Reflecting on the previous Post

Quickly written, off the cuff, early evening thoughts.

Google image rather aptly Titled ‘Reflection’

Well where do I begin? Earlier today I published a Post called Have I ever touched a woman inappropriately and I fear I’ve really misjudged both tastefulness and appropriateness of my views, and I have a feeling I’ve been far tooo honest sharing my thoughts and opinions, the post hasn’t been well received, or I’m just tired after a long day at work?

I finished writing said post late last evening, after the bare bones had been written to Draft early Sunday whilst watching all those awesome people run their Marathon. I had assumed my honesty would be acceptable if the content was a little distasteful, maybe uncomfortable, or perhaps my writing is more hope than skill luck than judgement, and being honest I find the lack of feedback to my clunky musings frustrating.

Yesterday evening I was very honest (as I always am) in retelling a 100% true anecdote, I stand by every word I’ve written good or bad, perhaps I devalued the #MeToo message, maybe yes I trivialised the tone, forgetting how important #MeToo is to women although I did say all men have to examine the ways in which they interact with women.

I’ve just this minute reread said post and unless I’ve mentally lost the plot, I’m sure I wrote a balanced argument but yes in the cold light of reading the next day I admit my light hearted conversational style and turn of phrase misjudged the awful gravity a woman being sexually abused, in the work place or wherever, and for that I am sorry if that’s the way my personal views have been taken.

But having said all that, as always when writing a thoughtful post I jotted down my overblown self opinionated ideas before starting with one aim only, to come across as entertaining, jeeze we’re all busy people, we have an obligation to try our utmost to entertain, respect the reader, not waste 5 minutes of their life they’ll never get back, I tried my best and yes stand by every single word I’ve written for this and my previous 2 WordPresses!

Perhaps the real issue, and I DO understand I fail in one respect in my personal life, I meet with women for casual consensual sex, no commitment to myself or the lady, we email and text regularly, and the excitement comes when choosing Hotels, the thrill and joy is meeting and being intimate with a lady I don’t know from Eve. However when our time is over I walk away feeling soulless and depressed, having friends with benefits is fun and thrilling but ultimately quite shallow and emotionally unfulfilling, fwb is the dictionary definition of the deadly sin of Lust my worst personal failing!

But as been pointed out, ‘we do nothing wrong it’s only sex!’

Hopefully my tales make fun reading, no let me rephrase that, I hope my clunky style of writing and silly stories are entertaining. So perhaps the real issue, is I’m not the nice guy I’ve always assumed I am and I’ve been giving this a great deal of thought recently. I don’t mean because of this one post, no I’m going to stand up for myself and say yes I possess character flaws and moral failings but I treat human beings as I would like to be treated myself, I have a good heart, am honest and have a great capacity for empathy with other’s problems, I only wish I wasn’t single and perhaps there lies the root of all my life’s problems, then again Laura at ‘Skinny and Single’ commented to me ‘Be careful what you wish for lolol.’

Hmm writing this has been mildly cathartic………… don’t you agree inflicting depression and anxiety on all men and women, must have been God’s sick joke or is there a hidden reason for wreaking suffering on human kind we’re incapable of fathoming?

The older I get the less I understand life, all very melodramatic I know and I try so very hard to avoid drama here………………lol………….. I’ve some Posts in Draft……………. I shouldn’t really write when I’m tired! (Photos from around Oxford follows next 🙂 )

A. Shepherdson 2018