Australia is breaking my heart

Rage not rant.

I’ve relented up until now writing about the horrific bushfires raging through Australia, burning to the ground millions of acres of wildlife habit and killing a billion of this planets precious wild creatures. The images break my heart each and every time I watch my News feed, because like you all I fear this is the tragic future facing mankind, what next when politicians show such disregard for the welfare of eco systems and our natural world? Please we want action not more words, deeds helpful to the increasing list of wildlife extinction.

I’m fearful of the environmental tragedy that befalls us next, first the Amazon tropical rainforest burns now Australia, surely the time has arrived to say no more human births, no more! Not one further child must be born simply because our planet earth is unable to sustain human life and certainly not anymore more, we just cannot cope with this ever increasing population growth, feed the human infestation that’s consuming every Country…. you think ‘yo can’ avoid the effects of global warming? Dodge the bullet? Please think again. (Opinions my own)

Controversial views I agree, an inhumane personal viewpoint to say no more babies I know! But you tell me if I’m wrong?

Enough politics, I only upset readers when I share my political opinions.

Britain is today obsessed with selfish prince Harry shedding his royal duties, incandescent with rage that the taxpayer is funding Meghan’s extravagant lifestyle…. as for me I couldn’t give a shit, let’s forget these pointless celebrity sideshows shall we and discuss debate more important environmental issues, if we don’t then we face extinction.

Where do we go from here? We all have ideas yet each of us is weak and unable to answer the problems. I’ve not written before today simply because I cannot physically watch ‘day in day out’ the sickening devastation from down under, upsetting images that truly are the burning fires of Hell here on earth. I relented until today only to say there are times in my life where I have to dip my hand in my pocket, grasp my filthy lucre, give a monetary gift to help those less fortunate and in need, we all feel so awful and bereft of ideas yet cash donations will be helpful to so many.

Next heartbreaking photos courtesy of MSN, who I very much doubt will complain at people sharing, 25,000 koala bears have perished for God’s sake, I shuddered for a second writing that awful consequence of our selfish hatred for nature’s creatures, I truly felt all enthusiasm for life drain out of my body wondering what comes next?

 The Gates of Hell (except they’re here on Earth)
Man’s helpless inability to know what to do next
Comforted wildlife with fear in its eyes… deep down we do care
Burns suffering wildlife
Devastating consequences
…. and of course a human tragedy😞

So am I as guilty as the next person? Of course yes, and this evening feeling very ashamed of my own personal carbon footprint.

A. Shepherdson 2020

7 thoughts on “Australia is breaking my heart

  1. The images are powerful and the numbers are staggering. While I’m horrified by what’s happening in Australia, I don’t believe not allowing more children is the answer. Taking away people’s rights doesn’t seem like the solution. You’re nit the first to suggest this option to me.

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    • 🙂 Hmm Laura I agree, my solution to population growth is more than a little controversial and I haven’t the right to instruct parents no to have children, lol how about just the one? No seriously Australia’s bush fires are upsetting to watch on tv, no more so than the wildlife fatalities which are truly horrific…….. as an aside I’m more than aware of my carbon footprint than ever before, before purchasing ‘anything’ I ask myself do I actually need to buy this item? Or am I trying to make myself feel better or upgrade for NO reason, I never waste food and ‘make do or mend’ when possible. I guess the answer is we all have to try harder.
      TY 🙂 .

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      • I’ve read horror stories about the ‘ones child policy’ in China and feel like there’s problems when governments try to enforce laws where they don’t belong. My carbon footprint is likely smaller than it could be, but I’m sure there are other ways to make it even better.
        I’m not disagreeing that our current situation is untenable, I’m just not sure what the answer is.

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