‘Get Carter’, (the 1971 movie)

Judith Crist in New York magazine gave ‘Get Carter’ a glowing review, saying “Michael Caine is superb, suave and sexy” and describing the film as “a hard, mean and satisfying zinger” and I could agree more.

Starring Michael Caine (a performance he takes great pride in), a young nubile Britt Ekland never sexier and playwright John Osborne, ‘Get Carter’ was adapted from the novel ‘Jack’s Homecoming’ as all great great films are……. oh and the opening title music set’s a dark menacing tone brilliantly.

Yesterday evening I recommended the movie ‘Get Carter’ to a blogger I follow, yikes that’s problematic when we all have differing tastes, and likes are purely subjective.

But here goes with my take on a film review.

‘Get Carter’ is rightly regarded as the greatest British crime movie of all time, but don’t expect an eighteenth century ‘Downtonesque’ soap opera British TV inflicts on the rest of the world (ahhh I can’t take this dross any longer!), but a period drama all the same with the backdrop a North East decaying England gripped by recession. You’ll see no fancy period costumes, no quaint English villages or lush Shire countryside, for 1970s Newcastle is a bleak grimy city who’s truly great industrial past is long gone leaving it’s inhabitants in misery and depressing poverty, ‘Get Carter’ is a TRUTHFUL time-capsule all the same depicting a region of England that’s never recovered………. and expect a meandering tale leading to a vengeful crescendo and unexpected ending.

Packed with great quotes like, “behave yourself… you’re a big man but you’re in bad shape with me it’s a full time occupation” (I’ve used that one) ranking up there with Duval’s “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”………… and there’s SO many more!

Jack Carter played by Michael Caine is a cold ruthless unlikeable London ‘crime lord’ who travels north to avenge the death of his brother (yet female movie goers thought him never sexier, unfathomable creatures 😀 ) Carter’s lack of remorse didn’t sit kindly with critics of the time but many would agree gangsters are vicious nasty criminals, you shouldn’t like him, and certainly the viewer has no empathy for Caine yet we know these heartless menacing villains exist, and I’d rate Jack Carter alongside Coppola’s ‘Godfather’ both psychopaths’ oozing screen charisma who’ll kill a man and show no remorse.

Here’s what Caine himself had to say,

“One of the reasons I wanted to make that picture was my background. In English movies, gangsters were either stupid or funny. I wanted to show that they’re neither. Gangsters are not stupid, and they’re certainly not very funny” “Carter is the dead-end product of my own environment, my childhood; I know him well. He is the ghost of Michael Caine”.

‘Get Carter’s’ response from critics was lukewarm, although not a widespread theatrical release it made money, and as the years have passed popularity has now surpassed cult status, does that ring a bell? Remember ‘Shawshank Redemption’ one of the greatest movies ever made bombed at the cinema, was panned by critics and is yet now regarded by audiences as a favourite, no a classic.

With a meandering plot (not a criticism btw) pushing the boundaries in cinema and a cold unlikeable Michael Caine’s at is finest, ‘Get Carter’ is definitely worth a watch 🙂 .

A. Shepherdson 2020

On Days Like These

Perhaps a little self indulgent self promotion, but hey I’m feeling chatty this evening and I’ve always wanted an excuse to share the video below, ‘On Days Like These’ is the Title music to a very British Movie Classic you may never have heard of……… Michael Caine’s ‘The Italian Job’ possibly one of the greatest British crime films ever made, the tune is sublime and sung by Brit crooner Matt Monro. Have you heard of Matt, he was our very own Frank Sinatra……….. oh and a bus conductor!

The song and video are perfect together, the Lamborghini Miura driving through the Alps is spectacular and the Italian gangster even manages to make smoking a cigarette look cool…… not easy! And not forgetting Michael Caine staring in possibly his wittiest and coolest acting performance ever. Enjoy 🙂 .

Eight months writing for my own little private space on the internet!

Let me explain, I began March 10th 2018 with a fictional erotic tale published on this very personal WordPress I described as ‘Blogging Thoughts Photos & Life’, well 122 randomly themed eclectic writings later and that’s exactly what’s transpired, (not forgetting a sprinkling of saucy sexy admissions) 🙂 Btw I’m quite popular in India which is a constant source of joy.

So I have to be honest and say I’ve not run out of ideas quite yet, I have several posts currently in draft stage however before ‘publishing’ those literary masterpieces (not!) I’ve a series themed The Tower of London. (Yikes I’d better pull my finger out and start them!!!)

Let me enlighten you, 2 weeks ago I visited The Tower of London taking many photographs and seeing as I’m a history buff I’ll be writing factual shorter posts than usual he says! They always begin with dreams of being short but finish 1000 words long, anyways I love them.

The Tower had quite an effect on me, slightly emotional even, my Country’s History has ALWAYS captured my imagination and where’s the harm in admitting I’m proud to be British?…………. Sometimes I feel to be an English male with an ancestry I can trace back 4-10 generations isn’t something to be proud of within a multicultural Britain, a melting pot of ethnicities, if ever there’s a TV program screened with lol tooo many white faces then Twitter suffers a meltdown, a tongue lashing by thousands of mortally offended keyboard warriors, anyways no point harking back to those good old days that (perhaps) never were?

Hmm are you a touch shocked? Well don’t be, try to enjoy your life that’s what I say, people across the Globe live in the moment happy in the knowledge whatever happened pre fifty years ago isn’t worth worrying about! Earning a wage to put food on your family’s table, now that’s important! 

Anyways I’m far from being racist (feel free to comment) but I am proud of my heritage so before you read my three unfinished posts, you’ve an English History lesson coming your direction and as always I’ll write from a very personal perspective.

🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy reading (they could be considered ‘slightly dry’) and don’t forget the photos were all taken by me 20/10/2018.

Finally my post with the most views is!!! Helen

A. Shepherdson 2018