I would vote for Donald Trump if he was British (perhaps)

(I do have a post in draft form sharing my thoughts on how migration has been beneficial to Britain. I’m unhappy with this post especially the depiction of D. Trump so perhaps I’ll delete or perhaps it remains as the folly it actually is, I am undecided. Hmm this is the reason I avoid politics as a theme 🙂 .)

Trump defends use of tear gas on migrants attempting to breach US-Mexico border

Now in all seriousness the concept behind Trump’s beautiful Wall appeals to many a True Brit, however you do need soldiers firing tear gas to make it totally effective, keep the migrants out that’s what we say!!

I am extremely careful commenting on another country’s politics, and certainly watchful of criticising or bad-mouthing another country’s politicians, ever heard the brilliant saying “those who throw stones shouldn’t live in glass houses?” BIG mistake! Critical discussion is fine but a writer will get himself into VERY hot water if he badmouths another Nation State even if their Politicians are corrupt incompetent liars much like my own.

That is why from the little I watch and hear of Donald Trump’s politics I will never attack him for putting America first, yes his Tweeting can be a little out there at times, and yes he shouldn’t be touching women’s vaginas but it’s all in good humour, we all make mistakes! To his credit he’s fighting for American jobs by slapping tariffs on cheap foreign imports, clamping down on immigration by building his new Wall, also tackling the more complicated issues of handing out work permits and immigration Visas as if they were going out of fashion.

If Donald Trump was our British Prime Minister today who knows I might vote for him, much the same as if I’d been born in 1950 I would have voted for Enoch Powell. If Prime Minister Trump unequivocally promised to close our Ports (we don’t need a Wall) and end workers migration from eastern Europe I would vote for his straight talking no nonsense leadership, and if the Houses of Parliament blocked his supply of funds? Over rule citing State of National Emergency and obtain the money that way, post tear gas shooting snipers at coastal ports where illegal migrants, and correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this how you stopped the migrant caravan from entering America? 

Racism: (def) prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

I am most definitely not a racist in fact I love yellow brown and black people ❤ .

Trump appeals to my political sensibilities because I am a white middle aged male, therefore privileged, his voting constituency, and as we’re all well aware white men can be very extreme in their views the older the become, and not only myself. I’d suggest a great many hard working British men and women would vote for PM Trump if he promised to halt migration in it’s tracks.

The United Kingdom cannot go on allowing 150,000 migrants refugees immigrants and asylum seekers into Britain every year, it’s madness unsustainable and will all end in tears……… oh it already has………. it’s called Brexit!

However I am NOT a racist, I’ve slept with any number of East European women and lovely ladies they were to.

Once again I’ll state as fact I am NOT a racist and there lies the problem, people both blur, cloud and confuse that having an intelligent firm but fair immigration policy is the same as hating black people! I’ll give you a scenario that upsets a Grandmother neighbour of mine, her Granddaughter cannot find a home to live in let alone save a deposit, my Town has an extremely large Polish community purchasing what little spare housing stock we have, there’s even the disgusting stories of Polish landlords extracting the front doors from tenant homes they rent out to British families, a 1950s illegal practice known a ‘Rackmanism’ and I could cite you many more migrant true stories.

The problem with immigrants is they covet your (yes you) standards of living, the only trouble is YOU have to pay for it.

Ok just two examples to be going on with, we grant asylum status to Syrian refugees, give them a home to live in, free schools for their children to be educated in, free healthcare when they become sick and how do their children repay us? To date 900 returned to Syria and joined Islamic State, there’s gratitude for you! Then after several years fighting and being radicalised a great many returned ‘home’, strapped explosives to their bodies, walked into the entrance hall of a Manchester music concert and murdered innocent children! British people collectively wept tears of sadness watching that evenings horrific News on the TV, and then they became very angry! Decent caring human-beings sickened and disgusted by the sight of Muslim suicide bombers murdering indiscriminately.

There’s gratitude for you 😦 , Britain gifts Muslims the milk of human kindness, only for them to blow up and murder British children, I think my heart finally broke that awful tragic day 😦 . All I wish for in life is to claim back the Country of my youth, that’s not too much to ask is it?

A family of five living in a decaying terraced house owned by a steelworks. She had no gas, no electricity, no hot water, no bathroom. Her cooking was done on the fire in the living room. Sheffield, May 1969
Mrs T and her family of five lived in a decaying terraced house owned by a steelworks. She had no gas, no electricity, no hot water, no bathroom. Her cooking was done on the fire in the living room. Sheffield, May 1969
Slum Birmingham taken January 1969
Slum Birmingham taken January 1969

A Blog gifts me the privilege of writing as I wish (within reason) also putting thoughts into print, if you’ve reached thus far in this evening’s tale then I’ll leave you to decide and decipher which views are exaggerated and which views are heartfelt honest and tearful.

A. Shepherdson 2019

29 thoughts on “I would vote for Donald Trump if he was British (perhaps)

  1. It’s easy to say how others should be treated when they are seen as groups and faceless. What isn’t easy is seeing how people end up in these situations, refusing to support policies that have dire consequences, and seeing immigrants as human beings with a story and a face. 🌸 🌸 🌸

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  2. I am assuming a lot of your views posted are tongue in cheek. We have no poverty here in America, no homeless, no desperate families wondering where the next meal will come from. The streets are paved in gold. We are not snatching immigrant children and holding them in cages, six of these children have not died in the last few months. We have not launched an all out assault on women’s rights, We are not inciting hate groups, Trump puts America first…not Trump first.

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  3. No. Just no. He and his base have done more damage to our country in a short time than I thought possible. He has emboldened hatred and racism, he has dismantled laws that protect our environment to throw money at his wealthy cronies, he lies and name calls in ways that I wouldn’t allow from a second grader.


    • 🙂 Perhaps my post is a little irresponsible because I like neither Trump or his politics, especially his policies affecting the environment. However observing America from the far side of the pond Trump appears to have a migration policy that’s severely lacking from our own government, resulting in yes Brexit!

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      • I do not condone his immigration policies. They are based on hatred of anyone who is not a white Christian. He stirs up fear and violence against Jews as he condones Nazis and white supremacists, he’s supported by the KKK, he says vile things about Mexicans, his policy has detained people at the border and separating children from their families without any system to know who they are to reunite them. It’s despicable. Our country is a country of immigrants.

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        • Thank you for replying Laura and yes I agree with every thing you say with all my heart, hmm perhaps I should sidestep politics or be less tongue in cheek. The only real point I’m attempting to make with my previous 2 posts is that Britain cannot cope with the present levels of migration, there are no easy answers and Government’s inability to find answers is the reason Brexit came about. Perhaps I should take more care with my blog themes. TY

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  4. Think this strives to be objective and avoid over simplification. Too easy to dismiss Trump, and unfair simply to brand and dismiss hi s supporters, I agree. Think we have to avoid generalisations about other races and religions though, by the same token.

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