Kids don’t EVER play with Stick Grenades!

Contains NO spoilers whatsoever!

Jaded movie critics, film scribes who’ve sat through WAY too many cinema movies than is humanely good for them should lighten for heaven’s sake, jeeze some people are taking ‘JOJO RABBIT’ way WAY too seriously… in my opinion.

Yep earlier this morning I went to my Town’s multiplex cinema to watch ‘Jojo Rabbit’ and thoroughly enjoyed myself…. in fact I’ve been spoilt these last few months, I loved ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’, rated ‘Joker’ as a classic and the best movie of the last ten years and whole heartedly recommend you go see ‘Knives Out’, that’s if Agatha Christie ‘who done its’ float your boat so to speak. (Wtf Andrew way too many metaphors in this post.)

My own JoJo Rabbit movie Review will follow sooon, I know there’s a skill in writing these and mine will be absent of all Spoilers… where’s the fun in that! 🙂 In the meantime I’ve linked a YouTube Trailer below for those who haven’t already seen it.


A Shepherdson 2020

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