Ray’s Detective writing challenge!

Ray this Detective challenge of yours captured my imagination, my very first picture prompt actually and fascinating to me because three quarters in, without a care in the world I wrote myself into a literary dead end! If truth be told I very nearly deleted but persevered and came up with an ending which I think works but for the reader to decide. Hmm that possibly gives away my style, an idea, write, and see where a tale takes me?

I enjoyed writing Sally’s cheating husband lol in fact I got a little carried away, but it was fun and passed a few happy hours 🙂 , hope you enjoy and thank you. 🙂 ❤

Ray’s Rules:
You are a private investigator. You have worked for Mrs Sally Canetti during the last 3 months – chasing her cheating husband. Write a short note to her (on the following photo).


Ray’s picture prompt

I am the Private Investigator

I have worked for Mrs Sally Canetti during the last 3 months chasing her cheating husband

Below is my short(ish) note, posted in an envelope to Sally Canetti with photo

The cheating artist in the photo = Mr Canetti

The artist’s nude model = Scarlet Dufrain

Dear Mrs Canetti,

I trust you’ve been keeping well since we last met, would you believe three months have passed, time flies, and I fear this will be reflected in my increased fee (attached receipt), the train tickets swallowed most of your retainer and London bed and breakfast consumed what little was left!

London I hear you say? Yes your husband visit’s London at the weekends and no doesn’t go fishing with his brother, then again you guessed correct the brother is a lying asshole, so beware the girly chats you have with his wife at the salon, a tissue of lies! Because now for certain I know he IS cheating as you suspected, hopefully my evidence will bring closure and off the record possibilities of great wealth……….. please remember that when you appraise my inflated fee.

Now you’ve recovered from reading the much inflated fee I’m afraid there’s good and bad news, your husband is mistrustful consequently takes great care with fidelities. For six weekends I followed Mr Canetti to London Paddington observing him from a carriage behind, and on each time pulling into the platform we’d alight then I’d lose sight as he hurriedly disappeared from view melting into the crowds. However all’s not lost, every Friday evening I’d follow his journey that little bit farther, that first Friday I lost him at the entrance to Paddington Underground………. very disappointing, all was not lost though, the following Friday I waited at said entrance and would follow him approximately 5 minutes more. Your husband is a clever man Sally, first I lost him after he alighted at Belize Park Station, the bastard waited till seconds before the door shut, jumped out passing him as he walked up the platform as I sped into the tunnel, you’ll guess I lost him.

Well not to worry, I surmised correctly our errant husband follows the same route and to the exact same timetable of trains, so having a hunch I took an earlier train than he to London, travelled the Underground to Belsize, sat in the waiting room with a coffee (note all costs are receipted) as the very same train motioned to pull out the station your husband jumped out and briskly strode through the exit with me in tow. I might add sporting a very self satisfied smug grin but it takes a clever man to hoodwink old ‘Sniffer Dobbins!’ Keeping your husband in view, sniffer by name sniffer nature, I followed close behind and on exiting the Station we took the short walk to Belsize Park (yes it really is a Park) and would you believe it I got lucky at last, because sited alongside the Park sat a row of black taxis, then quick as a flash your husband near leaped from pavement into a cab, so with great haste I might add, I jumped into the cab behind has he sped of into the distance me shouting to the driver,


And Sally what a splendid driver Abdallah was, with a great haste, as safely he could muster, my Pakistani friend followed your husband across busy London, driving up side streets, swerving around pedestrians, a quick left turn, down a one way street THE wrong way perhaps with a fast corner right, which got me thinking your stickler for timing husband and careful subversive behaviour takes the very same taxi every weekend.

I was proved correct!

We followed, or I should say Abdallah drove as fast he dare trying to keep up, I fed him a lie I was Military Intelligence (MI5) following a suspected carrier of Novochek nerve agent heading for Salisbury, a trick of our Trade is gaining friends, it excites people such as Abdallah to get involved.

Your husband’s car slowed down on driving through a quiet street off Piccadilly Circus, Abdalla followed slowly from behind and we two observed the taxi door open, your husband step out and pay his fare, nervously glance up and down said Street, climb several steps and enters a terraced flat. Though be aware Sally! Mr Canetti didn’t knock and wait for someone to open and let him in, no he took keys from HIS coat pocket, glanced up the Street again and disappeared inside.

Receipts for Taxi fares you’ll find in the envelope!

Here at ‘Findum & Catchum’ Private Investigators, our primary work is following wayward spouses, and experience tells old ‘sniffer’ Dobbins letting yourself into a flat only means one thing, and as I suspected your husband owns said Flat because later that afternoon I paid a special visit to Council records, and yes I guessed correct it’s there in black and white, your husband is sitting tenant for his Flat if by a different name, rather clever actually…… Mrs Canetti on full payment of our Bill I will provide you his address and photographs, yes I’d guess the photo of your husband painting a naked model hanging from a wall has been troubling your mind?

Three months passed while tracking your husband’s secretive clandestine fun and games, but there’s more, with every London Visit to his Flat off Piccadilly Circus, ten minutes to the second after your husband entered his flat, a pretty young lady with flowing long blonde hair would knock the door and Mr Canetti would let her in!

Scarlet Dufrain is her name!

So Sally here my tale arrives at weekend last. Friday I’d taken the precaution to rent a room directly to the rear of his flat, a ‘sniffer’ Dobbins hunch, and yes luck was with me, looking through my trusty camera’s Telephoto lens I would gaze into Mr Canetti ‘s living room with skylight, and another lucky break, your husband and Miss Scarlett Dufrain entered. Yes a Miss Scarlet, do you know her Sally? Well I didn’t and on further enquiries she works for a High Class Escort Agency and is not an artist model, Scarlet by name Scarlet by nature!

So what did they do together, I’d guess that’s troubling you now, well Friday evening he painted Scarlet in various naked poses, still life’s I think they’re known as! No she’s not a model Sally, I regret to inform you Miss Dufrain is an escort, a hooker, a rather pricey seller of sex!

I’d guess he pays her hourly fee with the money he receives from renting his flat out Sunday to Thursday……………. answer’s your question how did he pay for that new Mercedes, so you’ll be comforted to know he’s not returned to armed robbery and holding up Post Offices again! Be happy in yourself after all divorce settlements are made no creditors will appear from the woodwork, my suggested solicitors ‘Simon & Tedesco’ should see you right.

So back I come to 4pm Friday afternoon, there I was peering into Mr Canetti’s living room, the afternoon my enclosed evidence was taken and on payment you will receive photos ALL……… AND now’s the time I have to share the gory details of what your cheating husband got up to each weekend.

Very strange goings on Sally the like I’ve never seen in all my hours of hunting cheating spouses, Miss Scarlet walked into the room first, disrobed to naked, then my third ‘stroke’ of luck for you, she didn’t close the curtains! Scarlet wandered around the living room nude, perhaps looked in a mirror, admired her trim figure, plumped her golden locks then near jumped out of her skin when Mr Canetti walked in dressed as, brace yourself!..………… Dressed as Pablo Picasso so he was, all to paint his ‘Pretty Woman’s’ image in oils, the photos will look great in Court! 

But there was a twist Friday last, Scarlet moved her posing chair to below the skylight, Mr Canetti bound rope around her arms, attaching her to the wall though note with her intimacy hidden, then returning to his easel, with his back to me, I watched him paint Miss Scarlet’s image………. the image of her at the Bow of a ship!

After he’d finished painting Miss Dufrain she was unattached from the wall, and there’s more, the expansive brush stokes whipped him into a frenzy so they did, the final act from this artistic drama being he’d rip off every stitch of his clothing, near throw Miss Scarlet to the floor and there they’d lay on top a threadbare deep green carpet making mad passionate love!

I have ALL the photos taken across five afternoon and they’ll be provided when said Bill is settled in full, and I’d like to think you’d pay ‘Findum & Catchum’ Investigator’s a nice healthy bonus, with my diligent private investigation I’ve recorded many explicit images, enough evidence for ‘Simon & Tedesco’ to take him for every penny he has………. there’s even a London Flat for you Sally, and speaking as your friend, I trust you’ve found my rather long winded tale interesting reading, yes rather long but very thorough.

THAT’S the good news of which I speak now for the BAD.

I have the gravest of news for you Mrs Canetti, awful information that I’ve never had to share with a patron before! Usually an errant spouse will take the greatest of care with protection, but alas each time I watched your husband make love to naked Scarlet on that dark Green carpet, Sally I can hardly bring myself to share with you but I must! The gravest of News is…….. Mr Canetti never once wore condoms! No I’m afraid not a single time and oh boy I saw a great deal of lovemaking. 

Where was I? Condoms! No I fear your husband did not use any. Intimate relations between husband and wife are not the business of ‘Findum & Catchum’ Investigators but as your friend of many many years I don’t really need to spell out do I Miss Scarlet Dufrain is an escort, a hooker an expensive prostitute, she engages in unprotected sex with many a client…………… well Sally I need write no further………….. except go get yourself tested!

Kind regards, ‘Sniffer’ Dobbins of ‘Findum & Catchum Private Investigation Agency’.


Original picture prompted tale BY A. Shepherdson 2018


We are England!


No this Isn’t a post lamenting the cock up that is BREXIT, neither is this post asking why I no longer feel as if I’m living in a Green and Pleasant land, I remember the England of my youth seemed to be a happier place to live in?

My Mum’s father used to talk fondly of ‘The Good Ole Days’ and I find myself using that same phrase now, hmm I wonder did they ever exist?

No the England I speak of is of course our World Cup Football Team, and against all the odds we’ve reached the semi finals to be played on Wednesday. Enough to say the Country will shut up shop for 2 hours and 40 million men women and children will be glued to a TV screen for what will surely be a nerve-wrecking nail-biting game of football. There’ll be emotional highs and lows that’ll swing from ecstatic euphoria to utter despair and ultimately one team will win and progress to the Final!

We win and my nerves will be shredded once again!

Btw this isn’t a post about playing the game of football, there’s nothing more tedious than reading about statistics form, or how the beautiful game should be played………. sport is fabulous because it’s a game of opinions.

No rather than talking football I wanted to write down a few thoughts while we’re still in the Competition, because come 9 o’clock Wednesday evening I’ll either be excited because we’re in the Final or down in the dumps because our Team’s on the way home.

No rather than the how to play, I’d rather dwell on why this Team has reached a Semi when football powerhouse Countries such as Brazil Germany Spain and Italy have long since gone home…….. because amazingly, against all the odds England are in a frigging Semi final! We talk of little else at work apart from this Russian Tournament, most chat is how on earth have we reached these dizzy heights when our England Team was written off by everyone even me!

Teamwork and an inspirational Manager is the reason we’re doing so well. Gareth Southgate on becoming England Manager ditched all the big name premaddonna showboating old guard, and instead selected twenty year old young men some who played in lower Leagues, a goal keeper who’s been loaned to clubs 10 times in his career TEN! If you asked a fan to name the fifty best players in England very few England players would feature. Before the World Cup most were not big stars, however they bought into Gareth’s grand plan for success and he moulded them into a well oiled footballing machine with an identity and purpose, just goes to show what teamwork can achieve in life.

So as of me sitting typing right this moment England haven’t played Croatia yet, but by the time I next log onto WordPress we’ll either be one step away from lifting that priceless golden Trophy or alas coming home on the next aeroplane.

So what of this Manager named Gareth Southgate? Well I’m not going to write another 450 words except to say sale’s of three piece suite waistcoats have gone through roof, flying off the shelves they are and as clothes models go, Gareth’s waistcoat could end up being one of the stars! In fact ‘Marks and Spencer’s’ have seen a 45% rise in sales and master tailors on ‘Savile Row’ have been reported as saying they cannot make enough to keep up with demand, so here’s to the  elegant sartorial footballing genius Gareth Southgate, the best dressed Manager in the World it’s official! And he’s a lovely honest guy who we should remember most people said shouldn’t have gotten the job of England Manager, me included.

Hmm what will I do with this post Thursday, send to Trash lol?

Below Gareth Southgate, as of now he’s a footballing genius and whatever happens there’s no getting away the guy has style AND he’ll end up a Night of The Realm, that’s the title of Sir Gareth Southgate!

Hmm do women think him sexy?


A. Shepherdson using ‘borrowed media’.

(I’ve refrained from talking sport on this blog up to now, so this will probably be my first and last sport’s post)

Blenheim Palace photos pt2 (& Trump visit)

My photos and please download and save if you wish.

Blenheim Palace July 2017 pan5Blenheim Palace July 2017 026

I know I’ve written many times this is a politics and religion free blog, but Trump’s visit is more a carnival event rather than working visit, (he’s desperate to have tea with our Queen) now like you all I have personal opinions which I’ll refrain from sharing here……………….. only that if Trump is your guy, your chosen leader then that’s called Democracy in action.

Before I begin I will suggest before reading my Blenheim Palace pt2 you should go and look at the photos in Blenheim a photo post pt1, which I’ll ‘link here’, viewing will both help follow my thread of thought ands saves me having to repeat everything twice aka Trump’s visit! Thank you 🙂 .

So having visited pt1 you’ll now know MY photographs were taken walking around the beautiful Palace Parklands, glorious they were bathed in glorious August sunlight, however to begin with I wish to mention something of Trumps’ official UK visit next Friday! Just be aware Blenheim WILL be global news next weekend.

Number 10 confirmed Friday Donald Trump’s 4 day visit will avoid London, with one caveat, he and the wife will sleep one night at the Ambassador’s residency in Regent’s Park and well that’s all he’ll see of London! Incredible because historically Nixon Kennedy Bush Reagan and Obama have ALL visited Number 10 and the Houses of Parliament, shared tea with the Queen at Buck Palace but such is the threat of major demonstrations Trump is in effect banned from London. Our Capital City thank God hasn’t been suicide bombed in a while, and well I’d guess MI5 MI6 have advised against a visit for his and our own security………. all very sad.

Remember in pt1  lol told you he’d miss London in favour of Blenheim, I was right when I said ‘watch this space’ as I shared the fact Trump’s visit is little more than a stop over visit to Fortress Blenheim Palace, lol I told you so…………. ok someone I know who work’s in security informed me that he’d heard the mountain will be coming to Muhammad, the mountain being British establishment, Muhammad being of course Donald Trump.

Ok here’s a brief itinerary ‘yawn lol’ if you’d really like to know, such a shame because Obama was welcomed with open arms and well Trump IS an unwelcome liability. (Courtesy of Microsoft on-line).

  • The US President’s four-day tour will instead include a military parade at Winston Churchill’s birthplace of Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, talks with Theresa May at her Chequers country home, and tea with the Queen at Windsor Castle
  • Trump will spend just a few hours in the capital, when he overnights at the US Ambassador’s residence in Regent’s Park.
  • He will not visit Downing Street, Buckingham Palace or the Houses of Parliament, all of which are expected to feature the biggest protests ever seen during a visit by an American President.
  • The ‘working visit’ lacks the status of a full state visit, but organisers of the event on both sides of the Atlantic have tried to meet Trump’s demands for ceremonial pomp, a military theme and rounds of golf in Scotland.
  • Trump coalition is still planning a Carnival of Resistance across the entire country, and demonstrations – against Trump’s sexism, racism and treatment of migrants – are planned not just in central London but also some of the stops on his now public itinerary.
  • With some Britons expected to take days off work to attend the protest, the main demo in London next Friday will start outside the BBC’s headquarters and end at Trafalgar Square.
  • London Mayor Sadiq Khan has given the go-ahead for a giant “Trump baby” inflatable balloon to be tethered above Parliament Square.
    Amid security worries, intense secrecy has shrouded the President’s plans for months, but Downing Street finally announced details of the event on Friday.
    Trump will arrive on Thursday July 12, when he will come directly from the NATO summit in Brussels.
  • The Prime Minister will then host the President and the First Lady for a black-tie business dinner at Blenheim Palace, the ancestral home of the Spencer Churchill family. The event will begin with a military ceremony performed by the bands of the Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards. The bands will play the Liberty Fanfare, Amazing Grace, and the National Emblem.
  • During dinner, the Countess of Wessex’s Orchestra will perform a series of classic British and American hits. The Royal Regiment of Scotland will pipe the President out at the end.
  • Windsor Castle, where President Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth II next week
  • The next morning, the President and the Prime Minister will visit a defence site, yet to be made public, to witness “a demonstration of the UK’s cutting-edge military capabilities and integrated UK-US military training”.
  • Chequers for bilateral talks on a range of foreign policy issues, over a working lunch. Trump and May will then hold a joint press conference, the only point on the visit when media will have direct access to the President.
  • The President and the First Lady will then travel to Windsor Castle to meet The Queen, a key moment of the entire trip.
  • On Friday evening, they will travel to Scotland, where they will spend the weekend. It is understood that the British government will play no part in the Scottish leg of the trip as it is a ‘private element’ of the official visit.

Finally he is expected to travel largely via his ‘Marine One’ helicopter, so along with ‘Black Hawk’s’ ‘Apache’s’ and May’s helicopter Blenheim Grounds will resemble a Heliport!

Returning to my OWN Palace visit here are photos taken as I wandered the track that leads visitors around the stunning beautiful Parkland, new photos you’ll not see in pt1.

The guy wearing a green shirt, holding a blue rucksack and drinking lemon and lime is of course MEE!

Blenheim Palace July 2017 mis1Blenheim Palace July 2017 036Blenheim Palace July 2017 034Blenheim Palace July 2017 041Blenheim Palace July 2017 032Blenheim Palace July 2017 031Blenheim Palace July 2017 029Blenheim Palace July 2017 028Blenheim Palace July 2017 025Blenheim Palace July 2017 021Blenheim Palace July 2017 019

………………….. AND finally to conclude this rather mixed bag of a post, if you hadn’t heard of Blenheim Palace before July 2018…………watch the TV and you will sooon 🙂 .

A. Shepherdson 2018


I pulled a muscle in my back! (Response Post)


I had a slight accident and Claudette’s post aches pains and injuries: welcome to your 40s and 50s came to mind, so I thought why not write a response post they’re always great fun and I like her blog.

..…………… and yes pulling muscles when you’re 50 is far from!

I had lived until the age of 50 having never broken a bone in my body, quite an amazing fact actually because most people I know have broken at least 1 bone in their lifetime, my sibling has broken no end playing various contact sports so I’d guess serious injury and pain is part of the fun? HOWEVER note cracks and the like are certainly nothing to be envied or hoped for!

Then last year I stumbled whilst walking through the centre of Town, hit my head on the pavement and fractured my cheekbone in 4 frigging places, that meant a lot of fuss an ambulance ride to Hospital, time off work, x-rays and countless Follow up visits, so please no more bone breaks ‘I’ve seen it done it and bought the tee-shirt!’

I HAVEN’T (finger’s crossed, touch wood, hope I’m not tempting fate) broken another bone and hope I never do but in life you just never know what’s around the corner, in fact we live our lives oblivious to what-ifs simply because we’d send ourselves insane trying to imagine every worst scenario possible.

A quick tale for you, last week I was in my kitchen preparing a salad for tea, washing lettuce, chopping tomatoes, grilling a jacket potato, constantly going back and forth to the fridge for cheese grapes radishes dip and an egg for boiling, I love eggs! Yes after boiling my egg and 10 mins later peeling the shell off I placed the steaming object on the kitchen work top, walked away, turned to see it rolling off the chopping board, lunged to try and catch it before hitting the floor and pulled a muscle in my back AND the boiled egg hit the floor!

Lol the pain was crippling, I could hardly get out of bed the next morning but I’m feeling much better now thanks for asking 😀 . 

On reflection I think Claudette’s posts hinted at the answer to aging and the body’s susceptibility to picking up aches and pains, I have a feeling the answer is no more complicated than applying gentle stretches to muscles groups but without the use of weights!………………… That knowledge comes from years of reading women’s magazines.


So my advice is take care of yourselves (and loved ones), and beware rolling hard boiled eggs. 

A. Shepherdson 2018.

When I lay in my garden…….

🙂 I deleted this post then I thought to myself why am I binning? Readers should know by now I’m an eclectic themed blog, when a thought captures my imagination I jot it down, some make it here most don’t, and being honest varied posts make up for my deficiencies as a creative writer (oh yes!)………… I’m having fun and that’s all that matters. 

I’ve discovered something this week! If I position my sun lounger in a certain position on my lawn in the rear garden I cannot be seen by any of my neighbours! Yep if I’m really accurate with angles from window viewings, and if I’ve carefully placed the canvass bed using schoolboy pythag calculations then I’m absolutely convinced no one can see me laying stretched out wearing not a stitch of clothing! 

It’s been fun second guessing 😀 .

Then again :/ perhaps I should search naked sunbathing men on YouTube, BUT at my age I wouldn’t actually care if someone did photograph me, I don’t think I’m breaking the law wearing no clothes in my garden………… am I?

Who cares, I’m enjoying our warm balmy afternoons sleeping and relaxing, laying in the sun stark b#ll#ck naked and I’m here to tell you lol I’ve never felt more invigorated, oh and toddler naughty! However just be aware I’m neither a nudist naturist or exhibitionist and I’ve never gone au naturel outside in my life before, but after feeling warm sunrays on my skin cool breezes skimming my smooth milky white slim body, or curvaceous buttocks when I’m face down, I have a feeling these gorgeous sensations could become addictive! 

Does anyone else or has digital cameras and internet put an end to ALL fun and backyard nudity?

A. Shepherdson 2018

Czesława Kwoka, died in Auschwitz


A reflective Post this evening, makes a welcome change and good or bad I can guarantee my blog will never be one theme, I’ve enjoyed writing this 🙂 .

I look at Czesława Kwoka’s Auschwitz registration photograph time and time again, her haunting expression isn’t unique, the many other prisoner photos being colourised so magnificently are equally as haunting and devoid of ALL human emotion.

I look at her, and I wish I could do this post justice, convey how I’ve been feeling whilst reading her true horror story. However I fear I don’t have the breadth of descriptive language and yes I think I lack an ability to convey the upsetting emotions I’m feeling…………. I’ll write you humorous posts all day long of tales sleeping with women BUT serious issues I struggle with and that makes me very angry. And for once I break copyrighted photographs legally, Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum don’t mind, I’d guess the reason is because we should never forget man will imprison the innocent, is capable of murder and when you have the sick enigma of concentration camp deniers, you have to allow the photos to be used for good kind and appropriate reasons, then hopefully we never forget. 

Several years ago I saw a British TV documentary challenging Holocaust deniers, the truly scary part was these deluded people with an agenda appeared to be like you and I? Like I said scary and truly frightening not knowing one could be a work colleague.

You may be thinking Andrew why are you beating yourself up over this, not many people read you and if you don’t enjoy writing this post don’t! I’d answer lol I know, secondly this Blog is for me to read and yes I’ll enjoy the creative process of at least trying to.

I guess an answer would be, several days ago journalists released photos of children separated from their parents caged behind steel fencing AND under bright spotlights 24hrs a day 😮 ! Yes Trump says he’ll backtrack on this problem he created but it’s so so easy for lessons from the past to be forgotten, Czesława died behind Auschwitz fencing 1943 by phenol lethal injection into her heart, she was age 17, her mother had been murdered one month earlier.

🙂 I’m not comparing Trump to Nazism, steel wire fencing seemed to fit that’s all.

The first time I came across ‘Faces of Auschwitz’ was recently in my Reader, are they personalised posts or does everyone. Briefly for I’m not going to repeat, this project is a collaboration between the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, an amazing digital colourist Marina Amaral all with the one aim of preserving 38,000 photos from over 1,000,000 innocent prisoners who died. A team of academics, journalists and volunteers created ‘Faces of Auschwitz’ to honour the lives of Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoners, and colourising their registration photos truly brings their individual stories to life.

My parents many years ago visited Auschwitz whilst holidaying in Eastern Europe and my father at the time being a secondary school history teacher, you can imagine this horrific example of the awful depravity human beings are capable of affected him, to torture and murder another human being with a total absence of conscience is hard to accept. That there appeared to be no collective conscience to me is worrying for all our futures………………. mankind is truly a dangerous and complex living breathing animal how did we reach a point in time where murdering a child was accepted.


Czesława 26947 looking tired malnourished and resigned to her lot, yet her eyes are alive and revealing, a very different stare in each photo! If she’d lived in London 2018 she’d be a student or a happy face waitressing in a restaurant, serving in a bar or whatever…………….. The life we live is purely an accident of birth and nothing to do with Gods.

Why have I chosen Czesława registration photograph above all others? On reflection I’ve chosen her above many others because of her eyes in the centre face on picture, she’s not looking at the camera though at first glance I thought so simply because all others are!

Those eyes tell me Czesława is looking at SOMEONE and she’s wary anxious, that person’s in authority and to be listened to! I’d guess that someone is in charge of this sick registration, a catalogue of 1,000,000 faces soon to die. She has the gaze not of a victim (and time and time again I keep looking at her photo my brain stumbling around for words to describe how I feel) Czesława’s eyes neither hide fear distress or foreboding which on reflection most other prisoners don’t either so I guess they’re resigned to life inside a death camp, the young lady understands yet she cannot comprehend why these people think they are human.

My guess only, my best attempt at describing this wonderful photo, but her eyes speak more than I can put down in text and skilful colourising has transformed an already haunting photo…………….. don’t you agree?

I’ll never be able to answer who she’s looking at, and I’d guess not the photographer! This is pre digital, the camera’s mechanical, the photographer is finger on trigger looking through the lens, no I have the overpowering feeling this young lady is highly intelligent, understands exactly what an SS Officer is instructing her to do, she’s looking at authority following order’s with an anxious concentration. Hmm I’ve tried my best, Czesława’s haunting eyes are directly looking at someone yet devoid of revealing all but a knowing concentration that’s how I emotionally react to this picture, a stunning image for many reasons not least Marina Amaral is a truly gifted digital colourist, apparently crowned ‘the master of photo colourisation’ by WIRED Magazine and she’s truly done the prisoner’s justice. 

She also has a book out.

I’ll finish this post telling you what little is known of Czesława . She was born in Wólka Złojecka Poland, on August 15, 1928 and born a Roman Catholic obviously her mother Katarzyna’s faith, I’d forgotten Jews weren’t the only people to be murdered in Auschwitz. Czesława and her mother were arrested as political prisoners in the town of Zamość, located in Nazi-occupied Poland on December 13, 1942. It was then during processing by KL Auschwitz’s Nazi SS administrators, Czesława and Katarzyna were assigned prisoner numbers 26947 and 26946, respectively. I guess we count ourselves lucky 38,000 remain because all the rest were burnt by the fleeing guards.

Both died behind a fence in Auschwitz!

Fake news, I’ll say nothing of President Trump because my own Country’s politicians equally excel at feeding the public lies, jeeze they’ve ALL got their f#cking Twitter feeds! But fake news is far from amusing I have little people for relatives, I asked one to give me her views of what fake news meant because believe it or not at school she’s actually taught in class the tricks to spotting fake news! Don’t you think that’s so terribly sad? The internet was supposed to be this great exchange of ideas for the betterment of mankind instead it’s a conduit for supplying pornography, laundering money and turning true stories into lies then regurgitating and altering into fake news for political agenda! So very sad if the true story of Birkenau Auschwitz, man’s ability to murder is changed and edited in such a way that future children believe it never happened.

©A. Shepherdson 2018, and note ALL my own work.

Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire 2017

A photographic post for you and note all taken by me. Feel free to download and use if you wish 🙂 (btw you may wonder why I’ve reblogged? Well the post didn’t appear in any tags? Hmm :/ ).

Blenheim Palace July 2017 026

Above is a panorama of the lake with the Palace behind me.

A few readers to this WordPress will be aware I had a Blog before this one, how do I know this? 🙂 Several followed the old one. A short story made even shorter, I deleted that Blog along with ALL my posts (a Blenheim also), I didn’t copy any apart from ‘Pretty lady on a train‘, no in the hurry I lost stories tales and plenty of bs but in hindsight I’m pleased, the thought ‘Oh I have this old post, it’s ok I’ll just slip it in’ will never cross my mind and in hindsight what’s the point in that!

Enough talk of my old ‘yawn’ Blog!

August 2017 I visited one Blenheim Palace situated in the English County of Oxfordshire, well the day was gorgeously hot and sunny, the Palace grounds looked stunning in the sun and Blenheim Palace looked magnificent. Well I took my trusty cheap but very competent digital camera with me and took many photos and quite a few videos for my YouTube Channel……… then the other day I thought to myself ‘perhaps my new Followers would enjoy looking at them because I absolutely love looking at other people’s photographs’.

One more word about Blenheim Palace, you may think to yourself ‘never heard of it?’ Well I’m here to tell you I’d strongly suggest you have but perhaps not realised! Lol why do I contradict you, the Palace and Parkland have appeared in many movies for example Transformers Last Night, several James Bond films, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix to name several, not forgetting TV and music concerts PLUS when Donald Trump arrives for his 3 day visit he will be based at Blenheim.

And I think I know the reason why, a little birdie tells me and he works in security, he reliably informs me that because the Palace Grounds are encircled by a high stone wall in addition all three entrances have large oak gates apparently makes Blenheim Palace one of the most secure residences in the UK plus closely situated to London! And I’ve also heard because of the future demonstrations (note I don’t say possible) no because of the planned massed demonstrations and threat’s Trump is unlikely to visit London…………….. I maybe wrong but you lol read it here first lol.

Again note this is a politics free blog and if Trump’s your man then fine 🙂 but the security threat is large so all his Apache gunships and Black Hawk helicopters will be parked in Blenheim grounds along with the Chinooks and tanks…………… I’m sitting on the fence here, but I don’t think he’ll be as welcome as Obama.

Anyways if you wish to learn more about the Palace’s History I suggest you search Wikipedia that reliable mine of information, all I will say is the Palace’s Parkland was designed by the landscape architect Capability Brown.

I hope you enjoy and remember these were snapped August 2017.

Blenheim Palace July 2017 027

I waited for the lady (MILF) below in blue tight tee shirt to reach me, you know taking pictures of scenery, a swig of drink wasting time etc, all on the pretence of looking at her magnificent shapely boobs, well you just have to don’t you! I remember I said “hello”, she replied “lovely view” but then I was dumbstruck………… hmm when you meet a single older woman what an earth do you say? “Fancy a roll in the long grass?” JOKING.

Blenheim Palace July 2017 016Blenheim Palace July 2017 040Blenheim Palace July 2017 041Blenheim Palace July 2017 pan5Blenheim Palace July 2017 pan9

The panorama individuals below,

Blenheim Palace July 2017 pan8Blenheim Palace July 2017 pan7Blenheim Palace July 2017 pan6

All photos by A. Shepherdson 2107. (Remember download and use if you wish and there’ll be more to come)

Why do I Follow and READ :) mommy blogs?


Before I begin this post, I should like to say it’s written with the fair sex in mind (or anyone), and as always I’ve the utmost respect for all women, yet I don’t always understand them :/ .

Lol I’m hoping any mommy’s I follow will be interested in this evening’s post, not so much a philosophical expose of the working’s of my inner mind AND please note I don’t feel I have to admit and share any perverted big dark secret from deep within my consciousness, yes I occasionally write my more adult posts but they’re just for fun.

Love! Yes when I’m discussing my own past partners and the choice is between some slim lithe 18 year old beauty OR a lady with a few miles on the clock I’ll choose the lady 48 years young EVERY single time. Older women have experience and I’m not talking bedroom gymnastics, nope you’ll never pull the wool over a mature lady’s eyes so to speak I think having children puts paid to that, not forgetting moms bs spotting radar is phenomenally fine tuned, accurate. I’ll have to mention at least something of sex, at a push I’d say best of all their tits are less firm and a little droopy the glorious consequence pendulous and squishy to play with in the hand, enough lol.

There’s a phrase in the English language which seemed very apt today, from experience I have to be careful the info I share here, just be aware today and yesterday I met many middle aged women chaperoning their 16 year old children around the ‘organisation’, and yes that apt well known British phrase called yummy mummy’s were everywhere………… I enjoyed today 😀 .

That’s enough silly sex talk Andrew!!! LOL 😀 .

And now to all the 50 year ladies I work with, they’re fascinating creatures who have a smouldering sexuality beneath their calm cool exterior a much used phrase but oh how true, and I can’t help imagining they’re perhaps horny and a little dirty in bed. Hmm I could be wrong but our secretary at work is lusted after by many a young and old man, she’s so efficient she keeps the older guys on their toes just like their wives do at home?………. And if she ever read this post I’d like to say Miss your cleavage and shoulder length bottled chestnut brown hair suits you down too a tee.

However before the middle aged mommy’s of which I speak go and unfollow and block my honest genuine and fun replies to their posts, fabulous tales of their daily lives I enjoy reading I’ll TRY and be a little more constructive from here on in!

So why do I Follow five or so Mommy blogs and note of teenagers NOT toddlers? The reason isn’t creepy and perhaps the mommy’s are curious when every other  blog commenter has family’s in like minded situations. The reason is nothing more sinister than I enjoy reading stories of ‘juggling many metaphorical balls in the air’, keeping a balanced sense of humour, tales of stress and hassles of tumble driers that keep breaking down, or trying to bribe the children to dispose of empty bottles of wine in the drive. Then there was Joanna’s tale of a snake that slithered unnoticed in her kitchen, I actually laughed out loud at that one as she described the panic and her near incontinence.

jjjjjjjmmSo ladies there’s nothing more to be curious about or understand than I’m a single guy aged 50 without children, perhaps you didn’t wonder lol. I enjoy reading the way you juggle all the many demands on your life and time, and most of all how Claudette demonstrates a parenting skill my mother used to intrigue me with, namely her ability to mind read and foresee the answer to a life problem I hadn’t yet figured out I had!……………… I think that is universally referred to as a mother’s intuition.

That’s my reason for reading oh and not forgetting you are fabulously entertaining writers! Sex bloggers bore me but mommy’s never do 🙂 .

A. Shepherdson 2018


A cure for Writer’s Block?

………..……………… write when aroused 😉 A response Post for Ray’s advice for curing writer’s block and note for fun….. :/ then again. (Btw my next post is rather a serious one)

A blogging tip for you, I’ve discovered after three months ‘writing’, and note ALL my own original work, I have discovered I write my 😉 ‘adult posts’ when I’m feeling a little frisky that’s sexually excited to you!

And I’m wondering if my stimulated mind is because my brain is experiencing a natural chemical induced high………….. and note the word natural, I’ve never taken drugs and neither should you, two teenagers died the other week having taken contaminated shit at a music festival………….. what a waste……. so tragic! 😦

But I’m at a loss as to the reasons why a slight hardness and a gentle twitch down below helps my writing process hmm all very strange? Yep for fear of labouring a point when I’m in the mood to create on WordPress, and I’m a touch sexually excited the sillier more explicit posts appear in my imagination, I just write and the mild adult themes pour out of me as if I’m day dreaming, take my post ‘open apology to women’ as an example…………………. all very odd! Ok hold on before you get tooo excited I should add I’m not hard for hours, jeeze NO!  

Perhaps those wonderful pleasure giving chemicals serotonin and dopamine secreted into our brains during sex makes writing easier, do you know what I think lovemaking chemical compounds make writing more enjoyable and sexually themed! Likewise adrenalin sharpens the senses and concentrates the imagination, quickens the heart when you’re about to orgasm perhaps I’m on to something here? And no I’m not writing this bs for the purposes of a humorous post! (Ok I’ll agree I’m writing bs LOL) …… anyways I thought I’d share this writing tip with all you lovely bloggers out there.

(Puts his laptop into hibernation for half an hour whilst he takes a lovely skin tingling shower, warm water flowing down his slim lightly toned figure.)

I’ve been thinking about this post in the shower and note the only place to idly dream up really good blog ideas, and yes I definitely find writing easier when ever-so slightly sexually stimulated or perhaps we’re more creative when we feel particularly happy, no let me rephrase creative in a certain way because many great works of fiction begin in dark recesses of an author’s imagination. I know my posts are absolutely dire when I’m depressed……….. and btw do you find the biggest frustration is being halted in free flow by a sentence which can be written 3 totally different ways, each as good as the other, yet for the life of you, you cannot choose which to use!

Hmm why not give writing a try when you’re sexually ‘turned on’ 😉 , the results could be hilarious awful or gloriously sensual but remember WordPress have mature content rules 🙂 .

A. Shepherdson 2018

A quick chatty Post

Hmm a question, is Sam Johnson one of the sexiest men alive? I wish 😦 .


You have to enjoy and remember days like these. Today’s been the hottest day of the year, I visited my mother’s, we watched England beat Panama six one and easily Mum likes her footy, then sit in the garden enjoying the sun again, AND what a welcome change to qualify to the next round early without having to get the calculator out!

(Btw that’s my first and final reference to World Cup football 🙂 )

I say quick Post I mean chatty, always before I sit down to begin writing in draft believe me when I say I intend (another word for hope) my tale will be concise short and sweet, trouble is by the time I’ve finished backtracked and corrected spelling errors etc, after Publishing my post it’s always over 1000 words? Lol not to worry.

Hmm but I wonder why is this? I’m unsure but interesting (to me) all the same!

Again I say this afternoon’s is a personal post, where’s the harm in just sitting and writing and I’ve achieved quite a special goal for me and my silly Blog, WordPress have just notified me via that bell I’m addicted to keep checking, they tell me I’ve been Liked now by 500 readers! Omg wow that large number still blows me away, just imagine 500 people enjoyed a Post to such an extent they pressed a Like button, and yes many bloggers have more but I’m very proud of the fact every Post has received at least one 🙂 .

I’ll be around for a little while longer and future Posts will likely be even more eclectically themed than usual, possibly in amongst blogs that will undoubtedly appear from knowwhere as they do with all of you. Just be aware I’ve quite a few posts in draft that have taken a little while longer to ‘write’, and lol believe it or not I have to be really happy with a post before publishing…………….. they’re probably not as good as I like to think they are mind, but hey I had fun writing/creating so note themes will be MORE varied than usual. 

(363 words now there’s a record, sorry 370!)

A. Shepherdson 2018

Mrs May YOU are embarrassing!

I have said this is a Politics free blog…………… there are exceptions!

Theresa May Britain’s Prime Minister, an intelligent powerful woman her finger on the Nuclear button attended a function Thursday and was photographed (below) bowing and fawning to a clearly embarrassed Prince William…………….. you can almost feel her aged knee joints creaking as she could crouch and kowtow no lower! In fact this cringeworthy act of seeking favour from a long ago bygone age make’s me angry, not at the Royalty for I am a staunch fan of ‘The House of Windsor’, no I’m annoyed people still in 2018 make such fools of themselves, William can almost be heard mouthing,

“Get up woman you’re the Prime Minister for God’s sake!”


Please note I’m far from being a misogynist, the sight of PM Cameron bowing his head to Royalty made me feel equally as sick 😮 . When first elected I placed a great deal of faith in Mrs May to stand up to our hard line Right Wing racist Brexiteer Ministers, but irrespective of whether she’s a woman, because I admire powerful strong willed women, the above photo paints a thousand words 😦 . 

So very sad Theresa’s truly embarrassing herself, I can hardly give her photo a second look especially when the Queen has put on record she doesn’t expect people’s sycophantic grovelling (I’d guess that’s another phrase for “please don’t do it”).

Having said all of that!

Since the day Theresa was first elected I’ve considered her a VERY sexually appealing woman, perhaps labelling her MILF is a little strong but all the same whether she’s wearing a figure hugging slinky dress, or leopard print kitten heals call me odd but I think Theresa has sophisticated style and yes I wouldn’t say no! She is very sexy! ❤

(And btw for the record there aren’t many Politicians I’d say the same about, so perhaps the saying ‘power is an aphrodisiac’ is truer than you’d imagine!)

A. Shepherdson 2018

The Stalking challenge (for blogger Ray)

This WordPress ‘Blogging Thoughts Photos & Life’ has been tagged awarded challenged several times by lovely bloggers, I always accept the challenge but don’t quite play by the game’s rules (lol just call me awkward 😀 ) then again I doubt anyone minds..………… HOWEVER the challenge always gives me a themed idea for a Post………… (btw note this one’s mild age appropriate adult).

Oh and stalking is a hot story in the UK at present several female TV personalities have Court injunctions placed on creepy men who have been following annoying harassing them, though they can do very little apart from hope these pests quit their nastiness bullying and psychological torture.

Ray challenged me a stalking tale so here goes, was I wrong to follow the lady wearing a short mini dress into the Department Store? I know you said 13 sentences but I’m afraid I write as I think hence 1600 words never mind thanks ❤ for the Challenge! 🙂


Yes I hoped but what did I see? 😀

Let me explain, one summer’s day a good while ago and being as I was at a loose end, I’d decided to travel into ‘blank’ by bus for no other reason than I needed to buy clothes and I’d been putting it off because I hate clothes shopping! So having boarded and now seated comfortably I glanced around the top deck wondering who I’d be travelling with today, and who do I see but a lovely a young woman across the aisle wearing a horizontally striped white and powder blue dress. Such a beautiful picture this slim demure creature perched on the end of her seat, blonde hair pulled back into a cute girly pony tale and she had a pretty face in side-on profile. (Note age appropriate!)

But hold on her gorgeousness didn’t end there and I can tell you this made my growing hardness tingle and twitch warm waves of pleasure spreading around my groin, oh yes I could see the hem of her dress rested well up her thigh, well being more truthful not that far below her knicker gusset though sat a seat behind I’d 😦 never see, yum quite the vision of femininity and sexiness though, good luck to her you’re only ever young once so flaunt it babe!

The only problem is bus travel is SO frigging boring consequently my mind wanders and imagination overpowers all (well nearly) thoughts of appropriate behaviour, idle day dreaming when excited can lead you places you shouldn’t go?

Well I mused she’s on her own and single, obviously travelling into Oxford to look at fashions buy clothes and a day of retail therapy………… and how do I know this? I don’t but by the way she kept opening a well known Department Store carrier bag and removing garments, carefully unfolding and examining, then even MORE carefully folding away again I could see they were still tagged brand new!

And me being the intelligent guy and people watcher that I am, her concentration and thoughtful expression told me these garments were returning to the Store! Hmm I’d guess to be refunded, well it lol happens and why else take tagged clothes INTO a store? Ladies do it all the time, buy a bra take it home try on and omg that bright purple is visible through your favourite virgin white cotton blouse……. and you think ‘damn it’s going back!’

I watched the young lady go through this careful ritual several times, she was neither sure or happy as women often aren’t when choosing clothes, and of course I’m furtively gazing at her milky white thigh and exquisite leg line, lovely long legs gave away she was a tall lady which is important to my tale THEN watching her indecisive mind in action a vision flashed across my visual imagination like a white hot bolt of lightening! ‘Omg’ I thought to myself, ‘when you enter that Store miss, the near auditorium vast space welcomes you with three long escalators……. one coming down two rising upwards deep into this vast retail cathedral!

Have you guessed this tale has potential stalker written all over? 

I squirmed and wriggled in my seat becoming increasingly excited, warm blood began to turn my cheeks red, adrenalin increasing my heart rate the faster pumping blood engorging my dick my hardness uncomfortably and beginning to throb! The bus now turning into George Street I thought ‘Holy s#it, the second stop is a minute from the Store I bet this young lady will alight here and make straight for the escalators!’

Fast pumping torrents of blood now beginning to make my head hurt and heart race, I thought ‘this tall gazelle like creature will travel the escalator’, …… further she’s wearing a micro dress and I’LL finally discover the answer to a thought that’s consumed my mind ever since first seeing her milky white skinned thighs, ‘Follow her, then you’ll see what colour panties she’s wearing!’

‘Hold on’ I thought to myself, ‘there’s CCTV, she may look around, there’d be a scene, I’d be arrested!’ But sometimes in life you have to take a risk, opportunities like this don’t come along twice, and rather than pausing to take breath and noting following women is illegal, before you know it a sexual desire overpowers sound moral judgement and you’re err being inappropriate!

The bus jolts to a halt waking me from a whether to or not to conundrum, the gorgeous young lady rises from her seat as I instinctively near jump from mine, speedily so as to stop any other postential stalkers from stepping between me and my prey…….. well hold on prey’s the wrong word lol I’m only following her for frigging sake! What happens as consequence is mere coincidence 😀 .

She steps off the bus and turns right, I quickly follow but three paces behind watching her blonde pony tale swing and bounce with every stride her long legs could muster, her soft cotton dress flutter in the breeze a young woman on a mission she was, no doubt one retail thought on her mind oblivious to the stalker closely behind.

Thirty seconds later she turns left, electric doors opening a vacuum near sucking us in from the Street, four paces later she steps onto the travelling stairway, then four steps again I follow her tall slim body rising upward from my eyeline, my gaze being drawn down her body as first her blonde pony was lost from view, soon followed by her exquisite narrow neckline with the word Rebecca tattooed across in bold thin blue text!

(Hmm very strange, either she’s a lesbian or stupid enough she can’t remember her name?)

My heart now pumping so fast I feared my head would explode the additional blood engorging my hardness to such a size as I’d seldom felt before, with my eyeline now rested on her pert bottom having passed the profile of bra straps and tiny waist, and because our slow moving stairway to heaven was set at such a steep incline her micro dress hem came into full view (briefly because virtually none existed) with my eyes now following an exquisite sexy leg line of fit shapely thighs and tone calves until I to was standing as still as you possibly can with someone on a travelling escalator and could see no lower.

Nervously my gaze began to follow her leg line upward this time, noticing her feet standing 10″ apart a carrier bag with clothes resting one her left thigh just within the periphery of my vision, my eyes final reach her stripy dress and with one final upwards glance the answer to the one thought obsessing my imagination ALL morning came into view!

Holy f#ck blonde leggy pretty ponytail wasn’t wearing underwear!

That was a shock and a half I can tell you, I’d been consumed with questions of what colour panties? Would they be French knickers, briefs, thong or yuck ‘shorties’ or even boyfriends boxer shorts now there’s a worry! But no doubt looking gobsmacked and stunned what do I see between slightly parted milky white thighs but the heavenly vision of the entry to a female’s reproductive system, her vulva and intimacy a shade of delicate shocking pink set against the visible white skin we stalkers and public only ever see.

With time running out, my eyes savoured every last contour of her vagina bridge the windows to my soul could save to memory, two plump folds of outer labia concealing a cave of gold jewels and pleasures within, and no I didn’t notice any beads of moisture secreted through her slit, no she wasn’t wet which must be a worry when you ladies leave home absent of underwear! What do you do if you get excited and ‘moisten’ when a shirtless stunning builder captures your view? Hmm now there’s a thought Ray!

But oh no, her thighs became darker as my eyes refocused to a contrast caused by blinding white light emanating from the Cosmetic’s floor level and now all tooo quickly coming into view. With one final gaze at this pretty lady’s most secret body part, me leaning slightly forward, taking an even larger risk and momentarily bending my knees permitted me to see the beginning to two pert round firm buttocks and an ass crack disappearing beneath stripy soft cotton fabric.

Then with one final final concentrated gaze recording this erotic heavenly image to my visible memory for all eternity, with one final gaze this age 18+ young lady stepped from the escalator no doubt making for ‘refunds and exchanges’, and yes seemingly oblivious to this opportunist stalker behind………… never knowing one other person know she’s daring enough to go without.

Feeling rather weak at the knees I to stepped from that slowly moving stairway though very quickly walking in a totally different direction, in truth heading for an exit which would take me away from this Store as quickly as possible! …………. But omg I grinned to myself, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined she’d be wearing no panties AND better still her pussy was either shaved or waxed of all hair………… lol well who’d have guessed.

A. Shepherdson 2018

(Now accept this tale anyway you wish, parts could be true, hell the whole story could be true as written, OR my sexy escapade could be dreamt from an over active imagination…………. lol you decide for I’m afraid you’ll never ever know!)

‘Pure Nettle’ (herbal hot drink)

My box of ‘Pure Nettle’ photographed alongside nettles growing in my rear garden!

Nettle Tea 004

For those readers following my virgin adventure into the world of drinking green tea I fear I have good and bad news for you. First the good, I absolutely love Tetley’s Mango and Passion Fruit, mind you getting used to the taste of drinking fruit flavoured green tea took a while but I’m here to tell you I drink little else, Mango and Passion Fruit is so refreshing bearing in mind Britain’s glorious June heatwave.

The bad news is the same cannot be said for Twining’s Blackcurrant, I’m afraid I’ve given up after drinking five mugfuls, however I gave the box with remaining bags to my mother and she quite enjoys the taste. For myself though, the Blackcurrant infusion is far tooo overpowering, so much it tastes to all intent and purposes warmed water with sweet Blackcurrant cordial, not to worry he who dares wins!

Please click ‘here’ to read the post for my two tea Reviews 🙂 .

This evening after working late in Oxford, I called in at my local supermarket on the way home, and if you’re interested I had ‘macaroni cheese’ then ‘strawberries and cream’ for my supper! But as I’m enjoying trying these different herb and fruit flavoured teas I always dwell at the shelves stacked with colourful Twinning’s boxes, in fact I stand for ages reading a specific sentence namely ‘What does it taste like’, and what a brilliant marketing tool they’ve dreamed up! Because I’d guess most customers will be asking themselves ‘I wonder if I’d like the taste they describe’?

Twinning’s have hit on a very clever marketing tool indeed!

So this evening after dwelling a rather long time in the hot drinks aisle I bought ‘Pure Nettle’, and if you’re interested here’s how Twinning’s describe their herbal ‘tea’?

‘Experience the softer side of nettle with this light, delicate infusion. A smooth, refreshing blend perfect for any time of the day.’

Well all I can tell you is after my first taste of Pure Nettle I absolutely love it, and no as a consequence my tongue didn’t get stung! (Not that I thought it would lol).

A. Shepherdson 2018

An open apology letter to women not wearing bras!

‘Strap’ yourselves in this is a LONG one! 😀

Early evening thoughts with MILD adult themes…………. honest and respectful as always (comment if you’ve had your fill of my female sexual observations and objectification of the female human animal’s body)………….. my imagination I fear is out of control 7 o’clock at night, I’m incorrigible, my hardness is excited and twitching hence I write because these posts are fun and keep me interested when WordPress feels a lonely place……… 123 ahhh 😀

Does anyone honestly think this photo below is offensive? 


A question for you, why is the female breast nipple such a big deal for a guy? And I’d agree with you ladies who say nipples shouldn’t be, after all they have one purpose in life to allow a nursing baby to latch onto the breast and drink mum’s milky goodness, big f#cking deal? Then babes grow into healthy toddlers having benefitted from the nourishment natural milk brings, AND yet still in 2018 breast nipples visible in public are a big issue with guys (me as well)…………………… but then you ladies ALREADY know this!

I fear all men at heart are really bigger versions of immature juvenile adolescents, and over the past 35 years I’ve worked with many immature juvenile adults who sadly objectify the women’s body BUT are women equally as bad…………. that’s a whole different blog post!

Returning to breast nipples! 

Yes nipples for a guy are a big deal, however hard I try I cannot stop myself from noticing when either in the company of a braless woman, or looking when passing a young lady in the street who’s taken the brave and courageous decision (an awful statement but I fear they have) to go ‘free’ beneath her tightfitting orange tee shirt, as happened with the young lady Friday afternoon as she passed me in Oxford High Street……….. a heavenly vision of a naturel wonderment she was.

So to you Miss, and I know you wont be reading this silly blog post, but if you did I must apologise if I made you feel uncomfortable as I stared at your breasts bouncing and jiggling as you briskly walked along the pavement, I gazed for rather a long time I know, more than is appropriate, my defence is their perky exquisite shape was female perfection personified (note as are all ladies breasts are), yes I felt a little ashamed afterwards 😦 .

(Yes a little. And note this uncontroversial post will make sense by the finish)

I’m lol aware I’m afflicted and note from a respectful appropriate distance, I realise I have a boob obsession I’m going to seek medical help (I’m not but it’s a great line!) But then hasn’t God evolution and mother nature left all mankind gloriously captivated by these wonderous milky goodies……….. and yes I realise God and Darwinist theories of evolution are not happy bedfellows.

Guilty as charged, every lady I’ve ever been lucky enough to watch undress before we consummate, the second she takes her bra off I go weak at the knees and near pass out and I’m not joking for effect!

So returning to my Oxford lady wearing the orange tee shirt yes I’m guilty as charged for being utterly transfixed by her nipples perhaps made more prominent by the cold wind breezing down Oxford High Street……….. and being absolutely serious for a second I think my gaze made her feel uncomfortable and yes I am sorry because well………. I’m guilty of bullying! ……………………….. (But lol she smiled at me so all’s good 🙂 )

Honest of me to admit this don’t you think? Or are any female readers shaking their heads thinking to themselves this is the reason I never ever leave the house without first strapping those two ‘droopy girls’ into a medieval torture device, with sharp underwires that chafe the skin, made red and sore by a garment they cannot wait to fling off when first returning home so uncomfortable is the bra to wear.

This point seem as good a place to share a video I first watched months ago, the truth is I wanted to share a female’s perspective and Sophie’s video is well very very good. I’ve asked her permission which is right and proper and click ‘here’ for a link to Sophie’s YouTube ‘here’ for her Twitter (btw I do not Tweet!), Incidentally she’s a Vegan activist, guru to minimalist living and zero waste, practices Yoga and Pilates all very intriguing don’t you think? 

Sophie’s Video 🙂

Interesting watching wasn’t it, are you convinced and now for the rest of my breast nipple post!

(Depending on how this post fairs I have further posts themed breast implants and bra designs in draft………… btw you should SEE the content I have in draft lol I’d be shut down but NOTE I never ever show inappropriate photos on my blog!

But breasts are essential aren’t they, beautiful and however juvenile and adolescent you may think men are for looking, I’m afraid we’re utterly transfixed by a woman’s pointy hard nipples made evermore prominent with thin cotton fabric draping over their shape.

So what’s to do? What’s the answer and I would rather controversially suggest bras should be banned and made illegal, women should be fined prosecuted and sent to bra prison until they learn the error of their ways, instructed to comply with Laws that say wearing such a useless garment is well just plain wrong!

Hmm on reflection perhaps that’s a touch controversial…….. well perhaps :/ more than a touch?

Oh yes where was I? Nipples! Keep on-message.

But hold on perhaps if every woman lived her daily life as God intended, their body free of a garment designed to hide the nipple from men’s gaze, because that’s all I see they are because I’m reliably assured breasts become firmer, tendons become stronger when no longer constrained confined and unnaturally shaped by ill fitting bra cups as Marks & Spencer’s reliably says YOU are!

thRR9EV72QIf every woman went braless then perhaps nipples wouldn’t be the novelty for men they presently are?

Picture left is a Googled image btw, both are!!

Because Britain is gloriously in the midst of a warm humid summer heatwave, on three separate occasions this week I’ve seen a woman in Oxford braless beneath her dress AND for my sins I can picture all three, yes a sad fact to admit but I can visually recall all err sixes shape bounce jiggle and prominent nipple, I take my proverbial hat off to the ladies having the guts to go au naturel because the unwanted attention from wandering male gazes must be near unbearable a sad fact of life but I fear the way God made us.

I’ll leave this rather light hearted post brimming full of uncontroversial slightly male chauvinistic observations with one final anecdote.

As a male child of age thirteen, a coming of age in a young man’s life lol, I remember first visiting the South of France for our summer holiday, and until my dying day I’ll never forget my first day visiting the sandy beach affront of a warm Mediterranean sea. Unforgettable not for being my first time there, no astonishing because the thought hadn’t ever crossed my mind that back in the 1980’s virtually every woman enjoying the sun sea and sand wouldn’t be wearing a bikini top!

Unbelievable incredible, I remember I thought I’d died and gone to heaven but importantly this day was before the internet, pre YouTube, digital cameras were a pipe dream, these were the days a woman could get her tits out knowing for certain their photo wouldn’t become a viral image and shared around the world? These were the days before home PC’s, hard-drives and picture folders, years before adult websites we’re informed drive internet content, no back in the 80’s a woman could take her bra off in the perfect knowledge no one cared apart from teenage boys………. oh and their dad’s!

Hmm thinking about it, that virtually covers all male mankind.

But here’s a thing! After lol an hour or so the novelty of first seeing a woman’s boobs passed by, truthfully and I’ve mentally run this thought many times, after one hour of incredulous staring women’s unfettered boobs became a perfectly natural ‘jiggling pendulous’ sight, and I guess by the end of the day on the beach breasts had near lost their sexual appeal (well nearly). Bare breasts had honestly become accepted as the new normality, no longer a big deal and in fact a woman would have appeared out of place odd and unusual if she HAD been wearing a bikini top!

Unbelievable I know, but if you’d been bathing on that beach however a prim proper classy sophisticated ‘good girl’ you are, oh yes your tits would be a swinging, the cool air sea breezes making your nipples go hard and pointy…………….. that’s ENOUGH Andrew!!


So there you are, controversial opinions I know, but if bras were banned and everywoman enjoyed life free of this ridiculous garment, her shoulder tendons would be stronger, there wouldn’t be these unfounded irresponsible theories of bra’s being connected to cancer (I’m here to tell you they exist controversial or not and I think they’re wrong but what do I know) AND men wouldn’t notice the jiggle! Then I can assure you the sight of prominent nipples as with my Oxford lady in orange tight fitting tee shirt, would become the new norm and perfectly acceptable and yes no longer a big deal!

So have I convinced you to bin your bra yet? 

©A. Shepherdson 2018.

Such a shame :(


In scene’s reminiscent to the fire storms that engulphed the East End of London during the Blitz, tragically a huge fire has devastated one of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks the Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Building. But fortunately no one was injured and I didn’t know until today that after the significant 2014 fire Brad Pitt had been one of the main contributors to its restoration.

A quote from today’s Spectator – ‘Particularly catastrophic is the reported destruction of the three-storied library on the west side of the building. This was Mackintosh’s crowning glory, a light, airy – but wood-heavy – space dominated by triple-tiered windows.’

Early this morning after 150 firemen and 15 engines finally brought the devastating blaze under control, the fear is the Great Hall and famous Library has been lost forever and ironically the building was undergoing a multi-million pound restoration after the last fire but for reasons which will un fold later, a fire took hold and I fear destroyed this iconic building.

Such a shame and a reminder however much I moan at work about Britain’s perceived ‘nanny-State’ Health and Safety fixation, fire Legislation exists to stop wonderful buildings such as these being burnt to the ground . 😦

Ironically two days ago Britain was marking the one year anniversary after the Grenfell Tower Block Tragedy, scenes so very reminiscent to Glasgow’s fire last night and I do hate days like these when awful events suddenly appear on the TV News whatever country has been hit by a disaster. They’re unexpected and shocking in equal measure and difficult for the human mind to process, so sadly the Library has been lost but at least there were no casualties this time. 

A. Shepherdson 2018


My gardening (mini) Project!

Something a little different for you this lunch time, remember my Blog posts are eclectic and whatever captures my imagination at the time, they could be adult themed then again they might not be…………….. lol all very Forest Gump and boxes of chocolates!

One or two people who Follow and Read my WordPress will know throughout the summer months I grow Raspberries in my rear Garden, just so as you know I live in the United Kingdom, the Cotswolds to be 😉 more exact.

This year’s fruit crop is in the midst of flowering with bee buzzing bees transferring pollen between plants and to show the fruit I hope to be picking below are 2 photographs showing last years crop, taken in late August………. jeeze where does the time go? Scary, only seems like last week I was picking and eating them………… and remember they’re 2017 pictures. 

The variety I planted way back 2015 were late summer fruiting, you can buy early season canes but I didn’t have much success with those, no idea why? Anyways several weeks after taking the above photos my Town was hit by an Electric thunderstorm, a truly spectacular evening (clears the air stops me watching my neighbour Helen undressing down to her bra and……… 😉 ) all very impressive, but the wind rather damaged my Raspberry canes however not to worry I’d eaten plenty of bowlfuls that summer…………… warm cream and cold Raspberries yum yum! 😀

So being at a loose end Sunday afternoon I constructed a frame, not bodged mind I’m an engineer by Trade and all without plans or sketches. No I raided my Garage of timber, measured marked and cut lengths to a line then screwed together gluing the 45 degree corner braces, just to give the frame extra strength when the gales hit which they surely will!

Then I screwed the rear of the frame to my neighbours garden fence, but he’ll be fine because he’s a lovely guy and a great neighbour, then finally to finish my mini construction project completed I painted the frame and began to stretch garden string between the A frames. That should help to stop the wind snapping my Raspberries in half!…………….. Note looking at my photos below the twining is unfinished.

Why the need for A frames? Hmm I may add a couple of hanging baskets with Strawberry plants inside, we’ll see! 

Garden Frame 004

Btw 🙂 I’m not showing off you may glean an idea or two from my very easily made, functional, minimalist garden frame that may help plants in high winds, oh and with easy access to the front for picking fruit……… and there’s plenty of scope for………… well whatever takes my fancy! 

©A. Shepherdson 2018

Holly buttercups and pools of water! Part2

I borrow my mum’s collie Holly at ever opportune moment, we all love our animals whatever they may be and perhaps owning a pet is our last tentative connection to being part of mother nature? 🙂 Isn’t it odd that I feel the urge to owning a dog……………… do they fulfil some primeval need so which is it? Companion friend or just that they are utterly devoted to their owner?

Hmm how would a blog fair dedicated solely to my mum’s dog? (Might be more popular than mine? 😀 )…………….. btw I won’t be but it’s an interesting thought all the same!

The photo below shows Holly adores being in the countryside, her brain is alive and thinking and I love the way even in a 3 hour walk she’ll always stay close, never stray and keep me in her sights.

Holly indentation and Windrush valley 019

There’s a guy at work called ‘Dave the plumber’, a lovely colleague who likes joking around and taking the ‘micky’ out of me, I should explain that’s light hearted ribbing to you foreigners, well at one point in our conversation he said,

“Andy you must be the last person alive who still uses a digital camera!”, I thought for a second or two, and yes perhaps I am because EVERYONE I know takes photos using a tablet or mobile phone! Hmm but are each as good as the other?

I’m NOT going to write a comparison test “yawn”, but looking again at the photos uploaded and displayed on Holly buttercups and pools of water, my previous post, I have to be bluntly honest and say in my own humble opinion, I think my little digital camera captures pretty good images.

I hope you take a peek at the linked post (part 1) because then part 2 (this post) has a context and additional point of view, and lol saves me repeating the exact same text again. So if you’d like to see several more photographs taken from my afternoon walking Holly the collie, I’ve included them all below and all snapped in what’s affectionately known as ‘The Indentation!’

Pictured below I’m standing on the edge looking down into the ‘bowl’ which incidentally has been known to flood 2 feet deep!

Holly indentation and Windrush valley 002Holly indentation and Windrush valley 008

Looking closely at photographs from both posts, I’m hoping you’ll understand the reason why this small piece of wasteland came to be known by residents as ‘The Indentation’, and yes you’ve guessed correct it’s shaped similar to a large bowl and lies below the level of all the surrounding houses, simply because at times of sudden heavy rainfall, say an electric thunderstorm, excess water is piped into this manmade bowl and stops people’s homes being flooded out! The beautiful consequence of a designed civil engineering functionality is the basin is constantly replenished with clean life giving water, it’s not stagnant, and as we all know, wherever in the world water comes in contact with the land then nature thrives………… and buttercups have taken hold in this moist soil also toads no doubt sourced from resident’s garden ponds!

Here endeth the natural history lesson.

I guess for those readers who live in America, would you say ‘The Indentation’ is another name for a ‘Storm Drain?’

Lol who cares 😀 , I think this wildlife haven is fabulous! And don’t you agree the vivid yellow buttercup with its gloss shiny petals is as beautiful as any garden flower?

Holly indentation and Windrush valley 017

Holly indentation and Windrush valley 018

🙂 Now having looked at both posts, do you see this low lying ‘bowl’ with it’s gently inclining sides so as to collect storm water flooding in? Hmm buttercups seem to like this ‘spongy’ moist soil.

A. Shepherdson 2018

what’s inside your briefs? (Body image fun)

This could well be the final chapter in my ‘mild adult themed’ post series…. then again it may not, a lady sitting astride my face is a fabulous whatever lol, I will say penetration is all sexy and ‘stuff’ but cunnilingus 😛 cannot be bettered for intimacy pleasuring both and connecting with your lover’s soul, but perhaps a ‘family’ blog isn’t the place for true love fun and games? 

The hour is late but before I go to bed I’m sharing an old photo taken many months ago, the reasons why it was taken and context (there was one) don’t really matter, just be aware the image was captured for fun and not because I’m a narcissist who loves himself…….. well no more than is healthy!

As an aside I possess no great girth, but according to Cosmopolitan magazine, my favourite bedtime read at the moment, according to their sex expert my length ranks above average? Hmm I’m not going to share in inches but a fact worth knowing all the same! 😉

Btw I’m struggling with the taste of Blackcurrant & Blueberry green tea, but just know I’m persevering and trying hard to enjoy the flavour …………… you mean you don’t understand? Then click here please 🙂


Time to time I’ll stand naked in front of a full length dresser mirror and gaze upon an imperfect body, look at that world weary face staring back at me and I guess like everyone the feeling isn’t always a happy one. However, hold on a ‘mo’, whenever I happen across this image inside my computer’s Picture folder I smile and think to myself ‘you do have a nice package’ (bulge in briefs) and call me ‘odd’ if you wish, but this photo never fails to make me smile 🙂

And where’s the harm in that.

In my lifetime I’ll have you know I’ve walked down a street and noticed ladies looking at the visible ‘bump’ through my jeans, the fact they noticed never failed to bring a smile and that’s why if I glance at a lady’s assets I never feel guilty or awful appreciating her sexuality, life’s far tooo short to worry about what she’s thinking as long as I’m respectful or don’t make her feel uncomfortable, and yes I’ll be honest and say even though I’m age 50 a Uni student (18+) the other day caught me looking at her ‘cleavage’ and grinned..……….. days such as these make life worth living.

AND before you lick your lips and get tooo carried away just remember inside is mostly balls, just so as you know, mind you in bed last week Karina kept herself occupied for ages playing with it? 😉

All men love admiring the reflected glory of their ‘package’ in the mirror, possibly in the same way women will address themselves side on so as to appreciate their curvy profile of womanly breasts whatever the size! Us men will use a hand to give the package ‘a cup and a lift’, much the same as women smooth and reposition their bundles of fun……………. both sexes are no different, we’re one and the same animal and there’s absolutely no shame in enjoying the way your body looks.

So don’t ever feel guilty admiring your best parts in the mirror because if you don’t appreciate your best features how can you live with the so called imperfections? Oh and just in case you’re wondering the bump in my groin is ALL mine and yes Karina I agree, I need to get some sun on those white legs!

Just for fun and I hope this brings a smile to Girl with the Pawprint Tattoo…………… hopefully?

A. Shepherdson 2018


doggy (mild adult themes)


Always remember (please try I know this can be difficult) I’m DEFINITLY NOT a sex blogger but I’m no different to every other adult walking this spinning planet, I experience funny urges you all do, so being as I’m an observational ‘writer’ and adults are sexual animals therefore life and love will time to time combine together in a post………….. so if you’re under 18 you’ll find NOT a jot of interest here…………….. incidentally if you’re over 18 :/ you may not either………… but hopefully yes.

So if you’ve been following this Blog closely you’ll understand my favourite’s cowgirl, if you didn’t already realise there are 64 BECAUSE having followed my tales you’ll now know there are 64 so hopefully you should be asking yourself ‘how many have I tried with another human being male or female?’ Oh and be aware you can lose 250 calories missionary and I’ve yet ONE more nugget of adult information for you namely a ladies favourite clothes free fun and games activity is doggy!

I’d bet you didn’t know that or lol perhaps it’s fake news 😀

If you’re unaware, I’ve been near obsessed trying to figure how many I have been enjoying with a lady? Just the other day I was sat in my Doctor’s surgery note absolutely nothing to do with you know whats, and I found myself picking up a magazine from the waiting room coffee table THEN proceeding to jot down this numbered list of how many I’ve tried? I counted 7 but then I thought being sucked is a definite but is spanking a bottom whilst being sucked an on its own position? Or a variation of one theme? Still lol passes the time jotting any type of list whatever that may be, I only hope someone rather intrigued doesn’t ask me what I’m doing!

If at this point reading you’re none the wiser and haven’t an earthly as to what I’m hinting to? Then shame on you for not Following my blog btw I’m ONLY joking! And further still apparently, and read carefully, a ‘Lady of the Night’s’ favourite is yes you’ve guessed doggy, so if you enjoy being uhmm from behind then perhaps keep in mind you could work in the service industry, upmarket because all you reading right now I know are classy men and women!

Hmm :/ after reading this insightful observation of female positional preference, taken from the internet incidentally, and yes after having taken her from the rear I got to wondering why so popular with 51% of the population? I guess crouched on the bed ‘all fours’ means you don’t have some great weight laying on top, not forgetting legs wide akimbo is a rather uncomfortable position to be ploughed into by some dribbling, gasping for air, over excited ‘person’?

But being serious for a second, again I guess because I actually don’t know the answer, I would imagine ladies can absently minded stare at the bed’s headboard without looking him in the face, especially if she had a headache and didn’t feel like it tonight, but she resigned herself to keeping partner content and happy so relented, but at least with doggy you could even read a book, plan next week’s food shop at the supermarket or ask yourself why are my in-laws such frigging hard work?

So yes why not go doggy, forearms pressed deep into the soft spongy quilt cover, allow him to at least touch you by only holding by the waist and MAKE him do all the work, whatever the reason it’s all very sedate, no effort and keeps hubby happy.

Apologies to any readers bored by my meandering adult observational musings, early evening thoughts!

A. Shepherdson 2018

‘mango & passion fruit’ Green Tea

I’ve acquired a pleasant taste for Mango and Passion fruit Green Tea, and I’d agree with anyone who says fruit flavoured green tea makes for an odd combination and I thought the same looking at the box sitting on the promotional shelf inside my local convenience store!

Hmm ‘very odd indeed’ as I stood looking at a green Tetley’s carboard box containing only 20 bags and thought to myself, ‘it’s half price,’ I’ve never tasted green tea before so yes I’ll buy it and see what all the fuss is about?

I should at this point I’ve drunk regular tea with a dash of milk for the last forty years and if you reside outside the UK you may already be aware us Brits are addicted to tea, in fact some of us like myself would be more than happy if intravenously fed straight into the tummy…………….. :/ coffee I can take or leave but tea without sugar is the drink for meee, and never more so than that first mugful when I arrive at work 7.20am!

Returning to my carton of green tea bought in Tesco’s around the corner!

Green tea 004.JPG

Silly really I’ve reached the age of 50 without never having tasted green tea AND without milk, apparently that’s very important! I’ve lived 40 years of my life drinking regular tea but never tried green? .………….. Jeeze you can tell I’ve led an adventurous life, oh and here’s Tetley’s mouth watering phrase designed to catch the customer’s eye,


BTW product packaging bs never works with me, if a price has been slashed then lol I’ll try.

So after having purchased said box from the lovely Melanie behind the counter, she’s twentyish dumpy very sweet and friendly (big bust) and if I was 30 years younger I’d ask her on a date but there you are the years pass by and I suddenly realise I’m older than her father!

Anyways I pay for the box of bags take them home, fill the kettle and follow Tetley’s brewing instructions,

‘Pop one bag into a warmed mug. Add freshly drawn nearly-boiling water stir and gently squeeze. Brew and enjoy!’

Ok lol I’m an intelligent guy.

So having followed Tetley’s instructions I settle myself in an armchair and take a first sip of near-boiling Mango and Passion Fruit Green Tea and you know exactly what I’m about to say, yes I hated it! However because I’m exceedingly tight with money I persevered drinking every last drop………….. but just know I didn’t particularly enjoy it!

How would I describe the taste? Hmm all I’m going to say is I didn’t like the fruitiness, further my tongue kinda numbed and there was a distinct ‘chalky’ after taste. But as I’ve told you before, I hate wasting money so I persevered brewed and drank all 20 tea bags………. ‘waste not want not’ as my grandmother used to say.

“So Andrew what’s your opinion now?”, you may be asking?

Well shortly after snapping the above photograph, then drinking the above mugful whilst sitting here tapping away contentedly on my laptop, all I can inform you now is I absolutely adore mango fruit flavoured green teas, in fact at both home and at work I drink nothing else.

The ONLY problem is…………………

Tea 001

…………I’ve gone and bought a box of Twining’s Blackcurrant & Blueberry green tea and I absolutely hate the taste, far tooo sweet to my taste but time will tell whether in a week’s time I’ll drink little else?

The point to this post, if there is one lol, the thought process behind this evening’s post is I guess the combination of human brain, a sense of smell and taste buds on our tongue always always takes a period of time to become accustomed to new taste experiences, in fact recently I heard a ‘parenting expert’ on the TV say that a parent must introduce a new food to their baby’s mouth TEN occasions before they’ll begin to accept the taste….. you’ll have to comment on this one!

AND as all you parents out there feeding your 2 year olds understand, mealtime is a constant battle of wills, but persevere and they’ll probably enjoy all foods the world has to offer as an adult, give in and they’ll only ever eat junk flavoured with fat and sugar.

A. Shepherdson 2018


Holly buttercups and pools of water!

I’ve been rereading the introductions to many of my posts and lol I keep saying the same friggin thing and it’s gotta stop! Right here stop now! Btw I’m far from annoyed I just dreamt that opening up and it made me laugh, but being serious for a ‘mo’ my Blog is devoid of a theme and always will be an eclectic random mixture of whatever captures my imagination…………. so if adult content isn’t for you (you have taste btw) then perhaps nature posts or a cookery lesson possibly will (you have taste btw) just be aware this is all new original content by me. 

Lol rant over! (A nice friendly rant 😀 )

Above you are looking at a picturesque sweep of 4 photos that form one scenic panoramic view, and taken by me 03/06/2018, to be more precise you are looking at a pond and heathland very close to my mother’s home, and this small oasis of British plants and insects is enclosed by housing estates on all four sides.

Yes this urban natural scene is most definitely by definition an urban wildlife oasis and absolutely essential for both quality of human beings life also for keeping British wildlife alive and thriving…………. Town planners have to realise these sanctuary’s in overcrowded urban environments are incredibly important no absolutely essential if we’re going to have any type of wildlife left in the United Kingdom………. and yes they’re as important as acres of picturesque National Parks with their deer wildfowl.

Within large cities such as Birmingham Manchester and London these sanctuaries for plants bees toads and birds are important places for inner city children to visit on school trips, so they at least feel some sort of connection to the Natural World. Btw I’m not being patronising we have charities which will transform rubbish laden filthy shitholes into wildlife havens and we should feel grateful for such great citizens.

Oh and they’re fabulous locations if you are a dog walker like myself but then I’m very lucky because we have many such nature reserves dotted around my Town, I have old photos but I’ll not publish again…………… I used to belong to a conservation group hmm perhaps I should join again……….. perhaps I’d meet a middle aged single with large saggy breasts!

Well if you enjoy looking at the panoramic scene I’m sharing above, larger individual images are shown below, and being absolutely honest if I didn’t walk my mother’s dog from time to time then I doubt I’d have any sort of affinity or connection to my natural surroundings, without Holly I’d have been inside tapping on my laptop keyboard writing bad erotica on this Blog rather than enjoying a sunny June afternoon walk……………. isn’t that at least one great reason to owning a dog! Get away from social media lol.

Holly indentation and Windrush valley 003Holly indentation and Windrush valley 004Holly indentation and Windrush valley 005Holly indentation and Windrush valley 006

A busy trunk road and large housing estate lie exactly 26 seconds walking distance directly behind me 😮 .

More pictures will follow because I walked further out into our British countryside, in fact I walked several miles I guess that’s why Holly is so pleased to see me when I visit mum on a Sunday and have a beef roast dinner made for me! But she gets to tell me about her week and chat so all’s good.

Below is Holly, not quite a collie dog but an intelligent loyal companion all the same……. she loves ‘The Indentation’ as well………………. oh I forgot to tell you it’s called ‘The Indentation’ because it’s basically a large bowl lower than the surrounding houses.

Holly indentation and Windrush valley 001Holly indentation and Windrush valley 007

A. Shepherdson 2018

Missionary (mild adult themes)

Be aware mild sexual themes, my Muppet/Sex Pistol post is next.

Btw if you are at all curious as to what prompted this evening’s sxual musings, I made love to a lovely lady this afternoon and I’m feeling pretty good about life…………. yes all very self indulgent and perhaps maybe showing off a little but hey lol it’s my WordPress 🙂 . Ok why not call my relaxed easy going contentment a moment to be treasured (been a while) BECAUSE all feelings of post coital joy will have worn off by tomorrow but as of right now, my place in the grand scheme of Planet Earth is a moment of easy going, up-beat, carefree joy and all is well with my life! Lol never lasts!

Changing tack (nautical like) did you know or should I say were you aware 10 minutes missionary burns 250 calories so says an American medical study and I never knew this apparently the world average time from beginning to consummation takes 5 minutes (jeeze I’m going to have to try harder), btw I read it on tinternet so must be true! Yep making love with your partner only burns 250 calories, hmm a bit of a bummer when there’s 200 calories in a Sainsburys sugar rim donut!

But look on the bright side at least you had fun and no doubt a giggle. Yes my friend and I were intimate together and for 2 hours or so our souls connected and became as one but the sx aside, which was 😉 ok, more than anything else I enjoyed her company, the warmth of her body as we embraced, massaging and stroking her silky soft skin, kissing deep into her ass cheek, all a lot more fun than rolling around the bedsheets (as if two 50yr olds friggin could, her with a dodgy knee and me with my pulled shoulder!)

We made love and it was beautiful……………… but alas with a Monday morning comes hassle pressure and hard work! Pay’s the Bills I guess!

I’m not actually quite sure where I’m going with this post, not a new problem of mine but I’ll run with it. As I stated in an earlier post read your copy of the Kama Sutra and it’ll say there are 64 known positions for having sx, oh you haven’t a copy of this lover’s Bible well neither have I! But ever since I happened across this nugget of trivia I’ve wondered how many positions has a lady and myself attempted trying to consummate our love making and I’ve counted 6 or 7 maybe even 8! 

If you’re disgusted (bored) or ‘whatever’, feel free to comment but I HAVE been discreet, your awareness of the lady is a little less than of Eve, and note how sex with a lover always should be!

A. Shepherdson 2018

(Btw I neither Tag or Categorise a post with sexual words simply because I’m NOT a sex Blogger)





Response to raynotbradbury

😮 Lol I know for the last several days I’ve promised to publish a fun Sex Pistol (1970’s band) Muppet song grammatical post, but I found myself distracted (a big problem with me) and written an off the cuff response instead! So stay tuned.

Not to worry though, here are my thoughts on plagiarism…………. the theft of ideas.

I both love and enjoy giving my own response to a post written by another Blogger either sharing an opinion, answering their tag questions though I never Award, link or tag others because I’d hate to put them on a spot and take liberties. Because whatever your opinion of Awards (answers to personal questions) they are a great way of getting to know people better and perhaps the worst word you could attribute to a great post idea is ‘Award’…………. Awards are given as prizes for talented high achievers then again participants are playing a game so what do I know?

My response to raynotbradbury’s post ‘M is for Magic W is written’ comes in 2 parts though I’m afraid I shall not be sharing ‘said’ photographs of my day because umm I haven’t many. 

Blogger raynotbradbury shared a blackboard image revealing a thought provoking image/message which as I replied in her comments, the juxtaposition of good theft against bad theft had the cogs in my brain revolving for several hours after, and lol here I am now sharing the lady’s image lifted (borrowed) from her Blog, though not stolen because I give raynotbradbury full credit (in addition I’ll link to hers) and it prompted a reaction.

Below is her list of good theft’s alongside bad theft’s and presented a little like a blackboard easel in a classroom, the juxtaposition of both columns prompts a reaction because one side is in direct opposition to the other therefore your brain cogitates and ruminates, its message is as simple as good versus evil or a black and white plus a question of morality.


Now I’m going to refrain from writing a lengthy essay and instead share with you my own personal thoughts on ‘idea theft’, simply because the ‘blackboard’ synopsis could resemble an essay you’d forward to a college lecturer, but I’d guess you’ll have strong views on what is allowed when using other writer’s material, copied ideas and thoughts within your own writing, so lol I won’t  because you will ALL have personal stories to tell. I know Holly has regrettably been copied many times……… the consequence of being a great poetess.

Very thought provoking all the same when you think back to the info you’ve uploaded (or has been uploaded of you by someone else!) remember when your child starred in a school play?

Though I will share one anecdote, btw I’m gazing out of my living room window because my Town is about to be hit by one almighty thunderstorm!

(Above are photographs I’ve snapped!)

Many months ago I read a blog post from Canadian Blogger ‘Skinny and Single’ (very entertaining lady) and remember ablogfromtheuk isn’t my first WordPress, now I’m afraid I cannot recall Laura’s post though within our comment thread she did point out something that hadn’t ever crossed my mind and I quite literally murmured to myself “OMFG!”

I guess Laura’s post was WordPress related because she replied,

‘it’s highly likely someone has copied one of your posts’ (because she (Laura) has been plagiarised 😦 )

I guess all you have to realise is my Blog at the time was reasonably popular, not to worry perhaps no one did copy however I did wonder if I’d been plagiarised, post content stolen and my second thought was ‘have any of my personal photo’s been copied and pasted to other internet users Picture Folders?’

Hmm? :/

You may have guessed over the space of many months I’d posted several personal photographs, I’ll go further as to say I’m absolutely 100% positively convinced my pictures are now in the possession of others and perhaps being used touted as their own which is a little upsetting. However I’m an ‘intelligent’ adult male, I’m fully aware the internet is not always populated my honest people so I have been careful to only show photographs that I know could be reused, do I mind?

Yes and no, I’m in no position to ‘throw stones because I live inside a house with glass windows!’ To be more exact I’ve shown photos saved/downloaded from Google (regularly) but don’t friggin panic they’re all legal and borrowed from legal websites and used (with care) within a context, but I’d guess the owner isn’t aware they’ve been uploaded by a friend acquaintance or ‘friend’…………

The moral of the story is you have to be so SO careful the pictures you allow people to take of yourself………………….. allow a boyfriend to take naked pictures ‘legs akimbo’, then after you’ve split up don’t be surprised to see them on YouPorn! 

Yes, it’s happened!

Hence when I posted this one I was careful………. hmm showing my face could create no end of employment problems! I can assure there IS context with the photo below. ‘click here’ 

Me for post (6)

Secondly yes I do mind someone may have copied a family picture and called it their own for no other reason than the photo could be of a Grandparent, but they’re passed away and again I’ve been careful………..though highly unlikely and well if they have then all I can say is ‘you are a sad bastard!’ and glass houses etc.

Every other photograph (more will follow) here is I guess fair game and if you enjoy my post content then please link to this Blog.

In conclusion you out there be very VERY careful the photos you share on the internet, absolutely no nudes especially if you are female and remember if you upload an image to Facebook, they then legally own.

😮 !

You mean you didn’t realise this?


A. Shepherdson 2018


I’ve been Blogging for exactly 3 months

No grand speeches or trumpet fanfares I just wanted to say I’ve been Blogging for 3 months now and I promise the Sex Pistols post I keep telling you about will be published next, my Grandfather many years ago used to say to me “you’ll never hang yourself because you change your mind to often”, an odd rather macabre saying but it used to make him chuckle!

Yes three months Blogging and 45 posts published later and I’ll have to admit I’ve been feeling a little disheartened, WordPress can be a little lonely at times but I’ve been Following some truly fabulous ‘new to me’ Bloggers and even if they only look at my Post list once, they’ll see I take ‘creating’ very very seriously oh and the lovely Hester always makes me smile or writes a reply giving a different perspective. (Though I whole heartedly agree she mustn’t read my posts with the more adult content. 😀 )

Btw I am not a sex blogger however quite a few have had sexual themes so there could be more of those simply because I love writing them, I know not every one’s ‘cup O tea’ but as blogger Paola from Argentina always used tell me, “write what you want to (my name)”.  

And whilst we’re on the subject of adult content (erotica) I have six sexually themed posts (fun) unfinished in draft and here’s the working Titles, stumbling onto a shop floor selling women’s lingerie, sex chatrooms and the girls who work incredibly hard, giving cunnilingus, my first vagina face sitting experience, my thoughts on virginity and the afternoon I ‘lost’ mine lol! Anyways I realise they won’t be to everyone’s liking but I’m going to finish and believe it or not I do take great care writing these just be aware my opinions could well be non PC and not quite in line with #MeToo.

So will I be writing here in another 3 months time? Who knows but I enjoy creating and writing and always get an orgasmic thrill when it’s finally time to press that blue Publish button oh and I’m the first to admit I have failings as a writer but I have a good heart which along with tooo much honesty perhaps makes up for my shortcomings.


Below are unused Google Downloaded images that didn’t make it here onto my WordPress (they lol help the process), I guess you could say they all represent an idea that didn’t blossom into a published post……………….. lol perhaps imagine for a second why ever not! (Btw to this day the pretty PCSO still appears in my bedtime fantasies, various positions and different stages of undress 😉 ) hmm have I been regarded as disrespectful they’re only written in fun and I adore women in fact I’ll be in bed with one very sooon.

I should add the cartoon with Daphne ‘uhmm loving’ Thelma (Scooby Do!) Might make an appearance yet! Oh and the lady wearing the black jumper is photographed entering Court………. she faced VERY serious charges and I may share my thoughts on her case.


Oh and where would I ever be without spellcheck! 

A. Shepherdson 2018

:/ Feeling a little down tonight


Very nearly not posted but what’s the point being on WordPress if you’re not going to put true feelings into print once in a while? I’m always honest and tonight I’ve had it up to here feeling down all the time and for once writing about boobs and feminine goddesses won’t cheer me up, plus there’s no chocolate in the house apart from Kellogg’s Coco Pops! And to frigging top it all I’ve just read on the Guardian website Hunter’s have killed 122 pregnant whales! It just makes you want to give up.

I’m not someone who feels sorry for himself, wallowing in despair and I certainly never ever share with friends or loved ones that I feel depressed most of the time, in fact my mother tells me off for not talking and opening up but she understands I struggle and as we can all attest to mother’s are all knowing and all seeing, how does the saying go? ‘Mother’s will be the best friend you’ll ever have’, I guess that’s little more complicated than they’ve carried you for 9 months then endured the pain of giving birth so the love is unconditional…… I should do a whole lot more for my mother than I actually do. I came across the  depression quote above and the message encapsulates how I feel most of the time, and btw I’m not someone who’s a great fan of simplistic aspirational, finding happiness life enhancing quotations so popular on the internet.

🙂 If you do then that’s fantastic.

So what’s to do? Absolutely nothing, in life you are dealt a hand you’ve had absolutely no choice but to accept, you didn’t ask to be born but the best you can do is endure and get through the day as best you can without complaining or moaning, I don’t believe in God but if I did I can’t help thinking that human’s suffer daily depressive soul debilitating thoughts this has to be God’s sick joke but that’s enough of religion.


I know her not from Eve, but I’ve loved the photo ever since I first downloaded, this mother’s problem was she loved her baby too much, post natal depression! ❤ Incidentally both very much happy and healthy.

If life has a meaning, and I look at my sibling as an example, if there’s a point to life then it has to be find a mate and procreate because I really don’t see any point whatsoever apart from we’re here to make babies. Human beings tend to separate themselves away from the rest of creation, an ominous horrendous mistake because if we carry on destroying mother earth then we destroy ourselves. Human’s are no different to all the blood pumping beasts in the animal kingdom, when a gorilla lion elephant or whale is born it’s sole aim in life is find a mate and make babies, eat live and sleep giving them the opportunities and best chance of producing enough healthy offspring as possible, they are driven to prolong their bloodline that’s what they’re put on planet earth to do. I guess human beings are a little different because they possess thoughts intellect and consciousness the terrible consequence is we know one day we’ll live no more, but we’re different in one other respect we spend our whole lives searching for this mythical soul mate that we assume exists (or desperately hopes for), I don’t believe soul mates exists but then I’m depressed and single so what do I know but yes human beings are different to the rest of the animal kingdom in one important respect. In order to be happy we have to love and be loved, the two are inseparable as old age pensioners who’ve lost their partner can attest to, loneliness is as palpable a disease no different to any other.

And btw I’m NOT talking about sex, sex is nothing more than a bodily function that enforces strengthens and makes the pair bond stronger, oh and babies perhaps that’s why God made it fun? In an ideal life we should be no different to two swans who meet and mate for life but of course unfortunately we’re not, is this little more complicated than becoming bored and lazy? I don’t know I’m unmarried consequently unhappy because to be truly happy you have to invest all your life’s energy’s into loving someone and hopefully they’ll return the affection in kind………………. then you can make love, strengthen your pair bond have fun and make babies but is that really the meaning to life? If you’ve found someone you love then never take it for granted. Lol.

A. Shepherdson 2018

(I guess normal silliness resumes soon if I haven’t lost all my readers, :/ late evening thoughts.)

My peeing Policewoman post, afterthoughts


What do you think the female Dutch public’s reaction was to their biking Policemen? Unprintable I guess. 😛

The second part (marked) is a response of sorts to my own peeing Policewoman tale and yes all very serious and depressing, hmm? Was it written this way simply because I woke up that morning morose miserable and lol in a bad move? I was going to scrub and write it again but no I’ll keep it and you choose, however I’ll also add some of today’s thoughts so call this part 1………. jeeze this is a frigging long post but what else you gonna do? Go back to bed and lol play with yourself? :/ There’s a thought!

Today’s part 1

A lovely lady Blogger commented “………this ‘post’ makes me not wanna visit peaceful places……….” and omg I thought to myself ‘no NO we should never change the way we live and enjoy our lives just because once in a while bad things happen’. BUT I understand what she means.

Several years ago a schoolgirl was abducted from the Streets of my home City, in broad ‘early morning’ daylight, then driven to a place she couldn’t recall and subjected to a 4 hour gang rape.

A brazen horrendous crime, a news story that went viral right across the Globe and the public reaction in Oxford was equally as shocking. Street’s emptied of walking pedestrians, Schools instructed parents to drive their girls to School and NEVER let them walk alone and most shockingly of ALL recreation Parks of ‘swings and slides’ had near tumbleweed blowing through them. In the space of one day and for weeks after not a single soul would be seen playing in a Park, no joggers no picnicking mothers my Town was a Ghost Town.

Then life slowly began to get back to normal as life always does and if you remember hearing this Schoolgirl gang rape abduction story, then you may not have heard the girl lied, and yes you DID read that phrase correctly, perhaps she was disturbed or an attention seeker? It turns out several months later she made the whole sorry story up, a complete and utter tissue of lies jeeze the trouble she caused, in fact Thames Valley Police even Tweeted a stark message on their Twitter Feed……..

‘That abduction never happened!’

I already new this because I have a source lol long story! (A mate at work who know a ‘Copper’ 😀 ) But I think my tale proves we should never ever change the way we live our lives, just perhaps take extra care and assess possible risks and eventualities? ……….. So if you want to visit a common GO! It’s a great place to have a family picnic and if you’re really really lucky you may spot a policewoman ‘skirt up knickers down pussy out and peeing’, BUT don’t worry you’ll never see the like of her again! 😦

Part 2. Yesterday’s rather depressingly written serious additional thoughts of sexual crime and punishment.

I hope you got to read Sunday’s post if not click ‘here’ 🙂 and let me first say I know the three tales perhaps don’t sit happily together however they are interlinked, except yes I’d agree an amusing peeing Policewoman tale and a serious sexual assault probably don’t, but being honest I’m ok with the post. 

When I first began my WordPress I had only two rules in mind, 1 there’ll be no talk of Religion, 2 it’ll be a Politics free zone, not because I’m someone who sticks their head in the proverbial sand, no because I don’t want to ‘write’ about Muslim fundamentalism and how BREXIT is damaging my Country…………. I guess that’s why my posts are hopefully a fun read and note always honest, but then again lol I reserve the right to talk about Politics Religion or discuss Sex Crime if I wish to. (I don’t!)

So again keeping yesterday’s post in mind, if you really feel like reading that news story, I’m providing the link to my local newspaper ‘here’ and the assault of a woman crossing my local common for no other reason than you maybe interested? But one word of warning, the article is troubling reading because as I explained before, the rapist was bailed to attend Court for raping another woman however two Police Force Regions didn’t share evidence, consequently he carried out this second horrific assault when he SHOULD have been in Prison? I know an awful mistake!…………… Anyways the link is above if you’d like to read.

That an assault happened in a sleepy English rural Town set in rolling Countryside is a stark reminder serious crime ‘can happen to anyone anywhere anytime’, and not just for females I’m more careful about my personal safety than I have been in my life before. Don’t you ever assume the UK is a low crime society, perhaps Downton Abbey and all the other sickly sweet period dramas have you believe Britain is an idyllic land of Countryside rustic villages and only white people! No we’re multicultural therefore the Far Right white are pitted against Muslim fundamentalism, and as for crime levels, jeeze in all my years living here I’ve never known crime levels so high, street robbery and violence are all to regular news events.

(Blah blah blah………. 😀 lol )

But life has to go on, so consequently wherever I go these days I’m aware of my surroundings more than ever. I’ll keep a firm grip of my wallet when in public places, I try to be always within a group of pedestrians and ALWAYS keep half an eye out for young men on scooters, they may either ride up and steal your mobile phone or if you’re in London throw a bottle of Sulphuric Acid in your face! Perhaps I exaggerate but these days you have to be aware.

Anyways enough of violence hatred and awful crime stories, next The Sex Pistols!
©A. Shepherdson 2018 (with Googled images not my own)

Policewoman and her near indecent exposure!

(Contains references to sex crime)

🙂 Now even if I say it myself that’s a friggin awesome post title! Lol I’ve truly surpassed myself but yikes now I have to write the post…………….. f#ck it’ll never live up to that hype but oh well I’ll tell my true tale.

(A brief Intermission similar to those they used to have at my local cinema when I was a child, Saturday afternoon’s the matinee would stop then ‘old stumpy’ would walk round selling cartons of ice cream and shout at kids to stop throwing sweets at him! Just to explain I’m telling the near indecent exposure tale one hundred percent true and, because I’m ALWAYS honest, I’ll admit her knickers could be an exaggeration but till this day I’m utterly convinced I saw them!)

A few years ago now, but I’m living at this same address so we’re talking quite recently, dead on 6.07 am on a weekday morning I pulled my front door shut, and why such a precise time you may well ask? Well I catch the bus to work 6.25 and it takes me exactly 15 minutes to reach the stop.

My walk to work is an absolutely stunning one though at times can be a little nerve-wrecking but I’ll get onto that in a moment just hold that thought. My 13 minute walk is quiet peaceful and a changed landscape everyday of the year yet I take exactly the same route? The beginning couple of minutes are breath-taking strolling beneath canopies of overhanging trees, leafy in summer cold and bleak in winter, and stunning in the snow. Then I walk alongside the wall of an ancient Manor House, turn left at the Dovecot, pass by an ancient Church then cross open common land with it’s 2 bridges over the river Windrush with woods and trees either side.


I’m unbelievably lucky, some early mornings I’ll watch ducks geese and swans as I cross the rivers, a heron if I’m lucky, and circling over the open fields I’ll quite often see Barn owls swooping down for food and best of all I’m often the only person walking across the common. There’s never another soul in the dark winters and only the odd female jogger her tight ass squeezed into body hugging Lycra in the summer…………. if she’s bouncing boobs then all is right in my world!

However my early morning gorgeous walk can be unnerving in the winter, it’s dark but for a few pavement lights, pitch black in some parts and frigging scary some days especially if my imagination is alive and I’m feeling jumpy. Why so? You may have guessed already, the common is a magnet for men who have sexual propensity to run up to females and expose their genitals, ‘flashers’ I KNOW frigging sick or what, WTF why do it for f#cks sake?

rapepngwebA tragic tale for you, two years ago and on the same day I crossed that open common, I arrive at work switch on my computer to catch the local news only to read a young woman was attacked @3.00am before I’d walked past that same wooded area, it’s always dark because of the closely planted trees.

I know I’m getting off topic, sort of! But it turns out this particular early morning a man dragged the woman from the pavement, into the undergrowth, assaulted her breaking bones in her back then he raped the unfortunate woman. However by breaktime that same morning the case was solved, it turns out minutes after the Police arriving at the crime scene they went directly to a particular known address close by and arrested a convicted rapist who was out on remand soon to appear in Court for the rape of another woman………….. it was written there in black and white, the rapist was allowed out of prison ready to attend Court where he’d be found guilty for whatever and sent back to prison! But he assaulted in the meantime and sentenced life/9 years minimum.

Unbe-f#cking-lievable, you just cannot make this incompetence up!

Anyways returning to my story of walking to work one particular evening and now you understand why I’m both elated by the scenery and nature and nervous that I’ll get beaten up or robbed blind. Several years prior to the serious assault our local Police, in I guess a gesture to calm public safety fears over the number of exposures taking place and because several hours later around 9.30am children walk across the common to get to school, a visible Police presence was increased from zero to quite a few and I’m not being sarcastic there’s only so many Policepersons and FAR too many crimes taking place.

11949846491773218673woman_police_02_gerald_g_01.svg.hiI’ll get to the end of this frigging true tale if it takes all evening lol! So I’m often nervous, the only member of public out and about this early hour, now if you look at my photo below this is virtually the exact spot where I was startled. Suddenly aware of movement and rustling between the bushes and because I’m a fast walker I strode past the noise and commotion half expecting to see a cat or the grey squirrel my mum’s dog chases HOWEVER what do I see but a uniformed attractive Policewoman squatting on the ground her skirt pulled up over her knees halfway up her thighs, knickers down around her ankles (side on so I didn’t see her actually doing ‘it’ or she’d finished) well all I can add is she was as startled as me, our gazes and eyes briefly caught each others, both no doubt WTF? I hurriedly kept walking and just understand there was an awful lot of commotion from those bushes as said Policewoman adjusted her dress! I will be absolutely bluntly honest, the image of her squatting half naked is still kinda sexy!

I realise now the juxtaposition of a story about a rape and a peeing policewoman don’t perhaps sit happily? Hmm, I’ll leave it, they happened but feel free to comment. 

(I remember later smiling to myself thinking ‘I’d hope she saw the funny side afterwards’, out hunting for flashers but no instead she flashed a pedestrian. 🙂 )

It’s a strange old world, day after day month after month I take that exact same route through beautiful countryside, passing various wildlife and then one day what do I see but a peeing Policewoman! BUT being deadly serious for a second and please don’t think me flippant, on another day a young woman takes that exact route and is raped! Jeeze we have to take care these days, there’s far too many assaults robberies and knife crime in my Town!

My morning route to work, the common and lane with bushes. (My old photos but I doubt you mind. 🙂 )

A. Shepherdson 2018©

Two posts today. First……… giving advice!


A couple of posts for you today, this quick one which is an apology of sorts followed by a true tale of the morning I met a peeing Policewoman, give me an hour or so and it’ll appear sooon………………. yes I know! Hopefully that’s caught your attention!

But first to my apology, you may have read the introduction to my previous post and raised your eyebrows (I’m hoping so) you see I began by sharing a piece of advice, admittedly not written by me, but I did re quote and re publish the following phrase ‘there’s nothing more boring than reading a blog about blogging’, so it’s attributable lol hopefully someone was thinking to themselves ‘whatever!’

BUT in my defence :/ I understood where I was coming from…….. there you are at least no puppies have been killed!

Ok it’s not as if I’ve started World War 3 but since writing that post 3 days ago I’ve read three very different bloggers give their reasons why you should write a WordPress and one of them quite moving. A lady for reasons I’m not going in to cannot leave her house very often and she finds blogging keeps her in touch with like minded intelligent people, friends have you will and btw a sentiment closer to myself than you’d first guess by that I mean anxiety. 🙂 So to put the record straight forget my advice and write about whatever you wish because after all, at the end of the day, 🙂 we all make it up as we go along!

Post Script of sorts, I have noticed one difference between ‘writing’ my first ever post and present day WordPress(ing). I used to panic thinking to myself omg I only have 8 ideas in draft, some bloggers have been writing here for 6 years! What happens after the eighth? But now I’m completely comfortable knowing an idea will always come along or I could take a break if I wanted to, this is after all just for fun. So if I were asked for blogging tips and advice my answer would be true to yourself and enjoy the writing process, that’s important, anything that follows is a joyful bonus.

A. Shepherdson 2018 ❤

tying a loose end & 1 favourite tuuune

Btw this ISN’T a blog discussing and sharing blog tips, I once read what is I think very good advice ‘that there is little more boring than reading a blog about blogging’ and as Julia once replied to me………… ‘we all wing it here’ and so true.

Having said all of that, if you read my previous post (blatant unashamed advertising lol) you may be curious how the said lady blogger reacted? Did she perhaps consider herself a little offended? Perhaps you’re not curious at all but I’m going to tell you the answer anyway.

Seriously though, being over familiar with my writing or annoying someone here would have been awful. 😦

tumblr_nil4rnaRvI1u7gbido1_500My previous post was/is a response to a lady I follow, you can read Relationship Advice linked ‘here’ and yes a little cringeworthy rereading however it was written with the best of intentions because her post touched my heart. Well to say next day after publishing I was a little worried, jeeze I thought to myself ‘you’ve gone tooo far this time!’ However not to worry she wasn’t offended adding reading had made her laugh and as you may well imagine making someone smile, being a fun read is lovely to know.

Now to my favourite tune, we all turn to YouTube to listen to music videos performed by the artists we love and luckily for us WordPress ‘writers’ we have a resource. Btw take note if you didn’t already know YouTube allow sharing as I didn’t for quite a while. Fortunately if a favourite tune exits on YouTube you can copy and paste a link to one of your draft posts and as if by magic 😮 said video appears just as below……………….. truly amazing.

I’m very much a 1980’s music lover, a little untrue because I’ll listen to any tune originating from any era whatever the genre as long as I like it, however every so often I’ll hear a song that blows me away or for whatever strange reason touches something in my soul? Each and everyone of us has favourite songs, not necessarily because they speak to us emotionally or are special for a poignant reason, no we all have favourite songs because well, they just are!

I hadn’t heard of Gwen Stefani or No Doubt that’s until one Thursday Evening many years ago on BBC’s weekly music show ‘Top of the Pops’. I’d guess the opening seconds of chomping maggots buzzing flies Adam picking that apple in the Garden of Eden captured my imagination, btw an introduction often cut from radio show broadcasts which is quite wrong!

Where was I? Oh yes I clearly remember the beginning with wasps and insects followed by the most incredible tune and performance sung by a very beautiful blonde young woman and yes it very nearly blew me away. Is there any point to me trying to put into words how and why I love the song? Most definitely NO, watch the video and you either understand what I’m saying or lol either you don’t.

A. Shepherdson 2018.

Relationship advice from the heart

Mild adult themes (all very err tasteful)

Comments are disabled, blogs names and specific details are omitted out of respect, and as always original content. (I know lol all very mysterious and ever so melodramatic! But hey I do try. 😀 )

A reply of sorts, more so thoughts and musings intended for a blogger I’ve followed for 3 months now, AND for anyone else who cares to read………………. if you smile great, murmur ‘wtf’ better, mutter to yourself ‘mind your own blanking business’ that’s fine, it’s all good good with me. 🙂

I’m unsure if ‘you’ read my posts, if so you’ll hopefully appreciate I’m very honest and err :/ whether I’m good or bad I write whatever’s on my mind at the time, so I’m hoping you accept this evening’s thoughts in the good natured spirit they are written, for my sins lol I enjoy responding to other bloggers posts. Just perhaps call these thoughts from the perspective of a red blooded (nice) guy. 🙂

To begin with, you tag a great many of your posts ‘anxiety’ ‘body image’ and ‘body dysmorphic disorder’, and I don’t take responding to these tags lightly, I’ve read a few internet resources as well as your posts, I’m an empathetic type and just know 🙂 I’ve done my research.

I’ll begin by quoting a paragraph from your most recent blog so that you’ll have an idea as to the direction I’m coming from:

‘……………… has been getting to me more than usual. It could be because every day the wedding draws closer, and so does the honeymoon. This perfect image I have had in my head since I was a teenager of my honeymoon consisting of giggles, laughter and lovemaking is turning into a dream that I can only wish for. No one should have to dream up their honeymoon and never actually live it.’ Hmm very sad to read so let me try to be a little positive and helpful from now on!

I’m unmarried however (and I’m not bragging btw) I have had a fair few sexual partners in my time enough said, I enjoy regular (vaginal sx) however give me the choice of a fantastic body tingling sexual missionary experience OR kissing cuddles intimacy and an emotional connection then I’ll take the latter every single occasion. To me sx with an absence of intimacy is a waste of emotional energy which if has ever happened, always left me deeply depressed…………. but that’s enough about mee!

Here’s a trivial fact for you, might come in handy if you get on ‘Who Wants To Become a Millionaire’, did you know Vatsyayana’s ‘Kama Sutra’ states there are 64 sex positions, SIXTY frigging FOUR for heaven’s sake!!! Jeeze :/ I’ve only tried 6………..no 7, perhaps 8? Oh and he states there are 8 fellatio positions on their own….. apparently! Now talking of fellatio, and I doubt I have to explain what the word means to you readers, I do get side tracked, I commented on your blog this evening, sat down to eat my tea and the idea for this post crystallised once AGAIN into my imagination because I nearly wrote a post similar once before!

Time for a diagram ‘lifted’ from Cosmopolitan magazine,


No more pictures, err I think above explains all!

Sharing with guys ladies and a female reader in mind, I’ve often asked myself do I prefer vaginal sex or having fellatio performed on me? (By a lady) And I have to say, being completely honest, if really pushed for an answer I will say I’d take fellatio every single time, the warmth of the lady’s mouth, wetness of her saliver helping her lips slide up and down my hardness heightens the sexual pleasure to a whole different level, sensual erotic pleasurable and err orgasmic :/ comes to mind. Not forgetting those two magic words intimacy and connection, if the lady is on her knees, gently sucking whilst gazing up at me with her two doe eyes, well all I can say is our emotional connection is almost telepathic or perhaps serotonin dopamine and other pleasure giving chemicals heighten a closeness attachment and love you have with a partner, either way having a woman perform oral sex is a gorgeous out of this world experience and DEEPLY satisfying rewarding even…….. take it from me, the sensory pleasure felt is near fabulously indescribable…….. hmm mee thinks a useful tool for a honeymoon I’d guess! AND take it from me good girls will.

Now that I’ve disabled comments, I find I do have one question, do good girls consider putting their lips around a clean hardness, in their mouths unladylike? Dirty even? Not for me? I hope not because out of all sixty frigging four positions, for a guy fellatio has to be number 1 or 2. However with ONE caveat :/ I’d say the lady has to enjoy blowing for the sx to be truly enjoyable and loving, but I guess ‘practice makes perfect’ as my mother used to say!

Btw these following generic tips are intended for any lovely person reading, whichever your sexual orientation lol it’s all good to me. 🙂

A few BJ tips for any ladies reading, If you’re giving a guy a bj, ask him questions about his likes, guys all enjoy something different, questions like “Shall I use my hands? Do you want me to lick the tip? Am I using enough pressure?” Are I guess added foreplay. Take it from me asking helps to relax a guy, it shows him you’re enjoying what you’re doing, and again personally speaking I’m always asking myself ‘Is she enjoying this?’ A guy won’t experience pleasure unless he knows a partner is!

Jeeze I’ve just caught a glimpse of my wordcount 950 words! Hmm I’ve ‘loads’ more to say so I’d better be brief or my readers will disappear. Communication is key, licking and sucking hard and fast may not be enough and I spent an afternoon with a lady who said she had (no better not say), anyways remember since the age13 boys have taught themselves to masturbate using their hands so licking and sucking may not be enough, I’d suggest a lady alternates stroking with her hand time to time to replicate his boyhood learnt technique also take a breather…………… hope this helps!

1000 words! I’d better share my tips even quicker!

Don’t ignore his balls be sure to kiss and gently tickle, suck if you wish but remember they’re not gobstoppers! And remember guys need foreplay rather than a lady heading straight for the hardness, AND never use your teeth and FINALLY the question of swallowing? Well put it this way a lady I know decided not to, so I guess the saying ‘good girls don’t’ pretty much applies lol.

So in conclusion I’m hoping I haven’t unintentionally offended ANYONE, as always over the past 2 years anything I write is meant to entertain however with this post keeping in mind those important tags of anxiety and body image, I truly believe no other sex position can better fellatio for intimacy pleasure and connecting between 2 human beings, useful on a honeymoon perhaps.

A. Shepherdson. 2018

Royal wedding


I’d guess the Mulroney twin’s gleeful happy joyful ‘gappy’ smile will be looked back upon as the photograph of the wedding day! Possibly of 2018.


You could either call this evening’s post a few thoughts on marriage part 2, click here for part 1! Or you could call this brief post my thoughts on the wedding of Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, lol either way (again!) this post will be the last time I discuss today’s Royal Wedding.

First off I watched BBC’s live coverage from Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel and you can always rely on the Royal Family to put on a seamless parade, not forgetting our BBC to produce a classy broadcast with no hick-ups, and as always the Queen’s private escort (a favourite of mine), her Household Cavalry looked absolutely stunning with their silver breast shields glistening and reflecting in the brilliant May sunshine. Windsor Castle was picture perfect resplendent and we Brits were for 2 hours the centre of the World’s viewing audience. Lol whatever else you say about us we know how to put on ‘a damn good show’. 😀



As an aside I was impressed by the caring way Prince Charles looked after Meghan’s mom, she was on her own looked a little star struck, like she’d won the winning Golden Ticket into The Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl), but whatever his foibles Charles is a decent guy.

I do so hope Harry and Meghan’s wedding is a success, yes I’m a non believing in God middle aged cynical world weary man, but a wedding also thousands upon thousands of happy joyful flag waving crowds will gladden even the coldest of hearts, and for a few hours or so the World’s focus moved from wicked people doing ghastly things to a happy union of two young people.

Ladies in stunning frocks, plenty of celebrities like Clooney Elton Opra Posh and Becks, soldiers on horses and yes even the American Bishop was a breath of fresh air delivering a fiery passionate sermon. Time to time the camera panned onto the Royal family’s faces and I swear the Queen was a little taken aback by his energy, jeeze our own Archbishops are the dictionary definitions of boring old farts.

I’ve nothing against Americans, as I’ve repeated on this WordPress before I’m a live and let live sort of guy, but I don’t know I cannot quite warm to Meghan yet :/ Yes she looked utterly divine in her white dress (mind you I doubt she’s a virgin) and resplendent wearing Queen Mary’s diamond tiara, but time will tell if she’s hidden motives wanting to be part of our Royal Family? I’m hmm unsure, then again our Royals are a pretty odd bunch, 3 of the Queen’s children have already divorced?


HOWEVER the real stars of the show were two gorgeous little 7yr old Paige boys called the Mulroney twins, they looked resplendent in mini Household Cavalry uniforms, and as they carried Meghan’s lengthy silken veil the boys ignited social media into a frenzy, I have a feeling they melted many an old and young female’s hearts……….. yep the twins will be remembered as the real stars and possibly because of one captured natural moment when one twin stole the show………. that ‘gappy smile!’ 🙂 He summed up the happiness of the day…… for me!


The two boys were standing just outside the front door to St. George’s Chapel, behind Meghan, the trumpets began their fanfare and the shock of the moment brought such a gleeful ‘gappy’ smile to one of their faces, a photo of a boy so naturally happy and joyful that yes it NEAR brought a tear to my eye. Mark my words he’ll be within the pages of all tomorrow’s papers!

Cynical old me has to have the final word because this lol is my WordPress, I read the other day in one of my mother’s trashy magazines that 44% of all marriages end in divorce, as I said previously I’m unsure 2 people can live happily everafter however I forgot to say both my sets of Grandparents also Mother and Father celebrated their Golden Weddings of 50 years, will Harry and Meghan’s ‘make it?’ Time will tell but I hope so.


Harry whisking his bride off on their honeymoon, and note his Jaguar E Type sports car a babe magnet if ever I saw one, lucky guy now he gets to…………………

(BTW a trivial fact for you, Royals do not sign pre nuptial agreements unlike us commoners, the papers are always full of divorce stories and settlement, but apparently Royals don’t have agreements because property is inherited and not owned! Not stupid are our Royals, if a marriage ends in divorce the Bride won’t be getting any of our castles, interesting fact don’t you think!!!)

A. Shepherdson 2018

A few thoughts on marriage

49FFD5D000000578-5476823-Prince_Harry_and_Meghan_Markle_arrive_in_Birmingham_today-m-265_1520509588910I’m not a drama queen by nature, truthfully speaking my 3 blogs have always been a drama free site zone, purposely note, however I’m feeling a little dispirited this afternoon, I do so enjoy reading blogs but I have to wonder am I ‘a good read?’

I enjoy making a nuisance of myself in this quiet backwater of the www called WordPress, I like the fact WordPress leaves writers alone to write about whatever they wish without fear of censure……………… you will all be aware Facebook have begun editing and removing newly uploaded content! WordPress seem to be content to let us write and enjoy ourselves possibly because internet idle bullies and haters leave bloggers alone, or they’re just tooo stupid and lazy to spend time reading nice people’s blogs and I hope there will never come a time when WordPress is instructed to censure writer’s blogs. If they do and freedoms of speech are quashed then I fear writer’s will disappear and I have a feeling WordPress know this!

So whether I’m here or not I hope WordPress will be, and left alone unchanged?

And why an earth shouldn’t well balanced responsible adults have their own place to enjoy themselves and have fun? Because of an absence of money making opportunities, that’s why WordPress works just fine as it is!

To this present day after 2 years and three blogs I still get a thrill at the time of pressing that blue publishing button, an excitement built in anticipation of finishing and finally uploading. I’d guess each one of us experiences this endorphin induced emotional high knowing our thoughts ideas tales and photographs will be read on the internet, I still get turned on by the thought lovely bloggers enjoy reading my thoughts except I’ve always had this nagging doubt asking myself can I actually write? :/ Three days this past week, according to the statistics lol that I never ever look at (frigging liar Andrew!) Hmm whatever lol.

My very best wishes to Harry and Meghan, I’m a Royalist and romantic at heart and I hope they live happy ever after, it’s been many years since a Royal occasion has been so widely anticipated, why she lol wants to join the House of Windsor I will never know, but it just goes to show how decent a fellow Charles is to step in and give Meghan away. A nice touch that and as for her evil money grabbing half sister……. may she rot in hell.

Yes I know the odds are stacked against any marriage succeeding and the older I get the more I wonder if two human beings can actually live together for the rest of their lives?  We’ll have to wait and see but I for one hope Meghan and Harry live happily ever after…………… perhaps tomorrow I may even watch. My Grandma and her friend used to spend their Saturday afternoon’s waiting outside the local Church to catch a glimpse of newly wedded happy couples, instead (as my Grandpa grumbled) instead of making my Grandpa’s dinner however he would only be joking! Hmm, why DO people fall out of love after head over heals falling in love?

I’m not being a killjoy or worse btw, no I hope every marriage works out for the best and everyone lives happily ever after, the trouble is life’s worries and b.s. gets in the way doesn’t it and yes dishonesty! I cannot say too much here but a woman I know only these past few weeks had her husband walk out on her for another woman, jeeze being lied to behind her back has hit herself and the children hard, but like I said life’s b.s. and hurt has broken many marriages, is the reason nothing more complicated than familiarity can lead to contempt?

One final thought on the institution of holy wedlock while I’m here, people change! We all do, I’m not the same person I was at age 19 neither are you, for better or worse we all change as human beings emotionally and physically and if we’re not careful me included, we’ll grow apart from friends and loved ones. Lol sorry to put a damper on your day! Hmm I’m 50 am I destined to live the rest of my life alone? Yikes I think so!!!

I cannot help wondering if lust is the reason for ALL marriages and relationships failing, if you are lucky enough to marry some pretty lithe nubile sexual slip of a 19 year old girl, you know long shapely legs, a slim figure, large perky firm boobs, but what happens when the woman (remember beautiful in everyway) reaches age 50 when she takes her bra off and both tits fall to just above her belly button? (Personally I adore saggy boobs but not everyone does) Or the lady has put on a few pounds or her hair has greyed or as happens to us all of us, a few wrinkles have appeared. Hmm are these the main reasons for a marriage failing? (Please take note, degradation of a male’s physical appearance works in exactly the same way!)

525497594Now before you accuse me of ageism, a couple of weeks ago I spent a lovely afternoon in bed with a 48year old lady, we met on the internet and had sexy times inside a cheap Oxford Hotel if you must ask. In truth I’ve never enjoyed myself more than in bed with Karolina, we emotionally connected, our souls ‘clicked’ and becoming nakedly intimate with another human being is the only way to recognise if any friendship exists, or is that yet another definition of lust?

Anyways we ended the afternoon after much kissing intimate touching and cuddles AND ##cking in various positions (and yes cowgirl) Yet after leaving I couldn’t help thinking the lady was older than age 48 lol, yep in hindsight without looking through my rose colours spectacles I’d say one could add 5+ years and be closer to the truth! But age didn’t matter, I could quite easily see me married to Karolina such was our friendship however lol Lust was her deadly sin! In truth she wished for nothing more than to sexually (ab)use my naked body for her own sexual gratification 😀 ❤ 😉 was she married? Hmm I really couldn’t say or in truth wished to know but jeeze she didn’t half enjoy fondling and stroking me!

Andrew 🙂

Is your most prized possession IN FACT worthless?

I hope you’ve read my previous blog, linked here, lol if you haven’t not to worry it’s a very personal family tale written about an ancestor of mine who goes by the name of Matthew, to me a truly fascinating character. I’d love to have met him because I have a feeling we both have similar character traits, how do I know? Well I take after my father, he after his father and so on, we all have so much in common…………… everyone says I’m my father’s son and more so than I’d like to admit……. put it this way when growing up we had a difficult relationship as eldest sons often do!

My thoughts behind this evening’s post are both what value we place on possessions and I’ve decided to put memories of my family into electronic print (WordPress). I know I don’t have children but I have ‘little people’ for relations and who knows one day they maybe interested? Whether my memories are interesting to other readers is a totally different matter but I know several bloggers have been interested in the past, we’ll see 🙂 …………… and certainly different to the tale about a Romanian masseuse sticking her lubricated finger up my asshole and tickling my prostate gland, she wasn’t a doctor mind you, she was ‘milking me’ with her other hand! You haven’t heard my prostate massage tale?

Well lol you never will because it got deleted! 

Anyways not to worry tonight I’ll leave you with a question, what value do you put on your personal possessions? I’d guess the majority of you could do without possibly all your material possessions but I’d guess there will be several that mean the world to you, monetarily worthless however for very personal reasons they are priceless and irreplaceable.

I have two.

My home is overflowing with ‘clutter and stuff’ I’d guess your own is very similar, cupboards are crammed full of papers books, shelves groan under the weight of items I’ll never use again, but honestly speaking I have only two personal possessions that I value above all else. I’d be heartbroken if I ever lost them, you just don’t know how upset I’d be if they were mislaid forever.

And what two items am I referring to?

Misc 003

The gentleman standing in the doorway of his village butcher’s shop, is my Great Grandfather and according to everyone I’ve heard talk about him they all say he was lovely man. He was a Church elder, he gave meat to poor women in the village, one hundred flag bearers of the Royal British Legion stood at his graveside on the day of his funeral, and a fine upstanding gentleman who served his Country on the Western Front during World War One. He didn’t fight in the trenches but he was stationed very near Ypres though he was only a private and butchered meat to feed army soldiers. 🙂 An important job all the same.

Btw he never sold or ate offal, and a butcher’s opinion is good enough for me! 

He wasn’t Catholic by faith, making the decision Church of England was his personal path toward the Kingdom of God, however Catholicism is linked to my treasured possession, oh yes those two personal possessions my mind does tend to meander. My Great Grandfather wasn’t Catholic however for some unknown reason throughout 1917 and 1918 whilst stationed on the Western Front, he kept those Rosary Beads on the left of the photo with him throughout his time in France. We know he purchased them or was given them by someone in Bethune village because when you hold the Rosary up to the light, look through that tiny eye glass in the middle, you can actually see is different photographs of Bethune’s village Church!

Those Rosary Beads in the photo are the first possession I’d be heartbroken if I ever lost it, that he kept them with him throughout his tour of duty must have been for a very good reason? They obviously meant a lot to him perhaps an antidote to all the horrors going on about him, and although I’m very much a non believer (I truly wish I did believe in God btw) you could offer me any sum of money for my/his Rosary and I wouldn’t exchange.

I should add out of all his many Great Grandchildren for some reason my Grandma handed her father’s Rosary Beads to me for safe keeping and I know not why? Perhaps there’s a reason I’m not aware of but she considered them safest in my possession and another reason why they’re so valuable. Lol all my other Cousins were given monetarily valuable stamp albums and the like, and I have the Beads and Medal. 

Perhaps she somehow knew I’d be the one who coveted them above all else?

Medal 007.JPG
An extra photo for you, My Great Grandfather’s WW1 Medal after serving on the Western Front


The second item one or two of you may have already guessed, I have another Great Grandfather who was awarded the Queen’s South Africa medal for his Military service in the Second Boer War 1899-1902. It’s quite heavy, struck in solid silver and yes they sell for a considerable amount of money on eBay, but again appreciating the QSA medal was earned for Matthew’s military service and handed down to me means the world, it would never ever be sold however much I was offered. Link here for tales of my Great Grandfather Matthew.

©A. Shepherdson 2018

My Great Grandfather Matthew

(Part 1, original and new, a little different for me but as I always say I cannot keep to one theme, it’s not deliberate just the way I’ve always ‘blogged’, anyways not to worry I’ve often received likes and I’m always appreciative thank you.)

Where to begin lol? I sat down to write this Post with ideas plans and thoughts in mind then I truly had a panic attack, how an earth does one begin to put down their own family history into print? It’s a mammoth task, I have letters sent by relatives anecdotes of course told to me by Grandparents, many dates notable only because they are births and deaths which is as boring as hell to read and write about oh and I have in my possession a treasured photograph album handed down by my Grandmother! And finally there’s the question would anyone be interested hearing another man’s family history?

Truly a daunting task and honestly I very nearly switched my laptop off then I remembered back to my previous WordPress, where I’d share a photograph from said album to compliment a family tale and see where the writing takes me? In fact I published a family post several weeks ago, themed discussing modern day crime in the UK (yawn lol but it is rather interesting) using photographs of my Grandfather’s old Bakery Vans which in 1943 were sold amazingly without door locks? Incredible or what just imagine BMW doing that today! Link here and see how times of changed.

If God forbid my home was on fire, and I had one minute to go back inside and retrieve one item only and come out alive I’m pretty sure I know what it would be, yes my photo albums. In fact I’m not someone who places any value on personal possessions, having said that on my way in to retrieve the albums I’d probably grab my gold sovereigns, put them in my pocket not forgetting a medal or two but truthfully there’s little else I’d take!

Jane Daisy Matthew Kitchener
My Jane, Daisy, Matthew and Kitchener seated in deckchairs at the seaside, I’d guess southern UK…..perhaps?

🙂 So rather than give up writing my family history as a bad idea, switch off and go watch young ladies stripping of naked in their chatrooms lol, I thought I’d first share with you a very special photograph of a gentleman who truly fascinates me, namely my Great Grandfather Matthew on my father’s side.

Believe me or not the family group above have been photographed sitting in deck chairs at the seaside circa 1930’s? I mean common who in all seriousness goes to the beach dressed in their Sunday best? Matthew his son, daughter and wife Jane could have been off to Church and don’t you think Great Aunt Daisy looks a demure and classy lady? Quite different to Jane who looks a little life weary but then she’d born seven children and travelled around the World before settling down in sleepy quiet Southern England.

BUT Matthew is the one ancestor who captures my imagination more than any other, I of course love them all but it’s always Matthew’s dour face that jumps out of a photograph at me. His life’s backstory is pretty captivating as well, born the son of a poor Southern Irish farm worker, he married Jane a farmer’s daughter from the same village, they sailed by steamship to Southern Africa and settled in the Missionary Town of Bethulie in Orange River Colony slightly south of Bloemfontein.

My Great Grandfather’s sterling silver Queen’s South Africa medal (above). On one side features the reigning monarch of Britain’s Empire Queen Victoria, the reverse shows Britannia greeting British Troops with a ship in the background, could be the port of Cape Town?

How he came to fight for the British Army in the second Boer War 1899-1902 is one of those family mysteries we all have yet don’t have an answer to. His Queen’s South Africa Medal, (the one I’d have safely tucked inside my pocket as I left my burning home) has four Bars one of which displays the name Orange Free State, written around the edge of his sterling silver medal is Trooper M. Bateman his rank of Private, his number and the Regiment of South African Constabulary, but I cannot really complain can I? Some people have no photographs or keep sakes handed down from previous generations, I have Matthew’s Medal. I know he was a poor farmer workers son who either emigrated to Africa as a soldier or more probably was already been living in Bethulie for several years with his family, he’d joined the South African Constabulary was he working as a Policeman? My Grandfather and one of his sister’s told me he was employed by one of the diamond mines (lol could be a family myth/hope), then there’s the fact Bethulie’s rather infamous no awful claim to fame is being the main concentration camp for Boer prisoners of war. (Think of Nazi Germany, well the phrase originates from Bethulie Orange Free State.) Remember he was a military constabulary soldier.

Matthew, Jane and Emma the maid
Great Grandmother Jane holding my Grandfather, house servant Emma and my Great Grandfather Matthew, South Africa. (Borrowed from Grandma’s photo album!)

Lol here’s a timely excuse to share one other photograph taken from the album, well more a postcard featuring the Mission Town Bethulie at the time situated in Orange River Colony, then as you do I googled Bethulie and happened across a photograph of the Town’s Church still there today, the same white spire that can be seen far right on my photograph.


Nederduitse_Gereformeerde_Church,_Grey_Street,_BethulieHow did we ever manage before the days of google. I can even tell you the Church can be found in a Grey Street?

Lol and there’s more! Bethulie was originally a small sheep and cattle farming town in the Free State province of South Africa, I’m reliably informed by Wikipedia that Bethulie means ‘chosen by God’ a name given in 1829 by directors of a mission which the town formed around. Apparently the mission building is the oldest settler built building still standing in the Free State and the town was also home to one of the largest concentration camps run by the British during the second Boer War, a dark infamous fact I was already aware of!

orangesouthmapThrough the wonders of Google yet again, I happened across this map of the Southern part of Orange River Colony and if you look carefully Bethulie is the most southerly Town name bordering Cape Colony, and if you again look at the bars attached to Matthew’s medal you can see he served in Cape Colony, which lol all makes sense……… like I said how did we ever live without Google?

Aha but I should explain at this point I was born and raised in England simply because Matthew emigrated again with his wife Jane and two children returning back (@1906) (later to England) to the small Irish village they originally came from and having more children. Mysterious still is that he was neither a Policeman or any longer serving for the British Army because once settled in County Cork he opened a small ‘general shop’ called ‘The Winning Post’. As a family we don’t know the reasons why he returned and why he changed occupations, however my Grandfather told me in person that his father Matthew was a drunk! Further still the reason why my Grandfather never touched alcohol, Grandpa lived to 85 years old and not once did I ever see him drink alcohol, not ever! So if he told me his father was the reason for being tee total, there’s a good chance he wasn’t impressed by his father’s conduct perhaps this is the reason he emigrated back to Ireland? Who knows but I will tell you Grandpa didn’t speak of his father in glowing terms.

His sister Iris said their father would be brought home by a horse and cart the worse for drink, I guess if you’re a Policeman/Mines guard who gets in this state then you would end up in charge of a shop………… who knows but wondering is good for the imagination. 🙂

The ‘Dover Castle’ sailed a strict timetable between Southampton and Cape Town, why have I shown this ship? Because they sailed home to Ireland on the ‘Dover’ and I have a copy of the ships menu written down by my Great Grandmother!
Grandpa B, Kath, Bob, Dolly, Husband Jack, Bunty, Grandma B, Elma, Kitchener 1930-33
My family standing outside a house they owned in Wokingham, middle England

Matthew, My Grandmother (looking very sophisticated) my Grandfather, alongside three sisters (Daisy is missing) and his younger brother Kitchener, incidentally General Lord Kitchener was the name given to a famous military colonialist of the time, concentration camps was his idea and so was the scorched earth policy! Link here

Dolly and Kitchener
Alice and Kitchener delivering eggs to London

Now settled back in Gearagh County Cork, Matthew and Jane had their shop, the children went to the village school and they were all regular Church goers in fact a family Bible still exists in the local Church. HOWEVER there was one big problem! My ancestors were a Protestant Family living in a Village predominantly populated by Catholics and living in a politically turbulent period of Irish History.

Having said my Grandfather wasn’t impressed by his father’s drinking, I’m very VERY fond of Matthew, he was definitely a character he certainly has the stern facial expression of someone who’s got a little steel in him, he served in the South African Constabulary (going by those boots he rode horses), won Boer War campaign medals, liked to get drunk, fathered 7 children, travelled the world so what’s not to like? Lived a more interesting life than mine that’s for sure AND someone at work said I looked a little like him and why not? The blood of our ancestors flows through our veins. 😀 )

To be continued…………… (perhaps) 🙂

(lol I hope reader’s are interested because part 2 may follow, maybe not, it’s either tales of losing my virginity or my family’s history, hmm there’s a ‘rum choice’ if ever I heard one!!)

A. Shepherdson 2018.



‘baby bumps’

Early evening thoughts and musings, I’m quite frankly amazed no photos exist of my mum carrying myself or my sibling, then again in the days before digital cameras people just didn’t take photos!!

do it yourself pregnancy ultrasound

I do believe I have a soft spot for heavily pregnant women, seeing a woman with child is guaranteed to make me smile and gladden my heart, and I’m afraid I cannot help staring, my gaze is almost magnetically drawn to her bump especially if rather large (36 weeks) I just cannot help myself looking! :/ Perhaps my incredulous gaze lasts tooo long? If it does that’s only because visualising a living human being inside a woman is difficult to get my mind around, very thought provoking indeed!

A short story, walking across the common the other day, I could see in the distance a heavily pregnant naturally slim woman coming toward be and before I truly realised what I was doing I found my eyes drawn to looking at her bump more in fascination than anything remotely creepy, God only knows what she thought of me but perhaps she experiences smiles and rather bemused slightly shocked facial reactions throughout her whole day? If so then that must be lovely. (Not forgetting I thought to myself ‘her back must be killing her!!!’)

How an earth does her tummy go flat again?

The only trouble is, as with the lady I bumped into, without fail I always feel the urge to say “madam you look absolutely beautiful carrying your baby”, it’s on the tip of my tongue but of course these days you cannot go around paying compliments to women you do not know! But perhaps you can? I don’t know, perhaps if one’s smile is genuine, and the compliment made comes from a good and genuine place, then perhaps paying a compliment is socially acceptable. Then again would she mistrust my motives or think admiring her pregnancy rather tooo intimate especially coming from a single guy? Either way I’ll remember her imagine across my mind for hours on end, days even, conceptually a woman bearing a child is a miracle you don’t see everyday……… unless you’re a paediatrician.

(Btw that’s absolutely true, I’ll be able to picture the image of the lady and her prominent ‘bump’ for days after. Quite beautiful.)

But of course I never compliment her, I smile, perhaps catch her eye with mine, you know that ever-so brief connection we’ll make with another human being when we’re not isolated inside the bubble that is our own little world………………. early evening thoughts. 🙂

(Fifteen minute intermission whilst I enjoyed a hot shower, the ONLY place to think btw!)

Ok I agree telling a woman you don’t know from Eve that she looks stunning is farrr tooo intimate, lol one doesn’t but I’d be interested to know if staring at her bump and smiling is acceptable?

Your mum ‘is the best friend you’ll ever have’

I very much doubt BBC Journalist Alexandra Vanotti would mind me sharing her photo on this Post, she didn’t mention Copyright in her ‘post natal depression article’ and it is a lovely picture. 🙂


By A. Shepherdson 2018 (with borrowed photos from Google and Alexandra Vanotti)

Tom Odell Magnetised – LIVE Graham Norton 2016

Some of you will know who Graham Norton is, and many of you will watch his chat shows in your own Country seeing as it’s the BBC’s highest earning export, well back in 2016 I remember sitting down 10.30pm Friday Night having never heard of this appearing singer Tom Odell…………….. or Magnetised!

Towards the end of a highly entertaining show packed with Hollywood A list actors,  incredibly he gets every big name you can think of, Tom Odell is introduced and blows me away with an energy packed rendition of his mega hit ‘Magnetised’. I’ve never ever forgotten that performance from back in 2016 and that’s the truth, anyways I’m at a loose end tonight so thought I’d both watch that performance again AND share it on my WordPress. 🙂 

Follow me around OXFORD (pt1)

Photographs taken by myself 21/04/2018 apart from the 3 picture’s of pretty ladies wearing very little! You mean you don’t understand? Lol you’ll have to read on 😀 btw I’m NOT ‘click baiting’ readers, this post is ‘hopefully’ a blend of humour and historically serious………. in other words entertaining.

Oxford April 2018 008
St. Magdalen Church and Cemetery Bluebells

Towers and Churches (with a fun introduction) 

The UK has experienced an unseasonal no lush incredible! Mini heatwave, we’ve just had the hottest 3 days since written records began, sorry for droning on about our weather lol but if you have a friend who’s from England then you’ll understand our national obsession, no our number one pastime, is talking about our weather! No word of a lie I kid you not we can experience all 4 seasons in one day, three weeks ago we had snow (click link) this weekend we’ve had blue skies high humidity brilliant sunshine and 28+ degrees, I’ll return to sultry steamy temperatures in a second. AND please take note of the Cemetery photos with their Bluebells and Daffodils, these pictures were snapped by me a week or so ago.

Enough of English weather lol, oh yes where was I? Saturday’s clammy sweat inducing sticky humid air, so tiring to walk through you’d imagine we lived in the Everglades!

Lol after waking Saturday morning (a night in bed all alone ahh), I made breakfast gazed out the kitchen window and thought to myself ‘yes I’ve had a long tiring week at work, but jeeze staying at home today of all days would be criminal’, so I grabbed my camera and decided to visit Oxford and wander around my home City as a sightseer, join all the other tourists taking photos…………… perhaps write a blog post?

Hold on what’s that noise I hear at the window? No word of a lie it’s frigging raining, you see what I mean, summer could be over and done with already!

Returning to this past Saturday. (If you don’t wish to read my observations of today’s pretty ladies skip a paragraph!)

I absolutely adore English hot sunny weather, the muggier stickier airless the better, and some of you may already know what I’m about to say next! At the slightest hint of stifling soupy hot temperatures ladies lose all their modesty and abandon layers of clothes, omg sweet Jesus do their clothes ever come off! Winter coats are hung up until next Tuesday and they hit the summer tee shirt chest of draws HARD and the results are gorgeously spectacular!

Look I understand I’m getting side tracked, the churches can wait I’m in free flow sharing my love of women!

The centre of my Town lies 10 minutes away, well after leaving home a hundred yards in I pass by the recreational Park and wow there stand’s a young mother wearing only a string vest with an oh so visible black bra underneath! A hundred yards further and I’m watching a mature lady approaching wearing a crisp white blouse, and the closer she gets I see she’s braless with unrestrained bundles of fun bouncing happily together, well I had to stop by the river’s bridge just to let my pulse slow down! Finally I arrive at the bus stop to Oxford and a petite very pretty young woman saunters past wearing beige HIGH cut hot pants with both buttocks hanging out!! Incredible, and I don’t know if her father had checked her dress code as she left her home? Afraid to say I hardened and twitched for a second or two 😉

These Googled images below remind me of today and all day, lol I shouldn’t share them should I but this is my blog and all that, you get the idea! 😦 We’ll be wearing winter coats by next Tuesday and sunny days of no bras and bouncing boobs will be but a memory 😦

😀 enough of sexy young women (and note sexy mature as well) let us quickly move on.

Part 1, today’s published Post, feature 2 Churches a Saxon Tower also Martyrs Memorial, I will try to be brief and to the point else this post will read as a history lesson, I DON’T want that either, you’ll have to visit Wikipedia and sift through the Fake posts for a history lesson.

Having said that, whilst wandering around Oxford’s busy Street’s alongside decanted bus loads of Japanese Tourists I suddenly thought to myself I pass these two Churches below every single day of my working week! Twice if you count in the times I pass by at 4.30pm on my way home (questioning myself ‘am I happy in my work?’ or do these feelings of discontentment plague every person who’s hit middle age?’)

Anyways enough of that silliness!

Returning to my bolt of lighting moment of revelation I did honestly realise I pass by these ancient landmarks each day, yet I know absolutely not a jot about their historical significance :/ both a sobering and rather awful admission. So this Post was a history lesson for myself as much as you lol!

Btw between both Churches lies a strip of tarmaced road, on this site a Fair comes to Oxford every year and has done for the past 400 years!

The Saxon Tower at St. Michael at the North Gate, the Tower is one of the oldest Buildings in Britain no less, and these Churches are 12th Century so we’re talking OLD!

I wonder how many people you’d have to stop in the Street before someone could describe the history behind this this ancient Saxon Tower? (They don’t allow anyone to walk to the top anymore, Why? Because people keep jumping from tall buildings in Oxford!)

Originally built around 1000–1050, with the tower from 1040 still in existence, the church is Oxford’s oldest building. It was constructed of Coral Rag and until yesterday I’d never looked closely and yes there is coral in the mix!

The Oxford Martyrs were imprisoned in the Bocardo Prison before they were burnt at the stake in what is now Broad Street nearby 1555, at that time immediately outside the city and the cell door can be seen on display in the tower.

Saint Magdalene Church

Oxford April 2018 009

This fascinating historic Church stands isolated on a traffic island at the south end of St Giles, near the Martyr’s Memorial. The first Church was built in the Saxon period and stood just outside the city walls replacing a timber church destroyed when Vikings attacked and burned most of Oxford down in 1010 and 1013.

  • The church was burnt down again in 1074, 
  • In 1194 Saint Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, had the Church rebuilt. Work of that period survives in the east wall of the chancel wall and in the south aisle, and the altar is dedicated to St Thomas Becket.
  • By 1235 the church had an altar dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The chancel was rebuilt late in the 13th century. A century later the scholars of newly founded Balliol College had an oratory dedicated to St Catherine in the present North aisle.
  • In 1320 the Carmelites founded a chapel in the south aisle, which survives as the present Lady Chapel.
  • The west tower was built between 1511 and 1531 with stone taken from the dissolved Oxford’s Cistercian Monastery.

Saint Giles Church


Built 12th 13th Century St. Giles Church lies 500 metres North of Oxford’s old city wall, standing in open fields with no other buildings between it and the city wall. As I said earlier that’s where the North Gate Church and Saxon Tower stands. Interestingly only about a thousand people lived within the walls of Oxford at this time, you should see outer Oxford now! 

Damaged during the English Civil War when the Parliamentarian army besieged the Royalist force then defending Charles. John Goad, vicar from 1644 until 1646, is said to have led services in St. Giles during Parliamentary artillery bombardments in 1645.

Martyrs Memorial

Victorian gothic built to remember martyrs killed at the sight of execution virtually on the same spot! In 1840 when constructed it replaced tottering wooden house. 


Photographs by A. Shepherdson April 2018


Life isn’t fair, male eye candy

🙂 Just so as you know this post took frigging ages to make lol!

I was idly surfing the interweb this evening, as you do, and came across a list of the sexiest Male Movie actors alive. So seeing as I had nothing better to do I Google imaged shirtless male actors (anyone who knows me knows I’m addicted to Google imaging it’s fabulous), saved into a Folder and colour filtered them so as they’re ALL black and white because photos look way classier that way.

Now I’m not gay, just so as you know, not that it would matter if I was mind! No, if you’ve read the odd post or two on this blog you’ll know this WordPress adheres to no one theme, I publish whatever captures my imagination and I adore women preferably the more mature the better!

Like I said as I had all this spare time tonight and I had intended to save and filter the sexiest female actresses alive, but then I thought I have female readers so why not male actors plus even straight guys can appreciate beautiful men with their sexy bodies, hence this evening’s male eye candy! 

So my question is, carrying on from my thoughts on the recent #MeToo campaign, IS objectifying the naked male body in photographs as unacceptable as sharing scantily clad female semi naked photos? Or do we all need to take a chill pill and accept human beings are beautiful whatever their sex?

Penny for your thoughts? Oh and I hope you enjoy whatever your sexual orientation 😉 and feel free to comment!

What may be more controversial is why I couldn’t find more black actors?

Zac Efron, Will Smith and Tom Cruise.

Sidney Poitier, Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling.

Ralf Feins, Paul Newman and Matthew McConaughey.

Mark Ruffolo, Liam Hemsworth and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Idris Elba, Hugh Jackman and Henry Cavill.

Gerard Butler, George Clooney and Ewan McGregor.

Clint Eastwood, Cillian Murphy and Chris Pratt (btw if you want my opinion Cillian Murphy is the sexiest man alive……….Peaky Blinders is awesome!

Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth and Charlie Hunnan.

Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Armie Hammer and Ashton Kutcher.

A. Shepherdson 2018 (I know I break umpteen copyrights so all I can say is NO images are my own.)

girlwiththepawprinttattoo’s challenge

This response is in place of something (coming sooon) that’s a touch different for me, then again I’ve always said I’m err theme less? 🙂

Thank you to girlwiththepawprinttattoo for her nomination, I’d love to reply to her challenge 🙂 I’m afraid though I don’t strictly play by the Award rules on WordPress, however I DO love answering the questions also reading those of everyone else involved. Just call me awkward lol but as with megisacat’s Challenge, the lady’s questions made great ideas to write about from a fun personal perspective.

First here are Becky’s five questions to be followed by the girlwiththepawprinttatto’s five, I had fun answering and again :/ apologies for not playing strictly by the rules………….. but I doubt anyone really minds?

When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great? Starting my Toolmaking apprenticeship at the age of sixteen. Looking back I think working for a living was a shock to the system in so many respects, new people, new surroundings alien after school, hours set in stone, being disciplined by men who would NOT accept slackness or bad behaviour! However over time I learned to love the job and cherish the skills that were being taught not forgetting I was being paid a wage. Looking back I was lucky, not every boy had the opportunity to be chosen to learn a Trade that will hopefully keep me employed for life, some boys would have wanted this opportunity so badly but missed out and I should always remember that. We all should. :/

What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of? ‘All The President’s Men’, yes the movie is a few years old but will always be a fascinating story. It follows the Watergate break-in and subsequent scandal HOWEVER the message is as relevant to today’s dirty Politics as it was in the 70s, whether that be D. Trump in the Whitehouse or Number 10 in the UK. Watch the movie and you’ll realise nothing’s changed plus All The President’s is a fabulously paced whodunit………. won Oscars and everything!

What “old person” things do you do? Omg I think I fit into the bracket of being old, but hey in for a penny in for a pound, I’ll call into my local Supermarket around 6.50pm and why? Because they reduce all the food that’s on it’s final ‘sell by day’ before closing at 7pm. I know frigging sad or what!!

If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator? I had lol difficulty with this question, Richard Burton because as with his opening narration to the film Zulu, Burton could make anyone’s life sound exciting enough to take notice of.

What artist or band do you always recommend when someone asks for a music recommendation? The honest answer is my recommendation would change almost every day, depending on my mood or what’s been playing on my mp3 player my answer could be any number of bands? Sorry!


girlwiththepawprinttatto’s questions ( :/ ? Well you never know it could be a leopard pawprint?)

What actor/actress would you want to play you in a film about your life? Tom Hanks, only because the characters he plays in movies are always likeable amusing heroic individuals who everyone loves, plus he marries Meg Ryan omg lucky guy!!!

You have just woken up from being cryogenically frozen. What is your first question? I fear my answer won’t be everyone’s idea worthy of an Award question, but yet again girlwiththepawprinttatto’s question really had me thinking. I suffer from epilepsy, see I told you it wouldn’t be a barrel of laughs, and I’m pretty convinced I actually know the answer to this question for real. The start of a seizure I liken to an electric shock, a physical mental jolt that blocks out thoughts of everyone and everything around me. Then the following three seconds are feelings of dread clarity and an understanding of what is to happen next, three minutes of unconsciousness! However (and here’s her answer) when I awake there are ALWAYS, without fail several concerned human faces looking down at me the worried faces of Good Samaritans! People who cared enough to stop and help their fellow human being, empaths have you will, lovely people who were the ones out of all the others walking past who took time out of their day to help me OR use their mobile to call an ambulance. 🙂 This shows to me there is goodness in the World and my first question is “where am I?” These lovely people have also reminded me that I to should stop and help a person in need and I have done. Lol sorry if I’ve rather depressed you but not everyone stops!

What type of movie would your life be? Romance? Drama? Comedy? Horror? Drama I guess for the above reason.

What TV channel doesn’t exist but really should? I think my TV Station exists! Topless women laying on a bed shaking a phone in one hand, mouthing “call me” at the screen ❤ ……… I’m joking I’d never ever lol phone I’m tooo tight with money! A great Channel I’d love to exist is one that’s dedicated to Space Exploration, Moon landing footage…… I know really boring haha.

If you were famous, what would you want to be famous for? Answering this question is actually more difficult than I first imagined because unlike children of today I don’t want to be famous. Watching ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ (I do) and the thousands of kids who want to be famous, it seems sad they don’t appear to want anything else other than famous? They should listen to Francis Rossi from Status Quo when he said, “you just don’t wanna know what’s behind the Show Business façade, it ain’t pretty”. Lol rather err depressing but children want fame so desperately that they’ll not think about the insecurities performer’s suffer from. But if I were famous I guess I could say a Motor Racing driver because of the money thrills and pretty ladies (least I’m honest!) that come as the trappings, but honestly I’d like to be famous for inventing something that help’s my fellow man, a drug that cures a disease?

Fun questions and apologies for not playing by Award rules, but not to worry. 🙂

A. Shepherdson 2018

This Post is unashamedly just for me

A personal Post.

If I’m ‘writing’ something or perhaps scrolling through my WordPress, certain images will pop out of the screen, a photo will catch my eye for they’re all chosen for a reason. Well this afternoon I thought to myself, why not have two photographs of our now regrettably passed away Border Collies shared in my recent posts! There’s no other reason for apart from they now reside forgotten and unloved, hidden away in a photo album and having them here would be nice………….. and everyone loves their pet photos don’t they.


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