My employer’s position on racism

馃檪 Topical or erotic stories, my WordPress is a place to express my thoughts and fantasies, I had deleted this posting, but ‘what the heck’ I’ve sexually objectified White women’s bodies here, so theme this posting as diversity (redressing balance) anyways the last part amused ME because it’s true, lol that’s called a disclaimer and feel free to express furious anger!

Now as a rule I don’t discuss my workplace on this WordPress, I’d almost certainly be breaking department rules also my contract of employment and I’ve always the suspicion someone I know in real life just might be lurking in the shadows, walls have ears so to speak.

But I’ll relent just this once to share an email that dropped into my Inbox last week and no doubt prompted by racial tensions whether in America or the United Kingdom, an interesting thought provoking bulletin which will have far reaching implications for the department, working life post covid-19 will be different in SO many different ways………….. As an aside, pull down the 62 contentious bronze statues from their granite plinths, I don’t actually care for them and quite honestly up until three weeks ago, I didn’t realise so many eighteenth century transatlantic slave and plantation owners populated British cities, plus I suspect neither did 95% of the population………… the only real surprise is how they remained erect for so many years!

Returning to my employer’s stance on racism 馃檪 .

‘The Department of ‘name removed’ is fully supportive of the University’s position and committed to advancing equality and diversity.  As a community of scholars, we stand in support of those BAME communities who confront the day-to-day realities of inequality, discrimination and racism. We believe that a diverse community in which all feel comfortable and empowered to engage, results in better dialogue, better scholarship, and better outcomes for all. We stand for equity and inclusion across the spectrum.

Having said this, I acknowledge there are certainly areas in which we as a department should improve, most notably the balance among the ranks of academics and improved access for prospective students with BME backgrounds.  We also need to assess and improve how we support BME staff and students once they are in post. To help guide us, the Department recently established an Equality & Diversity Committee (E&D), chaired by ‘name removed’, to take stock of our position and help formulate actions for taking us forward.  These will include:

路       Engaging in outreach to members of the BAME students and staff to develop a more complete and nuanced understanding of the issues that impact work and quality of life of affected individuals and groups.

路       Developing an E&D section of the website, which will include better coverage of accomplishments and better links to information and resources.

路       Reassessment of professional and social events we offer to find the most successful formulas for events that are truly inclusive.

路       A pulse survey of to find out how recent events have affected all the different groups of people in the department. This will help us decide on the best actions for the rest of the summer.

路       Strengthening the well-being support for BAME students and staff, who typically face substantial of stress, and especially right now.

路       Maintaining our commitment to recruiting BAME students, for which I am pleased to say we are on an upward trajectory.

It is my hope as Head of Department that we can catalyze a process leading to a more balanced and equable space in which we can all work and learn.

This is clearly an aspiration whose fulfillment is long overdue.’


Now you’ll hopefully be anticipating the (controversial) opinion from a privileged white middle-aged male blogger’s perspective, to what I guess will be called my employer’s updated ethnic diversity mission statement, phew that’s a mouthful!

Well to be completely honest I’m going to disappoint because I obviously have no issues with this timely released bulletin, concise and to the point yet I suspect this final draught will have passed through many people’s finger tips, also critical gazes before this carefully written document was published. How will these objectives personally affect me? I guess the most obvious will be recruitment, if post covid-19 working life returns to a new normality, I’d guess (again) I’ll be working alongside more Black and Asian colleagues, fabulous I’m a friendly easy going guy and hopefully our personalities will gel, after all I’m NOT racist.

I’ve delved into a dictionary curious as to true meaning and well I’m not, if anything many commentators are clouding many complex issues all under the one word! And this needs reminding to myself, because my conduct and example to all the people I ever come into contact with I have to be comfortable with. In fact I’m looking forward to working with more colleagues recruited from the BAME community, and being completely honest also unsurprisingly to regular readers of this Blog, hopefully they’ll ALL be female, whether young or mature I’m easy.

I’d hope our personalities, sense of humour and outlook on life would click so to speak, oh and would be fabulous if any ethnic slip of a girl secretaries wore short skirts, or if mature ladies, their summer blouses appeared opaque when sunlight shined through. Yes I’m rather shallow like that, hopefully there’ll be large shapely bosoms, ‘peachy’ buttocks not forgetting I’m an easy guy to get along with and a colleague once remarked “Andrew likes everyone”, I’ve always loved that compliment.

Btw I’m in no way being patronizing.

And now for my Jerry Springer end of show wise words, for the past thirty years, I’ve worked alongside students colleagues from every corner of the globe anyhow, smiling faces that rotate every three or four years and hand on heart I can honestly say I’ve met some truly lovely men and women, we’ve laughed and chatted about every subject imaginable with two notable exceptions, an unspoken rule where neither politics or religion have been discussed because well, we haven’t! They’re tedious boring and a sure fire way of falling out with someone, nope we’ve chatted about the countries they call home, our families, sports and life etc……… you’ll not go far wrong if politics and religion are kept off limits, arguments ensue people get upset and ultimately any conversations are just darn tedious boring and divisive.

Btw I’ve added a new wish to my bucket list, you know the things to do before you die. I’m veering off message now, and just be aware my bucket list is neither adventurous particularly long or actually lol exists! But if you’re at all curious, my latest wish is to sleep with a Black lady before I ‘kick the bucket’ and better get a move on Andrew because you’re now closer to the end than the beginning.

I’m being neither nasty or unpleasant and I’ll admit to fantasies featuring casual sex with a West Indian or African lady, you know ‘ebony and creamy white’ body’s intimately entwinned my 6 inch dick deep inside her, and I have to say this day-dream fantasy of mine TRULY turns me on, forget any notions of long term relationships, now we’re talking carnal animal lust……. you know riding ‘cowgirl’ blowjobs swallowing and tasty cunnilingus!

Recalling off the top of my head I’ve slept with many women……. sure you wanted to know that fact, the point being to a woman they’ve all been White ladies, English Argentinian Spanish East European all aged from 20-55, we’ve enjoyed lol bedroom gymnastics and lovely ladies they were to, however I’ve never slept with a Black woman!

Does this really matter? No of course NOT because a woman’s skin tone is only skin deep, seconds after removing her bra, a mature Black woman’s boobs will drop to inches above her belly button similar to any mature White woman’s. A 20 year old Black woman’s pussy will be as tight as any young White woman’s, part her thighs and her intimacy will be pink and glistening wet no different whether White or Black, Indian or Chinese, French or Brazilian……… after all we all descend from Apes having walked out of the African Rift Valley hundreds of thousands of years ago………. only trouble is now I have to find this ethnic goddess of mine!

A. Shepherdson 2020

And so the racial bloodletting begins :(

Just so as you know I’ve learnt a great deal about Britain’s involvement in the slave trade, or should I re-phrase that, British businessmen financed by British banks, sailing their transatlantic ships to West Africa where they captured and enslaved Black African unfortunate souls. Now fully laden with a desperate human cargo they returned to selected American States, to live and die in forced labour camps (cotton plantations), with the grand finale of transporting bales of hand picked cotton to Lancashire cotton mills, and in the process making a great many White men vast amounts of money….. and there lies Britain’s twenty first century guilty problem, now it’s people are expected to accept a seventeenth century Trader’s guilt as their own.

F*** that…鈥︹ I’m not playing that game!

I get it! But I’ll be damned if I’m going to feel guilty for crimes I neither committed or were party to…鈥. George Floyd didn’t deserve to die chocked to death under the foot of a racist policeman, Black lives matter I get it, now this atrocious crime has triggered British blood letting the like of I’ve never seen before. Statues celebrating slave Traders ‘good work’s’ paid for by blood money are toppling (the beginning), but perhaps leave them standing, attach a bronze plague with the words:

‘Here stands Slave Trader Edward Colston a racist’,

then allow intelligent passers-by a moment of thought and contemplation as they remember just for a second, this figure cast in bronze before them enslaved and sold human beings.

After much thought also searching of the soul I’ve come to a momentous decision I AM NOT going to be party to this circus I’m going to phrase ‘hunt down everyone with a tenuous historical connection to slavery’, nope I’m not going to use what little time I have left on this planet apologising for my country’s Colonial past, nope I’m taking no part in this hate filled campaign to search every cultural nook and cranny in the hope of finding places, songs, people that may or may not have an association with Britain’s shameful slave capturing past. Yes truly awful, but to be quite honest I’m not gonna expend emotional energy saying sorry to every do gooder liberal who’s deeply offended by ‘my’ chequered past, I didn’t do the crime!鈥.. I’ve enough to worry about with Brexit, Covid-19 and my employment.

Who knows perhaps my Grandfather’s business published sheet music with the words and melody to a happy negro singing a plantation tune, could have happened, and this one example of a ridiculous charade will play out in White families up and down the land, all wondering if they to have a connection to Britain’s slavery.

Just leave it be.

One other thing, I’m not partaking in this orgy of mudslinging where everyone is accusing everyone else of being racist……. a ridiculous spectacle to the point where the word’s true meaning is lost!

Boxer Anthony Joshua says Blacks should only donate to Black charities…鈥 what a lovely thing to say 馃槮 and heal a nation.

America’s race riots are little over a week old, life will return to a normality and hopefully change will blossom into a country where Blacks and Whites can co exist (more) peacefully, I’m saying no more, not my business. However they’ve triggered British racial tensions that are only just beginning, 80 Policeman have been assaulted, police cars pelted with stones as they pass city streets, riots in major cities and lol hundreds of road signs to be renamed…鈥︹ it’s only the beginning oh and btw we’re living through a health pandemic killing 42,000 people…….. just saying!

You’d like an example? Ok then, Liverpool’s Penny Lane, made famous by The Beatles is “in danger of being renamed” if links to slavery are found. Researching will take time but people won’t wait for democracy to run it’s course, nope in the in-between time, iconic Penny Lane was last week defaced following claims it’s associated with 18th century slave merchant James Penny. You see the city of Liverpool has a dark and shameful past their politicians and citizens would rather wished never happened, hundreds of years ago the port of Liverpool carried around 1.5 million enslaved Africans on approximately 5,000 voyages, with the vast majority going to the Caribbean. Vast wealth was accumulated, schools and hospitals constructed in Colston/Penny’s names but these good works now count for nothing…鈥.. and perhaps they shouldn’t? Discuss.

So Penny Lane one of the most beautiful soulful ballads ever written, is to be no more, mark my words if a connection is discovered the Beatles song will be removed from Radio playlists, dropped by Spotify. I kid you not, remember the most financially successful film ever made ‘Gone With The Wind, has been dropped by HBO (ok lol, I agree the content is err a little questionable 馃槈 ). My take on the hysterics surrounding Penny Lane’s ‘should it stay or should it go?’ My opinion for what it’s worth is leave the Street be and keep the name Penny Lane, yes this song’s inspiration just may have been James Penny, but so what, what better way to remember this evil slave trader’s shameful past than have a Street named after him for everyone to read and see….. and as for all this money time and effort trying to research if there is a connection…鈥. why doesn’t someone pick up the phone and ask Paul McCartney! (I’m 馃檪 rather pleased with that observation all my own.)

A. Shepherdson 2020

“In 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.”

“We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.”

(Title & extract taken from Enoch Powell’s speech 20th April 1968)

POWELL FOR P.M!! (1960s graffiti)

Enoch Powell died one of most controversial figures to have graced British politics, I tell a lie, Powell is quite probably the most controversial Parliamentarian of the Twentieth Century, and now that we’re one fifth into the Twenty-first his foreboding prophesies ring truer year after year, thus reinforcing him as the most divisive British politician of modern times after an iconic powerful speech he delivered 20th April 1968.

Here’s a question, how many truly memorable speeches can you remember off the top of your head? Martin Luther King’s “We have a dream” will go down as the greatest political speech ever spoken by a human being for it’s sheer oratory brilliance, a powerful indictment of American race relations and so much more. A personal favourite of mine is John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country”, a Biblical ‘like’ lesson with a message that should resonate with every single one of us and still to this day a truly brilliant speech I’ll never ever tire of listening to.

I struggle to grasp the descriptive adjectives to justify my claim Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers Of Blood’ is the greatest and most infamous speech ever made by a British Politician, perhaps you’ve never heard of his name or the controversial divisive oratory of which I speak, watch the video below and bare in mind Powell preached these words at a time British race relations were at their most cancerous, and still to this day you will hear people on the Street say:

“Enoch was right!”

If you ever wished to understand how and why Brexit came to pass, a tragic humiliation of epic proportions which will blight my Country for decades to come, then go no further than ‘Rivers Of Blood’, 51 years on I will visit a Polling Station for the first time since Brexit, pencil a cross on a ballot paper, cast my democratic vote and still to this moment I have NO idea who I’ll vote for.

The choice is stark, a dilemma with horrendous destructive consequences and a no win Catch-22! Vote Brexit and migrant workers may well stop entering Britain (optomistic) yet at the same time face crippling economic penalties inflicted by a vengeful EU, vote Remain and East Europeans will continue flooding Britain by their hundreds of thousands each and every year.

We’re f#cked either way! The only choice is through which orifice? 馃榾

(I’ll add one IMPORTANT caveat, Powell was no Donald Trump.)

Read the text of Powell’s 1968 earthshattering racially divisive speech (below) and then tell me if he was a racist as the do-gooders once suggested, or a prophet and visionary who attempted to warn the British Government of impending doom, but note I don’t say warn the British people.聽

Shortly after Powell’s speech polling figures showed 88% of the population agreed with him, honest decent hardworking people, but of course I cannot share such opinions without being branded a white supremacist, and yet there lies the problem, ever since the end of WW2 people have allowed emotion to rule their heads, forgetting a regulated firm and fair immigration policy is in the Nation’s best interest and not the same as hating black people, we’ve confused and blurred racism and immigration as one and the same, I’d suggest if earlier generations heeded Powell’s lessons the idea of a Brexit referendum would be little more than a frighteningly bad dream. Agreed?聽

Below the full text of Enoch Powell’s so-called ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, which was delivered to a Conservative Association meeting in Birmingham on April 20 1968

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Am I (slightly) Racist? Sometimes I don’t know how to answer

(A quick afterthought, I realised at the time of writing my post, selectively choosing passages from D. Trump speeches would be controversial, problematic! I dislike the man and for what it’s worth this isn’t a post about Trump, yes a mistake to selectively quote him but at worst I guess the photos are good ‘click bait’. Andrew)

Ok I understand if we’re discussing racism, a loss of National Identity then quoting D. Trump is a writer’s wet dream…鈥︹︹︹.. not that I have sexy dreams about Trump but you get the idea .

Now for many British folk, transpose the word Mexico to Syria, and I have to admit Mr Trump’s spoken quotation rings a little true! Then again I am male, white, middle aged and working class…鈥︹ a Right Wing disciple?

Ok this quotation is just darn right bizarre! Trump ‘hates Blacks counting his money’ but he’s happy to have ‘Skullcap wearing Orthodox Jewish men’ (googled) count his filthy lucre? Like I said bizarre!

Crop2Does a multicultural Britain worry me? If I’m completely honest yes it does, when I look at my mother’s photographs taken of her as a child in the 1950’s, each and every face therein is white of European descent, so am I a racist? No! Am I a white supremacist? Most definitely NOT! However please read on.

I’m employed let us say as support staff within a ‘blank’ establishment blah blah blah, for the past nigh on 30 years I’ve worked alongside young people also ‘other’s’ more important than me (unproven lol) who originate from every Country under the Sun, Venezuela to South Korea, Sri Lanka to The United States, and if successful after 3 years and 9 Terms they all return home (lol work it out!)

So yes by any stretch of the imagination Britain has little resemblance to the post war white faced Britain of my Grandparents, we’ve become swamped by an influx of West Indians in the 60s, Indians and Pakistanis in the 70’s, 900,000 Poles post joining the EU up to and past the 2000s, and that’s not forgetting those illegals taking the train beneath The English Channel from the other 27 Nations, NOT forgetting more recently migrant refugees from Syria, so many migrants now live within London and most metropolitan cities the European population dissolved into the Counties.

Are you shocked? What if your Granddaughter cannot find a house to buy because 900,000 Poles have moved here, true or not immigration not Brexit is the reason Britain’s are angry.

So I ask myself does it really matter Britain’s evolved from a 95% white population in 1945 to well, every Nation under the Sun in 2018? On the one hand immigration is the reason Britain is in such a political mess and that’s a frigging understatement! For those of you reading from your homes abroad, I’m quite popular in India btw looking by my statistics I’m loving that. For those of you who are under the impression our Brexit debate has been about leaving Europe? I’m here to tell you it is NOT, Brexit’s about immigration full stop, then again I watch the News from across the Globe and migration is every Countries perceived overriding problem worry, whether the Turkish influx into Germany or the North Africans walking into France or D. Trump building his blessed Wall to keep South American’s out, Migration of human beings scares each and every one of us and I’m afraid if you disagree then I’d say lol you are lying? Or “Less than contrite with the truth” as Bill Clinton would say.

Discuss 馃檪 .

(Hmm now I’ve upset someone! Did you know 9 months writing and I haven’t received a single hateful comment? I’d guess that’s because I’m neither a woman and perhaps not as talented a ‘writer’ as I sometimes like to think then again I’m happy here…鈥︹︹. the old adage be careful what you wish comes to mind.)

So am I a racist? A question I ask of myself at least every single hour, ok several times a day, today I saw a photo of an Asian gentleman standing at the corner of Hyde Park, Speaker’s Corner where under British Law one is legally allowed to say whatever he/she wishes to without fear of arrest (lol perhaps google that fact before visiting.) Returning to my perfectly decent Pakistani gentleman in the photo HE was displaying a banner saying ‘Sharia Law in Britain NOW!’ Knowing the scare stories that I do concerning Sharia Law, I’m saddened to imagine a Britain Governed under such mysterious Laws when our Centuries old ones legislate just fine…鈥︹. well ok they’re lol less than adequate but you get the idea, they punishes wrongdoers and lock up the evil.

(My understanding of Sharia Law is that women are treated as second class citizens.)

Hmm so am I racist wishing for the good old utopian days of post war Britain and there lies my problem, I enjoy the company of being with people from across the Globe, especially the beautiful East European girl who serves me Costa Coffee at breaktime! But I do worry my National Identity is disappearing fast, I’m not a racist because I’m a nice guy people person, but the shear numbers who’ve migrated here, with their own beliefs and customs means I’m afraid to say, yes the British Identity of my youth is fast disappearing.

Now please hear me out 馃檪 .

Several months ago I visited The Tower Of London, such an atmospheric historic place for those who wish to immerse themselves in 1000years of English History, I clearly remember walking up a stone staircase in one of the Towers and feeling the overwhelming sense I was following in the very same steps as Elizabeth I, possibly the only Monarch who captures my imagination, quite an emotional experience actually understanding without a shadow of any doubt way back in the 1600’s she climbed this staircase. I was ACTUALLY stepping through the ghosts of Henry VIII, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Thomas Moore all such evocative and important names in my Country’s history, THEY WERE WITH ME and my imagination quite ran away with me.

Why such pride and fascination? Simply because though the names of my ancestors are lost in the midst of time, technically I could trace my lineage back to those 1600s because they’re all English by birth, I ask you does your Country’s history mean anything to you? Again hours later I recall standing beside Tower Green, the place where Anne Boleyn lost her head, asking myself  “do those Syrian beggars standing outside upon Tower Hill where so many Traitors were beheaded, really give a s*** about My England?”

Hmm life moves on, as my Grandfather used to say “good or bad you cannot stop progress.” 

And please don’t get me started on English Literature, will Shakespeare, Hardy, Dickens, Len Deighton, whoever become authors names lost in time, perhaps it’s always been this way, in fifty years from now Grandmothers will be lamenting the long ago days of X Factor, saddened because a Grandchild won’t have a clue what she’s talking about.

(Hmm I’m 馃榾 just reminded, I’ve never read a Shakespeare Play in my entire life!!! Watched all the Hollywood movies though.)

Lol the British White Tribe are angry and if we leave Europe and Japanese car plants move abroad then we’re all screwed! Am I racist? No. But if losing my perceived National Identity beneath a sea of cultures happens then yes I guess I am, do I enjoy the Company of people from across the four corners of our Globe? Then that answer is an unequivocal yes.

A famous quotation for you.

“…………did an English Missionary living and working in China think himself English or Chinese? English of course, the British immigrant population are no different, their home is the Country they were born in…鈥︹︹.”

So which famous Politician am I quoting there? Enoch Powell of course, to some a racist to others his Prophecies have come true. 

And finally.

Only the other day I was discharged from Hospital, cared for by lovely kind skilled nurses from Europe Asia Australia…鈥︹ , lovely people all, so please if my silly little post has offended anyone I sincerely apologise…鈥 the real joy of having a ‘WordPress’ is we can dissect complex political arguments without fear of censure, peace and love 鉂 Andrew. 

漏A. Shepherdson 2018

I live in a racist Britain

‘Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year UKIP tells us immigration is to blame for all Britain’s problems, the consequence is we accept the burning images below as to be expected modern day behaviour! So am I shocked and surprised? Disgusted yes but not as surprised as I should be’

A cardboard effigy of Grenfell Tower burning November 5th 2018

I’ve been thinking about British racism quite a bit recently, however before I begin I’d just like to remind you this WordPress has been written with only one rule in mind, Politics is not to be discussed and that includes BREXIT, but this evening I’m going to make an exception.

British people suffer from a chronic brain condition deeply embedded into every single inhabitant of this Island nation, so much so I divide the population down the middle, the majority of white people are to a degree racist and our migrant population whether first second third generation immigrants, they could be Pakistani Indian or West Indian descendants will all encounter racist remarks at some point in their day…鈥︹︹ possibly worse than name calling!

The White Defence League 1950 Trafalgar Square, they’re long gone but many Organisations have followed.

You’ll have all watched the Grenfell Tower tragedy in which 72 people lost their lives and you’ll have all seen photos of a miniature cardboard Tower being burnt on November 5th, an unusual tradition where we celebrate Guy Fawkes failed 1605 act of terrorism…鈥︹︹ I don’t think he was a Muslim bomber was he?

I had intended to spare you a picture of the burning cardboard Tower, I relented, what can I say apart from I’m utterly disgusted however this isn’t a one off incident. No racism is deeply embedded into our psyche within every Town and City across the United Kingdom, and if any readers living overseas believe BREXIT is about leaving the EU, I’m here to tell you it’s not! 

BREXIT was a protest vote against migrant workers coming to these shores by the 100,000, also a protest against uncontrolled immigration over the past 60 years as Politicians never fail to remind us each and every day. Whether Right Wing mainstream, UKIP, National Front, EDL, BNP, White Defence League whichever, they keep spouting speeches with negative vibes and then politicians wonder why we the people dislike foreigners?…鈥︹︹︹. But perhaps if you live in a Northern City where a steel works, shipyard or car plant has closed, or your Grandchildren cannot afford to buy their first house for the simple reason 900,000 Poles live in UK homes…鈥︹.. then you’re going to vote BREXIT aren’t you?………….. Holy crap I fear Britain would really burn if we had Donald Trump in charge.

BREXIT is/was a protest vote made by very angry white people who haven’t had their worries listened to, and the story all begins after the end of WWII when yes Great Britain was made up of 95% white faces, so what’s to do? I’ve actually come to a point in my life where truthfully I’m not enjoying living in this Country but at my age I’ll just have to stick it out, save my money and ultimately pass it on to several little people I know. I have no children of my own and everything that I own savings, home, treasured belongings are written into a legally binding Will simply because they will need every penny in a United Kingdom that’s tearing itself apart.

Here’s one final statistic for you because I fear this post could become an angry rant which I don’t want, because if you’ve read my blog you’ll know my WordPress is a happy place with some silliness, photographs, serious thoughts and fun observations…鈥︹. not forgetting sex and boobs! Where was I? Oh yes one final statistic which encapsulates exemplifies every single problem plaguing this country, apply this analogy across the board. When my sibling left University the State paid his Grant in entirety, in fact the individual finished further education without owing a single penny to anyone! However today in 2018 when a young adult leaves University after three years of Degree education, he or she will have paid all tuition fees leaving them with a debt of 拢50,000 to be repaid over the rest of their lifetime.

Makes me want to weep!

So you tell me how a University Graduate with very few job opportunities has any chance of saving a deposit for a one bedroom Flat, which will probably cost them 拢200,000 or 拢400,000 if you live in London. Total madness and now you’ll probably understand why white people have had enough of migrant workers coming to Britain, buying themselves a home, entitled to umpteen cash benefits, a free education for their children and free healthcare in the form of NHS operations or their own family Doctor…鈥︹︹ wouldn’t you vote BREXIT tooo?

Just so as you understand our National Health Service couldn’t exist without cheap migrant labour, seems like we Brits prefer to sit on our asses doing very little and sponging off the State rather than work (not everyone but you get the idea)…鈥︹︹.. gives us time to complain about bloody foreigners!

I sit on the bus each evening with tooo much idle time on my hands, I’m bored, worrying about my country’s future and as for BREXIT? I’ve frigging had enough AND the process hasn’t started yet, that madness begins March 2019. So will there be food shortages? Will British industry relocate to Europe in fear of paying import export duties? Or will our F#CKING USELESS POLITICIANS pull their fingers out and do something…鈥.. ANYTHING!!!

So this leaves me with a question which is never far from my thoughts, namely am I a British Racist to? And I have to answer I really don’t know how to answer, I cannot say a great deal about my place of work except to say for the last 28 years I’ve worked daily alongside people from every corner of this Globe, my Department alone probably number’s forty overseas nationals and to a person they are lovely people…鈥︹︹︹︹.. not forgetting some rather gorgeous women in there but that’s a whole different blog post, oh hold on I’ve already written those 馃槈 .

Like I said lovely people all, witty amusing intelligent polite and to a person grateful for the help I give them…鈥︹︹.. yet if I was medically ill I could wait nine weeks for an appointment to see my GP, then I’ll sit in the doctor’s surgery gazing up at the electronic sign waiting for my name to appear, but not before noticing Polish looking names being flashed up one after another, AND they’re the reason I have to wait two months to see a GP aren’t they? You’ll have guessed my Town has a large Polish Community, so have we integrated yet? Being truthful not really 馃槮 , though my Mum chats to a Grandmother but mum will talk to anyone.

So what’s to do? With BREXIT day but four months away everyone is nervous for the future, worried about their jobs and rising food prices (I dread going to the supermarket these days), but worst of all we’ve a f#cking useless Government unable to make sense of this madness let alone come up with any answers, to be fair they try, but I fear the EU will do all they can to stop us leaving! Tooo many bureaucrats enjoying the gravy train and worrying what’ll happen after the British food wagon is uncoupled!

(BTW apologies for my earlier profanities, but hey I’m a little despairing today!)

Usually I’ll finish my posts with a wise pithy or amusing conclusion…鈥︹. I have none!

So were we a happier breed of men and women back in 1953?

A. Shepherdson 2018.