to work designing and making a scale model of the DENNIS F8 fire engine, a British icon and aesthetically mesmerising. I love the body lines, window shapes with it’s distinctive headlights and unforgetable front end, so I purchased a sheet of 6mm plywood online and set to work using my hands………… as an aside, on-line shopping is a blessing, how would we have coped in this crisis without digital shopping?

We’d have all gone loopy!

A little history facts and trivia before I reveal my unfinished wooden model fire engine……. you’ll have to wait till ‘tomorrowish’ btw never ceases to amaze be that people have liked and commented my old postings from over the past 2 years, that’s what keeps me going 🙂 .

  • Model: The ‘DENNIS F8’ fire engine
  • Manufacturer: Dennis Brothers Limited
  • Factory: Guildford in England
  • Date: 1950-55
  • Engine: Rolls Royce
  • Exported: To the British Empire

Sadly the last Dennis fire engine left the Guildford factory in 2007, yes they are alas long gone having been making fire engines for just over 100 years, produced army vehicles during 2 world wars and yet another great British icon consigned to the history books along with so many others, makes be want to literally cry but that’s another story.

They built the F8 after the war and similar to most manufacturers Dennis suffered from a shortage of materials and skilled labour not forgetting Britain was bankrupt. So they went back to basics fabricating a steel chasis then dropping a wooden (coachbuilt) body on top and bolting the two together, with no independent suspension they reverted to leaf springs from Cowboy Stagecoach days, the result was a beautiful vehicle that quite literally shock the fillings loose from the firemen crew, however I’ll never deride the F8 and Dennis Brothers made over a thousand selling them to countries across the Empire from Canada to Singapore.

A few more photographs for you,

To be continued………

A. Shepherdson 2020