Hi B****

Hi B**** just thought I’d post a little something to prove who I said I am, (and btw a discreet posting which goes without saying), no names, no links……..I’m on this platform just for fun, no drama, no arguments, no politics, no religion, just be myself!

So yep I have a Blog although I haven’t written anything in a while (covid kinda knocked me for six similar to everyone else), I wrote this for fun mind you and definitely no money was wanted or made thank goodness. It’s my guilty secret that no one knows in real life that I’m aware of!

Here any reader will find an eclectic mix of photographs taken by me, sexy true stories (written by me), many personal thoughts and opinions (too many of those lol) and a comment on life in general, anyways you said you wanted to see it lol.

I know you’ll not stay long, A. x