My employer’s position on racism

馃檪 Topical or erotic stories, my WordPress is a place to express my thoughts and fantasies, I had deleted this posting, but ‘what the heck’ I’ve sexually objectified White women’s bodies here, so theme this posting as diversity (redressing balance) anyways the last part amused ME because it’s true, lol that’s called a disclaimer and feel free to express furious anger!

Now as a rule I don’t discuss my workplace on this WordPress, I’d almost certainly be breaking department rules also my contract of employment and I’ve always the suspicion someone I know in real life just might be lurking in the shadows, walls have ears so to speak.

But I’ll relent just this once to share an email that dropped into my Inbox last week and no doubt prompted by racial tensions whether in America or the United Kingdom, an interesting thought provoking bulletin which will have far reaching implications for the department, working life post covid-19 will be different in SO many different ways………….. As an aside, pull down the 62 contentious bronze statues from their granite plinths, I don’t actually care for them and quite honestly up until three weeks ago, I didn’t realise so many eighteenth century transatlantic slave and plantation owners populated British cities, plus I suspect neither did 95% of the population………… the only real surprise is how they remained erect for so many years!

Returning to my employer’s stance on racism 馃檪 .

‘The Department of ‘name removed’ is fully supportive of the University’s position and committed to advancing equality and diversity.  As a community of scholars, we stand in support of those BAME communities who confront the day-to-day realities of inequality, discrimination and racism. We believe that a diverse community in which all feel comfortable and empowered to engage, results in better dialogue, better scholarship, and better outcomes for all. We stand for equity and inclusion across the spectrum.

Having said this, I acknowledge there are certainly areas in which we as a department should improve, most notably the balance among the ranks of academics and improved access for prospective students with BME backgrounds.  We also need to assess and improve how we support BME staff and students once they are in post. To help guide us, the Department recently established an Equality & Diversity Committee (E&D), chaired by ‘name removed’, to take stock of our position and help formulate actions for taking us forward.  These will include:

路       Engaging in outreach to members of the BAME students and staff to develop a more complete and nuanced understanding of the issues that impact work and quality of life of affected individuals and groups.

路       Developing an E&D section of the website, which will include better coverage of accomplishments and better links to information and resources.

路       Reassessment of professional and social events we offer to find the most successful formulas for events that are truly inclusive.

路       A pulse survey of to find out how recent events have affected all the different groups of people in the department. This will help us decide on the best actions for the rest of the summer.

路       Strengthening the well-being support for BAME students and staff, who typically face substantial of stress, and especially right now.

路       Maintaining our commitment to recruiting BAME students, for which I am pleased to say we are on an upward trajectory.

It is my hope as Head of Department that we can catalyze a process leading to a more balanced and equable space in which we can all work and learn.

This is clearly an aspiration whose fulfillment is long overdue.’


Now you’ll hopefully be anticipating the (controversial) opinion from a privileged white middle-aged male blogger’s perspective, to what I guess will be called my employer’s updated ethnic diversity mission statement, phew that’s a mouthful!

Well to be completely honest I’m going to disappoint because I obviously have no issues with this timely released bulletin, concise and to the point yet I suspect this final draught will have passed through many people’s finger tips, also critical gazes before this carefully written document was published. How will these objectives personally affect me? I guess the most obvious will be recruitment, if post covid-19 working life returns to a new normality, I’d guess (again) I’ll be working alongside more Black and Asian colleagues, fabulous I’m a friendly easy going guy and hopefully our personalities will gel, after all I’m NOT racist.

I’ve delved into a dictionary curious as to true meaning and well I’m not, if anything many commentators are clouding many complex issues all under the one word! And this needs reminding to myself, because my conduct and example to all the people I ever come into contact with I have to be comfortable with. In fact I’m looking forward to working with more colleagues recruited from the BAME community, and being completely honest also unsurprisingly to regular readers of this Blog, hopefully they’ll ALL be female, whether young or mature I’m easy.

I’d hope our personalities, sense of humour and outlook on life would click so to speak, oh and would be fabulous if any ethnic slip of a girl secretaries wore short skirts, or if mature ladies, their summer blouses appeared opaque when sunlight shined through. Yes I’m rather shallow like that, hopefully there’ll be large shapely bosoms, ‘peachy’ buttocks not forgetting I’m an easy guy to get along with and a colleague once remarked “Andrew likes everyone”, I’ve always loved that compliment.

Btw I’m in no way being patronizing.

And now for my Jerry Springer end of show wise words, for the past thirty years, I’ve worked alongside students colleagues from every corner of the globe anyhow, smiling faces that rotate every three or four years and hand on heart I can honestly say I’ve met some truly lovely men and women, we’ve laughed and chatted about every subject imaginable with two notable exceptions, an unspoken rule where neither politics or religion have been discussed because well, we haven’t! They’re tedious boring and a sure fire way of falling out with someone, nope we’ve chatted about the countries they call home, our families, sports and life etc……… you’ll not go far wrong if politics and religion are kept off limits, arguments ensue people get upset and ultimately any conversations are just darn tedious boring and divisive.

Btw I’ve added a new wish to my bucket list, you know the things to do before you die. I’m veering off message now, and just be aware my bucket list is neither adventurous particularly long or actually lol exists! But if you’re at all curious, my latest wish is to sleep with a Black lady before I ‘kick the bucket’ and better get a move on Andrew because you’re now closer to the end than the beginning.

I’m being neither nasty or unpleasant and I’ll admit to fantasies featuring casual sex with a West Indian or African lady, you know ‘ebony and creamy white’ body’s intimately entwinned my 6 inch dick deep inside her, and I have to say this day-dream fantasy of mine TRULY turns me on, forget any notions of long term relationships, now we’re talking carnal animal lust……. you know riding ‘cowgirl’ blowjobs swallowing and tasty cunnilingus!

Recalling off the top of my head I’ve slept with many women……. sure you wanted to know that fact, the point being to a woman they’ve all been White ladies, English Argentinian Spanish East European all aged from 20-55, we’ve enjoyed lol bedroom gymnastics and lovely ladies they were to, however I’ve never slept with a Black woman!

Does this really matter? No of course NOT because a woman’s skin tone is only skin deep, seconds after removing her bra, a mature Black woman’s boobs will drop to inches above her belly button similar to any mature White woman’s. A 20 year old Black woman’s pussy will be as tight as any young White woman’s, part her thighs and her intimacy will be pink and glistening wet no different whether White or Black, Indian or Chinese, French or Brazilian……… after all we all descend from Apes having walked out of the African Rift Valley hundreds of thousands of years ago………. only trouble is now I have to find this ethnic goddess of mine!

A. Shepherdson 2020