Police lives matter

June 10th a Police officer is wrestled to the floor and punched by several youths as if he were a punchbag, this horrifying assault took place near the Frampton Road in the London Borough of Hackney, and I’d suggest these recent nationwide attacks are the consequence of when a just and honourable campaign to clean up the world’s Police forces, spirals downward into hysteria, the consequence of a loss of respect for thousands upon thousands of good men and women emergency workers, and incidentally I’m NOT attempting to diminish and trivialise the ‘Black lives matters’ campaign sweeping the globe. But if you’d like my personal opinion (and you’re gonna get it anyway lol), woke celebrities using their public platforms demanding defunding of the Police, also media outlets broadcasting hours of Police brutality coverage has instructed the public to mistrust all Police officers, remind them that if they’re unfortunate enough to be stopped and questioned by a thug in uniform, just keep in mind, ‘push the correct buttons’ and he/she has the potential to murder you.

Defund the Police? Are these celebs ‘batshit’ crazy, who they gonna phone terrified from their ‘panic rooms?

Lashings of overstated hyperbole for you there.

I’m not overplaying the shock these horrific images in today’s newspapers have created, the public are genuinely upset, and I know I’ve written of my distain for Twitter, but apparently the social media platform is in meltdown with people expressing support for our Police, when your Grandmother is attacked and robbed in the High Street, or your girlfriend sexually assaulted whilst walking through a Park late evening, or a friend killed by a drunken hit and run driver, or your business broken into and burgled who are you going call?……… Not ghostbusters you’re gonna call your local Police force!

I’m really am unsure as of today, are we supposed to respect or mistrust our emergency worker’s in uniform? I’m not joking btw.

In my humble opinion there’s only ONE way to redress the balance because all respect has evaporated then again we live in chaotic times end of! Oh yes my opinion or let’s say an idea, I’d suggest all Policemen and Policewomen should go on strike for one weekend, a social experiment have you will and I’d suggest after 48 hours of countrywide lawlessness, looting, rape, theft, violence with not a Police officer on call for help, we may have a new found respect for those who uphold our Laws. Would be an interesting experiment.

Lol Rant over and let’s all calm down shall we.


A. Shepherdson 2020