Christmas Lights & busted by Security!!!


Listen to the audio at 2 mins 45 seconds, 😀 where I get busted by a very pleasant and friendly (Shopping Precinct) Security Guard!


Do I have a story for you this evening, oh and this is my final photo Post of 2018!

Several hours ago I thought why not take a few photographs of my Town’s Christmas decorations and lights, so carrying my Samsung Galaxy Tablet with me, I took the short walk into Town making for to the Main Shopping Precinct. Then for the next 15 minutes I photographed the lights also a video up above, I must admit I could see I looked a little conspicuous holding the Tablet aloft walking down an empty Street at 9.30pm.

Oh yes the photos, you’ll see a 10ft diameter Tree decoration at one entrance, and a Christmas Tree with flashing lights at the Cinema entrance, well by coincidence at the same time as I’d finished filming a Security Guard, very pleasant he was to, strode up to me to ask what I was in fact doing?

He went on to say the Police had been watching ME on their CCTV then contacted the Guard to have a word in ‘my shell like’ ear……………… anyways not to worry he made me laugh, I guess overt Security is a sign of the sad times we live in. Happy Christmas 🙂

XMAS lights 2018 011
A 10 feet diameter Christmas tree decoration…….. quite impressive actually


©A. Shepherdson 2018

11 thoughts on “Christmas Lights & busted by Security!!!

  1. I love the pictures! Yes, security these days…sigh. Back in the day kids came and went at they’re school, nowadays everything is so tight and locked and requiring signatures and pressing if intercom buttons and there’s phone calls to report even a 5 min late arrival…

    Sign of the times.

    Merry Christmas from 🇨🇦!

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    • Yes our Xmas lights are rather good this year, the Council to their credit have done well. Referring to my video I only wish I’d left the ‘film running’ because the Guard and had quite a very friendly conversation. Hmm I can imagine schools will be a lot more safety conscious these days, thinking back to my youth, my mother freely admits most of the time she had no idea where my sibling and I ACTUALLY were apart from out on our bikes!!! A different world, and Happy Christmas to you from the UK.

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  2. Oh oh! The good news is that they had security in case a real villain showed up. The bad news is that they thought you might have been a bad guy. My suggestion for next Christmas is to get yourself a new iPhone X with a bigger screen and then no one will question that you’re taking a video with your phone. A tablet probably looked suspicious. At least they didn’t lock you up. Lol

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