Have you heard Meghan’s having a baby?

A Global News story? Shouldn’t we be discussing Brexit instead!

So yes I’m in total agreement with the rest of the World congratulations are in order, Royals Harry and Meghan are sooon to be proud new parents with a baby Prince or Princess being born next year, and this week’s newspapers haven’t missed pointing out the new Royal baby, all being well, could be born around the time a sooon to be dismembered UK will leave Europe (God help us), but that’s enough of politics.

Mind you historically Britain’s Monarchy and State have always been inextricably entwined, also happy discussion bedfellows so lol please read on. 

I’ll freely admit I’m ever so gradually fading into a jaded cynical middle aged man, I must work on that! Though I am an empathetic human being and extremely happy for the two newlyweds and their addition. Incidentally I covered their wedding day in a previous blog (click here for a read) and btw I’m an enthusiastic fan of Duchess Meghan, many months have past now and this stylish American seems have dovetailed rather well into our privileged and dysfunctional first family, quite seamlessly actually!

Put it another way the tabloid newspapers haven’t turned on her yet, just remember the things they said about Lady Di!

But there’s one glaring fact surrounding the pregnancy which has been omitted from News media reporting, yet is a talking point that hasn’t been lost upon the general public at large, put it this way if I were to say to someone at work “Meghan’s having a baby”, chances are their reply would follow along the lines, “so The House of Windsor will have it’s very first mixed race baby then. 😀 ” ……………… the first and final time I’ll use that phrase!

Now hold on, calm yourselves down and hear me out, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard a similar remark said in passing or words to that affect, I’d propose we’ve all commented or at least considered it for a second!

What say you my English Readers?

AND no I’m most definitely NOT being racist!!! Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland is rather exotic hence the happy couple’s new baby will be rather exotic, (and our Royals are very big on bloodlines both ‘horsy’ and one’s coloured blue), so yes the media isn’t discussing cultural differences (race) in print but you can bet your life there’ll be plenty of tittle tattling within News studios………… and yes I think it is worthy of discussion if only in historical and cultural contexts.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in comments 🙂 or lol plough on! 

I would suggest this happy addition is culturally a big deal in 2018 Britain, if so inclined you could trace our Royal lineage back through this past 1000 years, whether George V, Edward VII, Queen Victoria, Elizabeth I, Edward the Confessor or whichever monarch you care to mention, trace our Royal Family lineage and you’ll see it’s been forever Anglo Saxon and white, and mark my words there’ll be many a British white supremacist who would like TO KEEP IT that way! Well all I can say is tough Britain is culturally diverse and so soon will our Royal Family be.

Anyways enough of all that race nonsense I’ve blogged before saying I’m a big fan of Meghan, she’s popular with us unwashed masses and could be considered one cultural baby step forward for The Windsor’s, and hopefully she’ll birth a healthy new baby.

F#ck knows why they’ve allowed her to visit a Region where the Zika Virus is incubated? Madness.

As an aside did you know two consultant gynaecologists (and no doubt umpteen nurses and midwives) were in attendance for the birth of Prince Louis earlier this year? That’s a privilege not given to pregnant commoner women and I guess the advantage of blue blood coursing through ‘one’s’ veins………..… two medical Consultants for heaven’s sake!

I would hazard a guess for more than one reason the Queen is overjoyed Meghan’s married her Grandson, for one because they appear to be good friends who enjoy each others company, a distant (tenuous) second could be ‘Liz’ is relieved Meghan has joined her inner close family, for no other reason than the race question has been the talk of ‘chattering classes’ for the past couple of years or so, how do I know? I’ve listened and watched the TV discussion programs that’s how! 

(Just imagine the new addition could also have ginger hair 🙂 send me to the Tower and chop my head off!!)

Like it or not Britain over the past 60 years is a changed society and many people are unhappy they now live in a multicultural multi faithed country, I’m talking white supremacists an ugly race that blights every democratic country. So for the purposes of this post imagine for a second you opened a gossip magazine and saw photos of the latest Royal family gathering, look hard and you will only ever see white faces, so does this matter? If you want my opinion both No and Yes. No because we shouldn’t judge a person’s worth by the colour of their skin, and Yes because I’m wondering if a British born Pakistani family is of the opinion Elizabeth is their Queen? I’d guess probably not, and personally I don’t mind either way because I’m more perturbed that Meghan’s baby announcement was the lead News story ahead of crucial Brexit negotiations…………. and God help us there.

And so a baby circus begins, wherever H&M visit there’ll be gifts (freebees) BUT I’d guess many will be forwarded to Children’s Hospitals.

Early evening thoughts and keep in mind I’m a big fan of Meghan’s, A. Shepherdson 2018 



Royal wedding


I’d guess the Mulroney twin’s gleeful happy joyful ‘gappy’ smile will be looked back upon as the photograph of the wedding day! Possibly of 2018.


You could either call this evening’s post a few thoughts on marriage part 2, click here for part 1! Or you could call this brief post my thoughts on the wedding of Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, lol either way (again!) this post will be the last time I discuss today’s Royal Wedding.

First off I watched BBC’s live coverage from Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel and you can always rely on the Royal Family to put on a seamless parade, not forgetting our BBC to produce a classy broadcast with no hick-ups, and as always the Queen’s private escort (a favourite of mine), her Household Cavalry looked absolutely stunning with their silver breast shields glistening and reflecting in the brilliant May sunshine. Windsor Castle was picture perfect resplendent and we Brits were for 2 hours the centre of the World’s viewing audience. Lol whatever else you say about us we know how to put on ‘a damn good show’. 😀



As an aside I was impressed by the caring way Prince Charles looked after Meghan’s mom, she was on her own looked a little star struck, like she’d won the winning Golden Ticket into The Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl), but whatever his foibles Charles is a decent guy.

I do so hope Harry and Meghan’s wedding is a success, yes I’m a non believing in God middle aged cynical world weary man, but a wedding also thousands upon thousands of happy joyful flag waving crowds will gladden even the coldest of hearts, and for a few hours or so the World’s focus moved from wicked people doing ghastly things to a happy union of two young people.

Ladies in stunning frocks, plenty of celebrities like Clooney Elton Opra Posh and Becks, soldiers on horses and yes even the American Bishop was a breath of fresh air delivering a fiery passionate sermon. Time to time the camera panned onto the Royal family’s faces and I swear the Queen was a little taken aback by his energy, jeeze our own Archbishops are the dictionary definitions of boring old farts.

I’ve nothing against Americans, as I’ve repeated on this WordPress before I’m a live and let live sort of guy, but I don’t know I cannot quite warm to Meghan yet :/ Yes she looked utterly divine in her white dress (mind you I doubt she’s a virgin) and resplendent wearing Queen Mary’s diamond tiara, but time will tell if she’s hidden motives wanting to be part of our Royal Family? I’m hmm unsure, then again our Royals are a pretty odd bunch, 3 of the Queen’s children have already divorced?


HOWEVER the real stars of the show were two gorgeous little 7yr old Paige boys called the Mulroney twins, they looked resplendent in mini Household Cavalry uniforms, and as they carried Meghan’s lengthy silken veil the boys ignited social media into a frenzy, I have a feeling they melted many an old and young female’s hearts……….. yep the twins will be remembered as the real stars and possibly because of one captured natural moment when one twin stole the show………. that ‘gappy smile!’ 🙂 He summed up the happiness of the day…… for me!


The two boys were standing just outside the front door to St. George’s Chapel, behind Meghan, the trumpets began their fanfare and the shock of the moment brought such a gleeful ‘gappy’ smile to one of their faces, a photo of a boy so naturally happy and joyful that yes it NEAR brought a tear to my eye. Mark my words he’ll be within the pages of all tomorrow’s papers!

Cynical old me has to have the final word because this lol is my WordPress, I read the other day in one of my mother’s trashy magazines that 44% of all marriages end in divorce, as I said previously I’m unsure 2 people can live happily everafter however I forgot to say both my sets of Grandparents also Mother and Father celebrated their Golden Weddings of 50 years, will Harry and Meghan’s ‘make it?’ Time will tell but I hope so.


Harry whisking his bride off on their honeymoon, and note his Jaguar E Type sports car a babe magnet if ever I saw one, lucky guy now he gets to…………………

(BTW a trivial fact for you, Royals do not sign pre nuptial agreements unlike us commoners, the papers are always full of divorce stories and settlement, but apparently Royals don’t have agreements because property is inherited and not owned! Not stupid are our Royals, if a marriage ends in divorce the Bride won’t be getting any of our castles, interesting fact don’t you think!!!)

A. Shepherdson 2018

A few thoughts on marriage

49FFD5D000000578-5476823-Prince_Harry_and_Meghan_Markle_arrive_in_Birmingham_today-m-265_1520509588910I’m not a drama queen by nature, truthfully speaking my 3 blogs have always been a drama free site zone, purposely note, however I’m feeling a little dispirited this afternoon, I do so enjoy reading blogs but I have to wonder am I ‘a good read?’

I enjoy making a nuisance of myself in this quiet backwater of the www called WordPress, I like the fact WordPress leaves writers alone to write about whatever they wish without fear of censure……………… you will all be aware Facebook have begun editing and removing newly uploaded content! WordPress seem to be content to let us write and enjoy ourselves possibly because internet idle bullies and haters leave bloggers alone, or they’re just tooo stupid and lazy to spend time reading nice people’s blogs and I hope there will never come a time when WordPress is instructed to censure writer’s blogs. If they do and freedoms of speech are quashed then I fear writer’s will disappear and I have a feeling WordPress know this!

So whether I’m here or not I hope WordPress will be, and left alone unchanged?

And why an earth shouldn’t well balanced responsible adults have their own place to enjoy themselves and have fun? Because of an absence of money making opportunities, that’s why WordPress works just fine as it is!

To this present day after 2 years and three blogs I still get a thrill at the time of pressing that blue publishing button, an excitement built in anticipation of finishing and finally uploading. I’d guess each one of us experiences this endorphin induced emotional high knowing our thoughts ideas tales and photographs will be read on the internet, I still get turned on by the thought lovely bloggers enjoy reading my thoughts except I’ve always had this nagging doubt asking myself can I actually write? :/ Three days this past week, according to the statistics lol that I never ever look at (frigging liar Andrew!) Hmm whatever lol.

My very best wishes to Harry and Meghan, I’m a Royalist and romantic at heart and I hope they live happy ever after, it’s been many years since a Royal occasion has been so widely anticipated, why she lol wants to join the House of Windsor I will never know, but it just goes to show how decent a fellow Charles is to step in and give Meghan away. A nice touch that and as for her evil money grabbing half sister……. may she rot in hell.

Yes I know the odds are stacked against any marriage succeeding and the older I get the more I wonder if two human beings can actually live together for the rest of their lives?  We’ll have to wait and see but I for one hope Meghan and Harry live happily ever after…………… perhaps tomorrow I may even watch. My Grandma and her friend used to spend their Saturday afternoon’s waiting outside the local Church to catch a glimpse of newly wedded happy couples, instead (as my Grandpa grumbled) instead of making my Grandpa’s dinner however he would only be joking! Hmm, why DO people fall out of love after head over heals falling in love?

I’m not being a killjoy or worse btw, no I hope every marriage works out for the best and everyone lives happily ever after, the trouble is life’s worries and b.s. gets in the way doesn’t it and yes dishonesty! I cannot say too much here but a woman I know only these past few weeks had her husband walk out on her for another woman, jeeze being lied to behind her back has hit herself and the children hard, but like I said life’s b.s. and hurt has broken many marriages, is the reason nothing more complicated than familiarity can lead to contempt?

One final thought on the institution of holy wedlock while I’m here, people change! We all do, I’m not the same person I was at age 19 neither are you, for better or worse we all change as human beings emotionally and physically and if we’re not careful me included, we’ll grow apart from friends and loved ones. Lol sorry to put a damper on your day! Hmm I’m 50 am I destined to live the rest of my life alone? Yikes I think so!!!

I cannot help wondering if lust is the reason for ALL marriages and relationships failing, if you are lucky enough to marry some pretty lithe nubile sexual slip of a 19 year old girl, you know long shapely legs, a slim figure, large perky firm boobs, but what happens when the woman (remember beautiful in everyway) reaches age 50 when she takes her bra off and both tits fall to just above her belly button? (Personally I adore saggy boobs but not everyone does) Or the lady has put on a few pounds or her hair has greyed or as happens to us all of us, a few wrinkles have appeared. Hmm are these the main reasons for a marriage failing? (Please take note, degradation of a male’s physical appearance works in exactly the same way!)

525497594Now before you accuse me of ageism, a couple of weeks ago I spent a lovely afternoon in bed with a 48year old lady, we met on the internet and had sexy times inside a cheap Oxford Hotel if you must ask. In truth I’ve never enjoyed myself more than in bed with Karolina, we emotionally connected, our souls ‘clicked’ and becoming nakedly intimate with another human being is the only way to recognise if any friendship exists, or is that yet another definition of lust?

Anyways we ended the afternoon after much kissing intimate touching and cuddles AND ##cking in various positions (and yes cowgirl) Yet after leaving I couldn’t help thinking the lady was older than age 48 lol, yep in hindsight without looking through my rose colours spectacles I’d say one could add 5+ years and be closer to the truth! But age didn’t matter, I could quite easily see me married to Karolina such was our friendship however lol Lust was her deadly sin! In truth she wished for nothing more than to sexually (ab)use my naked body for her own sexual gratification 😀 ❤ 😉 was she married? Hmm I really couldn’t say or in truth wished to know but jeeze she didn’t half enjoy fondling and stroking me!

Andrew 🙂

Congratulations Will and Kate :)

AAweZNcThe beauty of having your own WordPress 😛 is that you can Post whatever you wish and I for one would like to congratulate Will and Kate on the birth of their third child, and what with Harry and Meghan’s wedding this coming month of May the Royal family Windsor is on a roll and I for one am very pleased, and I must admit on happy days like these I reflect on whether I’d like to have had children of my own? :/ Hmm there’s maybe a post there!

A decade ago Republicanism was on the march in the United Kingdom, our Royal family came close to be toppled at the news of the death of Lady Diana, but ‘The Firm’ as the Queen affectionately calls the House of Windsor has never known such high approval rating with the public, and perhaps people from overseas aren’t fully aware, or lol don’t really care, how popular Meghan is with the British public.

Over here Meghan is quite a superstar, crowds flock to every event she attends, she’ll wear a frock you can buy in the shops, and it’ll have sold out nationwide an hour later and when she’s standing beside Harry don’t you think they make a lovely couple?

I’m a proud loyalist at heart, I have no time for Republicans or any type of bitter hater for that matter, and am really looking forward to the Royal Wedding, jeeze we all need cheering up having to live through the hell that is frigging Brexit (don’t go there!)……….. Anyways enough of classy Meghan I’ve a post planned just for her.

Returning to Will and Kate, hearing the news of an immanent birth at work today, cheered us all up!


A. Shepherdson borrowing Googled Images of our Royal Family. 2018