Yuval Saloman playing Comptine d’un autre été, because I asked her to

I’ve heard said July 1st is the start of a New Year for many people (great idea btw), one of my resolutions would be to source a new homepage from my internet provider, one that doesn’t stream a personalized News feed that hits me ‘bang’ in the face every time I switch my PC on! One that doesn’t upset me and put me in a filthy mood for the rest of the day lol. Any ideas? (Re. Previous posting now removed)


So Andrew why share a video of Yuval Saloman playing ‘Comptine d’un autre été – l’après’? Well believe me or not (and I always tell the truth) when I tell you Yuval uploaded this piano video just for me way back on October 29th 2016.

🙂 Yep!

I’m not fibbing, I enjoy watching her videos and wrote a comment asking if she could play Comptine d’un autre été, she gleefully replied yes…….. then filmed this video and released it onto her YouTube Channel!

OMG seems like only yesterday I requested she played this piece you’ll hear on Yann Tiersen’s soundtrack to the French movie Amelie, which reminds me I just have to watch this delightful tale once again sooon, goes without saying Audrey Tautou stole my heart ❤ .

Yuval Salomon is an Israeli pianist, she was born in 1997 has been playing the piano for 16 years and is a more popular YouTuber than myself which goes without saying! She opened her YouTube channel in 2016, has more than 180,000 subscribers with her videos running into millions of views…….. a very pretty and talented young lady indeed ❤ .

I had thought of ending my posting there but that would be unfair, yes a true story, well her Channel is now hugely popular and I avidly watch every new piano video miss Yuval Saloman releases for her many fans……. mind you I doubt many can say a performance was filmed just for them 😀 .

So there you are.

Like you all I’m addicted to watching YouTube videos but there’s a genre I truly adore, member’s of the public playing the piano in public spaces. Let me explain, pre lockdown you may have walked through city airports or train stations and noticed a solitary piano, perhaps you gave it a second glance thinking to yourself ‘what a strange place to leave an orchestral instrument all on it’s own?’ Or then again perhaps you already understand the purpose and the phrase ‘Come Play Me’ is familiar to you?

If not let me enlighten you lol, from New Orleans to London, Paris to Barcelona, pianos were placed in public spaces there for anyone to ‘seat’ themselves down and play a piece in front of a watching crowd of complete strangers……… and with the advent of mobile phone cameras, people recorded these bewitching performances and uploaded them onto YouTube…….. here’s 3 of my favorites.

A. Shepherdson 2020