Hand sewn Face masks made by my mother

I don’t mean to scare any readers, but yes that is a photo of me and very rare it is to on this Blog! Modelling my mother’s hand sewn face mask she made me also other u family relations, btw extremely impressive they are to.

After 13 weeks agonisingly tedious legally enforced lockdown I’ve now returned to work, fantastic news. My Boss phoned to ask if I was interested in coming back, no pressure was made and the decision was completely voluntary, consequently without any hesitation I answered yes before really asking all the detail. Soon after I was forwarded risk assessments, method statement, photos of how the inside of the building looks with direction arrows on the walls, and yes I’m aware there are risks of possibly catching this blessed Covid-19 (possibly dying even), but jeeze we cannot all remain locked in our homes forever!

So as of last Thursday I returned, THEN Boris Johnson passed a law saying that from this past Monday, wearing face protection is to be mandatory on all public transport (or pay a £25 fine!) I commute by bus so now along with 20 other passengers we all have to wear a face mask, however it’s not tooo uncomfortable, and public transport will only be the beginning because I believe anyone visiting Hospital or the Dentist has to wear a mask……. as did my plumber when he came to service my central heating boiler!

Face masks, directional arrows on the floor, and sanitizer dispensers fixed to the wall are the new normality, get used to these restrictions or remain locked inside your home for evermore……. lol the choice is yours. Incidentally face mask prices are beginning to drop on Amazon which is fantastic, hundreds of manufacturers jumped into the market consequently there’s tooo many masks and prices are being cut, yay that’s called the ‘Law of Supply and Demand’ in a Free Market.

Face masks contain filters and below are links to two US army websites who’ve tested every filter material imaginable…… Jeye cloths hand-towels and coffee filters included.

Chemical Biological Centre tests homemade face coverings

Army Researchers say this is the best material for a homemade face mask filter they’ve found so far

A. Shepherdson 2020