75 facts About meee

Now who would be conceivably interested in this post I have NO idea πŸ˜€ Lol? But not to worry here’s a selection of err ‘interesting’ facts about me, an idea inspired by a tall ‘youthful brunette’ (with a sense of humour) from North America? That narrows πŸ˜€ the choice down a little!


  1. Born into a wonderful family, grew up in a ‘coal mining community’, father was a school teacher.
  2. Don’t have a Twitter account or Instagram, ‘not on Facebook’ and never ever will be.
  3. I have a sibling also adorable nieces who have me wishing I had my own children, (that’s until their emotional meltdowns!)
  4. Alcoholic drink of choice is a good old pint of English beer🍺.
  5. ‘Suffer’ from a hidden out view condition called epilepsy, πŸ™‚ we all have our crosses to bear.
  6. I haven’t driven a car in 30yrs, and I miss driving every day of my life.
  7. Metro
  8. My father’s car which later became my own.πŸš™
  9. I’m a time served engineer who’s lucky enough to be paid for an occupation I’d do for free (well nearly).
  10. Age 52.πŸ™„
  11. Proud of my ancestry. My two Grandfathers served in the army throughout WW2, as did two Great Grandfathers in WW1, with a third fighting for his country in the 1898-1902 Boer War South Africa.
  12. I used to love my country, post Brexit not so much anymore.
  13. Love every aspect of WordPress if perhaps a little tooo much.
  14. I’m single and wish wasn’t, though I’ve been told “be careful what you wish for.” 
  15. Would like to be married. Wouldn’t like to be married.πŸ‘°
  16. Quiet introvert who enjoys being around people.
  17. Enjoy sunbathing in my garden nude, in fact the sun’s out today! 😎
  18. Wish I was good at telling jokes and making women laugh.
  19. 5’9″ tall, slim wears glasses.
  20. My penis is 160mm long when erect and that’s above average! 
  21. Many women in my life have said “you have a nice ass”.
  22. Loyal honest and trustworthy and never knowingly will ‘stab you in the back.’
  23. Favourite food of the moment, I love the fruit burst of fresh strawberries and blueberries across my tongue.πŸ“
  24. strawberries-etc-003.jpg
  25. Breakfast this morning.
  26. Blessed with (age appropriate) boob obsession that’s very nearly a medical condition. πŸ˜…
  27. Sick to death with the daily commute to work.
  28. Should read more!
  29. Had enough of migrants flooding my country.😑
  30. Once cycled all the way from ‘John O Groats to Land’s End’ (that’s the tip of Scotland to Britain’s most Southern tip.🚲
  31. Untitled nFavourite meal dad’s home cooked egg and chips.
  32. Love the joy and pleasure my penis brings and not only when climaxing.πŸ’–
  33. Not as a patient with people as I used to be, perhaps “no longer suffering fools gladly” is part of the aging process?
  34. Love my 2 bedroom home with its grassy lawn I can layout in the summer.
  35. Should really cook more, trouble is chilled supermarket meals are quick tasty and easy.
  36. Opinionated non churchgoing unbeliever.
  37. ‘people watcher’ (also lifelong observer of the human female’s boobs personality.πŸ‘™
  38. Never more comfortable than wearing black shoes charcoal grey jeans an Oxford long sleeved shirt.
  39. A little absent of head hair (never bothered ne though), oh and the pubic region is looking a little bald these days.
  40. Reluctant to ever have my photo taken.
  41. Should have tried chatting to more women my life.
  42. The happiest year of my life (below) me amongst British engineering apprentices.
  43. scan0001
  44. Prone to regrets.
  45. In many way a glass half empty person, then again we’re gripped by Brexit. madness.
  46. A close friend of mine committed suicide.
  47. Sexually assaulted by a stranger age 23, though not penetrated.
  48. A West ham United soccer fan.
  49. Once fell over and broke my cheekbone in 4 places.
  50. A Yorkshire County cricket club fan, used to watch them with my Grandpa.
  51. Pay to watch professional boxing, my favourite sport of the moment.
  52. Genuinely suffer from anxiety, prone to depression though aren’t we all?
  53. Love 1980s music.
  54. Financially secure but acutely aware many are struggling.
  55. Seen U2 live at Earl’s Court’ London.
  56. No claims to fame, nope none at all.
  57. Not bragging but probably ‘slept with @35 women’ in my lifetime.
  58. Would like to retire from work. Wouldn’t like to retire from work. 
  59. Enjoyed a very happy idyllic childhood with fabulous parents.
  60. scan0003
  61. Prone to fit’s of occasional rage with only ever one person. Lol my narcissistic boss. 
  62. Love Border collies, we’ve had four no less.
  63. I’ve of course dated though never met ‘my soulmate‘. Love of life a girl called Helen, she lived in Sheffield, me near Oxford. Back in the day the only way to keep in contact was by letter and phone. These days kids have socialising easy?
  64. Only follow middle aged women’s blogs. What’s all that about.
  65. Obsessed captivated by women’s breasts.
  66. Used to play snooker (billiards) as a young man to a reasonable standard.Me Snooker Hall.jpg
  67. Enjoy ‘massaging’ naked lovers shoulders/back perhaps more than sex.
  68. Love a mug of refreshing mint tea, in fact I’m going to make one right now!
  69. Never tried anal sex but it’s high up on my bucket list.
  70. Countries visited Ireland, France, Italy and Greek islands.
  71. Unsure whether people I ‘actually’ know read my blog, do I have ‘lurkers?’ hmm unsure whether I’m happy with that?
  72. How long will I remain writing on ‘WordPress’? Until I stop enjoying myself (will return!).
  73. A. Shepherdson 2019. 


20 thoughts on “75 facts About meee

  1. You meant me? Lol.

    Well tall I am not exactly, just shy 5’5. Also youthful is a stretch, you’re only a small number older than me. πŸ™‚

    But yes I read your list. Not sure I needed to know *all* of those details though… πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    • πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading. You look taller than 5’5″ and yes she was you!

      πŸ˜€ I’m a very honest blogger, tooo (recklessly) honest some might say, anyways honesty is fun.


  2. Some great contradictions here – want to be married / don’t; introverted / love to be around people. Very relatable., the human condition. You’re too young for regrets though – time to chat to some more woman – and some anal?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm now you mention it πŸ™‚ my contradictions are slightly baffling, though we humans are all a blend of emotions that change with the wind. Lol @ anal? Anal sex with a woman is on my bucket list πŸ˜€ .


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